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Top investors of New Relic stock

Who bought or sold New Relic this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Vanguard Group 5.6M $477M -8% Sep 2023
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HMI Capital 5.1M $434M 0% Sep 2023
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JANA Partners Management 3.2M $275M 100% Sep 2023
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BlackRock 3.1M $269M -5% Sep 2023
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Fil 2.5M $218M 3382% Sep 2023
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Champlain Investment Partners 2.0M $170M -1% Sep 2023
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Magnetar Financial 1.1M $98M 100% Sep 2023
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State Street Corporation 884k $76M 1% Sep 2023
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Geode Capital Management 803k $69M -3% Sep 2023
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FMR 700k $60M -57% Sep 2023
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Renaissance Technologies 564k $48M -8% Sep 2023
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Qube Research & Technologies 518k $44M -15% Sep 2023
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Morgan Stanley 457k $39M 53% Sep 2023
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Water Island Capital 424k $36M 100% Sep 2023
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Tiedemann Wealth Management 412k $35M 100% Sep 2023
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Woodline Partners 402k $34M 1458% Sep 2023
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Northern Trust 300k $26M 1% Sep 2023
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Goldman Sachs Group 278k $24M -58% Sep 2023
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Nuveen Asset Management 267k $23M -11% Sep 2023
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Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co 254k $22M 100% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Funds 254k $22M 100% Sep 2023
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Susquehanna International 220k $19M -20% Sep 2023
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Gabelli Securities 215k $18M 100% Sep 2023
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American Century Companies 197k $17M 22% Sep 2023
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Daventry Group 177k $15M -39% Sep 2023
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Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 145k $12M 66% Sep 2023
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Springbok Capital Management 131k $11M 100% Sep 2023
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Invesco 107k $9.2M -64% Sep 2023
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Ameriprise Financial 104k $8.9M -69% Sep 2023
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First Trust Advisors 81k $7.0M -73% Sep 2023
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Great-West Life Assurance Company 80k $6.8M 0% Sep 2023
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Yakira Capital Management 80k $6.8M 100% Sep 2023
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Omni Event Management 71k $6.1M 100% Sep 2023
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California State Teachers Retirement System 62k $5.3M -7% Sep 2023
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Gardner Lewis Asset Management 56k $4.8M 100% Sep 2023
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Verition Fund Management 55k $4.7M 308% Sep 2023
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Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado 51k $579k 585% Sep 2023
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Needham Investment Management 48k $4.1M -21% Sep 2023
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 40k $3.4M 100% Sep 2023
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Carmignac Gestion 38k $3.3M 100% Sep 2023
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Cinctive Capital Management 35k $3.0M 100% Sep 2023
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Macquarie Group 35k $3.0M -34% Sep 2023
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Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 35k $3.0M 0% Sep 2023
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Halcyon Management Partners 34k $2.9M 100% Sep 2023
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Sei Investments 32k $2.7M -70% Sep 2023
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Flow State Investments 31k $2.7M 100% Sep 2023
