Who owns Brookfield Asset Management?

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Top investors of Brookfield Asset Management stock

Who bought or sold Brookfield Asset Management this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
AGF Investments 3.1M $128M -18% Sep 2022
Novo A/S 2.5M $72M 0% Dec 2022
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ 1.9M $54M -46% Dec 2022
Eaton Vance Management 1.8M $73M 2% Sep 2022
Itau Unibanco Holding 359k $11M 100% Dec 2022
Rheos Capital Works 114k $3.3M -75% Dec 2022
Boenning & Scattergood 54k $3.0M 0% Dec 2022
Wulff, Hansen & Co. 49k $1.4M 25% Dec 2022
Ervin Investment Management 39k $1.1M -75% Dec 2022
CPCM 31k $1.3M -28% Sep 2022
CI Investments 29k $915k -99% Dec 2022

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Doyle Wealth Management 27k $1.1M 0% Sep 2022
H. L. Ormond & Company 22k $896k 4% Sep 2022
Red Cedar Capital 16k $460k 0% Dec 2022
Roosevelt Investment Group 15k $631k 0% Sep 2022
Retirement Group 15k $438k -67% Dec 2022
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.p 14k $411k -76% Dec 2022
IFP Advisors 14k $572k -2% Dec 2022
R.H. Bluestein & Company 14k $562k -18% Sep 2022
Lagoda Investment Management 10k $325k -43% Dec 2022
American Portfolios Advisors 7.5k $308k -2% Sep 2022
Meadow Creek Wealth Advisors 7.3k $298k -3% Sep 2022
Covington Capital Management 4.7k $191k 0% Sep 2022
CWS Financial Advisors 4.5k $202k 100% Dec 2022
Wealthsimple 2.7k $213k 100% Sep 2022
NuWave Investment Management 2.5k $102k 100% Sep 2022
Ronald Blue Trust 1.0k $41k 146% Dec 2022
Coastal Capital Group 351.00 $14k 0% Dec 2022
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management 241.00 $10k 100% Sep 2022
Strategic Asset Management 109.00 $4.0k -46% Sep 2022
Wipfli Financial Advisors Llc, 15.00 $1.0k 100% Sep 2022
Huntington National Bank 2.00 $86.000000 -100% Dec 2022
Intact Investment Management 0 $0 -100% Dec 2022

Who sold out of Brookfield Asset Management?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Brookfield Asset Management Sep 2022 130M $5.3B
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2022 97M $4.0B
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2022 63M $2.6B
Principal Financial Group Sep 2022 47M $1.9B
Vanguard Group Jun 2022 45M $2.0B
Fil Sep 2022 33M $1.3B
TD Asset Management Sep 2022 30M $1.2B
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Sep 2022 23M $956M
Mackenzie Financial Sep 2022 23M $921M
FMR Sep 2022 22M $892M
Jarislowsky, Fraser Sep 2022 20M $831M
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 19M $781M
Bank of Nova Scotia Sep 2022 19M $773M
CIBC Global Asset Management Sep 2022 18M $742M
First Manhattan Sep 2022 16M $654M
Viking Global Investors Sep 2022 15M $603M
Akre Capital Management Sep 2022 13M $547M
Beutel, Goodman & Company Sep 2022 13M $531M
CIBC World Markets Sep 2022 11M $446M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Sep 2022 9.5M $389M
Morgan Stanley Jun 2022 9.5M $351M
Markel Corporation Sep 2022 8.7M $356M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2022 8.7M $354M
Davenport & Co Sep 2022 8.1M $331M
Edgepoint Investment Sep 2022 7.9M $325M
Legal & General Group Sep 2022 7.1M $293M
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Sep 2022 6.7M $272M
Fiera Capital Corporation Sep 2022 6.2M $254M
Scotia Capital Sep 2022 6.0M $247M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jun 2022 5.8M $258M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2022 5.3M $218M
Franklin Resources Sep 2022 5.3M $215M
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2022 4.6M $205M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2022 4.6M $189M
Cooke & Bieler Sep 2022 4.5M $185M
Massachusetts Financial Services Sep 2022 4.4M $181M
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 4.1M $181M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Sep 2022 3.8M $156M
APG All Pensions Group NV Sep 2022 3.7M $155M
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation Sep 2022 3.7M $150M
Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec Sep 2022 3.3M $137M
Fenimore Asset Management Sep 2022 2.9M $117M
Bamco Sep 2022 2.7M $112M
Marathon Asset Mgmt Sep 2022 2.7M $110M
Timucuan Asset Management Sep 2022 2.6M $108M
Broad Run Investment Management Sep 2022 2.6M $108M
Credit Suisse Sep 2022 2.4M $99M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2022 2.4M $97M
Madison Asset Management Sep 2022 2.3M $94M
Check Capital Management Sep 2022 2.3M $93M
Horizon Kinetics Asset Management Sep 2022 2.2M $91M
Reed Conner & Birdwell Sep 2022 2.2M $91M
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Sep 2022 2.2M $89M
Bessemer Sep 2022 2.1M $86M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2022 2.1M $85M
Guardian Capital Sep 2022 2.0M $84M
Addenda Capital Sep 2022 2.0M $111M
Westfield Capital Management Company Sep 2022 1.9M $79M
OMERS Administration Corporation Sep 2022 1.9M $76M
McDonald Capital Investors Sep 2022 1.8M $72M
Toron Capital Markets Sep 2022 1.7M $71M
Atlantic Trust Sep 2022 1.7M $70M
Korea Investment Corporation Sep 2022 1.7M $70M
Peter B. Cannell & Co Sep 2022 1.7M $68M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2022 1.6M $0
Burgundy Asset Management Sep 2022 1.6M $65M
J. V. Bruni And Company Sep 2022 1.4M $59M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2022 1.3M $56M
Scheer, Rowlett & Associates Investment Management Sep 2022 1.3M $52M
Gluskin Sheff + Associates Sep 2022 1.3M $52M
Renaissance Technologies Sep 2022 1.2M $51M
Sather Financial Sep 2022 1.2M $50M
Confluence Investment Management Sep 2022 1.2M $49M
Schwartz Investment Counsel Sep 2022 1.2M $48M
M&g Investment Management Sep 2022 1.1M $47M
Stifel Financial Sep 2022 1.1M $43M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2022 1.1M $44M
Manitou Investment Management Sep 2022 1.1M $44M
Amundi Sep 2022 1.1M $45M
Raymond James & Associates Sep 2022 1.1M $43M
UBS Group Sep 2022 1.0M $42M
Avalon Advisors Sep 2022 1.0M $42M
QV Investors Sep 2022 994k $41M
New South Capital Management Sep 2022 980k $40M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2022 956k $39M
Montrusco Bolton Investment Sep 2022 940k $39M
Cumberland Partners Sep 2022 939k $39M
Credit Agricole Sep 2022 925k $38M
Baskin Financial Services Sep 2022 912k $37M
Northern Trust Sep 2022 898k $37M
Greenlea Lane Capital Management Sep 2022 878k $36M
Lincluden Management Sep 2022 851k $35M
Beck Mack & Oliver Sep 2022 828k $34M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2022 769k $31M
Capital International Sep 2022 764k $31M
Karpas Strategies Sep 2022 719k $29M
Heritage Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 701k $29M
Private Management Group Sep 2022 674k $28M
E.S. Barr & Company Sep 2022 663k $27M
Great-West Life Assurance Company Sep 2022 662k $27M
Waratah Capital Advisors Sep 2022 648k $27M
Russell Investments Sep 2022 642k $26M
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2022 613k $25M
Capital Advisors Sep 2022 595k $23M
Lgt Capital Partners Sep 2022 594k $24M
Susquehanna International Sep 2022 588k $24M
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co Sep 2022 587k $24M
First Foundation Advisors Sep 2022 560k $23M
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2022 549k $22M
Pictet Asset Management Sa Sep 2022 546k $22M
Oak Grove Capital Sep 2022 544k $22M
HighTower Advisors Sep 2022 541k $22M
Third Avenue Management Sep 2022 533k $22M
Guardian Capital Advisors Sep 2022 502k $19M
Aviva Sep 2022 486k $20M
Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company Sep 2022 477k $20M
Smith, Salley & Associates Sep 2022 469k $19M
Klingenstein Fields & Co Sep 2022 450k $18M
Cyrill Wipfli Sep 2022 444k $18M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 435k $19M
Motley Fool Wealth Management Sep 2022 433k $18M
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Sep 2022 428k $17M
Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management Sep 2022 424k $17M
Cobblestone Capital Advisors Sep 2022 414k $17M
Royal London Asset Management Sep 2022 408k $17M
