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Portfolio Holdings for JD Financial Services

Companies in the JD Financial Services portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Wsdmtr Yld Aggr Bd Etf Int Long Hi Qual US Bond (AGGY) 12.1 $13M +6% 256k 51.92
Wsdmtr Us Lgcp Etf Large US Bl Eq (EPS) 11.4 $13M +4% 272k 45.99
Inv Qqq Etf Large US Gro Eq (QQQ) 8.8 $9.7M +4% 27k 357.96
Spdr Dev World Ex-us Etf Large For Eq (SPDW) 8.1 $8.9M +3% 246k 36.21
Inv S&p 500 Equal Etf Large US Bl Eq (RSP) 8.1 $8.9M 59k 149.81
Wsdmtree Emrg Mkts Etf Emerging Markets Equity (XSOE) 6.7 $7.4M +4% 198k 37.32
Wsdmtr Us Mdcp Div Etf Mid Cap US Val Eq (DON) 6.2 $6.8M +7% 164k 41.45
Wisdomtree Us Dv Grw Etf Large US Bl Eq (DGRW) 5.6 $6.2M +2% 105k 58.84
Wsdmtre Us Hi Yld Bd Etf Int Long HY Bond (WFHY) 5.5 $6.0M +5% 115k 52.63
Wsdmtr Intl Smcp Div Etf Small For Eq (DLS) 4.3 $4.7M +5% 63k 74.24
Wsdmtr Us Ttl Div Etf Large US Val Eq (DTD) 4.0 $4.4M +10% 37k 117.41
Spdr S&p Small Cap Etf Small US Bl Eq (SLY) 3.5 $3.8M +3% 40k 94.74
Spdr Intermed Trsy Etf Int Long Hi Qual US Bond (SPTI) 3.0 $3.3M +4% 103k 32.31
Cons Stpls Sel Spdr Etf Sector (XLP) 2.1 $2.3M -9% 33k 68.84

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Wisdomtree Mtg Plus Etf Int Long Hi Qual US Bond (MTGP) 1.8 $2.0M +8% 40k 50.68
Wsdmtre Emrgng Debt Etf Em Mkt Bond (ELD) 1.7 $1.9M +8% 60k 31.27
Inv S&p Intl L/vol Etf Large For Eq (IDLV) 1.1 $1.2M -12% 40k 30.63
Sel Sect Rl Est Spdr Etf Real Est Inv Trust (XLRE) 1.0 $1.1M -6% 24k 44.44
Spdr Port E/mkts Etf Emerging Markets Equity (SPEM) 0.6 $670k -49% 16k 42.53
Apple Large US Gro Eq (AAPL) 0.5 $599k +7% 4.2k 141.61
Inv Optimum Yld K1 Etf Commodity (PDBC) 0.5 $526k -9% 25k 21.04
Ishs Core S&p 500 Etf Large US Bl Eq (IVV) 0.4 $487k 1.1k 430.97
Spdr S&p Sm Cap Valu Etf Small US Val Eq (SLYV) 0.3 $346k +6% 4.2k 81.89
Glbl Nasdaq 100 Covr Etf Tactical (QYLD) 0.3 $292k NEW 13k 22.09
Verizon Commns Large US Val Eq (VZ) 0.3 $289k 5.4k 54.00
At&t Large US Val Eq (T) 0.2 $274k 10k 26.97
Procter & Gamble Large US Bl Eq (PG) 0.2 $266k +9% 1.9k 139.85
Vngrd Mid Cap Etf Mid Cap US Bl Eq (VO) 0.2 $260k NEW 1.1k 236.58
Ishs Core Msci Eafe Etf Large For Eq (IEFA) 0.2 $247k NEW 3.3k 74.33
Spdr S&p 500 Valu Etf Large US Val Eq (SPYV) 0.2 $244k -10% 6.3k 39.02
Spdr S&p Mid Cap Val Etf Mid Cap US Val Eq (MDYV) 0.2 $238k 3.6k 66.11
Ishs Russ 2000 Indx Etf Small US Bl Eq (IWM) 0.2 $235k NEW 1.1k 219.22
Raytheon Techs Corp Large US Val Eq (RTX) 0.2 $213k +4% 2.5k 85.99
Amazon.com Large US Gro Eq (AMZN) 0.2 $207k NEW 63.00 3285.71

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