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Portfolio Holdings for JD Financial Services

Companies in the JD Financial Services portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Spdr Intermed Trsy Etf Equity (SPTI) 14.0 $13M 389k 33.06
Inv S&p 500 Equal Etf Equity (RSP) 13.9 $13M 100k 127.54
Wsdmtr E/m Hi Div Etf Equity (DEM) 13.2 $12M 294k 41.14
Finl Sel Sect Spdr Etf Equity (XLF) 9.8 $9.0M 304k 29.48
Spdr Bloomberg E/mkt Etf Equity (EBND) 8.5 $7.8M 279k 28.05
Spdr S&p Small Cap Etf Equity (SLY) 7.8 $7.1M 90k 79.54
Spdr Port E/mkts Etf Equity (SPEM) 4.6 $4.2M 99k 42.16
Inv Optimum Yld K1 Etf Equity (PDBC) 4.4 $4.0M 264k 15.26
Sel Sect Rl Est Spdr Etf Equity (XLRE) 4.2 $3.8M 104k 36.56
Schwab S/t Us Trsy Etf Equity (SCHO) 4.1 $3.8M 74k 51.39
Inv Qqq Etf Equity 1.7 $1.6M 5.1k 313.75
Ishs Core S&p 500 Etf Equity (IVV) 1.2 $1.1M 3.1k 375.41
Spdr S&p 500 Valu Etf Equity (SPYV) 0.8 $723k 21k 34.37
Spdr S&p 1500 Compos Etf Equity (SPTM) 0.6 $587k 13k 46.05
Ishs Esg Aware Msci Etf Equity (ESGU) 0.6 $571k 6.6k 85.97
Spdr Bloomberg Tbill Etf Equity (BIL) 0.6 $563k 6.2k 91.47
Vngrd Ttl Bd Mkt Etf Equity (BND) 0.6 $517k 5.9k 88.11
Apple Equity (AAPL) 0.6 $515k 3.9k 132.66
Honeywell Intl Equity (HON) 0.5 $436k 2.1k 212.58
Ishs Msci Usa M Vol Etf Equity (USMV) 0.4 $392k 5.8k 67.96
Ishs Invstmnt Bd Etf Equity (LQD) 0.4 $367k 2.7k 138.07
Verizon Commns Equity (VZ) 0.4 $366k 6.2k 58.77
At&t Equity (T) 0.4 $360k 13k 28.77
Spdr S&p1500 Val Til Etf Equity (VLU) 0.4 $356k 2.9k 121.34
Ishs S&p U S Growth Etf Equity (IUSG) 0.4 $338k 3.8k 88.67
Spdr Long Term Treas Etf Equity (SPTL) 0.4 $333k 7.4k 45.08
Ishs Core S&p Mdcp Etf Equity (IJH) 0.4 $330k 1.4k 229.81
Ishs Core Msci Eafe Etf Equity (IEFA) 0.4 $323k 4.7k 69.18
Spdr Tips Etf Equity (SPIP) 0.4 $323k 10k 31.20
Ishs Core Msci E/mkt Etf Equity (IEMG) 0.3 $305k 4.9k 62.13
Ishs Russ 2000 Indx Etf Equity (IWM) 0.3 $303k 1.5k 196.24
Ishs U S Treas Etf Equity (GOVT) 0.3 $295k 11k 27.22
Vngrd Intrm Corp Bd Etf Equity (VCIT) 0.3 $294k 3.0k 97.19
Spdr Ssga Lgcp Low Etf Equity (LGLV) 0.3 $294k 2.5k 119.80
Ishs Mbs Etf Equity (MBB) 0.3 $293k 2.7k 110.15
Ishs Esg Aware Msci Etf Equity (ESGE) 0.3 $290k 6.9k 42.04
Ishs Msci Eafe Grw Etf Equity (EFG) 0.3 $287k 2.8k 100.95
Ishs Msci Usa Qlty Etf Equity (QUAL) 0.3 $273k 2.4k 116.17
Ishs Msci Usa Val Etf Equity (VLUE) 0.3 $272k 3.1k 87.07
Spdr S&p Sm Cap Valu Etf Equity (SLYV) 0.3 $263k 4.0k 66.16
Spdr S&p Mid Cap Val Etf Equity (MDYV) 0.3 $255k 4.6k 55.43
Ishs Us Med Dvcs Etf Equity (IHI) 0.3 $252k 769.00 327.70
Pimco 1-5y Us Tips Etf Equity (STPZ) 0.3 $245k 4.5k 54.17
Comcast Corp A Equity (CMCSA) 0.2 $217k 4.1k 52.49

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