Voloridge Investment Management Sep 2022 408k $17M
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Sep 2022 400k $16M
America First Investment Advisors Sep 2022 384k $16M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Sep 2022 363k $15M
Madison Wealth Management Sep 2022 363k $15M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Sep 2022 352k $15M
O'shaughnessy Asset Management Sep 2022 339k $14M
Henderson Group Sep 2022 329k $14M
Jane Street Sep 2022 324k $13M
Jackson Hill Advisors Sep 2022 316k $13M
Callahan Advisors Sep 2022 307k $13M
Creative Planning Sep 2022 305k $13M
Mizuho Markets Americas Sep 2022 300k $12M
Citigroup Sep 2022 299k $12M
Partners Capital Investment Group Sep 2022 298k $12M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2022 291k $12M
Lawson Kroeker Investment Management Sep 2022 290k $12M
Van Den Berg Management Sep 2022 278k $11M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Sep 2022 264k $11M
Hillsdale Investment Management Sep 2022 262k $11M
Motley Fool Asset Management Sep 2022 260k $11M
Commonwealth Equity Services Sep 2022 249k $10M
Global Endowment Management Sep 2022 242k $9.9M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 241k $9.8M
Nekton Capital Sep 2022 235k $9.6M
United Capital Financial Advisers Sep 2022 227k $9.3M
Silvercrest Asset Management Group Sep 2022 217k $8.9M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Sep 2022 216k $8.8M
SIG North Trading, ULC Sep 2022 208k $8.6M
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2022 206k $8.4M
Rathbones Brothers Sep 2022 203k $8.4M
Live Oak Private Wealth Sep 2022 200k $8.2M
Capital International Sep 2022 193k $7.9M
Appleton Partners Sep 2022 193k $7.9M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Sep 2022 192k $7.8M
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2022 190k $7.8M
Moerus Capital Management Sep 2022 188k $7.7M
Northeast Financial Consultants Sep 2022 188k $7.7M
Arrowpoint Asset Management Sep 2022 183k $7.5M
Dalal Street Sep 2022 180k $7.4M
Millennium Management Jun 2022 179k $7.9M
Timber Creek Capital Management Sep 2022 176k $7.2M
Wolverine Trading Sep 2022 176k $7.2M
Nicola Wealth Management Sep 2022 175k $7.2M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Sep 2022 174k $7.1M
Lee, Danner & Bass Sep 2022 173k $7.1M
Chicago Partners Investment Sep 2022 171k $7.1M
Adalta Capital Management Sep 2022 171k $7.0M
Janney Montgomery Scott Sep 2022 171k $7.0M
Parkside Investments Sep 2022 170k $7.0M
Axa Sep 2022 167k $6.8M
PCJ Investment Counsel Sep 2022 164k $6.7M
Chemistry Wealth Management Sep 2022 161k $6.6M
Edgestream Partners Sep 2022 159k $6.5M
Blue Zone Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 157k $6.4M
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2022 156k $6.1M
Colony Group Sep 2022 153k $6.2M
Liontrust Investment Partners Sep 2022 150k $8.5M
Tandem Capital Management Corp Sep 2022 147k $5.6M
ClariVest Asset Management Sep 2022 147k $6.0M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Sep 2022 147k $6.0M
Davis-Rea Sep 2022 146k $6.0M
William Blair $ Company Sep 2022 146k $8.1M
Qube Research & Technologies Sep 2022 142k $5.8M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Sep 2022 139k $5.7M
Lipe & Dalton Sep 2022 137k $5.6M
Sandy Spring Bank Sep 2022 137k $5.6M
Tacita Capital Sep 2022 136k $5.6M
Williams Jones Wealth Management Sep 2022 136k $5.5M
Charter Trust Sep 2022 132k $5.4M
Kirr Marbach & Co Sep 2022 129k $5.3M
Capital International Sarl Sep 2022 129k $5.3M
Marks Group Wealth Management Sep 2022 128k $5.2M
Yale Capital Corp. Sep 2022 127k $5.2M
Joel R Mogy Investment Counsel Sep 2022 127k $5.2M
Endeavour Capital Advisors Sep 2022 125k $5.1M
Kovitz Investment Group Partners Sep 2022 125k $5.1M
Shell Asset Management Company Sep 2022 123k $5.1M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Sep 2022 123k $5.0M
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Sep 2022 123k $5.0M
BT Investment Management Sep 2022 122k $5.0M
Graybill Bartz & Assoc Sep 2022 122k $5.0M
Mirabella Financial Services Sep 2022 120k $4.9M
