General Atlantic

Latest statistics and disclosures from General Atlantic's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are ESMT, DLO, OSH, XP, ALHC, and represent 71.51% of General Atlantic's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 9 stocks: CINC (+$72M), XP (+$50M), ARCE (+$23M), ZI, RNG, DT, CRWD, KNBE, OKTA.
  • Started 4 new stock positions in RNG, CINC, DT, ZI.
  • Reduced shares in these 2 stocks: IOT (-$191M), DNA (-$84M).
  • Sold out of its positions in IOT.
  • General Atlantic was a net seller of stock by $-116M.
  • General Atlantic has $11B in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -15.63%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001017645

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Portfolio Holdings for General Atlantic

General Atlantic holds 35 positions in its portfolio as reported in the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Engagesmart (ESMT) 18.9 $2.1B 97M 21.31
Dlocal Cl A (DLO) 16.4 $1.8B 57M 31.26
Oak Street Health (OSH) 15.1 $1.7B 61M 26.88
XP Cl A (XP) 13.9 $1.5B +3% 51M 30.10
Alignment Healthcare (ALHC) 7.2 $787M 70M 11.23
Squarespace Cl A (SQSP) 5.2 $573M 22M 25.62
Hireright Holdings Corporati (HRT) 4.6 $508M 30M 17.10
European Wax Center Cl A (EWCZ) 4.3 $470M 16M 29.56
Ginkgo Bioworks Cl A Shs (DNA) 3.3 $366M -18% 91M 4.03
Alkami Technology (ALKT) 2.5 $268M 19M 14.31
Clear Secure Cl A (YOU) 2.3 $250M 9.3M 26.88
Centessa Pharmaceuticals Sponsored Ads (CNTA) 0.8 $87M 9.7M 8.97
Hutchmed Sponsored Ads (HCM) 0.7 $76M 4.0M 18.92
Cincor Pharma (CINC) 0.7 $72M NEW 4.1M 17.54

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Blend Labs Cl A (BLND) 0.6 $65M 11M 5.70
Royalty Pharma Shs Class A (RPRX) 0.5 $58M 1.5M 38.96
Opendoor Technologies (OPEN) 0.5 $55M 6.3M 8.65
Pharvaris Ord (PHVS) 0.4 $44M 2.4M 18.14
Buzzfeed Cl A (BZFD) 0.4 $41M 7.9M 5.26
Wish Com Cl A (WISH) 0.3 $38M 17M 2.25
Riskified Shs Cl A (RSKD) 0.3 $32M 5.3M 6.04
Immunocore Ads (IMCR) 0.3 $28M 950k 29.90
Arco Platform Com Cl A (ARCE) 0.2 $25M +1027% 1.2M 21.10
Sonendo (SONX) 0.1 $13M 3.3M 4.01
China Index Holdings Spnsrd Ads A (CIH) 0.1 $11M 10M 1.06
Crowdstrike Hldgs Cl A (CRWD) 0.1 $6.6M +57% 29k 227.09
Knowbe4 Cl A (KNBE) 0.1 $6.2M +14% 269k 23.02
Smartsheet Com Cl A (SMAR) 0.0 $4.5M 83k 54.78
Zoominfo Technologies Com Cl A (ZI) 0.0 $4.3M NEW 72k 59.74
Fang Holdings Adr (SFUNY) 0.0 $3.9M 1.1M 3.53
Ringcentral Cl A (RNG) 0.0 $3.0M NEW 26k 117.21
Okta Cl A (OKTA) 0.0 $3.0M +13% 20k 150.97
Dynatrace Com New (DT) 0.0 $2.5M NEW 53k 47.10
Adagene Ads (ADAG) 0.0 $924k 264k 3.50
Pinduoduo Sponsored Ads (PDD) 0.0 $573k 14k 40.12

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