Westwood Global Investments

Latest statistics and disclosures from Westwood Global Investments's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are ABEV, ITUB, AMX, TS, BVN, and represent 80.76% of Westwood Global Investments's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 5 stocks: AGRO, GPRK, HDB, BVN, SUZ.
  • Started 1 new stock positions in GPRK.
  • Reduced shares in these 6 stocks: ABEV, TX, ITUB, AMX, TS, GHG.
  • Westwood Global Investments was a net seller of stock by $-1.0M.
  • Westwood Global Investments has $1.3B in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 33.04%.

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Portfolio Holdings for Westwood Global Investments

Companies in the Westwood Global Investments portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ambev SA Sponsored ADR (ABEV) 24.7 $323M 106M 3.06
Itau Unibanco Sponsored ADR (ITUB) 21.1 $276M 45M 6.09
America Movil SA de CV Spons. ADR L shs (AMX) 18.6 $244M 17M 14.54
Tenaris Sponsored ADR (TS) 10.3 $135M 8.4M 15.95
Compania de Minas Buenaventue Sponsored ADR (BVN) 6.0 $78M 6.4M 12.19
HDFC Bank Sponsored ADS (HDB) 4.3 $56M +2% 773k 72.26
BHP Billiton Sponsored ADR (BHP) 2.9 $37M 571k 65.34
CHECK POINT SOFTWARE Technolog Com Stk (CHKP) 2.7 $36M 270k 132.91
Ternium Sponsored ADR (TX) 2.5 $33M -6% 1.1M 29.08
Vodafone Group Sponsored ADR (VOD) 2.0 $26M 1.6M 16.48
Royal Dutch Shell Spon. ADR B (RDS.B) 1.7 $23M 674k 33.61
Adecoagro S A (AGRO) 1.3 $17M +31% 2.6M 6.80
Greentree Hospitality Sponsored ADR (GHG) 1.0 $13M 948k 13.40
Suzano Papele E Celulose Sponsored ADR (SUZ) 0.6 $7.6M +3% 683k 11.18

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Geopark Usd Shs (GPRK) 0.2 $2.9M NEW 226k 12.99

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