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Harvest Management 30k $2.6M 100% Sep 2023
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Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 30k $2.6M 100% Sep 2023
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Archon Capital Management 28k $2.4M -94% Sep 2023
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EHP Funds 27k $2.3M 100% Sep 2023
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Ing Investment Management 25k $2.2M -1% Sep 2023
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Diametric Capital 21k $1.8M 100% Sep 2023
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ExodusPoint Capital Management 19k $1.6M -15% Sep 2023
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Leucadia National Corporation 19k $1.6M 99% Sep 2023
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GAMCO Asset Management 16k $1.3M 100% Sep 2023
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Quantbot Technologies 12k $1.0M 15% Sep 2023
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Allen Investment Management 11k $936k 0% Sep 2023
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First Republic Investment Management 11k $899k -30% Sep 2023
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ProShare Advisors 10k $877k 100% Sep 2023
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Lombard Odier Asset Management 10k $856k 100% Sep 2023
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Engineers Gate Manager 8.6k $737k -52% Sep 2023
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Hunting Hill Global Capital 7.0k $600k 100% Sep 2023
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PEAK6 Investments 5.6k $476k -89% Sep 2023
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Tower Research Capital 5.5k $472k 763% Sep 2023
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Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 5.2k $447k 100% Sep 2023
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Natixis 5.0k $428k 100% Sep 2023
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Cresset Asset Management 4.4k $379k 34% Sep 2023
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PineBridge Investments 4.0k $341k 100% Sep 2023
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LPL Financial 4.0k $339k -1% Sep 2023
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Dean Capital Investments Management 3.7k $317k 0% Sep 2023
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Envestnet Asset Management 3.4k $291k -74% Sep 2023
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Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 3.4k $289k -2% Sep 2023
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Utah Retirement Systems 3.0k $257k 100% Sep 2023
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IHT Wealth Management 2.9k $247k 100% Sep 2023
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Financial Network Investment Corporation 2.8k $237k 100% Sep 2023
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KBC Group NV 1.2k $104k 100% Sep 2023
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American International 976.00 $84k -5% Sep 2023
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Brian McDonald 237.00 $20k 100% Sep 2023
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IFP Advisors 155.00 $14k 0% Dec 2023
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Grandeur Peak Global Advisors 123.00 $11k -99% Sep 2023
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Loomis, Sayles and 115.00 $10k -97% Sep 2023
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Hanna Zanoni 93.00 $7.9k -100% Sep 2023
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Adirondack Trust 65.00 $5.6k 0% Sep 2023
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Ronald Blue Trust 54.00 $5.0k 100% Dec 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $1.5k -95% Dec 2023
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Who sold out of New Relic?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Eminence Capital Jun 2023 3.8M $249M
Wellington Management Company Sep 2023 2.4M $203M
Pentwater Capital Management Sep 2023 1.9M $167M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2023 1.3M $112M
Contour Asset Management Sep 2023 1.2M $102M
ClearBridge Advisors Sep 2023 947k $81M
Glazer Capital Sep 2023 943k $81M
Vivaldi Asset Management Sep 2023 912k $78M
TIG Advisors Sep 2023 851k $73M
Alpine Associates Management Sep 2023 805k $69M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2023 684k $59M
Sunriver Management Jun 2023 677k $44M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Sep 2023 657k $56M
