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Portfolio Holdings for Omega Fund Management

Companies in the Omega Fund Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Nuvation Bio Class A Common Stock (NUVB) 24.7 $121M -18% 23M 5.26
Replimune Group Common Stock (REPL) 16.2 $79M -4% 4.7M 16.98
Imago Biosciences Common Stock (IMGO) 11.9 $58M 3.0M 19.27
Morphic Holding Common Stock (MORF) 9.9 $48M -8% 1.2M 40.15
Kronos Bio Common Stock (KRON) 5.6 $28M 3.8M 7.23
Gossamer Bio Common Stock (GOSS) 5.6 $28M -4% 3.2M 8.68
Immunic Common Stock (IMUX) 4.1 $20M 1.8M 11.30
Alpine Immune Sciences Common Stock (ALPN) 3.7 $18M 2.0M 8.97
Cincor Common Stock 3.5 $17M NEW 966k 17.54
Ikena Oncology Common Stock (IKNA) 2.8 $14M 2.2M 6.10
Arcutis Biothereapeutics Common Stock (ARQT) 2.5 $12M 624k 19.26
Theseus Pharmaceuticals Common Stock (THRX) 1.7 $8.2M NEW 712k 11.53
Sana Biotechnology Common Stock (SANA) 1.4 $7.0M 844k 8.26
Paratek Pharmaceuticals Common Stock (PRTK) 1.2 $5.9M -24% 2.0M 2.97

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Omega Alpha SPAC Class A Common Stock (OMEG) 1.0 $4.9M 501k 9.82
Spruce Biosciences Common Stock (SPRB) 0.9 $4.3M 2.2M 2.01
Checkmate Pharmaceuticals Common Stock (CMPI) 0.9 $4.3M 1.3M 3.19
Icosavax Common Stock (ICVX) 0.6 $3.0M 426k 7.04
Syros Pharmaceuticals Common Stock (SYRS) 0.6 $3.0M 2.5M 1.19
ESSA Pharma Common Stock (EPIX) 0.4 $2.0M 328k 6.18
Jounce Therapeutics Common Stock (JNCE) 0.4 $1.9M 276k 6.79
Immunocore Holdings Common Stock (IMCR) 0.3 $1.5M 52k 29.90

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