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Portfolio Holdings for Parian Global Management

Companies in the Parian Global Management portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Vapotherm (VAPO) 12.4 $50M -19% 1.8M 26.86
Open Lending Corp Com Cl A (LPRO) 6.3 $25M +18% 720k 34.96
International Game Technolog Shs Usd (IGT) 4.5 $18M NEW 1.1M 16.94
Renalytix Ai Ads (RNLX) 4.3 $17M +25% 1.1M 16.00
South Mtn Merger Corp Com Cl A (SMMC) 4.3 $17M NEW 1.1M 16.13
Groupon Com New (GRPN) 4.2 $17M NEW 440k 38.00
Purple Innovatio (PRPL) 4.2 $17M NEW 505k 32.94
Repay Hldgs Corp Com Cl A (RPAY) 3.8 $15M -60% 554k 27.25
Warner Music Group Corp Com Cl A (WMG) 3.5 $14M NEW 374k 37.99
Lpl Financial Holdings (LPLA) 3.4 $14M NEW 130k 104.22
Neogames S A SHS 2.8 $11M NEW 291k 37.99
Baidu Spon Adr Rep A Call Option (BIDU) 2.4 $9.7M NEW 45k 216.24
Insulet Corporation (PODD) 2.4 $9.7M -38% 38k 255.63
Alphatec Hldgs Com New (ATEC) 2.4 $9.4M -16% 649k 14.52

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Maravai Lifesciences Hldgs I Com Cl A 2.2 $8.8M NEW 315k 28.05
Livent Corp (LTHM) 2.1 $8.4M NEW 445k 18.84
Graftech International (EAF) 2.0 $8.1M NEW 760k 10.66
Si-bone (SIBN) 1.9 $7.4M -59% 249k 29.90
Berkeley Lts (BLI) 1.8 $7.4M NEW 83k 89.41
Clearpoint Neuro (CLPT) 1.8 $7.4M NEW 463k 15.89
Axonics Modulation Technolog (AXNX) 1.8 $7.4M -58% 147k 49.92
Personalis Ord (PSNL) 1.8 $7.3M +344% 200k 36.61
Everi Hldgs (EVRI) 1.7 $7.0M NEW 504k 13.81
Madison Square Grdn Sprt Cor Cl A (MSGS) 1.7 $6.9M NEW 37k 184.09
Angi Homeservices Com Cl A (ANGI) 1.7 $6.9M -20% 520k 13.19
Blucora (BCOR) 1.7 $6.6M NEW 416k 15.91
Sailpoint Technlgies Hldgs I (SAIL) 1.6 $6.4M NEW 120k 53.24
Lux Health Tech Acquisition Unit 11/30/2027 1.5 $5.8M NEW 505k 11.50
Dmy Technology Group Inc Ii Com Cl A (DMYD) 1.4 $5.7M NEW 326k 17.59
Deerfield Healthcare Tech Ac Com Cl A (DFHT) 1.4 $5.5M NEW 350k 15.60
Silvergate Cap Corp Cl A (SI) 1.4 $5.4M NEW 73k 74.31
Realreal (REAL) 1.2 $4.9M NEW 250k 19.54
Anika Therapeutics (ANIK) 1.2 $4.6M +382% 103k 45.26
Deerfield Healthcare Tech Ac Unit 07/16/2025 (DFHTU) 1.1 $4.4M -36% 292k 15.00
Paya Holdings Com Cl A 0.9 $3.6M NEW 268k 13.58
Tattooed Chef Com Cl A Put Option 0.9 $3.4M NEW 150k 22.89
Cloudflare Cl A Com Call Option (NET) 0.8 $3.0M NEW 40k 76.00
Usio (USIO) 0.5 $2.2M NEW 813k 2.67
Avid Technology (AVID) 0.5 $2.1M NEW 131k 15.87
Senseonics Hldgs (SENS) 0.4 $1.7M NEW 2.0M 0.87
Ontrak Put Option (OTRK) 0.4 $1.5M NEW 25k 61.80
Northern Star Acquisition Com Cl A 0.3 $1.3M NEW 90k 14.56
Redball Acquisition Corp Unit 99/99/9999 (RBAC.U) 0.3 $1.2M NEW 100k 11.56
Acies Acquisition Corp Unit 11/30/2027 0.3 $1.1M NEW 103k 10.72
Fintech Acquisition Corp V Unit 99/99/9999 0.3 $1.1M NEW 103k 10.67
Medtech Acquisition Corp Unit 12/18/2025 0.3 $1.1M NEW 100k 10.50
Ribbit Leap Unit 99/99/9999 (LEAP.U) 0.1 $524k NEW 35k 14.97
Experience Invt Corp Com Cl A (EXPC) 0.1 $443k NEW 40k 11.07
Retractable Technologies Put Option (RVP) 0.1 $365k NEW 34k 10.74
Deerfield Healthcare Tech Ac *w Exp 07/16/202 (DFHTW) 0.0 $199k NEW 49k 4.10

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