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Top investors of CIRCOR International stock

Who bought or sold CIRCOR International this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
BlackRock 3.2M $178M 2% Sep 2023
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Vanguard Group 1.4M $77M 0% Sep 2023
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GAMCO Asset Management 901k $50M -26% Sep 2023
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Fil 816k $46M 100% Sep 2023
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Magnetar Financial 733k $41M 0% Sep 2023
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State Street Corporation 728k $41M 3% Sep 2023
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Morgan Stanley 649k $36M 4% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Funds 640k $36M -4% Sep 2023
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Goldman Sachs Group 485k $27M 157% Sep 2023
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Geode Capital Management 406k $23M 9% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Securities 237k $13M 80% Sep 2023
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Northern Trust 221k $12M 7% Sep 2023
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Ameriprise Financial 193k $11M -21% Sep 2023
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Carlson Capital 130k $7.3M 4% Sep 2023
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Water Island Capital 124k $6.9M -85% Sep 2023
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Nuveen Asset Management 108k $6.0M -28% Sep 2023
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Susquehanna International 106k $5.9M -39% Sep 2023
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Springbok Capital Management 97k $5.4M 162% Sep 2023
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Invesco 95k $5.3M 24% Sep 2023
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Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 85k $4.7M 0% Sep 2023
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Qube Research & Technologies 84k $4.7M 24% Sep 2023
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Yakira Capital Management 76k $4.2M 100% Sep 2023
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Flow State Investments 58k $3.2M 222% Sep 2023
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Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado 46k $13M 1185% Sep 2023
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Carmignac Gestion 44k $2.4M 288% Sep 2023
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EHP Funds 43k $2.4M 100% Sep 2023
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Quinn Opportunity Partners 38k $2.1M 0% Sep 2023
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Public Sector Pension Investment Board 36k $2.0M -1% Sep 2023
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GWM Asset Management 33k $1.8M 100% Sep 2023
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Harvest Management 31k $1.7M 417% Sep 2023
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Adage Capital Partners GP 25k $1.4M -50% Sep 2023
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Prudential Financial 25k $1.4M -38% Sep 2023
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Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 23k $1.3M 100% Sep 2023
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California State Teachers Retirement System 21k $1.2M -7% Sep 2023
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ExodusPoint Capital Management 19k $1.0M 100% Sep 2023
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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 19k $1.0M -4% Sep 2023
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Great-West Life Assurance Company 17k $954k -4% Sep 2023
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Teton Advisors 14k $781k -65% Sep 2023
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Natixis 13k $747k -66% Sep 2023
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Diametric Capital 13k $725k 100% Sep 2023
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Ing Investment Management 12k $662k 1% Sep 2023
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Keeley-Teton Advisors 12k $662k -49% Sep 2023
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American International 11k $622k 13% Sep 2023
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 9.6k $534k 0% Sep 2023
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Brian McDonald 9.3k $521k 100% Sep 2023
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State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 9.1k $509k 32% Sep 2023
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Privium Fund Management 9.0k $502k 100% Sep 2023
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Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 7.6k $421k 4% Sep 2023
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Virtu Financial 6.4k $359k -39% Sep 2023
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Sei Investments 6.3k $350k 3% Sep 2023
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CIBC World Markets 4.7k $260k 0% Sep 2023
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Dark Forest Capital Management 4.3k $239k 100% Sep 2023
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Engineers Gate Manager 3.8k $213k -78% Sep 2023
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FMR 1.6k $87k 22% Sep 2023
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Tower Research Capital 1.3k $75k 23% Sep 2023
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Group One Trading 856.00 $48k 100% Sep 2023
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KBC Group NV 752.00 $42k -53% Sep 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $56.000000 0% Dec 2023
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Who sold out of CIRCOR International?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Segall Bryant & Hamill Sep 2023 1.2M $65M
