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Top investors of Magellan Midstream Partners stock

Who bought or sold Magellan Midstream Partners this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
ALPS Advisors 13M $827M -14% Jun 2023
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Goldman Sachs Group 7.0M $439M 14% Jun 2023
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Henderson Group 6.5M $407M -16% Jun 2023
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Jpmorgan Chase & Co 5.0M $314M 208% Jun 2023
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Tortoise Capital Advisors 4.7M $291M 31% Jun 2023
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Invesco 4.4M $272M -43% Jun 2023
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ClearBridge Advisors 2.9M $179M -1% Jun 2023
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Susquehanna International 2.3M $142M 48% Jun 2023
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Atlantic Trust 1.8M $115M 22% Jun 2023
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Bank of America Corporation 1.5M $94M -17% Jun 2023
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Hrt Financial 1.1M $70M 100% Jun 2023
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Bollard 828k $52M 2% Jun 2023
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Wells Fargo & Company 713k $44M 100% Jun 2023
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Fairview Capital Investment Management 663k $41M -2% Jun 2023
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Natixis 615k $38M -31% Jun 2023
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LPL Financial 374k $23M -5% Jun 2023
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Royal Bank of Canada 319k $20M 100% Jun 2023
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Recurrent Investment Advisors 261k $16M 7% Jun 2023
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Water Island Capital 210k $13M 100% Jun 2023
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Tortoise Index Solutions 190k $12M -11% Jun 2023
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Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc 185k $12M -27% Jun 2023
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Pnc Financial Services 173k $11M 0% Jun 2023
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FMR 160k $9.9M 79% Jun 2023
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Evergreen Capital Management 123k $7.6M -1% Jun 2023
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MAI Wealth Advisors 121k $7.6M -2% Jun 2023
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Advisor Group Holdings 114k $7.1M -23% Jun 2023
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State of Wisconsin Investment Board 112k $7.0M 100% Jun 2023
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Williams Jones Wealth Management 109k $6.8M -34% Jun 2023
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HPM Partners 109k $6.8M -1% Jun 2023
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National Asset Management 92k $5.7M -5% Jun 2023
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Bradley, Foster & Sargent 83k $5.2M 0% Sep 2023
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Envestnet Asset Management 79k $4.9M -31% Jun 2023
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Icon Wealth Partners 67k $4.2M -7% Jun 2023
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Goss Wealth Management 63k $3.9M -6% Jun 2023
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HighVista Strategies 56k $3.5M 100% Jun 2023
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Botty Investors 55k $3.4M 0% Jun 2023
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Walleye Trading 50k $3.1M -46% Jun 2023
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Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp 46k $2.9M -1% Jun 2023
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Prostatis Group 46k $46k 100% Jun 2023
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Ameriprise Financial 44k $2.8M 27% Jun 2023
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Franklin Resources 44k $2.7M 9% Jun 2023
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Pinnacle Holdings 40k $2.5M -2% Jun 2023
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Snowden Capital Advisors 40k $2.5M -1% Jun 2023
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Nuveen Asset Management 39k $2.4M 44% Jun 2023
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Epacria Capital Partners 39k $2.4M -24% Jun 2023
