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Top investors of iShares Gold Trust stock

Who bought or sold iShares Gold Trust this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 12M $194M -34% Mar 2021
Packer & Co 9.4M $152M 14% Mar 2021
Citigroup 8.7M $141M -8% Mar 2021
Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blaney 1.9M $31M 13% Mar 2021
Nadler Financial 1.7M $58M -50% Jun 2021
Partners Capital Investment Group 1.4M $49M -57% Jun 2021
Parcion Private Wealth 1.4M $48M -51% Jun 2021
Tanglewood Wealth Management 928k $31M -48% Jun 2021
Goldman Sachs Group 902k $15M -43% Mar 2021
Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / 788k $13M -5% Mar 2021
Money Design 667k $23M -68% Jun 2021

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Leavell Investment Management 436k $7.1M 0% Jun 2021
Sagil Capital 352k $12M 181% Jun 2021
Moulton Wealth Management 336k $11M 100% Jun 2021
E Fund Management 333k $5.4M 100% Mar 2021
ICONIQ Capital 320k $11M 0% Jun 2021
Marino Management 312k $5.1M 0% Mar 2021
Apella Capital 217k $7.3M 100% Jun 2021
Money Concepts Capital Corp 215k $3.5M 44% Mar 2021
White Lighthouse Investment Management 212k $7.1M -39% Jun 2021
Cambridge Trust Company 197k $6.6M -89% Jun 2021
Palisades Hudson Asset Management 102k $3.4M -50% Jun 2021
Wealthsource Partners 93k $1.5M 5% Mar 2021
Jaffetilchin Investment Partners 91k $1.6M 546% Jun 2021
Burns Wealth Management 90k $3.0M 42% Jun 2021
Elm Partners Management 87k $2.9M -66% Jun 2021
Genesee Capital Advisors 87k $2.9M 100% Jun 2021
IAM Advisory 87k $2.9M 100% Jun 2021
Summit Place Financial Advisors 70k $2.4M -49% Jun 2021
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 65k $2.2M -86% Jun 2021
Winch Advisory Services 61k $2.1M -50% Jun 2021
Compass Financial 53k $1.8M -51% Jun 2021
Eqis Capital Management 52k $1.8M -49% Jun 2021
Firestone Capital Management 45k $1.5M -50% Jun 2021
Newman & Schimel 27k $921k -80% Jun 2021
Phillips Financial Management 21k $720k -48% Jun 2021
HBK Sorce Advisory 21k $697k -82% Jun 2021
Hochman Cole Investment Advisors 20k $330k -20% Mar 2021
Valicenti Advisory Services 19k $648k -50% Jun 2021
MBL Wealth 19k $301k 100% Mar 2021
Outlook Wealth Advisors 18k $602k -54% Jun 2021
Hanson & Doremus Investment Management 16k $287k -25% Jun 2021
Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services 16k $555k -50% Jun 2021
Indiana Trust & Investment Management 15k $268k 0% Jun 2021
TCF National Bank 14k $232k 0% Mar 2021
Koshinski Asset Management 14k $476k -37% Jun 2021
C.M. Bidwell & Associates 11k $385k -50% Jun 2021
XR Securities 11k $14k 0% Jun 2021
Hollencrest Securities 10k $350k -50% Jun 2021
Brooks, Moore & Associates 10k $342k -50% Jun 2021
Schwartz Investment Counsel 10k $336k -50% Jun 2021
Arbor Investment Advisors 7.5k $252k -47% Jun 2021
Your Advocates 7.1k $239k -50% Jun 2021
Retirement Income Solutions 6.9k $232k -50% Jun 2021
Foster & Motley 6.4k $216k 100% Jun 2021
Lenox Wealth Advisors 6.3k $213k -53% Jun 2021
Sonora Investment Management 5.7k $92k -9% Mar 2021
Aft, Forsyth & Sober 4.8k $160k -99% Jun 2021
Red Cedar Capital 4.6k $156k -50% Jun 2021
Aldebaran Financial 2.9k $481k -3% Jun 2021
Tompkins Financial Corp 2.0k $33k 0% Mar 2021
Hoover Financial Advisors 1.4k $47k -59% Jun 2021
Eubel Brady & Suttman Asset Management 1.2k $20k 100% Jun 2021
Retirement Group 1.1k $37k -50% Jun 2021
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services 650.00 $22k -50% Jun 2021
Archer Investment Corp 200.00 $6.7k -50% Jun 2021
CX Institutional 147.00 $5.0k -95% Jun 2021
Stonebridge Capital Advisors 100.00 $2.0k 0% Jun 2021
Financial Gravity Wealth 76.00 $34.002400 -98% Jun 2021
AlphaMark Advisors 50.00 $2.0k -50% Jun 2021
Huntington National Bank 1.00 $0 -100% Jun 2021
IFP Advisors 0 $0 -100% Jun 2021

Who sold out of iShares Gold Trust?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
FMR Mar 2021 88M $1.4B
Bank of America Corporation Mar 2021 82M $1.3B
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Mar 2021 79M $1.3B
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Mar 2021 66M $1.1B
Charles Schwab Investment Advisory Mar 2021 36M $586M
Wells Fargo & Company Mar 2021 31M $505M
UBS Group Mar 2021 23M $377M
Personal Capital Advisors Mar 2021 21M $343M
Ameriprise Financial Mar 2021 17M $282M
Alaska Permanent Fund Corp Mar 2021 11M $181M
LPL Financial Mar 2021 11M $175M
Envestnet Asset Management Mar 2021 9.8M $160M
Bridgewater Associates Mar 2021 8.8M $144M
Raymond James & Associates Mar 2021 7.4M $120M
Temasek Holdings Mar 2021 6.9M $113M
Royal Bank of Canada Mar 2021 6.6M $107M
Stifel Financial Mar 2021 6.4M $104M
Bank of New York Mellon Mar 2021 6.2M $101M
First Foundation Advisors Mar 2021 5.9M $96M
Proficio Capital Partners Mar 2021 5.9M $95M
HighTower Advisors Mar 2021 5.2M $84M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Mar 2021 5.0M $81M
Commonwealth Equity Services Mar 2021 4.9M $80M
Hrt Financial Mar 2021 4.7M $77M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Mar 2021 4.7M $76M
Central Trust & Investment Mar 2021 4.6M $75M
Tiedemann Wealth Management Mar 2021 4.3M $70M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Mar 2021 4.1M $67M
IMC-Chicago Mar 2021 3.8M $62M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Mar 2021 3.7M $61M
Pnc Financial Services Mar 2021 3.7M $60M
Tocqueville Asset Management Mar 2021 3.7M $60M