Millennium Management Sep 2023 656k $56M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Sep 2023 635k $54M
Man Group Sep 2023 603k $52M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2023 568k $49M
Assenagon Asset Management Sep 2023 482k $41M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Sep 2023 467k $40M
Petrus Trust Company Jun 2023 451k $30M
UBS Group Sep 2023 422k $36M
Bank of America Corporation Sep 2023 419k $36M
Rima Management Sep 2023 401k $34M
Citadel Advisors Sep 2023 390k $33M
Melqart Asset Management Sep 2023 384k $33M
Kettle Hill Capital Management Jun 2023 367k $24M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2023 335k $29M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2023 327k $28M
LMR Partners Sep 2023 311k $27M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2023 261k $22M
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Sep 2023 243k $21M
Westchester Capital Management Sep 2023 221k $19M
CNH Partners Sep 2023 202k $17M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Sep 2023 200k $17M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Sep 2023 195k $17M
New York Life Investment Management Sep 2023 191k $16M
AQR Capital Management Sep 2023 172k $15M
CenterBook Partners Jun 2023 169k $11M
Capula Management Sep 2023 164k $14M
Sand Grove Capital Management Sep 2023 159k $14M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2023 153k $13M
Clearline Capital Sep 2023 134k $11M
Credit Suisse Sep 2023 130k $11M
Swiss National Bank Sep 2023 124k $11M
Altrinsic Global Advisors Sep 2023 119k $10M
Capital Fund Management Jun 2023 113k $7.4M
Tokio Marine Asset Management Sep 2023 110k $9.4M
Formula Growth Jun 2023 110k $7.2M
UBS O'Connor Jun 2023 110k $7.2M
Barclays Sep 2023 108k $9.2M
SQN Investors Sep 2023 104k $8.9M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2023 103k $8.8M
Alberta Investment Management Corporation Sep 2023 103k $8.8M
Centiva Capital Sep 2023 100k $8.6M
Kellner Capital Sep 2023 98k $8.4M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Sep 2023 97k $8.3M
Crystalline Management Sep 2023 96k $8.2M
Sapience Investments Jun 2023 96k $6.3M
Penserra Capital Management Sep 2023 94k $8.0M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2023 90k $7.7M
CalPERS Sep 2023 90k $7.7M
Marshall Wace Sep 2023 80k $6.9M
Hrt Financial Sep 2023 78k $6.7M
Ohio Pers Sep 2023 77k $6.6M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2023 77k $6.6M
Calamos Advisors Sep 2023 60k $5.1M
NewEdge Wealth Sep 2023 59k $5.0M
PanAgora Asset Management Sep 2023 58k $5.0M
Florida State Board of Administration Sep 2023 57k $4.8M
Legal & General Group Sep 2023 54k $4.6M
Madison Asset Management Sep 2023 52k $4.5M
HGC Investment Management Sep 2023 50k $4.3M
Vazirani Asset Management Sep 2023 50k $4.3M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2023 47k $4.1M
Walleye Trading Advisors Sep 2023 47k $4.0M
TimesSquare Capital Management Sep 2023 47k $4.0M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Sep 2023 46k $3.9M
Quadrature Capital Jun 2023 45k $2.9M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2023 41k $3.5M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Sep 2023 40k $3.4M
ING Groep Sep 2023 39k $3.3M
potrero capital research Sep 2023 37k $3.2M
Gotham Asset Management Sep 2023 35k $3.0M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Sep 2023 35k $3.0M
Source Financial Advisors Sep 2023 32k $2.7M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Sep 2023 32k $2.7M
Bridgewater Associates Sep 2023 31k $2.7M
T. Rowe Price Associates Sep 2023 30k $2.6M
Ensign Peak Advisors Jun 2023 30k $2.0M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2023 27k $2.3M
Henderson Group Sep 2023 26k $2.2M
SWS Partners Jun 2023 26k $1.7M
Acadian Asset Management Jun 2023 25k $1.7M
Walleye Trading Sep 2023 25k $2.2M
Algert Coldiron Investors Sep 2023 25k $2.1M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Sep 2023 25k $2.1M
Raymond James & Associates Sep 2023 24k $2.0M
Bank of Nova Scotia Sep 2023 22k $1.9M
White Bay PT Jun 2023 21k $1.4M
Ergoteles Jun 2023 19k $1.3M
Commonwealth Equity Services Sep 2023 16k $1.4M
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2023 16k $1.4M
Quantinno Capital Management Sep 2023 16k $1.4M
CornerCap Investment Counsel Sep 2023 15k $1.2M
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2023 14k $1.2M
Y-Intercept Jun 2023 14k $883k
Bessemer Sep 2023 13k $1.1M
Caprock Sep 2023 13k $1.1M
Citigroup Sep 2023 12k $1.1M
Squarepoint Ops Sep 2023 12k $1.1M
Diversified Trust Company Sep 2023 12k $1.1M
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2023 12k $1.1M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Sep 2023 12k $980k
