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Portfolio Holdings for VR Advisory Services

Companies in the VR Advisory Services portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
FirstEnergy (FE) 38.6 $40M NEW 1.4M 28.71
Pampa Energia S A Spons Adr Lvl I (PAM) 29.7 $31M 1.5M 20.66
Agnc Invt Corp Com reit (AGNC) 5.4 $5.7M 408k 13.91
Irsa Inversiones Y Rep S A Globl Dep Rcpt (IRS) 5.0 $5.3M 1.9M 2.82
Pangaea Logistics Solution L SHS (PANL) 3.7 $3.9M 1.5M 2.59
Transportadora De Gas Sur Sponsored Ads B (TGS) 2.5 $2.6M 628k 4.16
Tiffany & Co. (TIF) 2.2 $2.3M 20k 115.85
Loma Negra Corp Sponsored Ads (LOMA) 2.1 $2.2M 502k 4.31
Diamond S Shipping (DSSI) 2.0 $2.1M +35% 300k 6.87
Euronav Nv SHS (EURN) 1.8 $1.9M +4% 210k 8.83
Adecoagro S A (AGRO) 1.5 $1.6M 332k 4.67
Geopark Usd Shs (GPRK) 1.2 $1.3M 177k 7.36
Telecom Argentina S A Spon Adr Rep B (TEO) 1.2 $1.3M 197k 6.54
Aercap Holdings Nv SHS (AER) 1.0 $1.0M NEW 40k 25.20

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Cresud S A C I F Y A Sponsored Adr (CRESY) 0.9 $945k 336k 2.81
Scorpio Tankers SHS (STNG) 0.6 $609k 55k 11.07
Irsa Propiedades Comerciales Sponsored Adr (IRCP) 0.5 $548k 71k 7.76
Trident Acquisitions Corp *w Exp 05/09/202 (TDACW) 0.1 $74k 200k 0.37
Big Rock Partners Acquisi *w Exp 12/01/202 (BRPAW) 0.0 $42k 160k 0.26
Kbl Merger Corp Iv *w Exp 01/15/202 (KBLMW) 0.0 $9.0k 37k 0.24
American Vrtual Cloud Tech I *w Exp 04/07/202 (AVCTW) 0.0 $3.0k 12k 0.26

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