Arnhold Mar 2021 3.6M $59M
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings Mar 2021 3.6M $58M
Advisor Group Holdings Mar 2021 3.5M $56M
BlackRock Mar 2021 3.4M $55M
Russell Investments Mar 2021 3.4M $55M
Franklin Resources Mar 2021 3.3M $56M
Moon Capital Management Mar 2021 3.1M $50M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Mar 2021 3.1M $50M
Diam Mar 2021 2.9M $47M
Northern Trust Mar 2021 2.8M $46M
Keybank National Association Mar 2021 2.8M $46M
Citadel Advisors Mar 2021 2.8M $46M
Baird Financial Mar 2021 2.8M $46M
Greenline Partners Mar 2021 2.7M $45M
People's United Financial Mar 2021 2.7M $44M
Paul Kendrigan Mar 2021 2.6M $42M
Capital Asset Advisory Services Mar 2021 2.4M $40M
Gladius Capital Management Mar 2021 2.3M $37M
Stephens Mar 2021 2.2M $35M
Neuberger Berman Group Mar 2021 2.1M $34M
VCU Investment Management Mar 2021 2.1M $33M
Beacon Investment Advisory Services Mar 2021 2.0M $32M
UnionBanCal Corporation Mar 2021 1.9M $31M
Cresset Asset Management Mar 2021 1.9M $31M
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Mar 2021 1.9M $31M
Summit Trail Advisors Mar 2021 1.9M $31M
Guardian Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 1.9M $31M
MacKay Shields Mar 2021 1.9M $0
Zhang Financial Mar 2021 1.8M $30M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 1.8M $29M
Tiaa Mar 2021 1.7M $28M
MainStreet Investment Advisors Mar 2021 1.7M $27M
Strategic Point Investment Advisors Mar 2021 1.6M $25M
Kore Private Wealth Mar 2021 1.5M $25M
Richard Bernstein Advisors Mar 2021 1.5M $24M
Mercer Global Advisors Mar 2021 1.5M $24M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Mar 2021 1.4M $23M
WESCAP Management Mar 2021 1.4M $23M
Vigilant Capital Management Mar 2021 1.4M $23M
Mml Investors Services Mar 2021 1.4M $23M
EFG Asset Management Mar 2021 1.4M $22M
Mader & Shannon Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.3M $22M
Parkside Investments Mar 2021 1.3M $22M
First Command Financial Services Mar 2021 1.3M $22M
First Command Bank Mar 2021 1.3M $22M
Evercore Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.3M $22M
Spinnaker Trust Mar 2021 1.3M $21M
EPIQ Capital Group Mar 2021 1.3M $21M
Marks Group Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.3M $21M
FDx Advisors Mar 2021 1.3M $20M
Bourgeon Capital Management Mar 2021 1.2M $20M
Covington Capital Management Mar 2021 1.2M $20M
Geneos Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.2M $21M
Brookstone Capital Management Mar 2021 1.2M $20M
Highland Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.2M $20M
Massmutual Trust Mar 2021 1.2M $19M
Gamble Jones Investment Counsel Mar 2021 1.1M $19M
Chatham Capital Group Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
Nottingham Advisors Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
Narwhal Capital Management Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
M^T Bank Corporation Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
Confluence Investment Management Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
Goldstein Munger & Associates Mar 2021 1.1M $18M
Sowa Financial Group Mar 2021 1.1M $17M
Equitable Holdings Mar 2021 1.1M $17M
First American Trust Mar 2021 1.0M $17M
Capital Bank & Trust Mar 2021 985k $16M
LLBH Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 984k $16M
Factory Mutual Insurance Company Mar 2021 970k $16M
Biltmore Family Office Mar 2021 918k $15M
Creative Planning Mar 2021 912k $15M
BFSG Mar 2021 898k $15M
MACRO Consulting Group Mar 2021 888k $14M
Prudential Financial Mar 2021 884k $14M
GenWealth Group Mar 2021 879k $14M
Lowe fs Mar 2021 871k $14M
Rockefeller Capital Management Mar 2021 827k $14M
Captrust Financial Advisors Mar 2021 820k $13M
Twin Focus Capital Partners Mar 2021 815k $13M
Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership Mar 2021 797k $13M
3EDGE Asset Management Mar 2021 796k $13M
Voya Financial Advisors Mar 2021 789k $13M
American Investment Services Mar 2021 780k $13M
Sage Rhino Capital Mar 2021 777k $13M
William Blair $ Company Mar 2021 767k $13M
Eric H. Strand Mar 2021 765k $12M
Wealthcare Advisory Partners Mar 2021 765k $12M
Kestra Advisory Services Mar 2021 760k $12M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Mar 2021 753k $12M
Timber Creek Capital Management Mar 2021 751k $12M
Independent Family Office Mar 2021 744k $12M
Kb Financial Partners Mar 2021 735k $12M
Kingfisher Capital Mar 2021 728k $12M
Sepio Capital Mar 2021 727k $12M
TRUE Private Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 720k $12M
Fiduciary Trust Company Mar 2021 719k $12M
Oppenheimer Asset Management Mar 2021 687k $11M
Simmons Bank Mar 2021 665k $11M
AE Wealth Management Mar 2021 662k $11M
Wellspring Financial Advisors Mar 2021 661k $10M
JNBA Financial Advisors Mar 2021 640k $10M
CLS Investments Mar 2021 633k $10M
Osborne Partners Capital Management Mar 2021 622k $10M
D.A. Davidson & Co. Mar 2021 610k $9.9M
Integrated Investment Consultants Mar 2021 610k $9.9M
Ambassador Advisors Mar 2021 605k $9.8M
Shepherd Financial Partners Mar 2021 596k $9.7M
Atlantic Trust Mar 2021 592k $9.6M
TMD Wealth Management Mar 2021 580k $9.4M
Lvm Capital Management Mar 2021 579k $9.4M
Vision Capital Management Mar 2021 575k $9.3M
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management Mar 2021 573k $9.3M
Advisory Services Network Mar 2021 565k $0
Bingham Osborn & Scarborough Mar 2021 561k $9.1M
