Who owns Blackstone?

Top investors of Blackstone stock

Who bought or sold Blackstone this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Cacti Asset Management 917k $48M -16% Sep 2020
Walnut Private Equity Partners 625k $33M 0% Sep 2020
Enstar Group 510k $29M 0% Jun 2020
Account Management 132k $7.5M -19% Jun 2020
Grassi Investment Management 125k $6.5M -3% Sep 2020
Bridge Creek Capital Management 58k $3.0M 0% Sep 2020
Scott & Selber 56k $3.2M 0% Jun 2020
Sonora Investment Management 53k $3.0M 5% Jun 2020
Greenwich Wealth Management 41k $2.3M -52% Jun 2020
Knoll Capital Management 40k $2.2M -50% Jun 2020
Birinyi Associates 39k $2.2M -29% Jun 2020

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Sterling Investment Advisors 28k $1.6M 10% Jun 2020
TCF National Bank 25k $1.1M 100% Jun 2020
X-Square Capital 21k $1.2M 0% Jun 2020
Brick & Kyle, Associates 19k $1.0M 5% Jun 2020
HighPoint Advisor 14k $775k -8% Jun 2020
Fairfield Research Corporation 11k $640k 26% Jun 2020
Park Circle 11k $595k 0% Jun 2020
Wagner Bowman Management 10k $591k -3% Jun 2020
Pinnacle Holdings 7.0k $395k 17% Jun 2020
Mathes Company 6.0k $337k 0% Jun 2020
AlphaMark Advisors 4.9k $280k 0% Jun 2020
Lenox Wealth Advisors 609.00 $32k 0% Sep 2020

Who sold out of Blackstone?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Strategic Wealth Management Mar 2020 53k $2.4M
Acorn Wealth Advisors Mar 2020 12k $550k
Capital Investment Advisors Mar 2020 11k $519k
Nadler Financial Jun 2020 5.6k $316k
Balasa Dinverno & Foltz Mar 2020 4.7k $215k
Perennial Advisors Mar 2020 1.1k $30k