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Portfolio Holdings for Walnut Private Equity Partners

Companies in the Walnut Private Equity Partners portfolio as of the September 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Blackstone Group common 29.6 $33M 625k 52.20
Kkr & Co common 12.5 $14M 400k 34.34
Energy Transfer Equity common (ET) 11.5 $13M +3% 2.3M 5.42
Enterprise Prods Partners common (EPD) 9.4 $10M +5% 657k 15.79
Sunoco common 8.8 $9.8M -2% 400k 24.39
Magellan Midstream Partners common (MMP) 7.5 $8.3M 242k 34.20
Williams Cos common (WMB) 7.2 $7.9M +3% 403k 19.65
Brookfield Renewable Partners common (BEP) 5.6 $6.2M +20% 118k 52.55
Enlink Midstream common (ENLC) 2.0 $2.2M +11% 925k 2.35
Oneok common (OKE) 1.9 $2.1M -11% 80k 25.98
MPLX common (MPLX) 1.2 $1.4M 86k 15.74
Brookfield Infrastructure Part common (BIP) 1.1 $1.2M NEW 25k 47.64
Brookfield Renewable Corp common 0.9 $974k NEW 17k 58.59
Phillips 66 Partners common (PSXP) 0.5 $596k -5% 26k 23.03

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USA Compression Partners common (USAC) 0.3 $325k 32k 10.02
JP Morgan Alerian MLP Index common (AMJ) 0.0 $4.0k 345.00 11.59

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