Quest Investment Management Mar 2021 559k $9.1M
Whitney & Company Mar 2021 549k $8.9M
Resonant Capital Advisors Mar 2021 545k $8.9M
ValMark Advisers Mar 2021 542k $8.8M
United Services Automobile Association Mar 2021 536k $8.7M
New Potomac Partneres Mar 2021 535k $8.7M
Brian Hackleman Mar 2021 525k $8.5M
Private Advisor Mar 2021 522k $8.5M
Nkcfo Mar 2021 516k $8.4M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Mar 2021 511k $8.3M
Private Harbour Investment Management & Counsel Mar 2021 509k $8.3M
Pamela Horwath Mar 2021 509k $8.3M
First Horizon National Corp Mar 2021 506k $8.2M
Modus Advisors Mar 2021 503k $8.2M
Stratos Wealth Partners Mar 2021 497k $8.1M
Janney Montgomery Scott Mar 2021 497k $8.1M
Glovista Investments Mar 2021 494k $8.0M
Meridian Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 490k $8.0M
Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management Mar 2021 487k $7.9M
Dynamic Advisors Solutions Mar 2021 474k $7.7M
Regent Peak Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 462k $7.5M
Parametric Portfolio Associates Mar 2021 450k $7.3M
Signet Investment Advisory Group Mar 2021 448k $7.3M
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Mar 2021 445k $7.2M
Sigma Investment Counselors Mar 2021 445k $7.2M
Alexandria Capital Mar 2021 442k $7.2M
National Asset Management Mar 2021 399k $6.5M
Insight Wealth Partners Mar 2021 399k $6.5M
Roundview Capital Mar 2021 397k $6.5M
Ancora Advisors Mar 2021 395k $6.4M
NTV Asset Management Mar 2021 394k $6.4M
Jump Financial Mar 2021 388k $6.3M
Susquehanna International Mar 2021 388k $6.3M
Verger Capital Management Mar 2021 375k $6.1M
Berson & Corrado Investment Advisors Mar 2021 368k $6.0M
Sterling Financial Planning Mar 2021 367k $6.0M
Community Bank Mar 2021 365k $5.9M
Evoke Wealth Mar 2021 365k $5.9M
Clear Harbor Asset Management Mar 2021 362k $5.9M
GAMCO Asset Management Mar 2021 362k $5.9M
Rehmann Capital Advisory Mar 2021 358k $5.8M
Cambridge Associates Mar 2021 353k $5.7M
Wallington Asset Management Mar 2021 347k $5.6M
NorthCoast Asset Management Mar 2021 342k $5.6M
Arkadios Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 338k $5.5M
BSW Wealth Partners Mar 2021 335k $5.4M
Wealth Management Partners Mar 2021 333k $5.5M
Hsbc Holdings Mar 2021 332k $5.4M
Wealth Quarterback Dec 2020 330k $6.0M
Credit Suisse Mar 2021 324k $5.3M
Multi-Financial Securities Mar 2021 322k $5.2M
IndexIQ Advisors Mar 2021 321k $5.2M
GFS Advisors Mar 2021 319k $5.2M
Brave Asset Management Mar 2021 318k $5.2M
TrinityPoint Wealth Mar 2021 315k $5.1M
Sei Investments Mar 2021 314k $4.5M
FineMark National Bank & Trust Mar 2021 314k $5.1M
Bessemer Mar 2021 310k $5.0M
Cranbrook Wealth Management Mar 2021 306k $5.0M
Southeast Asset Advisors Mar 2021 306k $5.0M
Stableford Capital Ii Mar 2021 304k $4.9M
WESPAC Advisors SoCal Mar 2021 300k $4.9M
Christopher Weil & Company Mar 2021 298k $4.8M
Sowell Financial Services Mar 2021 293k $5.1M
Eudaimonia Partners Mar 2021 292k $4.8M
Fairview Capital Investment Management Mar 2021 290k $4.7M
Nomura Asset Management Mar 2021 290k $4.7M
Sierra Capital Mar 2021 289k $4.7M
Strategic Capital Advisers Mar 2021 289k $4.7M
Permanens Capital Mar 2021 288k $4.7M
Evanson Asset Management Mar 2021 288k $4.7M
Commerce Bank N A Mar 2021 287k $4.7M
Maltin Wealth Management Mar 2021 283k $4.6M
Sigma Planning Mar 2021 283k $4.6M
London & Capital Asset Management Mar 2021 277k $4.5M
Oppenheimer & Co Mar 2021 276k $4.5M
Pekin, Singer Strauss Asset Management Mar 2021 274k $4.5M
Kingsview Wealth Management Mar 2021 271k $4.5M
Personal Wealth Partners Mar 2021 271k $4.4M
Mosaic Advisors Mar 2021 266k $4.3M
Bank Of Montreal Mar 2021 260k $4.3M
CWM Mar 2021 256k $4.2M
Aveo Capital Partners Mar 2021 255k $4.1M
Meridian Investment Counsel Mar 2021 255k $4.1M
Cadinha & Co Mar 2021 252k $4.1M
Simplex Trading Mar 2021 252k $4.1k
SRS Capital Advisors Dec 2020 251k $4.5M
Interchange Capital Partners Mar 2021 251k $4.1M
Silicon Hills Wealth Management Mar 2021 250k $4.1M
Cowa Mar 2021 249k $4.1M
Briaud Financial Planning Mar 2021 249k $4.0M
ShoreHaven Wealth Partners Mar 2021 247k $4.0M
Versant Capital Management Mar 2021 245k $4.0M
Gladstone Institutional Advisory Mar 2021 243k $4.0M
Hatton Consulting Mar 2021 242k $3.9M
Vivaldi Capital Management Mar 2021 241k $4.2M
Red Door Wealth Management Mar 2021 239k $3.9M
Wills Financial Group Mar 2021 236k $3.8M
Mid Atlantic Financial Management Mar 2021 230k $3.7M
CI Investments Mar 2021 229k $3.7M
Orion Portfolio Solutions Mar 2021 226k $3.7M
Novak Financial Planning Mar 2021 225k $3.7M
Charles Schwab Trust Mar 2021 223k $3.7M
AdvisorNet Financial Mar 2021 222k $3.6M
Keystone Financial Group Mar 2021 222k $3.6M
Perigon Wealth Management Mar 2021 221k $3.6M
Accretive Wealth Partners Mar 2021 220k $3.6M
Gateway Advisory Mar 2021 218k $3.5M
Pathstone Family Office Mar 2021 213k $3.5M
RiverGlades Family Offices Mar 2021 210k $3.4M
Belpointe Asset Management Mar 2021 210k $3.4M
Segall Bryant & Hamill Mar 2021 210k $3.4M
Laidlaw Wealth Management Mar 2021 208k $3.4M
Cetera Investment Advisers Mar 2021 205k $3.3M
Ferris Capital Mar 2021 205k $3.3M
Spectrum Asset Management Mar 2021 204k $3.3M
HAP Trading Mar 2021 202k $3.3M
Foundations Investment Advisors Mar 2021 201k $3.3M
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Mar 2021 201k $3.3M
DCF Advisers Mar 2021 200k $3.3M