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Stephens 38k $2.3M 0% Jun 2023
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BlackRock 36k $2.2M -10% Jun 2023
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Cowen Prime Advisors 35k $2.2M 0% Jun 2023
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Hilton Capital Management 34k $2.1M 0% Jun 2023
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Basso Capital Management 34k $2.1M -4% Jun 2023
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Susquehanna Fundamental Investments 34k $2.1M 0% Jun 2023
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Silvercrest Asset Management Group 33k $2.1M -25% Jun 2023
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Aurora Investment Counsel 33k $2.1M -2% Jun 2023
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Morningstar Investment Management 30k $1.9M -17% Jun 2023
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Cohen & Steers Capital Management 28k $1.8M 100% Jun 2023
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Clifford Swan Investment Counsel 27k $1.7M 0% Jun 2023
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R.m.sincerbeaux Capital Management 26k $1.6M 0% Jun 2023
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Institutional & Family Asset Management 26k $1.6M 15% Jun 2023
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ProShare Advisors 25k $1.6M 29% Jun 2023
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Prospera Financial Services 24k $1.5M 3% Jun 2023
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Hsbc Holdings 23k $1.5M -10% Jun 2023
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Beacon Financial 23k $1.5M 0% Sep 2023
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Mml Investors Services 23k $1.4M -30% Jun 2023
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Sl Advisors 23k $1.4M 4% Jun 2023
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Kellner Capital 22k $1.3M 100% Jun 2023
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Voya Financial Advisors 20k $1.3M -25% Jun 2023
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Moore Capital Management 20k $1.2M 100% Jun 2023
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Disciplined Investments 19k $1.2M -15% Jun 2023
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NEIRG Wealth Management 19k $1.2M -13% Jun 2023
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Hutner Capital Management 17k $1.1M 3% Jun 2023
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Delta Investment Management 17k $1.0M -59% Jun 2023
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Payden & Rygel 16k $1.1M 100% Sep 2023
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First Capital Advisors 15k $939k 0% Jun 2023
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Bessemer 15k $909k 0% Jun 2023
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Robertson Stephens Wealth Management 14k $872k 0% Jun 2023
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Quadrant Capital 14k $860k 0% Jun 2023
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South Street Advisors 14k $843k 0% Jun 2023
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Pacer Advisors 12k $759k -42% Jun 2023
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Veritable 12k $744k 0% Jun 2023
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True North Advisors 12k $726k 0% Jun 2023
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Notis-McConarty Edward 11k $697k -6% Jun 2023
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Mutual Advisors 11k $694k 12% Jun 2023
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Russell Investments 11k $661k 0% Jun 2023
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GRT Capital Partners 10k $646k 0% Jun 2023
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Vanguard Group 10k $638k 0% Jun 2023
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First Manhattan 10k $629k -72% Jun 2023
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Verity Asset Management 8.8k $550k -29% Jun 2023
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Geode Capital Management 8.4k $526k 2% Jun 2023
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Aspen Grove Capital 8.0k $500k 100% Jun 2023
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Spears Abacus Advisors 7.6k $473k 0% Jun 2023
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EP Wealth Advisors 7.4k $6.7M -40% Jun 2023