Glazer Capital Sep 2023 760k $42M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2023 656k $37M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2023 555k $31M
Bank of America Corporation Sep 2023 522k $29M
Sand Grove Capital Management Sep 2023 470k $26M
Vivaldi Asset Management Sep 2023 442k $25M
Alpine Associates Management Sep 2023 271k $15M
Trium Capital Sep 2023 259k $14M
Man Group Sep 2023 247k $14M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Sep 2023 200k $11M
Leeward Investments, LLC - MA Sep 2023 189k $11M
Renaissance Technologies Jun 2023 187k $11M
Kennedy Capital Management Sep 2023 186k $10M
Cooper Creek Partners Management Jun 2023 169k $9.5M
Citadel Advisors Sep 2023 165k $9.2M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Sep 2023 165k $9.2M
Woodline Partners Jun 2023 161k $9.1M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2023 158k $8.8M
First Eagle Investment Management Sep 2023 142k $7.9M
CNH Partners Sep 2023 110k $6.1M
Principal Financial Group Sep 2023 109k $6.1M
UBS Group Sep 2023 108k $6.0M
Halcyon Management Partners Jun 2023 99k $5.6M
Oberweis Asset Management Sep 2023 98k $5.5M
Millennium Management Sep 2023 81k $4.5M
Marshall Wace Sep 2023 81k $4.5M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2023 63k $3.5M
Pentwater Capital Management Sep 2023 60k $3.3M
Legal & General Group Sep 2023 55k $3.1M
Kellner Capital Sep 2023 52k $2.9M
Centiva Capital Sep 2023 50k $2.8M
Hrt Financial Sep 2023 48k $2.7M
Acadian Asset Management Jun 2023 41k $2.3M
Swiss National Bank Sep 2023 40k $2.2M
LMR Partners Sep 2023 39k $2.2M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Sep 2023 37k $2.1M
Verition Fund Management Jun 2023 36k $2.1M
Polar Securities Sep 2023 27k $1.5M
Credit Suisse Sep 2023 26k $1.5M
Sagefield Capital Sep 2023 26k $1.4M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2023 25k $1.4M
Barclays Sep 2023 25k $1.4M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Sep 2023 25k $1.4M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Sep 2023 22k $1.2M
Moody National Bank Trust Division Sep 2023 21k $1.2M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2023 19k $1.1M
New York State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2023 19k $1.1M
Victory Capital Management Sep 2023 19k $1.1M
Range Financial Group Sep 2023 18k $1.0M
Ohio Pers Sep 2023 18k $1.0M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Sep 2023 18k $998k
Texas Permanent School Fund Sep 2023 17k $965k
PenderFund Capital Management Sep 2023 16k $1.2M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2023 15k $858k
Equitec Proprietary Markets Sep 2023 15k $836k
CSS Sep 2023 15k $831k
Cantor Fitzgerald, L. P. Sep 2023 15k $814k
Trexquant Investment Sep 2023 15k $810k
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sep 2023 14k $760k
Citigroup Sep 2023 13k $712k
Alaska Retirement Management Board Sep 2023 13k $707k
Russell Investments Sep 2023 12k $691k
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2023 11k $600k
MetLife Investment Advisors Sep 2023 11k $596k
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2023 11k $584k
Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Sep 2023 10k $580k
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2023 10k $572k
Yousif Capital Management Sep 2023 10k $566k
Allianz Asset Management Sep 2023 9.4k $527k
Everence Capital Management Sep 2023 9.1k $509k
Henderson Group Sep 2023 8.8k $492k
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2023 8.8k $491k
GAM Holding Sep 2023 8.3k $463k
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2023 8.1k $452k
T. Rowe Price Associates Sep 2023 8.1k $450k
Johnson Investment Counsel Sep 2023 7.9k $440k
DLD Asset Management Sep 2023 7.6k $422k
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Sep 2023 7.5k $419k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2023 7.4k $412k
SG Americas Securities Sep 2023 6.7k $374k
AQR Capital Management Sep 2023 6.6k $366k
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Sep 2023 6.4k $355k
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2023 6.3k $0
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund Sep 2023 6.1k $339k
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Jun 2023 6.0k $339k
Stifel Financial Sep 2023 5.9k $331k
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2023 5.9k $329k
Florida State Board of Administration Sep 2023 5.8k $324k
Davenport & Co Sep 2023 5.5k $307k
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2023 5.2k $291k
Lazard Asset Management Sep 2023 4.4k $247k
Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services Sep 2023 3.7k $209k
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 3.7k $208k
Zurcher Kantonalbank Sep 2023 2.1k $119k
Summit Investment Advisors Sep 2023 2.0k $114k
Quadrant Capital Sep 2023 1.9k $106k
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2023 1.8k $100k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2023 1.7k $95k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Sep 2023 1.5k $81k
Bessemer Sep 2023 1.3k $51k
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Sep 2023 1.2k $66k
Us Bancorp Sep 2023 525.00 $29k
Investors Research Corp Sep 2023 500.00 $28k
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2023 419.00 $23k
NISA Investment Advisors Sep 2023 330.00 $18k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 303.00 $17k
CWM Sep 2023 160.00 $9.0k
Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo Sep 2023 94.00 $5.2k
Versant Capital Management Sep 2023 73.00 $4.1k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Sep 2023 69.00 $3.8k
Signature Sep 2023 57.00 $3.2k
West Tower Group Sep 2023 51.00 $2.8k
Whittier Trust Sep 2023 50.00 $2.8k
Fifth Third Bancorp Sep 2023 48.00 $2.7k
Hanson McClain Advisors Sep 2023 16.00 $892.000000
Parallel Advisors Sep 2023 16.00 $892.000000
Farmers & Merchants Investment Sep 2023 14.00 $780.999800
Gradient Investments Sep 2023 3.00 $167.000100
Covestor Sep 2023 2.00 $0