Calton & Associates Mar 2021 197k $3.2M
Omnia Family Wealth Mar 2021 194k $3.2M
Ziegler Capital Management Mar 2021 193k $3.1M
Welch & Forbes Mar 2021 193k $3.1M
Woodward Diversified Capital Mar 2021 193k $3.1M
H D Vest Advisory Services Mar 2021 191k $3.1M
Puplava Financial Services Mar 2021 190k $3.1M
Crescent Grove Advisors Mar 2021 188k $3.1M
Umb Bank N A Mar 2021 184k $3.0M
Cardan Capital Partners Mar 2021 184k $3.0M
Glenmede Trust Company Mar 2021 183k $3.0M
Inscription Capital Mar 2021 182k $3.0M
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich Mar 2021 182k $3.0M
Wealth Alliance Mar 2021 182k $3.0M
Estate Counselors Mar 2021 182k $3.0M
Hamilton Wealth Mar 2021 179k $2.9M
Alhambra Investment Partners Mar 2021 177k $2.9M
Delta Financial Advisors Mar 2021 174k $2.8M
Harvest Fund Management Mar 2021 174k $2.8M
Cohen & Steers Capital Management Mar 2021 172k $2.8M
Brio Consultants Mar 2021 170k $2.8M
NVWM Mar 2021 168k $2.7M
Financial Network Investment Corporation Mar 2021 166k $2.7M
CFG Asset Management Mar 2021 165k $2.7M
Financial Management Network Mar 2021 165k $2.8M
Mengis Capital Management Mar 2021 160k $2.6M
Executive Wealth Management Mar 2021 160k $2.6M
Regions Bank Mar 2021 159k $2.6M
Us Bancorp Mar 2021 159k $2.6M
Two Sigma Securities Mar 2021 156k $2.5M
Visionary Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 155k $2.5M
Scotia Capital Mar 2021 155k $2.5M
Mirador Capital Partners Mar 2021 154k $2.5M
Strategic Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 153k $2.5M
Amg National Trust Bank Mar 2021 152k $2.5M
MBA Advisors Mar 2021 151k $2.5M
Smith, Moore & Co. Mar 2021 149k $2.4M
Carnick & Kubik Mar 2021 149k $2.4M
Bridgeworth Mar 2021 148k $2.4M
Colony Group Mar 2021 147k $2.4M
Patriot Investment Management Mar 2021 147k $2.4M
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Mar 2021 142k $2.3M
Wagner Bowman Management Mar 2021 141k $2.3M
Lakeview Capital Partners Mar 2021 141k $2.3M
Cobblestone Capital Advisors Mar 2021 141k $2.3M
Dohj Mar 2021 140k $2.3M
Gould Asset Management Mar 2021 140k $2.3M
Ulysses Management Mar 2021 140k $2.3M
Edmond De Rothschild Holding Mar 2021 140k $2.3M
Ahrens Investment Partners Mar 2021 139k $2.3M
Blue Edge Capital Mar 2021 138k $2.2M
Rafferty Asset Management Mar 2021 138k $2.2M
First Manhattan Mar 2021 138k $2.2M
Ballentine Partners Mar 2021 137k $2.2M
Bp Wealth Management Mar 2021 136k $2.2M
Tower Research Capital Mar 2021 136k $2.2M
Regency Capital Management Mar 2021 132k $2.1M
Dfpg Investments Mar 2021 131k $2.2M
Cadent Capital Advisors Mar 2021 130k $2.1M
SlateStone Wealth Mar 2021 128k $2.1M
Greenhouse Wealth Management Mar 2021 128k $2.1M
WMS Partners Mar 2021 126k $2.1M
Laird Norton Tyee Trust Mar 2021 126k $2.0M
One Capital Management Mar 2021 126k $2.0M
Atria Investments Mar 2021 125k $2.0M
Van Hulzen Asset Management Mar 2021 125k $2.0M
Hussman Econometrics Advisors Mar 2021 125k $2.0M
Renaissance Technologies Mar 2021 125k $2.0M
Ballew Advisors Mar 2021 124k $2.0M
Integrated Wealth Concepts Mar 2021 123k $2.0M
Comerica Securities Mar 2021 123k $2.0M
Intrepid Capital Management Mar 2021 123k $2.0M
Mot Mar 2021 122k $2.0M
Change Path Mar 2021 122k $2.0M
Almanack Investment Partners Mar 2021 121k $2.0M
Montecito Bank & Trust Mar 2021 121k $2.0M
Madden Advisory Services Mar 2021 120k $2.0M
Camarda Wealth Advisory Mar 2021 120k $2.0M
Americana Partners Mar 2021 119k $1.9M
Austin Private Wealth Mar 2021 118k $1.9M
CFS Investment Advisory Services Dec 2020 117k $2.1M
Winton Capital Mar 2021 117k $1.9M
Raymond James Trust Mar 2021 116k $1.9M
Wolverine Trading Mar 2021 115k $1.8M
RGT Capital Management Mar 2021 114k $1.9M
Golden State Equity Partners Mar 2021 113k $1.8M
Bigelow Investment Advisors Mar 2021 113k $1.8M
CIBC World Markets Mar 2021 111k $1.8M
Hayden Royal Mar 2021 111k $1.8M
Boston Research and Management Mar 2021 110k $1.8M
Thompson, Siegel, & Walmsley Mar 2021 109k $1.8M
Intrua Financial Mar 2021 108k $1.8M
Bickling Financial Services Mar 2021 108k $1.8M
Gradient Investments Mar 2021 108k $1.8M
United Capital Financial Advisers Mar 2021 108k $1.8M
IPG Investment Advisors Mar 2021 107k $1.7M
Wedbush Morgan Securities Mar 2021 107k $1.7M
Prospera Financial Services Mar 2021 106k $1.7M
Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc d/b/a Bay Colony Advisors Mar 2021 106k $1.7M
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Mar 2021 105k $1.7M
Blueprint Investment Partners Mar 2021 105k $1.7M
Sunesis Advisors Mar 2021 104k $1.7M
Ford Financial Group Mar 2021 103k $1.7M
Relative Value Partners Mar 2021 103k $1.7M
Centaurus Financial Mar 2021 103k $1.7M
Frank. Day Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
Grand Central Investment Group Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
Lincoln National Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
V Wealth Management Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
Sageworth Trust Company Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
Elmwood Wealth Management Mar 2021 102k $1.7M
Perennial Investment Advisors Mar 2021 101k $1.6M
Tikvah Management Mar 2021 101k $1.6k
SignalPoint Asset Management Mar 2021 100k $1.6M
Hanson McClain Advisors Mar 2021 99k $1.6M
Walkner Condon Financial Advisors Mar 2021 99k $1.6M
Absolute Investment Management Mar 2021 98k $1.6M
Legend Financial Advisors Mar 2021 98k $1.6M