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Endurance Wealth Management 7.3k $454k 0% Jun 2023
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Legacy Financial Group 7.1k $443k -1% Jun 2023
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Fiduciary Trust Company 7.0k $435k 0% Jun 2023
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Lido Advisors 6.6k $414k 44% Jun 2023
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Silver Oak Securities 6.5k $406k 0% Sep 2023
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Meridian Wealth Advisors 6.1k $383k 0% Jun 2023
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Edge Capital Group 6.1k $377k -21% Jun 2023
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Evermay Wealth Management 5.9k $368k 0% Jun 2023
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BCJ Capital Management 5.8k $360k -25% Jun 2023
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Evercore Wealth Management 5.5k $345k 0% Jun 2023
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TCG Advisory Services 5.5k $342k -1% Jun 2023
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Retirement Investment Advisors 5.3k $330k 7% Jun 2023
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Laird Norton Tyee Trust 5.1k $319k 0% Jun 2023
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Atlantic Trust 5.1k $274k -80% Jun 2023
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FourThought Financial Partners 5.0k $312k 100% Jun 2023
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Matrix Private Capital Group 5.0k $312k 0% Jun 2023
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Financial Gravity Wealth 4.5k $111k 1400% Sep 2023
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Trustmark National Bank - Trust Department 4.5k $280k 0% Jun 2023
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Parkside Financial Bank & Trust 4.5k $279k -13% Jun 2023
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Cornerstone Advisory 4.4k $277k 0% Jun 2023
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Walleye Trading Advisors 4.4k $276k 100% Jun 2023
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Oxford Financial 4.3k $270k 1% Jun 2023
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Actinver Wealth Management 4.2k $262k 100% Jun 2023
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Freestone Capital Holdings 4.0k $251k 1% Jun 2023
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Excalibur Management Corporation 4.0k $249k 0% Jun 2023
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Bedel Financial Consulting 4.0k $249k 0% Jun 2023
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Osterweis Capital Management 4.0k $249k 0% Jun 2023
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Parallel Advisors 3.9k $244k -13% Jun 2023
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CWA Asset Management 3.5k $220k -38% Jun 2023
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Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 3.5k $219k 0% Jun 2023
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Cresset Asset Management 3.5k $219k 100% Jun 2023
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IHT Wealth Management 3.3k $205k -24% Jun 2023
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Bramshill Investments 2.7k $170k -96% Jun 2023
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Ronald Blue Trust 2.6k $164k -3% Sep 2023
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BerganKDV Wealth Management 2.3k $143k -18% Jun 2023
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CoreCommodity Management 2.1k $131k 100% Jun 2023
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Glassman Wealth Services 2.1k $131k 0% Jun 2023
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Farther Finance Advisors 2.0k $125k 0% Jun 2023
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Geneos Wealth Management 1.8k $121k -76% Sep 2023
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Sunbelt Securities 1.6k $100k 426% Jun 2023
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White Bay PT 1.5k $95k 100% Jun 2023
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Creative Financial Designs 1.3k $80k 0% Jun 2023
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Trust Co Of Vermont 1.2k $73k 0% Jun 2023
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Estabrook Capital Management 1.1k $69k 0% Jun 2023
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ICA Group Wealth Management 1.0k $62k 0% Jun 2023
