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Portfolio Holdings for Rollins Financial

Companies in the Rollins Financial portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Invesco Qqq Trust Etf (QQQ) 20.5 $45M 144k 313.74
Apple Stock (AAPL) 20.1 $44M 333k 132.69
First Tr Exchange-traded Fd Dj Internt Idx Etf (FDN) 9.6 $21M 100k 212.23
Microsoft Corp Stock (MSFT) 7.9 $17M 78k 222.42
Ishares U.s. Technology Etf Etf (IYW) 3.5 $7.7M 91k 85.08
Ishares Core S&p Total U.s. Stock Market Etf Etf (ITOT) 3.2 $7.0M 81k 86.22
Facebook Inc Cl A Stock (FB) 3.2 $7.0M 26k 273.15
Spdr Portfolio S&p 500 Growth Etf Etf (SPYG) 2.1 $4.5M 82k 55.29
Invesco Nasdaq Next Gen 100 Etf Etf (QQQJ) 2.0 $4.5M 145k 30.87
Amazon Stock (AMZN) 2.0 $4.4M 1.4k 3257.21
Wisdomtree Cloud Computing Fund Etf (WCLD) 1.6 $3.5M 65k 53.58
Ishares Global Tech Etf Etf (IXN) 1.1 $2.5M 8.3k 300.06
Schwab Us Dividend Equity Etf Etf (SCHD) 1.0 $2.3M 36k 64.15
Ishares U.s. Healthcare Etf Etf (IYH) 1.0 $2.2M 9.0k 245.94