Aspireon Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 97k $1.6M
Westside Investment Management Mar 2021 95k $1.5M
Perkins Coie Trust Mar 2021 92k $1.5M
Synovus Financial Corp. Mar 2021 91k $1.5M
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management Mar 2021 91k $1.5M
Ieq Capital Mar 2021 91k $1.5M
Well Done Mar 2021 90k $1.5M
Signature Mar 2021 89k $1.4M
Patton Fund Management Mar 2021 89k $1.4M
Old National Trust Company Mar 2021 89k $1.4M
Sawtooth Asset Management Mar 2021 88k $1.4M
Baldrige Asset Management Mar 2021 87k $1.4M
Buckingham Asset Management Mar 2021 86k $1.4M
Bank Of The Ozarks Mar 2021 86k $1.4M
Benjamin Edwards Mar 2021 85k $1.4M
Northside Capital Management Mar 2021 84k $1.4M
_Sentinel Trust Company, LBA______________ Mar 2021 84k $1.4M
General Re - New England Asset Management Mar 2021 83k $1.3M
Stonehage Fleming Financial Services Holdings Mar 2021 82k $1.3M
Satovsky Asset Management Mar 2021 81k $1.3M
Palladium Partners,LLC dba Palladium Registered Investment Advisors Mar 2021 81k $1.3M
Old Mission Capital Mar 2021 80k $1.3M
Jane Street Mar 2021 80k $1.3M
BBR Partners Mar 2021 80k $1.3M
First Pacific Financial Mar 2021 80k $1.3M
Mutual Advisors Mar 2021 79k $1.3M
Towerpoint Wealth Mar 2021 78k $1.3M
SageGuard Financial Group Mar 2021 77k $1.3M
Baldwin Brothers Mar 2021 76k $1.2M
Consolidated Investment Mar 2021 75k $1.2M
Whittier Trust Mar 2021 75k $1.2M
Bristlecone Advisors Mar 2021 75k $1.2M
Evergreen Capital Management Mar 2021 74k $1.2M
Whitener Capital Management Mar 2021 74k $1.2M
Pinnacle Financial Partners Mar 2021 74k $1.3M
Liberty Wealth Management Mar 2021 73k $1.3M
Pinnacle Advisory Group Dec 2020 72k $1.3M
Prudential Mar 2021 72k $1.2M
Moody National Bank Trust Division Mar 2021 72k $1.2M
Transcend Wealth Collective Mar 2021 72k $1.2M
Financial Advocates Investment Management Mar 2021 70k $1.1M
Coronation Fund Managers Mar 2021 70k $1.1M
Banque Pictet & Cie Sa Mar 2021 69k $1.1M
BT Investment Management Mar 2021 69k $1.1M
Nissay Asset Management Corp Mar 2021 68k $1.1M
Verity Asset Management Mar 2021 67k $1.1M
TAP Consulting Mar 2021 66k $1.1M
Holistic Financial Partners Mar 2021 66k $1.1M
Hartland & Co Mar 2021 66k $1.1M
Bard Financial Services Mar 2021 66k $1.1M
PBMares Wealth Management Mar 2021 65k $1.1M
Fort Point Capital Partners Mar 2021 65k $1.1M
Homrich Berg Mar 2021 63k $1.0M
Silverleafe Capital Partners Mar 2021 63k $1.0M
Pettinga Financial Advisors Mar 2021 63k $1.0M
Venture Visionary Partners Mar 2021 63k $1.0M
Arlington Partners Mar 2021 63k $1.0M
Parallel Advisors Mar 2021 62k $1.0M
Relyea Zuckerberg Hanson Mar 2021 62k $1.0M
Mraz, Amerine & Associates Mar 2021 62k $1.0M
First Hawaiian Bank Mar 2021 61k $993k
Ifrah Financial Services Mar 2021 61k $993k
Arete Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 60k $975k
Financeware Mar 2021 60k $973k
Gibson Capital Mar 2021 60k $961k
Intellectus Partners Mar 2021 59k $962k
Ausdal Financial Partners Mar 2021 57k $930k
SevenOneSeven Capital Management Mar 2021 57k $928k
Advanced Research Investment Solutions Mar 2021 56k $912k
Courage Capital Management Mar 2021 56k $911k
Veritable Mar 2021 56k $906k
Modera Wealth Management Mar 2021 56k $904k
Cutler Mar 2021 55k $0
Camden Capital Mar 2021 55k $896k
Spire Wealth Management Mar 2021 55k $897k
Birchcreek Wealth Management Mar 2021 55k $890k
EWG Elevate Mar 2021 54k $877k
Trustmark National Bank - Trust Department Mar 2021 54k $870k
Kovack Advisors Mar 2021 54k $869k
Avalon Advisors Mar 2021 53k $859k
Advisory Alpha Mar 2021 53k $859k
Flagship Harbor Advisors Mar 2021 53k $856k
Choate Investment Advisors Mar 2021 53k $855k
Sontag Advisory Mar 2021 52k $847k
Country Club Trust Company Mar 2021 50k $807k
GW & Wade Mar 2021 49k $795k
PFG Financial Advisors Mar 2021 48k $781k
Forefront Analytics Mar 2021 47k $768k
Inlet Private Wealth Mar 2021 47k $768k
Boston Family Office Mar 2021 47k $919k
NewEdge Wealth Mar 2021 46k $752k
Oak Family Advisors Mar 2021 46k $742k
WealthBridge Capital Management Mar 2021 45k $727k
Cypress Capital Group Mar 2021 45k $726k
J.W. Burns & Company Mar 2021 44k $722k
Toroso Investments Mar 2021 44k $719k
Aureus Asset Management Mar 2021 44k $713k
Eaton Vance Management Mar 2021 44k $712k
Group One Trading Mar 2021 43k $705k
Private Portfolio Partners Mar 2021 43k $703k
IHT Wealth Management Mar 2021 43k $702k
J. W. Coons Advisors Mar 2021 43k $701k
First National Trust Company Mar 2021 43k $698k
Port Capital Mar 2021 43k $694k
Nwam Mar 2021 42k $684k
Pure Financial Advisors Mar 2021 42k $682k
Frontier Wealth Management Mar 2021 42k $680k
Empirical Financial Services, LLC d/b/a Empirical Wealth Management Mar 2021 41k $666k
S.A. Mason Mar 2021 41k $665k
Hamilton Capital Management Mar 2021 40k $651k
Bradley & Co. Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 40k $646k
Mainstay Capital Management Mar 2021 40k $645k
Family Management Corporation Mar 2021 39k $640k
Fwl Investment Management Mar 2021 39k $626k
NEXT Financial Mar 2021 38k $634k
Sheets Smith Wealth Management Mar 2021 38k $624k
Prime Capital Investment Advisors Mar 2021 38k $623k
Brian McDonald Mar 2021 38k $641k
Nations Financial Group Mar 2021 38k $613k
J.w. Cole Advisors Mar 2021 37k $608k
Strategy Asset Managers Mar 2021 37k $604k
Goss Wealth Management Mar 2021 37k $604k
Williams Jones Wealth Management Mar 2021 37k $601k
Norris Perne & French Mar 2021 37k $600k