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Coastal Capital Group 842.00 $53k 2% Jun 2023
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CoreFirst Bank & Trust 840.00 $52k 0% Jun 2023
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Benjamin F. Edwards & Company 774.00 $48k 1% Jun 2023
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O'Dell Group 750.00 $47k 100% Jun 2023
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Valley National Advisers 723.00 $46k -53% Jun 2023
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Lumature Wealth Partners 667.00 $42k 0% Jun 2023
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Bank of New Hampshire 450.00 $31k 0% Sep 2023
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Vigilant Capital Management 410.00 $26k 0% Jun 2023
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Beacon Capital Management 291.00 $18k 0% Sep 2023
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First Command Bank 250.00 $16k 0% Jun 2023
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First Command Financial Services 250.00 $16k 0% Jun 2023
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TrueNorth 173.00 $11k 100% Jun 2023
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New Millennium Group 140.00 $8.7k 2% Jun 2023
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Coppell Advisory Solutions 100.00 $5.0k -38% Sep 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $69.000000 -100% Sep 2023
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IFP Advisors 0 $0 -100% Sep 2023
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Who sold out of Magellan Midstream Partners?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Morgan Stanley Jun 2023 6.9M $432M
Energy Income Partners Jun 2023 6.0M $374M
Blackstone Group Jun 2023 5.9M $365M
UBS Group Jun 2023 3.9M $245M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Jun 2023 3.3M $205M
Chickasaw Capital Management Jun 2023 2.6M $164M
Westchester Capital Management Jun 2023 1.2M $74M
Brookfield Asset Management Jun 2023 906k $57M
Barclays Jun 2023 787k $49M
Calamos Advisors Jun 2023 739k $46M
Cowen And Company Jun 2023 725k $45M
Fractal Investments Jun 2023 697k $43M
ING Groep Jun 2023 650k $41M
Miller/Howard Investments Jun 2023 648k $40M
Jennison Associates Jun 2023 552k $34M
First Eagle Investment Management Jun 2023 510k $32M
Yale Capital Corp. Jun 2023 505k $32M
David W. Seeley Jun 2023 480k $30M
Beach Investment Counsel Jun 2023 474k $30M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2023 472k $29M
Infrastructure Capital Advisors Jun 2023 467k $29M
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Jun 2023 457k $29M
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.p Jun 2023 403k $25M
HighTower Advisors Jun 2023 378k $24M
Jane Street Jun 2023 362k $23M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Jun 2023 359k $22M
Capital Investment Advisors Jun 2023 312k $19M
New York Life Investment Management Jun 2023 303k $19M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Jun 2023 286k $18M
Raymond James & Associates Jun 2023 278k $17M
Chicago Partners Investment Jun 2023 274k $18M
Dividend Growth Advisors Jun 2023 272k $17M
Progeny 3 Jun 2023 257k $16M
Vivaldi Asset Management Jun 2023 253k $16M
Citigroup Mar 2023 238k $13M
International Assets Investment Management Jun 2023 234k $470k
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Jun 2023 214k $13M
Spirit Of America Management Corp Jun 2023 213k $13M
Oxbow Advisors Mar 2023 201k $11M
Neuberger Berman Group Jun 2023 197k $12M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 193k $12M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Jun 2023 191k $12M
Exchange Traded Concepts Jun 2023 190k $12M
Westwood Holdings Jun 2023 185k $12M
Karpas Strategies Jun 2023 185k $12M
M^T Bank Corporation Jun 2023 183k $11M
William Blair $ Company Jun 2023 183k $11M
Glenmede Trust Company Jun 2023 178k $9.6M
Stifel Financial Jun 2023 162k $10M
Captrust Financial Advisors Jun 2023 160k $10M
Heronetta Management Jun 2023 158k $9.8M
Sovereign Investment Advisors Jun 2023 144k $9.0M
U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 139k $8.6M
Investment Management Associates Jun 2023 139k $8.6M
WP Advisors Jun 2023 138k $8.6M
Insight Folios Jun 2023 136k $8.5M
Morningstar Investment Services Jun 2023 133k $8.3M
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Jun 2023 127k $7.9M
Bridgecreek Investment Management Jun 2023 122k $7.6k
Cushing MLP Asset Management Jun 2023 121k $7.6M