Trust Co Of Vermont Sep 2022 120k $4.9M
First Trust Bank Sep 2022 115k $4.7M
Providence Capital Advisors Sep 2022 114k $4.6M
Man Group Sep 2022 113k $4.6M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2022 112k $4.6M
Point72 Asset Management Sep 2022 110k $4.5M
First Republic Investment Management Sep 2022 110k $4.5M
Pinnacle Financial Partners Sep 2022 106k $4.3M
Moneta Group Investment Advisors Sep 2022 101k $4.1M
Vetamer Capital Management Sep 2022 100k $4.1M
Salvus Wealth Management Sep 2022 97k $4.0M
Oppenheimer & Co Sep 2022 96k $3.9M
Azimuth Capital Investment Management Sep 2022 96k $3.9M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Sep 2022 96k $4.0M
Jones Collombin Investment Counsel Sep 2022 92k $3.6M
MEAG MUNICH ERGO Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH Sep 2022 91k $3.7M
LPL Financial Sep 2022 90k $3.7M
A.N. Culbertson & Company Sep 2022 89k $3.6M
Union Bankshares Sep 2022 88k $3.6M
Epiq Partners Sep 2022 86k $3.5M
Waterfront Wealth Sep 2022 85k $3.4M
Lincoln Capital Sep 2022 83k $3.4M
Kathleen S. Wright Associates Sep 2022 83k $3.4M
Townsquare Capital Sep 2022 83k $3.4M
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Sep 2022 80k $3.3M
Vident Investment Advisory Sep 2022 80k $3.3M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Sep 2022 79k $3.2M
Blue Fin Capital Sep 2022 78k $3.2M
Quinn Opportunity Partners Sep 2022 78k $3.2M
Desjardins Global Asset Management Sep 2022 77k $3.2M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2022 77k $3.1M
Barclays Sep 2022 75k $3.1M
K.J. Harrison & Partners Sep 2022 75k $3.1M
Synovus Financial Corp. Sep 2022 73k $3.0M
Gabelli Funds Sep 2022 72k $2.9M
Radnor Capital Management Sep 2022 72k $2.9M
Nomura Holdings Sep 2022 72k $2.9M
Alpha Omega Wealth Management Sep 2022 71k $2.9M
United Services Automobile Association Sep 2022 71k $2.9M
Frigate Ventures Sep 2022 71k $2.9M
Oppenheimer Asset Management Sep 2022 69k $2.8M
Veritable Sep 2022 68k $2.8M
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2022 68k $3.0M
LGT Fund Management Sep 2022 68k $2.8M
Trexquant Investment Sep 2022 68k $2.8M
Marshall Wace Sep 2022 67k $2.7M
Roundview Capital Sep 2022 65k $2.7M
EMG Holdings Sep 2022 65k $2.7M
Leavell Investment Management Sep 2022 65k $2.6M
GoodHaven Capital Management Sep 2022 63k $2.6M
Luther King Capital Management Corporation Sep 2022 62k $2.5M
Hendershot Investments Sep 2022 61k $2.5M
SOL Capital Management Sep 2022 61k $2.5M
Mascoma Wealth Management Sep 2022 60k $2.5M
Cloverfields Capital Group Sep 2022 60k $2.5M
Caption Management Sep 2022 60k $2.5M
Herold Advisors Sep 2022 59k $2.4M
Sargent Bickham Lagudis Sep 2022 58k $2.4M
Colonial Asset Management Sep 2022 57k $2.3M
Mar Vista Investment Partners Sep 2022 57k $2.3M
Shelter Mutual Insurance Company Sep 2022 56k $2.3M
Taylor Hoffman Wealth Management Sep 2022 56k $2.3M
Crossmark Global Holdings Sep 2022 56k $2.3M
Guardian Wealth Management Sep 2022 55k $2.3M
Portland Investment Counsel Sep 2022 54k $2.2M
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Sep 2022 54k $2.2M
WCM Investment Management Sep 2022 51k $2.1M
Fairfax Financial Holdings Sep 2022 50k $2.0M
Advisory Services Network Sep 2022 49k $2.0M
Pacifica Partners Sep 2022 48k $2.2M
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Sep 2022 48k $2.0M
Baker Tilly Financial Sep 2022 47k $1.9M
Allen Investment Management Sep 2022 47k $1.9M
Needham Investment Management Sep 2022 46k $1.9M
Metis Global Partners Sep 2022 45k $1.9M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Sep 2022 45k $1.8M
American Century Companies Sep 2022 45k $1.8M
Jackson Hole Capital Partners Sep 2022 44k $1.8M
GAMCO Asset Management Sep 2022 44k $1.8M
Baird Financial Sep 2022 44k $1.8M
Assenagon Asset Management Sep 2022 43k $1.8M
Us Bancorp Sep 2022 42k $1.7M
Ancora Advisors Sep 2022 42k $1.7M
Capital Insight Partners Sep 2022 42k $1.7M
Dorchester Wealth Management Sep 2022 42k $1.7M
K2 Principal Fund Sep 2022 41k $1.7M
Steel Canyon Capital Sep 2022 40k $1.6M