Independent Advisor Alliance Mar 2021 37k $597k
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Mar 2021 37k $595k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Mar 2021 37k $595k
Twin Lakes Capital Management Mar 2021 37k $595k
Mayflower Financial Advisors Mar 2021 36k $586k
PFG Advisors Mar 2021 36k $584k
Tarbox Mar 2021 36k $581k
Millennium Management Mar 2021 36k $580k
S & Co Mar 2021 34k $558k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 34k $554k
Principle Wealth Partners Mar 2021 34k $550k
Clarity Financial Mar 2021 34k $545k
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Mar 2021 33k $535k
Vontobel Holding Mar 2021 33k $530k
Banco Santander Mar 2021 32k $524k
Ellis Investment Partners Mar 2021 32k $512k
Johnson Financial Group Mar 2021 31k $502k
Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency Mar 2021 31k $501k
Oarsman Capital Mar 2021 31k $498k
Alliancebernstein Mar 2021 30k $494k
Kornitzer Capital Management Mar 2021 30k $492k
Horan Capital Advisors Mar 2021 30k $491k
Bft Financial Group Mar 2021 30k $488k
Intl Fcstone Mar 2021 30k $486k
Clear Perspective Advisors Mar 2021 30k $486k
Sentinel Pension Advisors Mar 2021 30k $1.6M
Sprott Mar 2021 29k $476k
Aberdeen Wealth Management Mar 2021 29k $476k
Great Valley Advisor Group Mar 2021 29k $471k
United Asset Strategies Mar 2021 29k $471k
Apollon Wealth Management Mar 2021 29k $469k
EP Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 29k $467k
Hilltop Holdings Mar 2021 29k $466k
Landsberg, Bennett, & Dubbaneh Mar 2021 29k $472k
Tokio Marine Asset Management Mar 2021 28k $459k
Interactive Financial Advisors Mar 2021 28k $456k
IFG Advisory Mar 2021 28k $453k
Moors & Cabot Mar 2021 28k $453k
Tradition Wealth Management Mar 2021 28k $452k
Encompass Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 28k $468k
Pictet Asset Management Mar 2021 28k $448k
Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Mar 2021 28k $447k
Wescott Financial Advisory Group Mar 2021 27k $440k
Source Financial Advisors Mar 2021 27k $435k
BerganKDV Wealth Management Mar 2021 27k $434k
Smart Portfolios Mar 2021 26k $430k
Riverpoint Wealth Management Holdings Mar 2021 26k $425k
Aspiriant Mar 2021 26k $423k
Main Street Financial Solutions Mar 2021 26k $423k
R.P. Boggs & Co. Wealth Mangement Mar 2021 26k $421k
Oxbow Advisors Mar 2021 26k $421k
Cutler Investment Counsel Mar 2021 26k $420k
CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 26k $420k
Horizon Kinetics Asset Management Mar 2021 26k $417k
Capital Planning Advisors Mar 2021 26k $414k
Proequities Mar 2021 25k $411k
Patron Partners Advisors Mar 2021 25k $406k
Inverness Counsel Mar 2021 25k $407k
PDS Planning Mar 2021 25k $402k
OmniStar Financial Group Mar 2021 24k $397k
Baker Avenue Asset Management Mar 2021 24k $395k
Teamwork Financial Advisors Mar 2021 24k $391k
GSB Wealth Management Mar 2021 23k $374k
DDD Partners Mar 2021 23k $373k
Fifth Third Bancorp Mar 2021 23k $373k
Vigilare Wealth Management Mar 2021 23k $366k
Signature Estate and Investment Advisors Mar 2021 22k $365k
Western Wealth Management Mar 2021 22k $360k
Iron Financial Mar 2021 22k $359k
KCM Investment Advisors Mar 2021 22k $354k
Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors Mar 2021 22k $352k
Terra Nova Asset Management Mar 2021 22k $351k
Hancock Bank Trust Department Mar 2021 21k $346k
Boston Financial Mangement Mar 2021 21k $346k
Valeo Financial Advisors Mar 2021 21k $345k
Plante Moran Financial Advisors Mar 2021 21k $345k
Castle Rock Wealth Management Mar 2021 21k $360k
TCW Group Mar 2021 21k $343k
P.J. Schmidt Investment Management Mar 2021 21k $352k
Coconut Grove Bank Mar 2021 21k $338k
Clear Investment Research Mar 2021 21k $337k
Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors Mar 2021 21k $336k
Smith, Salley & Associates Mar 2021 21k $336k
Global Retirement Partners Mar 2021 21k $336k
Black Diamond Financial Mar 2021 20k $330k
Toronto-Dominion Bank Mar 2021 20k $327k
JGP Wealth Management Mar 2021 20k $325k
Hillcrest Wealth Advisors - NY Mar 2021 20k $324k
Compass Ion Advisors Mar 2021 20k $323k
Murphy Capital Management Mar 2021 20k $317k
Ameritas Investment Corp Mar 2021 20k $318k
Mackey Komara & Dankovich Mar 2021 19k $316k
Jacobi Capital Management Mar 2021 19k $315k
Townsquare Capital Mar 2021 19k $315k
Quadrant Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 19k $310k
Northwest Bancshares Mar 2021 19k $307k
New England Investment & Retirement Mar 2021 19k $307k
Mission Creek Capital Partners Mar 2021 19k $304k
Farmers Trust Mar 2021 19k $303k
Redhawk Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 19k $302k
Assetmark Mar 2021 19k $301k
Ackerman Capital Advisors Mar 2021 19k $301k
Sound View Wealth Advisors Group Mar 2021 19k $300k
Garrett Investment Advisors Mar 2021 18k $300k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Mar 2021 18k $297k
Legacy Private Trust Mar 2021 18k $297k
Phoenix Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 18k $300k
Joseph P. Lucia & Associates Mar 2021 18k $294k
Boenning & Scattergood Mar 2021 18k $293k
Latitude Advisors Mar 2021 18k $264k
Rsm Us Wealth Management Mar 2021 18k $292k
Dowling & Yahnke, LLC" Mar 2021 18k $291k
Clifford Swan Investment Counsel Mar 2021 18k $290k
Yale Capital Corp. Mar 2021 18k $289k
Dubuque Bank & Trust Mar 2021 18k $289k
Freestone Capital Holdings Mar 2021 18k $288k
Auxano Advisors Mar 2021 18k $285k