Americana Partners Jun 2023 121k $7.6M
Us Bancorp Jun 2023 120k $7.5M
Gilman Hill Asset Management Jun 2023 116k $7.2M
First Trust Advisors Mar 2023 115k $6.2M
Leavell Investment Management Jun 2023 113k $7.0M
United Capital Financial Advisers Jun 2023 111k $6.9M
Keybank National Association Jun 2023 105k $6.5M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Jun 2023 104k $6.5M
CI Private Wealth Jun 2023 100k $6.2M
Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / Jun 2023 99k $6.2M
Davenport & Co Jun 2023 96k $6.0M
Bard Financial Services Jun 2023 93k $5.8M
Moors & Cabot Jun 2023 92k $5.7M
Creative Planning Jun 2023 92k $5.7M
Cottage Street Advisors Jun 2023 88k $5.5M
Commonwealth Equity Services Jun 2023 88k $5.5M
Oak Family Advisors Jun 2023 87k $5.4M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Jun 2023 86k $5.4M
Janney Montgomery Scott Jun 2023 84k $5.2M
Soros Fund Management Jun 2023 82k $5.1M
Jackson Hole Capital Partners Jun 2023 75k $4.7M
Tectonic Advisors Jun 2023 74k $4.6M
CX Institutional Jun 2023 64k $4.0M
Luther King Capital Management Corporation Jun 2023 63k $3.9M
Edgemoor Investment Advisors Jun 2023 63k $3.9M
D.A. Davidson & Co. Jun 2023 61k $3.8M
Rockefeller Capital Management Jun 2023 60k $3.7M
Hennessy Advisors Jun 2023 59k $3.7M
Baldwin Brothers Jun 2023 58k $3.6M
Wolverine Trading Jun 2023 57k $3.6M
Ensign Peak Advisors Jun 2023 57k $3.5M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Jun 2023 55k $3.4M
Northern Trust Jun 2023 54k $3.4M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Jun 2023 54k $3.3M
Annandale Capital Jun 2023 53k $3.3M
InterOcean Capital Group Jun 2023 53k $3.3M
Sontag Advisory Jun 2023 53k $3.3M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Jun 2023 52k $3.3M
Chilton Capital Management Jun 2023 52k $3.2M
Catalyst Capital Advisors Jun 2023 52k $3.2M
Financial Network Investment Corporation Jun 2023 51k $3.2M
Advisors Asset Management Jun 2023 50k $3.1M
Amundi Mar 2023 49k $2.7M
Moneta Group Investment Advisors Jun 2023 48k $3.0M
Green Square Capital Jun 2023 48k $3.0M
Fifth Lane Capital Jun 2023 47k $2.9M
Macquarie Group Mar 2023 47k $2.5M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Jun 2023 46k $2.9M
Apollon Wealth Management Jun 2023 45k $2.8M
Cohen Capital Management Jun 2023 45k $2.8M
First Republic Investment Management Jun 2023 43k $2.7M
Allen Capital Group Jun 2023 43k $2.7M
Pin Oak Investment Advisors Jun 2023 41k $2.6M
Gabelli Funds Jun 2023 41k $2.5M
Eagle Global Advisors Jun 2023 40k $2.5M
R.H. Dinel Investment Counsel Jun 2023 37k $2.3M
Narwhal Capital Management Jun 2023 35k $2.2M
SG Americas Securities Jun 2023 34k $2.1M
CSS Jun 2023 34k $2.1M
Spire Wealth Management Jun 2023 33k $2.0M
ICON Advisers Mar 2023 32k $1.8M
LexAurum Advisors Jun 2023 32k $2.0M
Vaughan Nelson Investment Management Jun 2023 31k $2.0M
Cfm Wealth Partners Jun 2023 31k $1.9M
Sheets Smith Wealth Management Jun 2023 31k $1.9M
CastleArk Management Jun 2023 31k $1.9M
Bank Of Montreal Jun 2023 30k $1.9M
Verity and Verity Jun 2023 30k $1.9M
H D Vest Advisory Services Jun 2023 30k $1.9M
Pathstone Family Office Jun 2023 30k $1.9M
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Jun 2023 30k $1.8M
Cetera Investment Advisers Jun 2023 29k $1.8M
Rs Crum Jun 2023 29k $1.8M
Ziegler Capital Management Jun 2023 28k $1.8M
Mercer Global Advisors Jun 2023 28k $1.7M
Northeast Financial Consultants Jun 2023 28k $1.7M
Salem Investment Counselors Jun 2023 26k $1.6M
Cadent Capital Advisors Jun 2023 26k $1.6M
Searle & Co. Jun 2023 26k $1.7M
FLC Capital Advisors Mar 2023 25k $1.4M
Riverview Capital Advisers Mar 2023 25k $1.4M
Van Eck Associates Corp. Jun 2023 25k $1.5M
Olistico Wealth Jun 2023 25k $1.5M
Bank of New York Mellon Jun 2023 24k $1.5M
Regatta Capital Group Jun 2023 23k $1.5M
GraniteShares Advisors Jun 2023 23k $1.5M
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Jun 2023 23k $1.4M
HB Wealth Management Jun 2023 23k $1.4M
Gail Mannix Jun 2023 22k $1.4M
Grey Street Capital Jun 2023 22k $1.4M
TD Waterhouse Canada Jun 2023 21k $1.3M
Magnolia Capital Management Jun 2023 21k $1.3M
Cypress Capital Group Jun 2023 21k $1.3M
Sequoia Financial Advisors Jun 2023 21k $1.3M
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Jun 2023 21k $1.3M
Perigon Wealth Management Jun 2023 20k $1.3M
Birch Capital Management Jun 2023 20k $1.3M
Red Door Wealth Management Jun 2023 20k $1.2M
Private Advisor Jun 2023 20k $1.2M
Advisor OS Jun 2023 20k $1.2M
Veracity Capital Jun 2023 20k $1.2M
Tocqueville Asset Management Jun 2023 19k $1.2M
