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Portfolio Holdings for Maso Capital Partners

Companies in the Maso Capital Partners portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
51job Sponsored Ads (JOBS) 18.1 $40M -14% 579k 69.53
Duddell Street Acquisitn Cor Cl A (DSAC) 17.6 $39M 4.0M 9.79
New Frontier Health Corp Ord Shs (NFH) 16.7 $37M -10% 3.3M 11.23
Joyy Ads Repstg Com A (YY) 7.2 $16M -16% 292k 54.83
Sogou Adr Repstg A 6.8 $15M 1.7M 8.95
Joyy Note (Principal) 3.6 $8.0M NEW 8.5M 0.94
Sohu Sponsored Ads (SOHU) 3.0 $6.7M +12% 323k 20.84
Evo Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (EVOJ) 2.2 $4.8M 500k 9.69
Malacca Straits Acquisition Com Cl A (MLAC) 1.3 $3.0M 300k 9.94
Bridgetown 2 Holdings Cl A (BTNB) 1.3 $3.0M 300k 9.91
Bridgetown Holdings Com Cl A (BTWN) 1.3 $2.9M 300k 9.81
Slam Corp Cl A Shs (SLAM) 1.3 $2.9M NEW 300k 9.75
Abg Acquisition Corp I Cl A Shs (ABGI) 1.3 $2.9M 300k 9.74
Cf Acquisition Corp Iv Com Cl A (CFIV) 1.3 $2.9M 300k 9.73

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Zymeworks (ZYME) 1.2 $2.8M NEW 95k 29.04
Aeye Class A Com 1.2 $2.7M NEW 500k 5.47
Dune Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (DUNE) 1.1 $2.5M 250k 9.90
Tailwind Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (TWND) 1.1 $2.4M 250k 9.78
Evgo Cl A Com (EVGO) 1.1 $2.4M NEW 300k 8.15
Group Nine Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (GNAC) 1.1 $2.4M 250k 9.74
Ouster (OUST) 1.0 $2.2M NEW 300k 7.32
Hollysys Automation Tchngy L SHS (HOLI) 1.0 $2.2M -15% 106k 20.69
Weibo Corp Sponsored Adr (WB) 0.9 $2.0M NEW 43k 47.50
Apollo Strategic Growth Capt Shs Cl A (APSG) 0.9 $2.0M 200k 9.76
Daqo New Energy Corp Spnsrd Ads New (DQ) 0.9 $1.9M -14% 34k 57.01
Golden Arrow Merger Corp Unit (GAMCU) 0.9 $1.9M 195k 9.90
Artisan Acquisition Corp Unit (ARTAU) 0.7 $1.5M 147k 10.28
Electric Last Mile Solutns I Class A Com (ELMS) 0.7 $1.5M NEW 200k 7.39
Tb Sa Acquisition Corp Unit (TBSAU) 0.7 $1.5M 150k 9.81
Hyzon Motors Com Cl A (HYZN) 0.6 $1.4M NEW 200k 6.94
Dmy Technology Group Inc Iii Com Class A 0.6 $1.3M -48% 129k 10.40
Duddell Street Acquisitn Cor Warrant (DSACW) 0.6 $1.3M 2.0M 0.67
Black Spade Acquisition Unit 0.1 $286k NEW 29k 9.92
Global Blue Group Holding Warrant (GB.WS) 0.1 $272k 450k 0.60
Citic Capital Acquisition Warrant (CCAC.WS) 0.1 $158k 200k 0.79
Evo Acquisition Corp Warrant (EVOJW) 0.1 $140k 250k 0.56
Dune Acquisition Corp Warrant (DUNEW) 0.0 $81k 125k 0.65
Group Nine Acquisition Corp Warrant (GNACW) 0.0 $58k 83k 0.70
Tpg Pace Tech Opportunities Warrant 0.0 $52k 25k 2.08
View Warrant (VIEWW) 0.0 $34k 37k 0.91
Naked Brand Group Shs New 0.0 $15k 21k 0.71

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