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Home Depot Stock (HD) 0.9 $2.1M 7.8k 265.69
Coca Cola Stock (KO) 0.9 $2.0M 37k 54.83
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Stock (JPM) 0.9 $2.0M 16k 127.05
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Etf (SPY) 0.9 $2.0M 5.2k 373.90
Invesco S&p 500 Quality Etf Etf (SPHQ) 0.8 $1.8M 42k 42.11
Ishares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund Etf (IBB) 0.8 $1.7M 11k 151.52
Ishares Msci Usa Min Vol Factor Etf Etf (USMV) 0.8 $1.7M 25k 67.90
First Trust Nasdaq-100 Technology Sector Index Fund Etf (QTEC) 0.7 $1.6M 12k 138.03
Vanguard Value Index Fund Etf (VTV) 0.7 $1.6M 14k 118.96
Ishares U.s. Industrials Etf Etf (IYJ) 0.5 $1.2M 12k 97.10
Pimco Active Bond Exchange-traded Fund Etf (BOND) 0.5 $1.2M 10k 113.08
Spdr S&p Biotech Etf Etf (XBI) 0.5 $1.1M 7.9k 140.80
Ishares Msci Usa Quality Factor Etf Etf (QUAL) 0.5 $1.1M 9.4k 116.23
Proshares Ultra Qqq Etf (QLD) 0.5 $989k 8.6k 115.11
Ishares S&p 500 Growth Etf Etf (IVW) 0.4 $964k 15k 63.82
Ishares Msci Eafe Growth Etf Etf (EFG) 0.4 $929k 9.2k 100.88
Mcdonalds Corp Stock (MCD) 0.4 $885k 4.1k 214.65
Fiserv Stock (FISV) 0.4 $800k 7.0k 113.85
Schwab U.s. Large-cap Growth Etf Etf (SCHG) 0.4 $772k 6.0k 128.45
Technology Select Sector Spdr Fund Etf (XLK) 0.4 $771k 5.9k 130.08
Dnp Select Income Cef (DNP) 0.3 $754k 74k 10.26
Fidelity Total Bond Etf Etf (FBND) 0.3 $742k 14k 54.22
Ishares Expanded Tech Sector Etf Etf (IGM) 0.3 $735k 2.1k 349.83
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Etf (BND) 0.3 $657k 7.5k 88.13
Bk Of America Corp Stock (BAC) 0.3 $617k 20k 30.30
Ishares Global Healthcare Etf Etf (IXJ) 0.3 $593k 7.8k 76.50
Tesla Stock (TSLA) 0.3 $587k 832.00 705.53
Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf Etf (IVV) 0.3 $563k 1.5k 375.08
Alphabet Inc Cap Stk Cl A Stock (GOOGL) 0.3 $552k 315.00 1752.38
Automatic Data Processing Stock (ADP) 0.2 $542k 3.1k 176.20
Consumer Staples Select Sector Spdr Fund Etf (XLP) 0.2 $542k 8.0k 67.44
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index Fund Etf (VIG) 0.2 $534k 3.8k 141.27
Ishares Msci Usa Momentum Factor Etf Etf (MTUM) 0.2 $511k 3.2k 161.40
Wisdomtree U.s. Largecap Dividend Fund Etf (DLN) 0.2 $493k 4.6k 107.59
Financial Select Sector Spdr Fund Etf (XLF) 0.2 $492k 17k 29.50
Johnson & Johnson Stock (JNJ) 0.2 $455k 2.9k 157.22
Ishares Msci Usa Esg Select Etf Etf (SUSA) 0.2 $440k 5.3k 82.38
Ishares Russell 1000 Growth Etf Etf (IWF) 0.2 $435k 1.8k 240.86
Alphabet Inc Cap Stk Cl C Stock (GOOG) 0.2 $417k 238.00 1752.10
Draftkings Inc Com Cl A Stock (DKNG) 0.2 $412k 8.8k 46.61
Proshares Ultra S&p 500 Etf (SSO) 0.2 $402k 4.4k 91.36
Ishares Msci Intl Quality Factor Etf Etf (IQLT) 0.2 $401k 11k 35.68
Schwab U.s. Broad Market Etf Etf (SCHB) 0.2 $388k 4.3k 90.97
Duke Energy Corp Stock (DUK) 0.2 $370k 4.0k 91.58
Vanguard Financials Index Fund Etf (VFH) 0.2 $362k 5.0k 72.85
Southern Stock (SO) 0.2 $361k 5.9k 61.37
Ishares U.s. Financials Etf Etf (IYF) 0.2 $361k 5.4k 66.79
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Etf (VTI) 0.2 $341k 1.8k 194.41
Delta Air Lines Inc Del Stock (DAL) 0.2 $335k 8.3k 40.18
Ishares S&p 500 Value Etf Etf (IVE) 0.2 $332k 2.6k 128.14
Blackstone Group Inc Com Cl A Stock (BX) 0.1 $324k 5.0k 64.80
Blackrock Short Maturity Bond Etf Etf (NEAR) 0.1 $298k 5.9k 50.13
Royal Caribbean Group Stock (RCL) 0.1 $294k 3.9k 74.71
Visa Inc Com Cl A Stock (V) 0.1 $291k 1.3k 218.63
Netflix Stock (NFLX) 0.1 $290k 537.00 540.04
Ishares S&p Midcap Fund Etf (IJH) 0.1 $289k 1.3k 229.73
Kimberly-clark Corp Stock (KMB) 0.1 $288k 2.1k 134.71
Consumer Discretionary Select Sector Spdr Fund Etf (XLY) 0.1 $287k 1.8k 160.69
Truist Finl Corp Stock (TFC) 0.1 $286k 6.0k 47.87
At&t Stock (T) 0.1 $276k 9.6k 28.74
Vanguard Growth Index Fund Etf (VUG) 0.1 $267k 1.1k 253.80
International Business Machs Stock (IBM) 0.1 $259k 2.1k 125.97
Intuitive Surgical Stock (ISRG) 0.1 $254k 310.00 819.35
Verizon Communications Stock (VZ) 0.1 $235k 4.0k 58.79
Vericel Corp Stock (VCEL) 0.1 $154k 5.0k 30.80
Gabelli Util Tr Cef (GUT) 0.1 $114k 14k 8.14
Helius Med Technologies Inc Com Cl A Stock 0.0 $38k 100k 0.38

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