Heron Bay Capital Management Sep 2022 39k $1.6M
Brian McDonald Sep 2022 39k $1.5M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Sep 2022 39k $1.6M
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Sep 2022 39k $1.6M
Thomas White International Sep 2022 36k $1.5M
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Sep 2022 36k $1.5M
Moseley Investment Management Sep 2022 35k $1.4M
Cipher Capital Sep 2022 35k $1.4M
Nexus Investment Management Sep 2022 34k $1.4M
Campbell & Co. Investment Adviser Sep 2022 34k $1.4M
Ewing Morris & Co. Investment Partners Sep 2022 34k $1.4M
PenderFund Capital Management Sep 2022 34k $1.9M
USS Investment Management Sep 2022 34k $1.4M
Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors Sep 2022 32k $1.3M
Riverview Capital Advisers Sep 2022 31k $1.3M
Kestra Advisory Services Sep 2022 31k $1.3M
Regions Bank Sep 2022 31k $1.2M
Mraz, Amerine & Associates Sep 2022 31k $1.2M
Walleye Trading Sep 2022 30k $1.2M
ALPS Advisors Sep 2022 30k $1.2M
Summit Trail Advisors Sep 2022 30k $1.2M
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2022 28k $1.2M
Walter & Keenan Financial Consulting Sep 2022 28k $1.2M
Atria Investments Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
Roberta J. Maue Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
Tiaa Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
PDT Partners Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
Yousif Capital Management Sep 2022 28k $1.1M
Keybank National Association Sep 2022 27k $1.1M
Parsons Capital Management Sep 2022 27k $1.1M
Cigna Investments Inc /new Sep 2022 27k $1.1M
FORA Capital Sep 2022 27k $1.1M
Glenmede Trust Company Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Wetherby Asset Management Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Powell Investment Advisors Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
First Hawaiian Bank Sep 2022 26k $1.0M
Mckinley Capital Management Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Carmel Capital Partners Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Symmetry Investments Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Lester Murray Antman dba SimplyRich Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Fiduciary Trust Company Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Eqis Capital Management Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Greenline Partners Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Princeton Global Asset Management Sep 2022 25k $1.0M
Atlantic Trust Sep 2022 24k $978k
Snowden Capital Advisors Sep 2022 24k $966k
Cutler Sep 2022 23k $39k
Bristol Gate Capital Partners Sep 2022 23k $951k
Advisor Partners Ii Sep 2022 23k $940k
Searle & Co. Sep 2022 23k $920k
Ariel Capital Advisors Sep 2022 22k $892k
Heritage Investors Management Corp. Sep 2022 22k $884k
Phraction Management Sep 2022 21k $862k
Empowered Funds Sep 2022 21k $857k
Hemington Wealth Management Sep 2022 21k $854k
Armstrong Shaw Associates Sep 2022 21k $837k
Financial Network Investment Corporation Sep 2022 20k $833k
CLS Investments Sep 2022 20k $826k
Lewis Capital Management Sep 2022 20k $825k
Spears Abacus Advisors Sep 2022 20k $821k
PEAK6 Investments Sep 2022 20k $818k
AIA Group Sep 2022 20k $816k
Twin Tree Management Sep 2022 20k $815k
Comprehensive Portfolio Management Sep 2022 20k $803k
St. James Investment Advisors Sep 2022 20k $800k
Bayesian Capital Management Sep 2022 20k $799k
Evercore Wealth Management Sep 2022 20k $796k
Gilbert & Cook Sep 2022 19k $746k
Bessemer Securities Sep 2022 19k $784k
Change Path Sep 2022 19k $760k
Diam Sep 2022 18k $745k
Proficio Capital Partners Sep 2022 18k $745k
National Asset Management Sep 2022 18k $744k
Cullen Frost Bankers Sep 2022 18k $729k
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Sep 2022 18k $720k
Colonial Trust Co / SC Sep 2022 18k $717k
Natixis Sep 2022 18k $729k
Pathstone Family Office Sep 2022 17k $707k
Schechter Investment Advisors Sep 2022 17k $706k
Seven Eight Capital Sep 2022 17k $697k
Verition Fund Management Sep 2022 17k $694k
Giverny Capital Sep 2022 17k $681k
