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Portfolio Holdings for Octahedron Capital Management

Companies in the Octahedron Capital Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 15.2 $29M 11k 2781.34
Amazon (AMZN) 14.5 $28M 8.5k 3259.93
Uber Technologies (UBER) 7.3 $14M 391k 35.68
Unity Software (U) 6.5 $12M 125k 99.21
Netflix (NFLX) 6.1 $12M 31k 374.58
Twilio Cl A (TWLO) 5.6 $11M 65k 164.81
Peloton Interactive Cl A Com Call Option (PTON) 5.5 $11M 400k 26.42
Doordash Cl A (DASH) 5.2 $10M 85k 117.19
Dlocal Class A Com (DLO) 4.5 $8.5M 273k 31.26
Block Cl A (SQ) 3.9 $7.5M 55k 135.60
Carvana Cl A (CVNA) 3.4 $6.5M 54k 119.28
Braze Com Cl A (BRZE) 3.0 $5.7M 138k 41.47
Snap Cl A (SNAP) 2.5 $4.9M 135k 35.99
Sea Sponsord Ads (SE) 2.5 $4.8M 40k 119.78

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Shopify Cl A (SHOP) 1.5 $2.9M 4.4k 675.86
MercadoLibre (MELI) 1.2 $2.4M 2.0k 1189.50
Farfetch Ord Sh Cl A (FTCH) 1.2 $2.3M 154k 15.12
Gitlab Class A Com (GTLB) 1.2 $2.3M 42k 54.45
Mongodb Cl A (MDB) 1.1 $2.1M 4.7k 443.62
Angi Com Cl A New (ANGI) 1.1 $2.1M 362k 5.67
Kanzhun Sponsored Ads (BZ) 1.0 $2.0M 80k 24.91
Altimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl A (AGCB) 1.0 $2.0M 200k 9.82
Full Truck Alliance Sponsored Ads (YMM) 0.9 $1.8M 270k 6.67
Confluent Class A Com (CFLT) 0.9 $1.7M 41k 41.00
Affirm Hldgs Com Cl A (AFRM) 0.8 $1.5M 33k 46.29
Hashicorp Com Cl A (HCP) 0.5 $972k 18k 54.00
Roblox Corp Cl A (RBLX) 0.5 $925k 20k 46.25
Datadog Cl A Com (DDOG) 0.4 $735k 4.9k 151.55
Zoom Video Communications In Cl A (ZM) 0.3 $615k 5.3k 117.14
Crowdstrike Hldgs Cl A (CRWD) 0.3 $596k 2.6k 227.05
Hippo Hldgs Common Stock (HIPO) 0.3 $498k 250k 1.99
Grab Holdings Class A Ord (GRAB) 0.2 $350k 100k 3.50

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