TB Alternative Assets

Latest statistics and disclosures from TB Alternative Assets's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are JD, LU, SY, UBER, TME, and represent 31.11% of TB Alternative Assets's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: TME (+$19M), IQ (+$18M), Talkspace (+$16M), VIPS (+$13M), EDU (+$12M), JD (+$6.1M), TAL, LI, Z, BTBT.
  • Started 8 new stock positions in HUYA, Waterdrop, Kanzhun, Didi Global, LI, Talkspace, BTBT, EDU.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: SLG (-$29M), PDD (-$16M), BABA (-$8.5M), ZTO (-$7.1M), SY (-$6.5M), WFC (-$5.7M), HUN (-$5.7M), CC, PK, LU.
  • Sold out of its positions in CC, FCX, HUN, WFC.
  • TB Alternative Assets was a net buyer of stock by $5.3M.
  • TB Alternative Assets has $502M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -5.47%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001483503

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Portfolio Holdings for TB Alternative Assets

Companies in the TB Alternative Assets portfolio as of the June 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Jd.com Inc-adr Jd Us Spon Adr Cl A (JD) 8.0 $40M +17% 505k 79.81
Lufax Holding Ltd- Ads Rep Shs Cl A (LU) 5.9 $30M -11% 2.6M 11.30
So-young International- Sponsored Ads (SY) 5.9 $30M -18% 3.1M 9.61
Uber Technologies (UBER) 5.8 $29M 577k 50.12
Tencent Music Entertainm-adr Tme Us Spon Ads (TME) 5.5 $28M +209% 1.8M 15.48
Sl Green Realty (SLG) 5.3 $27M -52% 334k 80.00
Iqiyi Inc-adr Iq Us Sponsored Ads (IQ) 4.9 $24M +305% 1.6M 15.58
Boeing Company (BA) 4.8 $24M 102k 239.56
Zto Express Cayman Inc-adr Zto Us Sponsored Ads A (ZTO) 4.8 $24M -22% 795k 30.35
Joyy Inc-adr Yy Us Ads Repstg Com A (YY) 4.7 $23M -2% 355k 65.97
Apple (AAPL) 4.1 $21M 152k 136.96
Zillow Group Inc - C Z Us Cl C Cap Stk (Z) 4.0 $20M +16% 165k 122.22
Park Hotels & Resorts Inc-wi (PK) 3.5 $18M -18% 855k 20.61
Talkspace 3.2 $16M NEW 1.9M 8.31

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Vipshop Holdings Ltd - Adr Vips Us Sponsored Ads A (VIPS) 3.1 $16M +510% 780k 20.08
Alibaba Group Holding-sp Adr Baba Us Sponsored Ads (BABA) 2.8 $14M -37% 63k 226.77
Mogu Inc- Spon Ads (MOGU) 2.8 $14M 8.3M 1.66
New Oriental Educatio-sp Adr Edu Us Spon Adr (EDU) 2.4 $12M NEW 1.5M 8.19
Pinduoduo Inc-adr Pdd Us Sponsored Ads (PDD) 1.9 $9.3M -63% 73k 127.02
Snap Inc - A Snap Us Cl A (SNAP) 1.6 $8.0M 118k 68.14
Laix Inc - Ads (LAIX) 1.4 $6.9M 3.7M 1.86
Starwood Property Trust (STWD) 1.3 $6.7M 255k 26.17
Intel Corporation (INTC) 1.3 $6.6M 117k 56.14
Molecular Data Inc - Sponsored Ads (MKD) 0.9 $4.7M 5.0M 0.94
Youdao Inc - Sponsored Ads (DAO) 0.9 $4.5M 197k 23.09
Tal Education Group- Adr Tal Us Sponsored Ads (TAL) 0.9 $4.5M +291% 177k 25.23
Lightinthebox Holding- Sponsored Adr (LITB) 0.8 $4.2M 2.1M 1.98
Puxin Ltd- Ads (NEW) 0.8 $4.0M 2.2M 1.79
Azul Sa- Sponsr Adr Pfd (AZUL) 0.7 $3.6M -33% 137k 26.40
Canada Goose Holdings Shs Sub Vtg (GOOS) 0.7 $3.6M 81k 43.74
Finvolution Group Sponsored Ads (FINV) 0.7 $3.3M 347k 9.52
Li Auto Inc - Sponsored Ads (LI) 0.6 $3.2M NEW 92k 34.93
Centrais Eletricas Br-sp Sponsored Adr (EBR) 0.5 $2.7M 310k 8.65
Yunji Inc- Ads Rp Cl A (YJ) 0.5 $2.7M -2% 1.5M 1.73
Community Health Systems (CYH) 0.5 $2.3M 152k 15.44
Bit Digital SHS (BTBT) 0.4 $2.1M NEW 300k 6.84
Didi Global Sponsored Ads 0.4 $2.0M NEW 142k 14.14
Ballard Pwr Sys (BLDP) 0.4 $2.0M 109k 18.12
Huya Inc-adr Huya Us Ads Rep Shs A (HUYA) 0.4 $1.8M NEW 101k 17.65
Waterdrop Ads 0.3 $1.6M NEW 249k 6.48
Phoenix New Media Ltd -adr Feng Us Sponsored Ads (FENG) 0.2 $1.1M 740k 1.55
Kanzhun Sponsored Ads 0.2 $1.0M NEW 26k 39.65

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