Wayne Hummer Investments Sep 2022 17k $679k
Whittier Trust Sep 2022 17k $674k
Jackson Square Capital Sep 2022 16k $671k
NewEdge Wealth Sep 2022 16k $671k
HPM Partners Sep 2022 16k $666k
Mitchell Capital Management Sep 2022 16k $650k
RMB Capital Management Sep 2022 16k $643k
Arcus Capital Partners Sep 2022 16k $641k
JustInvest Sep 2022 16k $639k
Clifford Swan Investment Counsel Sep 2022 16k $636k
XTX Topco Sep 2022 16k $634k
CRA Financial Services Sep 2022 15k $623k
Aquatic Capital Management Sep 2022 15k $609k
AE Wealth Management Sep 2022 15k $602k
M^T Bank Corporation Sep 2022 15k $507k
Lido Advisors Sep 2022 15k $598k
Holt Capital Advisors, L.L.C. dba Holt Capital Partners Sep 2022 15k $594k
Veriti Management Sep 2022 15k $592k
Raymond James Trust Sep 2022 14k $587k
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Sep 2022 14k $585k
Moors & Cabot Sep 2022 14k $578k
Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Sep 2022 14k $568k
Tower Research Capital Sep 2022 14k $568k
BlackRock Jun 2022 14k $610k
Graham Capital Management Sep 2022 14k $562k
Fishman Jay A Sep 2022 14k $560k
LVW Advisors Sep 2022 14k $554k
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main Sep 2022 14k $553k
Hartland & Co Sep 2022 13k $537k
Legacy Private Trust Sep 2022 13k $534k
TBH Global Asset Management Sep 2022 13k $533k
Apexium Financial Sep 2022 13k $532k
Virtu Financial Sep 2022 13k $526k
Crawford Investment Counsel Sep 2022 13k $524k
Cetera Investment Advisers Sep 2022 13k $518k
Aigen Investment Management Sep 2022 13k $516k
Avenir Corporation Sep 2022 13k $511k
Prudential Financial Sep 2022 12k $506k
Gulf International Bank Sep 2022 12k $502k
Douglas Lane & Associates Sep 2022 12k $501k
First Pacific Financial Sep 2022 12k $498k
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Sep 2022 12k $481k
4J Wealth Management Sep 2022 12k $475k
Integrated Wealth Concepts Sep 2022 11k $464k
Resonant Capital Advisors Sep 2022 11k $461k
HB Wealth Management Sep 2022 11k $459k
Firethorn Wealth Partners Sep 2022 11k $452k
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Sep 2022 11k $442k
Meritage Portfolio Management Sep 2022 11k $440k
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2022 11k $437k
Next Capital Management Sep 2022 11k $429k
Mattern Wealth Management Sep 2022 11k $429k
We Are One Seven Sep 2022 11k $428k
Levin Capital Strategies Sep 2022 10k $423k
Mml Investors Services Sep 2022 10k $418k
Parallax Volatility Advisers Sep 2022 10k $416k
Garrison Point Advisors Sep 2022 10k $414k
GSA Capital Partners Sep 2022 10k $412k
InterOcean Capital Group Sep 2022 9.8k $402k
Segment Wealth Management Sep 2022 9.7k $398k
Value Partner Investments Sep 2022 9.7k $400k
YorkBridge Wealth Partners Sep 2022 9.7k $396k
EP Wealth Advisors Jun 2022 9.7k $431k
Fisher Investments Sep 2022 9.6k $392k
SKBA Capital Management Sep 2022 9.6k $391k
Kraematon Investment Advisors Sep 2022 9.3k $382k
Glenview Trust Sep 2022 9.3k $379k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 9.3k $379k
Arthur M. Cohen & Associates Sep 2022 9.3k $378k
Cross Staff Investments Sep 2022 9.1k $371k
Rempart Asset Management Sep 2022 8.8k $360k
Sontag Advisory Sep 2022 8.5k $346k
Financial Counselors Sep 2022 8.5k $346k
Bailard Sep 2022 8.4k $343k
Park Avenue Securities Sep 2022 8.3k $340k
Boston Financial Mangement Sep 2022 8.3k $338k
Fortis Advisors Sep 2022 8.3k $337k
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Sep 2022 8.2k $339k
Amg National Trust Bank Sep 2022 8.2k $333k
Power Corporation of Canada Sep 2022 8.1k $331k
Winton Capital Sep 2022 8.0k $329k
Independent Advisor Alliance Sep 2022 8.0k $327k
Harbour Capital Advisors Sep 2022 8.0k $318k
Checchi Capital Advisers Sep 2022 7.9k $324k
Greenleaf Trust Sep 2022 7.9k $322k
Gotham Asset Management Sep 2022 7.7k $315k
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2022 7.7k $315k
Main Street Financial Solutions Sep 2022 7.6k $313k
Geneos Wealth Management Sep 2022 7.5k $306k
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2022 7.5k $307k
