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Portfolio Holdings for Whitefort Capital Management

Companies in the Whitefort Capital Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Global Ship Lease Com Cl A (GSL) 17.1 $18M 637k 28.49
Renren Sponsored Ads (RENN) 16.5 $18M 803k 21.88
Srax Cl A (SRAX) 11.0 $12M 2.4M 4.83
Liberty Media Acquisition Com Sr A (LMACA) 11.0 $12M 1.2M 9.91
Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) 8.6 $9.1M 109k 83.78
Innovate Corp (VATE) 5.5 $5.9M 1.6M 3.69
Primavera Capital Acquist Shs Cl A (PV) 4.4 $4.7M 475k 9.83
Altenergy Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (AEAE) 3.7 $4.0M 400k 9.95
Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp Com Cl A (CRHC) 3.2 $3.4M 344k 9.94
Cc Neuberger Prin Hldgs Ii Shs Cl A (PRPB) 2.8 $3.0M 304k 9.92
Sciplay Corporation Cl A (SCPL) 2.8 $3.0M 233k 12.92
Social Capital Hedosopha Hld Shs Cl A (IPOF) 1.8 $1.9M 187k 10.10
Odyssey Marine Expl Com New (OMEX) 1.6 $1.7M 250k 6.66
Social Cap Suvretta Hld Crpi Class A Ord Shs (DNAC) 1.5 $1.6M 161k 9.90

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Cc Neuberger Principal Holdn Shs Cl A (PRPC) 1.4 $1.5M 150k 9.86
Mudrick Capital Acqu Corp Ii *w Exp 09/10/202 (MUDSW) 1.0 $1.1M 2.5M 0.42
Social Capital Hedosopha Hld Shs Cl A (IPOD) 0.9 $999k 100k 9.99
Social Cap Suvretta Hlds Crp Class A Ord Shs (DNAA) 0.9 $989k 100k 9.89
Maiden Holdings SHS (MHLD) 0.9 $946k 393k 2.41
Climate Real Impact Slutins Com Cl A (CLIM) 0.8 $812k 83k 9.79
Trinity Biotech Spon Adr New (TRIB) 0.4 $434k 410k 1.06
Nextnav *w Exp 10/28/202 (NNAVW) 0.3 $342k 180k 1.90
Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp *w Exp 08/28/202 (CRHC.WS) 0.3 $306k 398k 0.77
Big Sky Growth Partners *w Exp 04/01/202 (BSKYW) 0.2 $219k 500k 0.44
Social Cap Suvretta Hlds Cp Class A Ord Shs (DNAD) 0.2 $195k 20k 9.75
Deep Lake Capital Acqustn *w Exp 01/04/202 (DLCAW) 0.2 $184k 921k 0.20
Social Cap Suvretta Hlds Crp Class A Ord Shs (DNAB) 0.2 $181k 19k 9.74
Nextnav Common Stock (NN) 0.2 $179k 24k 7.48
H I G Acquisition Corp *w Exp 99/99/999 (HIGA.WS) 0.1 $155k 444k 0.35
Liberty Media Acquisition *w Exp 99/99/999 (LMACW) 0.1 $89k 133k 0.67
L Catterton Asia Acquisition *w Exp 03/08/202 (LCAAW) 0.1 $84k 205k 0.41
Longview Acquisition Corp Ii *w Exp 99/99/999 (LGV.WS) 0.1 $84k 200k 0.42
Altenergy Acquisition Corp *w Exp 10/29/202 (AEAEW) 0.0 $46k 200k 0.23
Primavera Capital Acquist *w Exp 01/19/202 (PV.WS) 0.0 $40k 100k 0.40
Cc Neuberger Principal Holdn *w Exp 99/99/999 (PRPC.WS) 0.0 $35k 57k 0.61
Tishman Speyer Innovation *w Exp 02/11/202 (TSIBW) 0.0 $26k 70k 0.37
Landcadia Holdings Iv *w Exp 03/29/202 (LCAHW) 0.0 $13k 26k 0.50
Silver Spike Acquisitn Corp *w Exp 02/26/202 (SPKBW) 0.0 $6.0k 18k 0.33

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