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Portfolio Holdings for Soroban Capital Partners

Companies in the Soroban Capital Partners portfolio as of the June 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 20.0 $2.4B +16% 8.7M 270.90
Amazon (AMZN) 12.9 $1.5B +69% 445k 3440.16
CSX Corporation (CSX) 8.7 $1.0B +281% 32M 32.08
Altice Usa Cl A (ATUS) 7.8 $922M -12% 27M 34.14
Lowe's Companies (LOW) 7.0 $827M +36% 4.3M 193.97
Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) 6.8 $810M +22% 3.7M 219.93
Facebook Cl A (FB) 5.8 $693M NEW 2.0M 347.71
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl C (GOOG) 5.3 $623M 249k 2506.32
Analog Devices (ADI) 4.9 $579M +35% 3.4M 172.16
Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) 4.3 $508M +14% 3.6M 141.67
Twitter (TWTR) 3.2 $374M NEW 5.4M 68.81
Netflix (NFLX) 2.9 $338M NEW 639k 528.21
Ihs Markit SHS (INFO) 2.1 $247M 2.2M 112.66
Visa Com Cl A (V) 1.4 $170M 727k 233.82

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Mastercard Incorporated Cl A (MA) 1.3 $156M 426k 365.09
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 0.9 $101M 41k 2441.80
Northern Star Invstmnt Corp Com Class A (NSTB) 0.3 $39M 4.0M 9.96
S&p Global (SPGI) 0.3 $39M -71% 96k 410.45
Fusion Acquisition Corp Cl A 0.3 $35M 3.5M 9.95
Capitol Investment Corp V Com Cl A 0.3 $31M 3.1M 9.97
Wabtec Corporation (WAB) 0.2 $27M NEW 330k 82.30
Kkr Acquisition Holding I Com Class A (KAHC) 0.2 $25M NEW 2.5M 9.82
Longview Acquisition Corp Ii Com Cl A (LGV) 0.2 $25M NEW 2.5M 9.80
Black Knight (BKI) 0.2 $24M NEW 310k 77.98
Planet Fitness Cl A (PLNT) 0.2 $23M NEW 308k 75.25
Khosla Ventures Acqut Co Iii Com Cl A (KVSC) 0.2 $23M 2.3M 9.87
Navsight Hldgs Cl A 0.2 $22M 2.2M 9.98
Dragoneer Growth Opt Corp Ii Cl A Shs (DGNU) 0.2 $20M 2.0M 10.00
Msd Acquisition Corp Class A Ord Shs (MSDA) 0.2 $20M NEW 2.0M 9.85
Tio Tech A Class A Ord Shs (TIOA) 0.1 $16M NEW 1.6M 9.70
Lerer Hippeau Acquisition Cl A (LHAA) 0.1 $15M 1.5M 9.85
Lead Edge Growth Oprtunts Lt (LEGA) 0.1 $14M NEW 1.5M 9.78
Ati Physical Therapy Com Cl A (ATIP) 0.1 $14M NEW 1.5M 9.54
Tcv Acquisition Corp Cl A Shs (TCVA) 0.1 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.91
Vy Global Growth Com Cl A (VYGG) 0.1 $13M +172% 1.3M 9.95
Catalyst Partnrs Acquisitn C Unit 99/99/9999 (CPARU) 0.1 $12M NEW 1.2M 10.10
Angel Pond Holdings Corp Unit 99/99/9999 (POND.U) 0.1 $12M NEW 1.2M 10.00
23andme Holding Class A Com (ME) 0.1 $12M NEW 1.0M 11.69
Big Sky Growth Partners Class A Com (BSKY) 0.1 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.60
Group Nine Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (GNAC) 0.1 $11M -10% 1.1M 9.78
Payoneer Global (PAYO) 0.1 $10M NEW 1.0M 10.37
Altimeter Growth Corp 2 Com Cl A (AGCB) 0.1 $10M 1.0M 10.25
Spartan Acquisition Cl A Ord 0.1 $8.8M -43% 885k 9.99
Revolution Accelertn Acqu Com Cl A 0.1 $8.7M -22% 876k 9.97
Liberty Media Acquisition Com Sr A (LMACA) 0.1 $7.9M 779k 10.18
Talkspace (TALK) 0.1 $6.6M NEW 800k 8.31
Bridgetown 2 Holdings Cl A (BTNB) 0.0 $5.8M +274% 565k 10.20
Khosla Ventures Acqustn Co I Com Cl A (KVSB) 0.0 $2.8M -78% 277k 9.94

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