Intercontinental Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 7.5k $305k
Lindbrook Capital Sep 2022 7.4k $304k
Canal Capital Management Sep 2022 7.4k $303k
Frisch Financial Group Sep 2022 7.4k $301k
Sustainable Insight Capital Management Sep 2022 7.3k $298k
Gyl Financial Synergies Sep 2022 7.3k $298k
Vivaldi Capital Management Sep 2022 7.3k $294k
U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 7.2k $295k
Flagship Harbor Advisors Sep 2022 7.1k $292k
Bartlett & Co. Sep 2022 7.1k $291k
IHT Wealth Management Sep 2022 7.1k $289k
Essex Financial Services Sep 2022 7.1k $288k
Nwam Sep 2022 7.0k $286k
D.A. Davidson & Co. Sep 2022 7.0k $285k
Voya Financial Advisors Sep 2022 6.9k $281k
Heartwood Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 6.9k $281k
Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / Sep 2022 6.9k $240k
Buckingham Asset Management Sep 2022 6.8k $279k
Global Wealth Management Investment Advisory Sep 2022 6.8k $278k
Griffin Asset Management Sep 2022 6.6k $272k
Crestwood Advisors Sep 2022 6.6k $271k
Obermeyer Asset Management Sep 2022 6.5k $267k
Pure Financial Advisors Sep 2022 6.4k $262k
Lincoln National Sep 2022 6.2k $253k
Mercer Global Advisors Sep 2022 6.2k $252k
Community Bank & Trust, Waco, Texas Sep 2022 6.1k $250k
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Sep 2022 6.1k $249k
Wexford Capital Sep 2022 6.1k $248k
Joel Isaacson & Co Sep 2022 6.0k $247k
Veritas Investment Partners Sep 2022 6.0k $245k
Cortland Associates Sep 2022 6.0k $245k
Btim Sep 2022 6.0k $244k
Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Sep 2022 5.9k $272k
Nicholas Hoffman & Company Sep 2022 5.9k $240k
Carnegie Capital Asset Management Sep 2022 5.9k $239k
Gould Asset Management Sep 2022 5.9k $239k
Commerce Bank N A Sep 2022 5.8k $237k
CSS Sep 2022 5.7k $232k
Forum Financial Management Sep 2022 5.6k $227k
Buckingham Strategic Partners Sep 2022 5.5k $226k
Cable Hill Partners Sep 2022 5.5k $225k
Bard Financial Services Sep 2022 5.4k $223k
Walker Asset Management Sep 2022 5.4k $222k
Laurus Investment Counsel Sep 2022 5.4k $303k
Stephens Sep 2022 5.4k $221k
Cubic Asset Management Sep 2022 5.4k $221k
Private Advisor Sep 2022 5.4k $221k
CoreCap Advisors Sep 2022 5.4k $220k
ASB Consultores Sep 2022 5.3k $218k
Inscription Capital Sep 2022 5.3k $215k
Hm Payson & Co Sep 2022 5.2k $213k
Beacon Pointe Advisors Sep 2022 5.2k $211k
Fortress Wealth Group Sep 2022 5.1k $211k
Kuehl Shepherd Kozlowski & Associates Sep 2022 5.1k $205k
Eudaimonia Partners Sep 2022 5.1k $209k
Aj Wealth Strategies Sep 2022 5.0k $204k
Verdence Capital Advisors Sep 2022 5.0k $202k
Acadian Asset Management Sep 2022 4.8k $197k
Pembroke Management Sep 2022 4.8k $271k
RegentAtlantic Capital Jun 2022 4.8k $214k
Zullo Investment Group Sep 2022 4.7k $192k
Advisors Capital Management Sep 2022 4.7k $214k
Umb Bank N A Sep 2022 4.7k $191k
Group One Trading Sep 2022 4.4k $182k
Addison Advisors Sep 2022 4.2k $172k
Belpointe Asset Management Sep 2022 4.2k $170k
Spire Wealth Management Sep 2022 4.1k $168k
Glassman Wealth Services Sep 2022 4.0k $164k
Guardian Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 4.0k $164k
Venturi Wealth Management Sep 2022 4.0k $164k
Fifth Third Bancorp Sep 2022 3.9k $160k
Harbour Investments Sep 2022 3.6k $160k
Pin Oak Investment Advisors Sep 2022 3.5k $145k
Thompson, Siegel, & Walmsley Sep 2022 3.4k $138k
Advisors Asset Management Sep 2022 2.9k $120k
CWM Sep 2022 2.8k $116k
Grayhawk Investment Strategies Sep 2022 2.8k $114k
BDO Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 2.5k $102k
West Bancorporation Sep 2022 2.3k $93k
Quent Capital Sep 2022 2.2k $91k
SCBT Financial Corporation Sep 2022 2.2k $90k
Bogart Wealth Sep 2022 2.1k $87k
Signature Sep 2022 2.1k $85k
Magellan Asset Management Sep 2022 2.0k $81k
Harbor Investment Advisory Sep 2022 1.9k $80k
Proequities Sep 2022 1.9k $79k
Tradition Wealth Management Sep 2022 1.9k $78k
Private Trust Co Na Sep 2022 1.8k $75k
TCI Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 1.8k $75k
Washington Trust Company Sep 2022 1.8k $75k