Condor Capital Management Mar 2021 18k $284k
Gail Mannix Mar 2021 17k $276k
Altium Wealth Management Mar 2021 17k $273k
Meritage Portfolio Management Mar 2021 17k $269k
Ingalls & Snyder Mar 2021 17k $268k
Element Pointe Advisors Mar 2021 16k $267k
Citizens Financial Group Mar 2021 16k $266k
Asset Dedication Mar 2021 16k $265k
Wall Street Access Asset Management Mar 2021 16k $263k
Essex Savings Bank Mar 2021 16k $266k
Washington Trust Company Mar 2021 16k $240k
Van Eck Associates Corp. Mar 2021 16k $259k
Integrated Advisors Network Mar 2021 16k $258k
Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services Mar 2021 16k $257k
Staley Capital Advisers Mar 2021 16k $256k
BDO Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 16k $256k
Alesco Advisors Mar 2021 16k $253k
Essex Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 16k $252k
TruWealth Advisors Mar 2021 16k $252k
Lehman & Derafelo Financial Resources Mar 2021 16k $252k
Coastal Investment Advisors Mar 2021 15k $251k
Roosevelt Investment Group Mar 2021 15k $248k
Sterling Investment Advisors Mar 2021 15k $248k
Appleton Partners Mar 2021 15k $247k
Slow Capital Mar 2021 15k $247k
Sugarloaf Wealth Management Mar 2021 15k $244k
Baker Ellis Asset Management Mar 2021 15k $244k
Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Company Mar 2021 15k $243k
Merriman Wealth Management Mar 2021 15k $240k
First City Capital Management Mar 2021 15k $256k
Argent Trust Mar 2021 15k $236k
Mosaic Family Wealth Mar 2021 15k $240k
RFG Advisory Mar 2021 15k $238k
Smith & Howard Wealth Management Mar 2021 15k $237k
Resources Investment Advisors Mar 2021 15k $237k
Tacita Capital Mar 2021 15k $236k
ZB Mar 2021 15k $236k
Manchester Capital Management Mar 2021 14k $235k
HawsGoodwin Investment Management Mar 2021 14k $233k
Old Port Advisors Mar 2021 14k $232k
Woodmont Investment Counsel Mar 2021 14k $229k
Pitcairn Company Mar 2021 14k $228k
YCMNET Advisors Mar 2021 14k $227k
Streettalk Advisors Mar 2021 14k $225k
Strategic Wealth Management Group Mar 2021 14k $224k
Capital Investment Advisors Mar 2021 14k $224k
Steel Peak Wealth Management Mar 2021 14k $223k
Stock Yards Trust Company Mar 2021 14k $223k
Citizens National Bank Trust Department Mar 2021 14k $216k
Gofen & Glossberg Mar 2021 14k $219k
SeaCrest Wealth Management Mar 2021 13k $218k
Watch Point Trust Mar 2021 13k $218k
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 13k $218k
Cambridge Advisors Mar 2021 13k $216k
Columbus Macro Mar 2021 13k $214k
DeRoy & Devereaux Private Investment Counsel Mar 2021 13k $211k
M. Kulyk & Associates Mar 2021 13k $211k
Rinet Mar 2021 13k $211k
First Heartland Consultants Mar 2021 13k $210k
Essex Financial Services Mar 2021 13k $209k
Brandywine Oak Private Wealth Mar 2021 13k $208k
Carroll Financial Associates Mar 2021 13k $205k
Firethorn Wealth Partners Mar 2021 13k $203k
Founders Financial Securities Mar 2021 13k $203k
Brown Miller Wealth Management Mar 2021 12k $200k
N.E.W. Advisory Services Mar 2021 12k $201k
Acorn Financial Advisory Services Mar 2021 12k $200k
BCJ Capital Management Mar 2021 12k $194k
Patten Mar 2021 12k $193k
Bellecapital International Mar 2021 12k $191k
Lake Street Financial Mar 2021 12k $191k
Galvin, Gaustad & Stein Mar 2021 12k $191k
AlphaStar Capital Management Mar 2021 12k $190k
Viewpoint Investment Partners Corp Mar 2021 12k $190k
Pensionmark Financial Group Mar 2021 12k $203k
Harrington Investments Mar 2021 12k $188k
Colony Family Offices Mar 2021 12k $188k
WFA of San Diego Mar 2021 12k $187k
Financial Advisory Mar 2021 11k $184k
West Branch Capital Mar 2021 11k $183k
Managed Account Services Mar 2021 11k $183k
Market Street Wealth Management Advisors Mar 2021 11k $182k
Berkeley Capital Partners Mar 2021 11k $182k
Optimum Investment Advisors Mar 2021 11k $180k
MEMBERS Trust Mar 2021 11k $180k
Claro Advisors Mar 2021 11k $179k
Sabal Trust Company Mar 2021 11k $178k
Klingman & Associates Mar 2021 11k $177k
Budros, Ruhlin & Roe Mar 2021 11k $176k
Northstar Investment Advisors Mar 2021 11k $176k
One Day In July Mar 2021 11k $176k
McCarthy Asset Management Mar 2021 11k $175k
Level Four Advisory Services Mar 2021 11k $175k
Institute For Wealth Management Mar 2021 11k $174k
Kanawha Capital Management Mar 2021 11k $174k
Arkansas Financial Mar 2021 11k $174k
Rosenberg Matthew Hamilton Mar 2021 11k $171k
International Assets Investment Management Mar 2021 10k $188k
Ironsides Asset Advisors Mar 2021 10k $165k
Emerald Investment Partners Mar 2021 10k $165k
Clarkston Capital Partners Mar 2021 10k $165k
Lesa Sroufe & Co Mar 2021 10k $163k
55i Mar 2021 10k $163k
Sanders Morris Harris Mar 2021 10k $163k
Radnor Capital Management Mar 2021 10k $163k
Searle & Co. Mar 2021 10k $163k
Guardian Capital Advisors Mar 2021 10k $104k
Sargent Bickham Lagudis Mar 2021 9.9k $161k
Barrett Asset Management Mar 2021 9.9k $161k
Harbor Investment Advisory Mar 2021 9.3k $150k
Perennial Advisors Mar 2021 8.8k $143k
Lumature Wealth Partners Mar 2021 8.7k $142k
Sandy Spring Bank Mar 2021 8.4k $135k
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Mar 2021 8.4k $137k
Larson Financial Group Mar 2021 8.3k $135k
Atlas Private Wealth Management Mar 2021 8.3k $135k
RWM Asset Management Mar 2021 8.3k $134k
Column Capital Advisors Mar 2021 8.1k $131k
Capital Analysts Mar 2021 8.0k $131k
Front Row Advisors Dec 2020 8.0k $145k
M&r Capital Management Mar 2021 7.5k $121k
