Managed Asset Portfolios

Latest statistics and disclosures from Managed Asset Portfolios's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are TTEK, MSFT, SNY, NVS, BG, and represent 30.55% of Managed Asset Portfolios's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: INTC (+$12M), MDU (+$6.8M), ZM (+$6.6M), TAK (+$5.8M), NGLOY (+$5.8M), AAPL (+$5.4M), CPB, AMAT, WMT, UGI.
  • Started 7 new stock positions in INTC, MDU, AMAT, ZM, AMZN, NGLOY, WMT.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: SYNA (-$7.9M), VOD (-$5.2M), EA (-$5.1M), EBAY, TTEK, KTOS, MRO, TACO, FB, MSFT.
  • Sold out of its positions in EA, MRO.
  • Managed Asset Portfolios was a net buyer of stock by $39M.
  • Managed Asset Portfolios has $503M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 9.08%.

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Portfolio Holdings for Managed Asset Portfolios

Companies in the Managed Asset Portfolios portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Tetra Tech (TTEK) 7.2 $36M 377k 95.50
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 6.1 $31M 146k 210.33
Sanofi-Aventis SA (SNY) 5.9 $30M 587k 50.17
Novartis (NVS) 5.8 $29M 336k 86.96
Bunge (BG) 5.6 $28M 620k 45.70
Sprott Physical Gold & S (CEF) 5.4 $27M 1.5M 18.34
eBay (EBAY) 5.4 $27M -4% 521k 52.10
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) 5.3 $27M 180k 148.88
Cisco Systems (CSCO) 5.0 $25M 634k 39.39
Micron Technology (MU) 4.6 $23M 495k 46.96
National Fuel Gas (NFG) 4.3 $22M 539k 40.59
Orange Sa (ORAN) 3.8 $19M 1.9M 10.38
Verizon Communications (VZ) 3.5 $18M +2% 296k 59.49
Mosaic (MOS) 3.4 $17M +3% 941k 18.27

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Kratos Defense & Security Solutions (KTOS) 3.4 $17M 877k 19.28
Takeda Pharmaceutical (TAK) 3.2 $16M +56% 912k 17.84
Campbell Soup Company (CPB) 3.2 $16M +40% 336k 48.37
UGI Corporation (UGI) 3.0 $15M +16% 452k 32.98
Nokia Corporation (NOK) 2.9 $15M 3.8M 3.91
Intel Corporation (INTC) 2.4 $12M NEW 231k 51.78
Apple (AAPL) 1.9 $9.3M +140% 81k 115.81
Vodafone Group New Adr F (VOD) 1.6 $8.2M -38% 609k 13.42
MDU Resources (MDU) 1.3 $6.8M NEW 301k 22.50
Zoom Video Communications In cl a (ZM) 1.3 $6.6M NEW 14k 470.14
Anglo American (NGLOY) 1.2 $5.8M NEW 483k 12.09
Facebook Inc cl a (FB) 0.9 $4.5M 17k 261.93
Applied Materials (AMAT) 0.7 $3.6M NEW 61k 59.45
At&t (T) 0.5 $2.5M 87k 28.51
Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) 0.5 $2.4M NEW 17k 139.94
Synaptics, Incorporated (SYNA) 0.2 $1.0M -88% 13k 80.39
iShares Russell 2000 Value Index (IWN) 0.2 $756k 7.6k 99.33
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Indx (EEM) 0.1 $722k 16k 44.08
Amazon (AMZN) 0.0 $211k NEW 67.00 3149.25
Del Taco Restaurants (TACO) 0.0 $151k -11% 18k 8.21
SeaChange International (SEAC) 0.0 $150k +2% 173k 0.87
United Malt Group (UMLGF) 0.0 $46k +4% 16k 2.94

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