TB Alternative Assets

Latest statistics and disclosures from TB Alternative Assets's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are SY, Li Auto, SLG, PDD, TCOM, and represent 47.20% of TB Alternative Assets's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: Li Auto (+$48M), UBER (+$12M), PK (+$7.5M), SQ (+$5.4M), BILI, IQ, AZUL, PTON, X, ADC.
  • Started 5 new stock positions in Li Auto, ADC, WDC, PTON, X.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: JD (-$25M), YY (-$21M), EDU (-$18M), TAL (-$17M), SINA (-$14M), DIS (-$13M), PDD (-$7.4M), TME, VIPS, FB.
  • Sold out of its positions in YY, EDU, PBR, TAL, SINA, SPOT.
  • TB Alternative Assets was a net seller of stock by $-70M.
  • TB Alternative Assets has $641M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -14.10%.

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Portfolio Holdings for TB Alternative Assets

Companies in the TB Alternative Assets portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
So-young International- Sponsored Ads (SY) 24.4 $156M 13M 12.49
Li Auto Inc - Sponsored Ads 7.5 $48M NEW 2.7M 17.39
SL Green Realty (SLG) 6.0 $38M -6% 824k 46.37
Pinduoduo Inc-adr Pdd Us Sponsored Ads (PDD) 5.7 $36M -16% 492k 74.15
Trip.com Group Ltd- Ads (TCOM) 3.7 $24M -8% 769k 31.14
Puxin Ltd- Ads (NEW) 3.6 $23M -5% 2.6M 8.89
Park Hotels & Resorts Inc-wi (PK) 3.5 $22M +50% 2.2M 9.99
Molecular Data Inc - Sponsored Ads (MKD) 3.5 $22M 18M 1.26
Yunji Inc-adr Yj Us Ads Rp Cl A (YJ) 3.4 $22M -2% 12M 1.84
Mogu Inc- Spon Ads (MOGU) 3.1 $20M 8.3M 2.35
Zto Express Cayman Inc-adr Zto Us Sponsored Ads A (ZTO) 3.0 $19M -12% 633k 29.92
Alibaba Group Holding-sp Adr Baba Us Sponsored Ads (BABA) 2.9 $19M -10% 64k 293.98
Bilibili Inc-sponsored Adr Bili Us Spons Ads Rep Z (BILI) 2.8 $18M +36% 426k 41.60
Weibo Corp-spon Adr Wb Us Sponsored Adr (WB) 2.7 $17M -14% 470k 36.43

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Iqiyi Inc-adr Iq Us Sponsored Ads (IQ) 2.6 $17M +38% 741k 22.58
Uber Technologies (UBER) 2.3 $15M +378% 400k 36.48
Square Inc - A Sq Us Cl A (SQ) 1.6 $10M +109% 64k 162.54
Laix Inc - Ads (LAIX) 1.6 $10M 5.7M 1.81
Vipshop Holdings Ltd - Adr Vips Us Sponsored Ads A (VIPS) 1.6 $10M -30% 647k 15.64
Walt Disney Co/the Dis Us Com Disney (DIS) 1.4 $9.0M -58% 73k 124.08
Schlumberger (SLB) 1.2 $7.8M -9% 504k 15.56
Twitter (TWTR) 1.2 $7.5M -24% 168k 44.50
Jd.com Inc-adr Jd Us Spon Adr Cl A (JD) 1.1 $7.3M -77% 94k 77.61
Sea Ltd- Sponsord Ads (SE) 1.1 $7.0M -12% 45k 154.04
Azul Sa- Sponsr Adr Pfd (AZUL) 1.1 $7.0M +30% 530k 13.16
Boeing Company (BA) 1.0 $6.5M 39k 165.27
Starwood Property Trust (STWD) 0.8 $5.2M 346k 15.09
Lightinthebox Holding- Sponsored Adr (LITB) 0.8 $4.9M 2.5M 1.93
American Airls (AAL) 0.7 $4.7M 386k 12.29
Canada Goose Holdings Shs Sub Vtg (GOOS) 0.7 $4.6M -8% 143k 32.17
Tencent Music Entertainm-adr Tme Us Spon Ads (TME) 0.7 $4.3M -51% 289k 14.77
Facebook Inc-class A Fb Us Cl A (FB) 0.6 $4.0M -51% 15k 261.90
General Electric Company (GE) 0.5 $3.4M -12% 552k 6.23
Shake Shack Inc - Class A Cl A (SHAK) 0.4 $2.5M 39k 64.49
Under Armour Inc-class C Ua Us CL C (UA) 0.4 $2.5M -14% 254k 9.84
Arconic (ARNC) 0.3 $1.9M -51% 99k 19.05
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 0.3 $1.8M -64% 4.2k 429.05
Peloton Interactive Inc-a Cl A Com (PTON) 0.2 $1.1M NEW 11k 99.28
Lululemon Athletica (LULU) 0.1 $560k +41% 1.7k 329.41
United States Steel Corporation (X) 0.1 $439k NEW 60k 7.34
Agree Realty Corporation (ADC) 0.1 $414k NEW 6.5k 63.69
Western Digital (WDC) 0.1 $322k NEW 8.8k 36.59
Centrais Eletricas Br-sp Sponsored Adr (EBR) 0.0 $25k -93% 4.5k 5.56

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