Samalin Investment Counsel Mar 2023 19k $1.0M
Difesa Capital Management Jun 2023 18k $1.1M
Buckingham Asset Management Jun 2023 18k $1.1M
Linscomb & Williams Jun 2023 18k $1.1M
Cowa Jun 2023 18k $1.1M
ProVise Management Group Jun 2023 18k $1.1M
Blankinship & Foster Jun 2023 17k $1.1M
Mitchell Mcleod Pugh & Williams Jun 2023 17k $1.1M
BancFirst Trust & Investment Management Jun 2023 17k $1.0M
Parkwood Jun 2023 16k $1.0M
American Financial Group Jun 2023 16k $997k
May Louie Jun 2023 16k $977k
SkyView Investment Advisors Jun 2023 15k $939k
PSI Advisors Jun 2023 15k $923k
Lindbrook Capital Jun 2023 15k $912k
Cullen Frost Bankers Jun 2023 15k $910k
Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors Jun 2023 15k $904k
Mosaic Family Wealth Partners Jun 2023 14k $886k
Oppenheimer Asset Management Jun 2023 14k $877k
Savant Capital Management Jun 2023 14k $873k
McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management Jun 2023 14k $863k
Town & Country Bank & Trust CO dba First Bankers Trust Jun 2023 14k $850k
Diversified Trust Company Jun 2023 14k $850k
Bristlecone Advisors Jun 2023 13k $835k
Multi-Financial Securities Jun 2023 13k $824k
Childress Capital Advisors Jun 2023 13k $820k
Golden State Equity Partners Jun 2023 13k $819k
Vaughan And Company Securities Jun 2023 13k $817k
Ancora Advisors Jun 2023 13k $786k
Western Wealth Management Jun 2023 12k $775k
Tower Research Capital Jun 2023 12k $768k
Busey Trust Company Jun 2023 12k $768k
Joel Isaacson & Co Jun 2023 12k $759k
Segment Wealth Management Jun 2023 12k $750k
Atria Wealth Solutions Jun 2023 12k $739k
Financial Counselors Jun 2023 12k $723k
Harbor Investment Advisory Jun 2023 11k $702k
FTB Advisors Jun 2023 11k $701k
Oppenheimer & Co Jun 2023 11k $693k
Regions Bank Jun 2023 11k $692k
Peter B. Cannell & Co Mar 2023 11k $602k
Quantum Private Wealth Jun 2023 11k $691k
Integrated Wealth Concepts Jun 2023 11k $687k
Ipswich Investment Management Jun 2023 11k $672k
Colony Group Jun 2023 11k $671k
HoyleCohen Jun 2023 11k $665k
V Wealth Management Jun 2023 11k $663k
Tower Bridge Advisors Jun 2023 11k $654k
RiverGlades Family Offices Jun 2023 10k $649k
Burns Wealth Management Jun 2023 10k $648k
Umb Bank N A Jun 2023 10k $637k
Jacobi Capital Management Jun 2023 10k $630k
Silvia Mccoll Wealth Management Jun 2023 10k $625k
Heritage Trust Jun 2023 10k $625k
Outfitter Financial Jun 2023 10k $623k
Independent Advisor Alliance Jun 2023 10k $623k
Lincoln National Jun 2023 9.7k $602k
Coastline Trust Jun 2023 9.7k $602k
CWM Jun 2023 9.6k $597k
Arkfeld Wealth Strategies Jun 2023 9.3k $594k
Anderson Hoagland & Co Jun 2023 9.3k $577k
We Are One Seven Jun 2023 9.0k $560k
Trellis Advisors Jun 2023 8.9k $556k
Cascade Investment Group Jun 2023 8.9k $555k
Df Dent & Co Jun 2023 8.9k $553k
Clear Harbor Asset Management Jun 2023 8.6k $536k
ELCO Management Jun 2023 8.5k $531k
Cutler Jun 2023 8.5k $26k
Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company Jun 2023 8.5k $529k
Mayflower Financial Advisors Jun 2023 8.4k $521k
Essex Financial Services Jun 2023 8.3k $519k
Sonora Investment Management Group Jun 2023 8.3k $518k
Sage Mountain Advisors Jun 2023 8.3k $515k
SageView Advisory Group Jun 2023 8.3k $514k
Boston Financial Mangement Jun 2023 8.2k $512k
Rothschild Investment Corp Jun 2023 8.2k $511k
SignalPoint Asset Management Jun 2023 8.1k $505k
Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors Jun 2023 8.1k $503k
Sei Investments Mar 2023 8.0k $435k
Albion Financial Group Jun 2023 8.0k $497k
Donaldson Capital Management Jun 2023 8.0k $496k
Chicago Capital Jun 2023 7.8k $488k
Kaizen Financial Strategies Jun 2023 7.8k $499k
Wealth Alliance Jun 2023 7.7k $478k
Two Sigma Securities Jun 2023 7.7k $477k
Raymond James Trust Jun 2023 7.6k $476k
W. E. Donoghue & Co Jun 2023 7.6k $473k
Level Four Advisory Services Jun 2023 7.6k $471k
Caldwell Sutter Capital Jun 2023 7.5k $470k
Pasadena Private Wealth Jun 2023 7.4k $461k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Jun 2023 7.4k $459k
Grassi Investment Management Jun 2023 7.3k $455k
Howe and Rusling Jun 2023 7.2k $449k
Global Retirement Partners Jun 2023 7.0k $436k
Wambolt & Associates Jun 2023 7.0k $436k
Duff & Phelps Investment Management Jun 2023 6.9k $429k
RDA Financial Network Jun 2023 6.8k $424k
Bp Wealth Management Jun 2023 6.7k $419k
Haverford Trust Company Jun 2023 6.7k $414k
Wedmont Private Capital Jun 2023 6.6k $422k
Argent Trust Jun 2023 6.6k $411k
Colonial River Wealth Management Jun 2023 6.5k $403k
CFO4Life Jun 2023 6.4k $397k
BancorpSouth Bank Jun 2023 6.3k $394k