DLD Asset Management Sep 2023 11k $942k
Simplex Trading Sep 2023 11k $934k
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2023 11k $927k
Trexquant Investment Sep 2023 11k $897k
HAP Trading Jun 2023 10k $670k
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Sep 2023 10k $867k
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2023 10k $856k
Two Sigma Securities Sep 2023 9.8k $842k
Gts Securities Sep 2023 9.8k $839k
Austin Private Wealth Sep 2023 9.6k $824k
GSA Capital Partners Sep 2023 9.4k $804k
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Sep 2023 9.3k $801k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Sep 2023 8.7k $748k
Redwood Investment Management Sep 2023 8.6k $738k
Janney Montgomery Scott Sep 2023 8.1k $695k
Fis Sep 2023 8.1k $695k
Bck Capital Management Sep 2023 8.0k $685k
Boothbay Fund Management Jun 2023 7.1k $463k
Victory Capital Management Sep 2023 7.0k $601k
Virginia Retirement System Jun 2023 7.0k $458k
SG Americas Securities Sep 2023 7.0k $595k
Principal Financial Group Sep 2023 6.9k $595k
Quantamental Technologies Jun 2023 6.7k $438k
State of Wyoming Sep 2023 6.7k $571k
Vishria Bird Financial Group Sep 2023 6.6k $569k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2023 6.3k $537k
Jane Street Sep 2023 5.7k $487k
PenderFund Capital Management Sep 2023 5.7k $659k
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2023 5.6k $482k
Cannon Global Investment Management Sep 2023 5.5k $471k
Stratos Wealth Partners Sep 2023 5.3k $457k
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Sep 2023 5.2k $444k
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2023 5.0k $428k
NJ State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Sep 2023 5.0k $428k
Fox Run Management Jun 2023 4.9k $322k
Wolverine Trading Sep 2023 4.8k $411k
Hamilton Lane Advisors Sep 2023 4.4k $379k
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Sep 2023 4.3k $372k
Frank, Rimerman Advisors Jun 2023 4.3k $282k
Brevan Howard Capital Management Sep 2023 4.2k $357k
Virtu Financial Jun 2023 4.1k $268k
Creative Planning Sep 2023 3.9k $335k
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Sep 2023 3.9k $334k
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Sep 2023 3.7k $315k
Diam Sep 2023 3.6k $309k
CWM Advisors Sep 2023 3.6k $307k
American Trust Jun 2023 3.5k $230k
Raymond James Trust Sep 2023 3.5k $300k
MetLife Investment Advisors Sep 2023 3.4k $295k
Tairen Capital Jun 2023 3.3k $216k
Hel Ved Capital Management Jun 2023 3.3k $215k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Sep 2023 2.9k $251k
Virtus Investment Advisers Sep 2023 2.9k $245k
Kestra Advisory Services Sep 2023 2.9k $245k
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 2.8k $237k
Parallel Advisors Sep 2023 2.7k $230k
180 Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 2.6k $221k
Coldstream Capital Management Sep 2023 2.5k $215k
JustInvest Sep 2023 2.5k $212k
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2023 1.9k $165k
Neo Ivy Capital Management Jun 2023 1.9k $121k
Alaska Retirement Management Board Sep 2023 1.8k $154k
Wolff Wiese Magana Sep 2023 1.5k $128k
Iron Horse Wealth Management Sep 2023 1.2k $101k
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2023 1.0k $87k
Russell Investments Sep 2023 722.00 $62k
Us Bancorp Sep 2023 664.00 $57k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Sep 2023 615.00 $53k
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2023 558.00 $48k
CWM Sep 2023 481.00 $41k
RidgeWorth Capital Management Sep 2023 460.00 $39k
Park Place Capital Corp Sep 2023 426.00 $37k
Bartlett & Co. Sep 2023 348.00 $30k
Bartlett & Co. Wealth Management Sep 2023 348.00 $30k
Pacer Advisors Sep 2023 242.00 $21k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Sep 2023 200.00 $17k
NISA Investment Advisors Sep 2023 200.00 $17k
Ancora Advisors Sep 2023 200.00 $17k
Covestor Sep 2023 153.00 $13k
Signature Sep 2023 133.00 $11k
Headinvest Sep 2023 130.00 $11k
Strengthening Families & Communities Sep 2023 109.00 $9.0k
Venturi Wealth Management Sep 2023 102.00 $8.7k
Quadrant Capital Sep 2023 76.00 $6.5k
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Sep 2023 60.00 $5.1k
Baker Avenue Asset Management Sep 2023 59.00 $5.1k
Lindbrook Capital Sep 2023 57.00 $4.9k
Private Trust Co Na Sep 2023 42.00 $3.6k
Bell Investment Advisors Sep 2023 39.00 $3.3k
Hanson McClain Advisors Sep 2023 30.00 $2.6k
Harbour Investments Sep 2023 30.00 $2.6k
Quent Capital Sep 2023 24.00 $2.1k
Federated Investors Sep 2023 23.00 $2.0k
Global Retirement Partners Sep 2023 11.00 $945.000100
Creative Financial Designs Sep 2023 9.00 $771.000300
EverSource Wealth Advisors Sep 2023 7.00 $598.999800
Glassman Wealth Services Sep 2023 4.00 $342.000000
Tfo-tdc Sep 2023 3.00 $195.999900