Hillcrest Asset Management

Latest statistics and disclosures from Hillcrest Asset Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are SEM, SF, DIOD, HTH, UFPI, and represent 11.76% of Hillcrest Asset Management's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 6 stocks: JACK (+$17M), OFC (+$15M), POR (+$14M), WERN (+$13M), OEC (+$13M), CTRE.
  • Started 5 new stock positions in JACK, OFC, POR, WERN, OEC.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: CWEN (-$15M), , AIR (-$11M), OUT (-$9.4M), , CRS (-$8.0M), SEM, HTH, SF, SBCF.
  • Sold out of its positions in AIR, CRS, CWEN, IMAX, OUT, RHP.
  • Hillcrest Asset Management was a net buyer of stock by $8.9M.
  • Hillcrest Asset Management has $857M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 16.50%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001415345

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Portfolio Holdings for Hillcrest Asset Management

Companies in the Hillcrest Asset Management portfolio as of the March 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Select Medical Holdings Corporation (SEM) 2.6 $22M 646k 34.10
Stifel Financial (SF) 2.4 $21M 321k 64.06
Diodes Incorporated (DIOD) 2.3 $20M 245k 79.84
Hilltop Holdings (HTH) 2.3 $20M 571k 34.13
Ufp Industries (UFPI) 2.2 $19M 253k 75.84
Investors Ban (ISBC) 2.2 $19M 1.3M 14.69
Evercore Partners (EVR) 2.2 $19M 141k 131.74
Seacoast Bkg Corp Fla (SBCF) 2.1 $18M 507k 36.24
Emcor (EME) 2.1 $18M 163k 112.16
Spectrum Brands Holding (SPB) 2.1 $18M 213k 85.00
Federal Signal Corporation (FSS) 2.1 $18M 470k 38.30
UMB Financial Corporation (UMBF) 2.1 $18M 192k 92.33
Tempur-Pedic International (TPX) 2.0 $18M 480k 36.56
Builders FirstSource (BLDR) 2.0 $17M 370k 46.37

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Primoris Services (PRIM) 2.0 $17M 512k 33.13
Jack in the Box (JACK) 2.0 $17M NEW 154k 109.78
Malibu Boats (MBUU) 2.0 $17M 211k 79.68
Timken Company (TKR) 1.9 $17M 205k 81.17
Fabrinet (FN) 1.9 $16M 182k 90.39
Veritex Hldgs (VBTX) 1.9 $16M 502k 32.72
Mercury General Corporation (MCY) 1.9 $16M 267k 60.81
Lexington Realty Trust (LXP) 1.9 $16M 1.5M 11.11
AMN Healthcare Services (AMN) 1.9 $16M 216k 73.70
Ameris Ban (ABCB) 1.8 $16M 300k 52.51
Caretrust Reit (CTRE) 1.8 $15M +35% 663k 23.29
Corporate Office Properties Trust (OFC) 1.8 $15M NEW 584k 26.33
Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) 1.7 $15M 161k 92.91
Cathay General Ban (CATY) 1.7 $15M 361k 40.78
Integer Hldgs (ITGR) 1.7 $15M 159k 92.10
Graphic Packaging Holding Company (GPK) 1.7 $14M 790k 18.16
ExlService Holdings (EXLS) 1.7 $14M 157k 90.16
Winnebago Industries (WGO) 1.6 $14M 182k 76.71
Piedmont Office Realty Trust (PDM) 1.6 $14M 789k 17.37
Gray Television (GTN) 1.6 $14M 744k 18.40
Portland General Electric Company (POR) 1.6 $14M NEW 285k 47.47
Helen Of Troy (HELE) 1.6 $13M 63k 210.66
Brandywine Realty Trust (BDN) 1.6 $13M 1.0M 12.91
Werner Enterprises (WERN) 1.6 $13M NEW 283k 47.17
American Equity Investment Life Holding (AEL) 1.5 $13M 420k 31.53
Parsons Corporation (PSN) 1.5 $13M 323k 40.44
Fulton Financial (FULT) 1.5 $13M 759k 17.03
ARGO GROUP INTERNATIONAL Holdi Com Stk (ARGO) 1.5 $13M 255k 50.32
Southwest Gas Corporation (SWX) 1.5 $13M 186k 68.71
Orion Engineered Carbons (OEC) 1.5 $13M NEW 648k 19.72
Hillenbrand (HI) 1.5 $13M 263k 47.71
Ii-vi (IIVI) 1.4 $12M 181k 68.37
La-Z-Boy Incorporated (LZB) 1.4 $12M 283k 42.48
Shyft Group (SHYF) 1.4 $12M 320k 37.20
National Bank Hldgsk (NBHC) 1.4 $12M 295k 39.68
McGrath Rent (MGRC) 1.3 $11M 138k 80.65
Nmi Hldgs Inc cl a (NMIH) 1.3 $11M 454k 23.64
Schnitzer Steel Industries (SCHN) 1.2 $11M 256k 41.79
PROG Holdings (PRG) 1.2 $11M 247k 43.29
World Fuel Services Corporation (INT) 1.1 $9.7M 276k 35.20
NorthWestern Corporation (NWE) 1.1 $9.7M 149k 65.20
Pdc Energy (PDCE) 1.0 $8.3M 241k 34.40
Standard Motor Products (SMP) 0.9 $7.9M 190k 41.58
Bonanza Creek Energy I (BCEI) 0.9 $7.3M 205k 35.73
G-III Apparel (GIII) 0.8 $6.5M 214k 30.14

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