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Top investors of Acceleron Pharma stock

Who bought or sold Acceleron Pharma this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Huntington National Bank 2.00 $0 0% Mar 2022

Who sold out of Acceleron Pharma?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Sep 2021 4.9M $848M
Farallon Capital Management Sep 2021 2.2M $373M
FMR Sep 2021 2.1M $357M
Darwin Global Management Sep 2021 2.0M $344M
Bamco Sep 2021 1.3M $223M
Artal Group Sep 2021 1.0M $172M
Westfield Capital Management Company Sep 2021 895k $154M
Magnetar Financial Sep 2021 832k $143M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2021 715k $123M
Millennium Management Sep 2021 475k $82M
Damian Sousa Sep 2021 457k $79M
Arp Americas Sep 2021 401k $69M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Sep 2021 247k $42M
Walleye Trading Sep 2021 215k $37M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2021 205k $35M
NWI Management Sep 2021 200k $34M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2021 146k $25M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2021 143k $25M
Martingale Asset Management Sep 2021 135k $23M
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2021 125k $22M
Barclays Sep 2021 112k $19M
Voloridge Investment Management Sep 2021 103k $18M
Loomis, Sayles and Sep 2021 94k $16M
Credit Suisse Sep 2021 93k $16M
Putnam Investments Sep 2021 83k $14M
Axa Sep 2021 79k $14M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Sep 2021 78k $13M
TIG Advisors Sep 2021 77k $13M
Parametric Portfolio Associates Sep 2021 72k $12M
QVT Financial Sep 2021 71k $12M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2021 54k $9.5M
Cowen And Company Sep 2021 54k $9.2M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2021 49k $8.5M
Quinn Opportunity Partners Sep 2021 41k $7.1M
Sei Investments Sep 2021 37k $6.4M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2021 29k $5.0M
CSS Sep 2021 28k $4.8M
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Sep 2021 28k $4.8M
Neville Rodie & Shaw Sep 2021 23k $4.0M
Hennion & Walsh Asset Management Sep 2021 23k $3.9M
Baker Bros. Advisors Sep 2021 22k $3.9M
Yakira Capital Management Sep 2021 22k $3.7M
Evercore Wealth Management Sep 2021 21k $3.7M
Group One Trading Sep 2021 21k $3.6M
HAP Trading Sep 2021 21k $56k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2021 20k $3.4M
ClariVest Asset Management Sep 2021 20k $3.4M
Ergoteles Sep 2021 20k $3.4M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Sep 2021 19k $3.3M
S. Muoio & Co Sep 2021 15k $2.6M
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2021 15k $2.6M
CLS Investments Sep 2021 14k $1.8M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Sep 2021 12k $2.0M
Centiva Capital Sep 2021 11k $1.9M
Birchview Capital Sep 2021 11k $1.8M
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2021 9.6k $1.6M
Stifel Financial Sep 2021 9.0k $1.6M
Quantbot Technologies Sep 2021 8.6k $1.5M
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2021 6.9k $1.2M
OMERS Administration Corporation Sep 2021 5.8k $998k
Oppenheimer Asset Management Sep 2021 5.6k $960k
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Sep 2021 5.5k $940k
Mason Capital Partners Sep 2021 4.0k $695k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Sep 2021 4.0k $688k
FORA Capital Sep 2021 3.9k $668k
Sassicaia Capital Advisers Sep 2021 3.8k $654k
First Republic Investment Management Sep 2021 3.6k $618k
Virtus ETF Advisers Sep 2021 3.5k $601k
Shell Asset Management Company Sep 2021 2.9k $494k
Great-West Life Assurance Company Sep 2021 2.8k $485k
Utah Retirement Systems Sep 2021 2.7k $465k
Teza Capital Management Sep 2021 2.6k $450k
Zeke Capital Advisors Sep 2021 2.6k $443k
ExodusPoint Capital Management Sep 2021 2.3k $399k
Natixis Sep 2021 2.0k $349k
Cetera Investment Advisers Sep 2021 2.0k $346k
JustInvest Sep 2021 1.9k $328k
Prudential Financial Sep 2021 1.7k $231k
Fulton Bank, NA Sep 2021 1.5k $260k
IFP Advisors Sep 2021 1.4k $237k
William Blair $ Company Sep 2021 1.3k $228k
E Fund Management Sep 2021 1.3k $224k
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2021 1.2k $213k
Global Retirement Partners Sep 2021 1.1k $193k
Bollard Sep 2021 880.00 $151k
Sphinx Trading Sep 2021 700.00 $120k
Spire Wealth Management Sep 2021 440.00 $76k
Loring Wolcott Coolidge Fa Sep 2021 330.00 $57k
Capital Analysts Sep 2021 220.00 $38k
Harbour Investments Sep 2021 213.00 $37k
Glassman Wealth Services Sep 2021 114.00 $20k
Meridian Wealth Partners Sep 2021 111.00 $20k
Bessemer Sep 2021 70.00 $12k
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2021 58.00 $10k
Earnest Partners Sep 2021 47.00 $8.0k
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2021 29.00 $4.0k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Sep 2021 23.00 $4.0k
First Manhattan Sep 2021 16.00 $2.0k
CI Investments Sep 2021 3.00 $999.999900
NEXT Financial Sep 2021 3.00 $999.999900