Washington Trust Advisors Sep 2022 1.8k $72k
Seldon Capital Sep 2022 1.6k $67k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 1.6k $67k
Eagle Bay Advisors Sep 2022 1.6k $66k
Community Bank Sep 2022 1.5k $62k
Rosenberg Matthew Hamilton Sep 2022 1.5k $62k
White Bay PT Sep 2022 1.4k $0
Baystate Wealth Management Sep 2022 1.3k $52k
First Command Bank Sep 2022 1.2k $48k
First Command Financial Services Sep 2022 1.2k $48k
Column Capital Advisors Sep 2022 1.2k $48k
JNBA Financial Advisors Sep 2022 1.2k $47k
Pinnacle Bank Sep 2022 973.00 $40k
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Sep 2022 900.00 $37k
Edmond De Rothschild Holding Sep 2022 878.00 $36k
FTB Advisors Sep 2022 840.00 $32k
Massmutual Trust Sep 2022 828.00 $34k
Toth Financial Advisory Corporation Sep 2022 800.00 $33k
Meeder Asset Management Sep 2022 783.00 $32k
Quadrant Capital Sep 2022 716.00 $29k
NISA Investment Advisors Sep 2022 709.00 $29k
Financial Gravity Wealth Sep 2022 697.00 $6.4k
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Sep 2022 690.00 $28k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Sep 2022 636.00 $26k
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Sep 2022 625.00 $26k
Gradient Investments Sep 2022 620.00 $25k
MCF Advisors Sep 2022 600.00 $25k
Hudock Moyer Wealth Resources Sep 2022 594.00 $24k
Carmichael Hill & Associates Sep 2022 580.00 $24k
Trustcore Financial Services Sep 2022 511.00 $21k
ZB Sep 2022 509.00 $21k
GoalVest Advisory Sep 2022 503.00 $21k
Pittenger & Anderson Sep 2022 500.00 $20k
UnionBanCal Corporation Sep 2022 497.00 $20k
Money Concepts Capital Corp Sep 2022 485.00 $20k
HHM Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 475.00 $19k
Disciplined Investments Sep 2022 400.00 $16k
Oakworth Capital Sep 2022 394.00 $16k
Western Pacific Wealth Management Sep 2022 391.00 $15k
Prestige Wealth Management Group Sep 2022 390.00 $16k
Sugarloaf Wealth Management Sep 2022 352.00 $15k
Exchange Traded Concepts Sep 2022 337.00 $14k
GHP Investment Advisors Sep 2022 335.00 $14k
Emfo Sep 2022 300.00 $12k
Cribstone Capital Management Sep 2022 270.00 $11k
JFS Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 226.00 $9.0k
Orion Capital Management Sep 2022 208.00 $9.0k
M&r Capital Management Sep 2022 200.00 $8.0k
Financial Management Professionals Sep 2022 193.00 $8.0k
Atlas Capital Advisors Sep 2022 186.00 $7.6k
Hanson McClain Advisors Sep 2022 181.00 $7.0k
City Holding Sep 2022 178.00 $7.0k
Earnest Partners Sep 2022 174.00 $7.0k
North Star Investment Management Sep 2022 168.00 $7.0k
Global Retirement Partners Sep 2022 165.00 $7.0k
Wagner Wealth Management Sep 2022 155.00 $6.0k
Bourgeon Capital Management Sep 2022 150.00 $6.0k
Karlinski Andrew C Sep 2022 133.00 $5.0k
Rocky Mountain Advisers Sep 2022 127.00 $5.0k
Parallel Advisors Sep 2022 122.00 $5.0k
Larson Financial Group Sep 2022 120.00 $5.0k
Smithfield Trust Company Sep 2022 115.00 $5.0k
Ellis Investment Partners Sep 2022 112.00 $4.0k
Baldrige Asset Management Sep 2022 110.00 $4.0k
BerganKDV Wealth Management Sep 2022 106.00 $4.0k
Bellevue Asset Management Sep 2022 106.00 $4.0k
RWM Asset Management Sep 2022 102.00 $4.0k
Capital Analysts Sep 2022 91.00 $4.0k
Logan Capital Management Sep 2022 84.00 $3.0k
First Personal Financial Services Sep 2022 76.00 $3.0k
Schubert & Co Sep 2022 75.00 $3.0k
McIlrath & Eck Sep 2022 59.00 $2.0k
Truvestments Capital Sep 2022 56.00 $2.0k
St. Johns Investment Management Company Sep 2022 55.00 $2.0k
Highlander Capital Management Sep 2022 54.00 $2.0k
Creative Financial Designs Sep 2022 45.00 $2.0k
Ameliora Wealth Management Sep 2022 38.00 $1.0k
Bell Investment Advisors Sep 2022 22.00 $999.999000
Tompkins Financial Corp Sep 2022 18.00 $1.0k
Jones Financial Companies, L.L Sep 2022 18.00 $1.0k
Sittner & Nelson Sep 2022 18.00 $1.0k
SRS Capital Advisors Sep 2022 16.00 $1.0k
Mot Sep 2022 13.00 $1.0k
New Millennium Group Sep 2022 13.00 $1.0k
Beacon Capital Management Sep 2022 12.00 $999.999600
Syverson Strege & Co Sep 2022 12.00 $0
Sound Income Strategies Sep 2022 11.00 $0
Howe and Rusling Sep 2022 9.00 $0