Lee Financial Jun 2023 6.3k $391k
Brighton Jones Jun 2023 6.2k $387k
Almanack Investment Partners Jun 2023 6.2k $386k
Covenant Asset Management Jun 2023 6.2k $386k
Wealth Alliance Advisory Group Jun 2023 6.1k $379k
Fifth Third Bancorp Jun 2023 6.1k $379k
Ausdal Financial Partners Jun 2023 6.0k $376k
Hm Payson & Co Jun 2023 6.0k $375k
Pegasus Partners Jun 2023 6.0k $374k
Selective Wealth Management Jun 2023 5.9k $372k
Pring Turner Capital Jun 2023 5.9k $369k
Sigma Planning Jun 2023 5.9k $365k
AE Wealth Management Jun 2023 5.8k $364k
BOS Asset Management Jun 2023 5.8k $363k
Modera Wealth Management Jun 2023 5.8k $361k
Signature Wealth Management Partners Jun 2023 5.8k $361k
Ropes Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 5.8k $359k
Stratos Wealth Partners Jun 2023 5.6k $350k
Capital Advisors Jun 2023 5.6k $349k
Sanders Morris Harris Jun 2023 5.6k $347k
R. M. Davis Jun 2023 5.5k $345k
Private Wealth Partners Jun 2023 5.5k $341k
Bogart Wealth Jun 2023 5.4k $339k
Inscription Capital Jun 2023 5.4k $337k
Welch & Forbes Jun 2023 5.4k $334k
Claro Advisors Jun 2023 5.3k $333k
Cambridge Trust Company Jun 2023 5.3k $330k
IFG Advisory Mar 2023 5.3k $287k
Fidelis Capital Partners Jun 2023 5.2k $324k
D. J. St. Germain Jun 2023 5.2k $324k
First Foundation Advisors Jun 2023 5.2k $324k
Beacon Investment Advisory Services Jun 2023 5.2k $321k
Noesis Capital Management Corp. Jun 2023 5.2k $321k
Advisory Services Network Jun 2023 5.1k $320k
PrairieView Partners Jun 2023 5.1k $317k
Central Trust & Investment Jun 2023 5.1k $318k
Principle Wealth Partners Jun 2023 5.1k $318k
Founders Capital Management Jun 2023 5.0k $313k
Sabal Trust Company Jun 2023 5.0k $312k
Griffin Asset Management Jun 2023 5.0k $312k
PEAK6 Investments Jun 2023 5.0k $312k
Adviser Investments Jun 2023 4.9k $304k
Conning Jun 2023 4.9k $303k
Quad-Cities Investment Group Jun 2023 4.8k $300k
Aurum Wealth Management Group Jun 2023 4.8k $300k
Fayez Sarofim & Co Jun 2023 4.8k $298k
Archer Investment Corp Jun 2023 4.8k $298k
Bridges Investment Management Jun 2023 4.8k $296k
Sound View Wealth Advisors Group Jun 2023 4.8k $296k
Stillwater Capital Advisors Jun 2023 4.7k $294k
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Jun 2023 4.7k $293k
Hamilton Point Investment Advisors Jun 2023 4.7k $293k
Sippican Capital Adivsors Jun 2023 4.6k $288k
Hanson McClain Advisors Jun 2023 4.6k $286k
Greenwich Investment Management Jun 2023 4.6k $284k
MONECO Advisors Jun 2023 4.5k $284k
Levy Wealth Management Group Jun 2023 4.5k $281k
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Jun 2023 4.5k $281k
Saratoga Research & Investment Management Jun 2023 4.5k $280k
Arcus Capital Partners Jun 2023 4.5k $279k
Capital Investment Advisory Services Jun 2023 4.5k $277k
Holderness Investments Jun 2023 4.5k $277k
Trinity Legacy Partners Jun 2023 4.4k $277k
Stratos Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 4.4k $277k
Moody Lynn & Co/ Jun 2023 4.4k $277k
Saxon Interests Jun 2023 4.4k $273k
Certified Advisory Corp Jun 2023 4.3k $271k
Evanson Asset Management Jun 2023 4.3k $269k
Capital Advisors Jun 2023 4.3k $268k
B&D White Capital Company Jun 2023 4.3k $267k
Stanley-Laman Jun 2023 4.2k $263k
Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services Jun 2023 4.2k $262k
Ieq Capital Jun 2023 4.2k $261k
Stokes Capital Advisors Jun 2023 4.2k $260k
Dearborn Partners Jun 2023 4.2k $260k
Capasso Planning Partners Jun 2023 4.2k $259k
Gyl Financial Synergies Jun 2023 4.2k $259k
Claybrook Capital Jun 2023 4.2k $259k
Royal Harbor Partners Jun 2023 4.1k $258k
Naples Global Advisors Jun 2023 4.1k $258k
LBMC Investment Advisors Jun 2023 4.1k $257k
Clarkston Capital Partners Jun 2023 4.1k $256k
Violich Capital Management Jun 2023 4.1k $254k
Cyndeo Wealth Partners Jun 2023 4.1k $253k
Hancock Bank Trust Department Jun 2023 4.0k $251k
Bill Few Associates Jun 2023 4.0k $249k
Resonant Capital Advisors Jun 2023 4.0k $249k
Concentric Wealth Management Jun 2023 4.0k $249k
Advisors Management Group Jun 2023 4.0k $249k
Fort Jun 2023 4.0k $248k
Rede Wealth Jun 2023 4.0k $248k
Pamela Horwath Jun 2023 3.9k $245k
ORG Partners Jun 2023 3.9k $246k
Resources Investment Advisors Jun 2023 3.9k $243k
BSW Wealth Partners Jun 2023 3.8k $239k
Country Club Bank Jun 2023 3.8k $236k
Washington Trust Company Jun 2023 3.8k $234k
Crescent Grove Advisors Jun 2023 3.7k $234k
Firestone Capital Management Jun 2023 3.7k $238k
WealthTrust DunckerStreett Jun 2023 3.7k $231k
Bay Colony Advisory Group, Inc d/b/a Bay Colony Advisors Jun 2023 3.6k $226k
FirstPurpose Wealth Jun 2023 3.6k $224k
