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Portfolio Holdings for Shannon River Fund Management

Companies in the Shannon River Fund Management portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 Put Option (QQQ) 10.6 $150M NEW 420k 357.96
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf Put Option (IWM) 8.8 $125M NEW 570k 218.75
Dynatrace Com New (DT) 8.4 $118M NEW 1.7M 70.97
Flex Ord (FLEX) 6.5 $93M NEW 5.2M 17.68
Warner Music Group Corp Com Cl A (WMG) 5.4 $77M NEW 1.8M 42.74
Sprout Social Com Cl A (SPT) 5.1 $72M NEW 594k 121.95
Zoominfo Technologies Com Cl A (ZI) 4.2 $60M NEW 984k 61.19
Digitalocean Hldgs (DOCN) 3.9 $55M NEW 709k 77.63
Godaddy Cl A (GDDY) 3.6 $51M NEW 736k 69.70
Manhattan Associates (MANH) 3.5 $49M NEW 320k 153.03
InterDigital (IDCC) 3.4 $48M NEW 706k 67.82
Uber Technologies (UBER) 3.4 $48M NEW 1.1M 44.80
SPS Commerce (SPSC) 2.8 $39M NEW 242k 161.31
Coursera (COUR) 2.7 $38M NEW 1.2M 31.65

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Pet Acquisition LLC -Class A (WOOF) 2.5 $35M NEW 1.7M 21.10
Autodesk (ADSK) 2.4 $34M NEW 118k 285.17
Ambarella SHS (AMBA) 2.3 $33M NEW 213k 155.74
New York Times Cl A (NYT) 2.2 $32M NEW 643k 49.27
Sonos (SONO) 2.0 $28M NEW 855k 32.36 (PRTS) 1.5 $21M NEW 1.4M 15.61
Lightspeed Pos Sub Vtg Shs 1.4 $20M NEW 210k 96.43
Smartsheet Com Cl A (SMAR) 1.4 $20M NEW 288k 68.82
Pegasystems (PEGA) 1.2 $17M NEW 134k 127.10
Rambus (RMBS) 1.2 $16M NEW 738k 22.20
Silicon Laboratories (SLAB) 1.0 $14M NEW 103k 140.16
Tripadvisor (TRIP) 1.0 $14M NEW 414k 33.85
Acv Auctions Com Cl A (ACVA) 0.9 $13M NEW 714k 17.89
E Merge Technology Acquisiti Com Cl A (ETAC) 0.9 $13M NEW 1.3M 9.82
Sunrun (RUN) 0.9 $12M NEW 282k 44.00
Take-Two Interactive Software (TTWO) 0.7 $9.8M NEW 64k 154.06
Zynga Cl A (ZNGA) 0.6 $9.0M NEW 1.2M 7.53
Iac Interactivecorp Com New (IAC) 0.6 $8.9M NEW 68k 130.29
Supernova Partners Acquistn Unit 99/99/9999 (SNII.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 9.95
Evertec (EVTC) 0.4 $5.5M NEW 121k 45.72
Cascade Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (CAS) 0.4 $5.0M NEW 500k 9.98
Macondray Cap Acquisitn Corp Unit 05/31/2028 0.3 $4.7M NEW 475k 9.98
Instructure Hldgs 0.3 $4.1M NEW 182k 22.59
Reservoir Media 0.2 $3.5M NEW 383k 9.11
890 5th Ave Partners Com Cl A 0.2 $3.0M NEW 300k 9.91
Supernova Partn Acq Co Iii L Unit 99/99/9999 (STRE.U) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 250k 9.88
Fortress Capital Acquisition Shs Cl A (FCAX) 0.1 $2.0M NEW 200k 9.78
E Merge Technology Acquisiti *w Exp 07/30/202 (ETACW) 0.1 $1.7M NEW 431k 3.87
Snap Cl A (SNAP) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 19k 73.85
Cascade Acquisition Corp *w Exp 07/30/202 (CAS.WS) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 250k 4.25
Workday Cl A (WDAY) 0.1 $1.0M NEW 4.1k 250.00
Offerpad Solutions *w Exp 10/16/202 0.1 $723k NEW 163k 4.45
Atlassian Corp Cl A (TEAM) 0.0 $636k NEW 1.6k 391.14
890 5th Ave Partners *w Exp 01/12/202 0.0 $498k NEW 100k 4.98
Ccc Intelligent Solutions Hl *w Exp 07/30/202 (CCCS.WS) 0.0 $372k NEW 61k 6.12
Ion Acquisition Corp 2 Unit 99/99/9999 0.0 $200k NEW 20k 10.00
Roth Ch Acquisition Iii *w Exp 02/26/202 (ROCRW) 0.0 $189k NEW 38k 5.04
Fortress Capital Acquisition *w Exp 99/99/999 (FCAX.WS) 0.0 $177k NEW 40k 4.42
Stryve Foods *w Exp 07/31/202 0.0 $166k NEW 86k 1.92
Gigcapital4 *w Exp 02/08/202 (GIGGW) 0.0 $81k NEW 17k 4.86
Class Acceleration Corp (CLAS) 0.0 $49k NEW 5.0k 9.80
Gores Technology Partners Ii Unit 03/16/2028 (GTPBU) 0.0 $10k NEW 1.0k 10.00
Class Acceleration Corp *w Exp 03/31/202 (CLAS.WS) 0.0 $10k NEW 2.5k 4.00

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