Certified Advisory Corp Mar 2021 7.3k $118k
D'Orazio & Associates Mar 2021 6.9k $112k
Baystate Wealth Management Mar 2021 6.5k $106k
New Capital Management Dec 2020 6.5k $116k
Financial Enhancement Mar 2021 6.4k $104k
Carolinas Wealth Consulting Mar 2021 6.0k $98k
Barclays Mar 2021 5.9k $96k
Marcia E. Wade Mar 2021 5.8k $94k
Creative Financial Designs Mar 2021 5.6k $92k
Canton Hathaway Mar 2021 5.6k $91k
Endurance Wealth Management Mar 2021 5.6k $91k
Oakworth Capital Mar 2021 5.2k $85k
Baron Financial Group Mar 2021 5.2k $85k
Wolff Wiese Magana Mar 2021 5.2k $85k
Riggs Asset Managment Mar 2021 5.1k $83k
Concord Wealth Partners Mar 2021 5.1k $83k
TSFG Mar 2021 5.0k $82k
Fiduciary Planning Mar 2021 5.0k $81k
Focused Wealth Management Mar 2021 4.6k $75k
Financial Advantage Mar 2021 4.5k $73k
Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning Mar 2021 4.5k $73k
IAG Wealth Partners Mar 2021 4.4k $73k
First PREMIER Bank Mar 2021 4.4k $71k
Atticus Wealth Management Mar 2021 4.0k $65k
Blume Capital Management Mar 2021 4.0k $65k
Tradewinds Capital Management Mar 2021 3.5k $57k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 3.4k $55k
McIlrath & Eck Mar 2021 3.2k $53k
Ellevest Mar 2021 3.1k $51k
CVA Family Office Mar 2021 3.1k $51k
Private Ocean Mar 2021 3.1k $50k
Adirondack Trust Mar 2021 3.0k $49k
Truvestments Capital Mar 2021 2.9k $48k
Accel Wealth Management Mar 2021 2.9k $47k
Carmichael Hill & Associates Mar 2021 2.8k $45k
Spectrum Management Mar 2021 2.8k $45k
Private Capital Group Mar 2021 2.6k $43k
Center for Financial Planning Mar 2021 2.6k $42k
Mascoma Wealth Management Mar 2021 2.5k $41k
Trust Co Of Vermont Mar 2021 2.4k $40k
Bellwether Advisors Mar 2021 2.4k $39k
GeoWealth Management Mar 2021 2.3k $38k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Mar 2021 2.3k $38k
Sound Income Strategies Mar 2021 2.2k $36k
Litman Gregory Asset Management Mar 2021 2.2k $36k
AllSquare Wealth Management Mar 2021 2.1k $34k
Black Swift Group Mar 2021 2.0k $33k
A. Montag and Associates Mar 2021 2.0k $33k
Bellevue Asset Management Mar 2021 1.9k $30k
Hm Payson & Co Mar 2021 1.8k $29k
Financial Management Professionals Mar 2021 1.8k $29k
FinTrust Capital Advisors Mar 2021 1.8k $29k
Reilly Financial Advisors Mar 2021 1.7k $28k
Pinnacle Bank Mar 2021 1.7k $28k
Massey, Quick & Co Mar 2021 1.7k $27k
Bedel Financial Consulting Mar 2021 1.7k $27k
Regal Wealth Group Mar 2021 1.6k $27k
FTB Advisors Mar 2021 1.6k $25k
Old Second Wealth Management Mar 2021 1.6k $25k
Roble, Belko & Company Mar 2021 1.5k $24k
WealthTrust DunckerStreett Mar 2021 1.5k $24k
Manchester Financial Mar 2021 1.4k $23k
Northwest Investment Counselors Mar 2021 1.4k $23k
Valley National Advisers Mar 2021 1.3k $22k
Better Money Decisions Mar 2021 1.2k $20k
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main Mar 2021 1.2k $19k
Semmax Financial Advisors Mar 2021 1.1k $18k
Main Management Mar 2021 1.1k $18k
Key FInancial Mar 2021 1.1k $18k
Sailer Financial Mar 2021 1.1k $17k
Atlas Capital Advisors Mar 2021 1.0k $16k
Evolution Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 1.0k $16k
Providence Capital Advisors Mar 2021 1.0k $16k
Enterprise Trust & Investment Mar 2021 914.00 $15k
Stonebridge Financial Planning Group Mar 2021 912.00 $15k
First National Bank of South Miami Mar 2021 832.00 $14k
Rocky Mountain Advisers Mar 2021 800.00 $13k
Old North State Trust Mar 2021 765.00 $12k
Wagner Wealth Management Mar 2021 762.00 $12k
Capital Advisors Mar 2021 737.00 $12k
Cribstone Capital Management Mar 2021 669.00 $11k
Salem Investment Counselors Mar 2021 660.00 $11k
Investors Research Corp Mar 2021 645.00 $10k
Concannon Wealth Management Mar 2021 569.00 $9.0k
CoreFirst Bank & Trust Mar 2021 550.00 $9.0k
John W. Brooker & Co., CPAs Mar 2021 541.00 $9.0k
Independence Bank of Kentucky Mar 2021 459.00 $7.0k
Ironwood Wealth Management Mar 2021 395.00 $6.0k
Total Clarity Wealth Management Mar 2021 350.00 $6.0k
Kistler-Tiffany Advsiors Mar 2021 336.00 $5.0k
Cordasco Financial Network Mar 2021 325.00 $5.0k
RMR Wealth Builders Mar 2021 325.00 $5.0k
13F Holdings Report Mar 2021 323.00 $5.0k
Valley Brook Capital Group Mar 2021 300.00 $4.0k
Mine & Arao Wealth Creation & Management Mar 2021 300.00 $5.0k
MCF Advisors Mar 2021 286.00 $5.0k
SOA Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 280.00 $4.0k
Cullen Frost Bankers Mar 2021 280.00 $5.0k
Crescent Capital Consulting Mar 2021 250.00 $4.0k
Ariel Capital Advisors Mar 2021 250.00 $4.0k
Howe and Rusling Mar 2021 250.00 $4.0k
Meridian Wealth Partners Mar 2021 230.00 $4.0k
Highlander Capital Management Mar 2021 220.00 $4.0k
Delta Asset Management Mar 2021 210.00 $3.0k
FormulaFolio Investments Mar 2021 208.00 $4.0k
Piscataqua Savings Bank Mar 2021 207.00 $3.0k
Rockbridge Investment Management, LCC Mar 2021 191.00 $3.0k
Atlas Private Wealth Advisors Mar 2021 187.00 $3.0k
Trustcore Financial Services Mar 2021 114.00 $2.0k
HighMark Wealth Management Mar 2021 100.00 $2.0k
O'shaughnessy Asset Management Mar 2021 84.00 $1.0k
JJJ Advisors Mar 2021 65.00 $999.999000
Hexagon Capital Partners Mar 2021 56.00 $0
Filbrandt Wealth Management Mar 2021 55.00 $999.999000
MBM Wealth Consultants Mar 2021 47.00 $1.0k
IronBridge Private Wealth Mar 2021 42.00 $999.999000
DB Wealth Management Group Mar 2021 35.00 $999.999000
Pin Oak Investment Advisors Mar 2021 16.00 $0
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Mar 2021 12.00 $0