Blackhill Capital Jun 2023 3.6k $224k
Kmg Fiduciary Partners Jun 2023 3.6k $221k
Carnegie Capital Asset Management Jun 2023 3.5k $218k
Mattern Capital Management Jun 2023 3.5k $218k
Financial Advocates Investment Management Jun 2023 3.5k $218k
Gray Wealth Management Jun 2023 3.5k $218k
Hartline Investment Corporation Jun 2023 3.4k $215k
Royal Capital Wealth Management Jun 2023 3.4k $215k
FineMark National Bank & Trust Jun 2023 3.4k $214k
Ellevest Jun 2023 3.4k $213k
Seaward Management Limited Partnership Jun 2023 3.4k $213k
Integrated Advisors Network Jun 2023 3.3k $208k
Forum Financial Management Jun 2023 3.3k $207k
SeaCrest Wealth Management Jun 2023 3.3k $206k
Southern Capital Advisors Jun 2023 3.3k $206k
Rsm Us Wealth Management Jun 2023 3.3k $204k
Equitable Holdings Jun 2023 3.3k $203k
Sterling Investment Advisors Jun 2023 3.3k $203k
Murphy, Middleton, Hinkle & Parker Jun 2023 3.2k $200k
Platform Technology Partners Jun 2023 3.2k $200k
Sandy Spring Bank Jun 2023 3.0k $187k
M&r Capital Management Jun 2023 2.9k $182k
Loring Wolcott Coolidge Fa Jun 2023 2.6k $162k
TCTC Holdings Jun 2023 2.5k $159k
BDO Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 2.5k $134k
North Star Investment Management Jun 2023 2.5k $154k
Pinnacle Bank Jun 2023 2.3k $143k
Armstrong Advisory Group Jun 2023 2.3k $142k
Cherry Tree Wealth Management Jun 2023 2.3k $142k
Hexagon Capital Partners Jun 2023 2.2k $137k
Carmichael Hill & Associates Jun 2023 2.2k $135k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Jun 2023 2.1k $128k
Smithfield Trust Company Jun 2023 2.0k $126k
Coastal Investment Advisors Jun 2023 2.0k $122k
Bourgeon Capital Management Jun 2023 1.9k $121k
Crewe Advisors Jun 2023 1.9k $115k
Whittier Trust Jun 2023 1.7k $107k
Harbour Investments Jun 2023 1.7k $106k
Godsey and Gibb Jun 2023 1.7k $106k
Canton Hathaway Jun 2023 1.5k $93k
Efficient Wealth Management Jun 2023 1.4k $90k
Gables Capital Management Jun 2023 1.4k $87k
SJS Investment Consulting Jun 2023 1.3k $83k
Heritage Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 1.3k $81k
Arcadia Investment Management Corp Jun 2023 1.3k $79k
Avondale Wealth Management Jun 2023 1.2k $77k
Boyd Watterson Asset Management Jun 2023 1.2k $74k
Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist Mar 2023 1.1k $61k
Dan Callahan Jun 2023 1.0k $62k
Coston, McIsaac & Partners Jun 2023 987.00 $61k
Cypress Capital Management Jun 2023 900.00 $56k
Islay Capital Management Jun 2023 900.00 $56k
Private Trust Co Na Jun 2023 865.00 $54k
Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo Jun 2023 837.00 $52k
Concord Wealth Partners Jun 2023 805.00 $50k
Center for Financial Planning Jun 2023 800.00 $50k
Gradient Investments Jun 2023 798.00 $50k
SCBT Financial Corporation Jun 2023 785.00 $49k
Proequities Jun 2023 757.00 $47M
Signature Jun 2023 738.00 $46k
MCF Advisors Jun 2023 698.00 $44k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 691.00 $43k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Jun 2023 643.00 $40k
Bellevue Asset Management Jun 2023 548.00 $34k
Register Financial Advisors Jun 2023 500.00 $31k
AdvisorNet Financial Jun 2023 498.00 $31k
Ridgewood Investments Jun 2023 428.00 $27k
TCM Advisors Jun 2023 400.00 $25M
Headlands Technologies Jun 2023 369.00 $23k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Jun 2023 365.00 $23k
Private Ocean Jun 2023 350.00 $22k
Asset Dedication Jun 2023 332.00 $21k
Quent Capital Jun 2023 325.00 $20k
Tyler-Stone Wealth Management Jun 2023 300.00 $19k
Resources Management Corp Jun 2023 290.00 $18k
WealthPlan Investment Management Jun 2023 286.00 $18k
Pacific Center for Financial Services Jun 2023 275.00 $17k
TFC Financial Management Jun 2023 253.00 $16k
Iron Horse Wealth Management Jun 2023 250.00 $16k
Focused Wealth Management Jun 2023 214.00 $13k
CarsonAllaria Wealth Management Jun 2023 208.00 $13k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Jun 2023 202.00 $13k
SOA Wealth Advisors Jun 2023 200.00 $13k
CVA Family Office Jun 2023 200.00 $13k
Byrne Asset Management Jun 2023 200.00 $12k
Feltz Wealth PLAN Jun 2023 200.00 $13k
Cape Investment Advisory Jun 2023 183.00 $11k
Retirement Group Jun 2023 169.00 $11k
Financial Management Professionals Jun 2023 166.00 $10k
AlphaMark Advisors Jun 2023 154.00 $10k
Castleview Partners Jun 2023 138.00 $8.6k
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Jun 2023 129.00 $8.0k
Delta Asset Management Jun 2023 125.00 $7.8k
Hazlett, Burt & Watson Jun 2023 104.00 $6.0k
Richard W. Paul & Associates Jun 2023 102.00 $6.4k
Summit Investment Advisors Mar 2023 100.00 $5.4k