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Who bought or sold Store Capital Corp reit this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
London Company 7.8M $251M -2% Dec 2022
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Morgan Stanley 7.7M $248M 100% Dec 2022
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Geode Capital Management 4.1M $131M 3% Dec 2022
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Westchester Capital Management 4.0M $127M 27% Dec 2022
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Norges Bank Investment Management 3.1M $100M 100% Dec 2022
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Legal & General Group 1.8M $59M 5% Dec 2022
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Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 1.5M $47M 15% Dec 2022
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Melqart Asset Management 1.1M $35M 16% Dec 2022
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Alliancebernstein 949k $30M 43% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Funds 823k $26M 343% Dec 2022
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Wells Fargo & Company 807k $26M -13% Dec 2022
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Nuveen Asset Management 790k $25M -22% Dec 2022
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Qube Research & Technologies 780k $25M 100% Dec 2022
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Hsbc Holdings 765k $25M -28% Dec 2022
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State of Wisconsin Investment Board 761k $24M 51% Dec 2022
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Tudor Investment Corporation 721k $23M 69% Dec 2022
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Royal Bank of Canada 663k $21M 463% Dec 2022
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Invesco 564k $18M 100% Dec 2022
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Gabelli Securities 549k $18M 370% Dec 2022
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Ohio Pers 490k $16M -11% Dec 2022
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Magnetar Financial 477k $15M 5% Dec 2022
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Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers 429k $14M 60% Dec 2022
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Alberta Investment Management Corporation 393k $13M 0% Dec 2022
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D. J. St. Germain 380k $12k -47% Dec 2022
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CI Investments 369k $12M -64% Dec 2022
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Gardner Lewis Asset Management 335k $11M 100% Dec 2022
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Axa 299k $9.6M -45% Dec 2022
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Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership 286k $9.2M 100% Dec 2022
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Bank Of Montreal 273k $8.7M 506% Dec 2022
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Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec 268k $8.6M -44% Dec 2022
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Verition Fund Management 235k $7.5M -39% Dec 2022
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Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 221k $7.1M 1% Dec 2022
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Amundi 178k $5.7M 14% Dec 2022
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 172k $5.5M 98% Dec 2022
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MetLife Investment Advisors 167k $5.4M -2% Dec 2022
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Boothbay Fund Management 165k $5.3M 13% Dec 2022
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CSS 163k $5.2M 1282% Dec 2022
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Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 161k $5.2M 229% Dec 2022
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Brian McDonald 127k $4.1M -2% Dec 2022
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First Trust Advisors 121k $3.9M -53% Dec 2022
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Stifel Financial 107k $3.4M -4% Dec 2022
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Beck Capital Management 90k $2.9M 1% Dec 2022
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CLS Investments 84k $2.7M -6% Dec 2022
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State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 81k $2.6M 0% Dec 2022
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Bridgecreek Investment Management 77k $2.5M -56% Dec 2022
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Harvest Management 70k $2.3M 76% Dec 2022
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Pnc Financial Services 64k $2.1M 3% Dec 2022
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GAMCO Asset Management 63k $2.0M 439% Dec 2022
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Financial Network Investment Corporation 53k $1.7M 27% Dec 2022
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Green Street Investors 45k $1.4M -25% Dec 2022
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Hrt Financial 39k $1.3M 100% Dec 2022
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Havens Advisors 39k $1.3M 0% Dec 2022
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Ing Investment Management 33k $1.1M 0% Dec 2022
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Telemetry Investments 32k $1.0M 100% Dec 2022
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Nissay Asset Management Corp 29k $913k 2% Dec 2022
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Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company 25k $788k -36% Dec 2022
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Prudential Financial 21k $658k -14% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading 17k $532k 93% Dec 2022
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Independent Advisor Alliance 17k $529.714200 64% Dec 2022
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Mariner Wealth Advisors 16k $516k -39% Dec 2022
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First Manhattan 16k $506k -42% Dec 2022
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Kula Investments 14k $460k 100% Dec 2022
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Creative Planning 14k $454k 30% Dec 2022
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Hunting Hill Global Capital 13k $424k 100% Dec 2022
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Evergreen Capital Management 11k $336k 8% Dec 2022
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Regent Investment Management 10k $331k 0% Dec 2022
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Norinchukin Bank, The 10k $327k 17% Dec 2022
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Founders Financial Alliance 10k $321k 1% Dec 2022
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Mirabella Financial Services 9.9k $317k 100% Dec 2022
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Shell Asset Management Company 9.6k $309k -16% Dec 2022
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Multi-Financial Securities 9.1k $290k -22% Dec 2022
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Renaissance Group 8.3k $265k -1% Dec 2022
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 8.2k $264k 0% Dec 2022
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Schnieders Capital Management 7.4k $236k -59% Dec 2022
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Belpointe Asset Management 2.2k $69k 100% Dec 2022
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Truvestments Capital 1.3k $43k 0% Dec 2022
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Trustcore Financial Services 1.3k $43k 0% Dec 2022
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Cedar Wealth Management 1.3k $42k 0% Dec 2022
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CoreCap Advisors 1.2k $38k 100% Dec 2022
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Burleson & Company 1.1k $35k 0% Dec 2022
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Cohen & Steers Capital Management 1.0k $33k -100% Dec 2022
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VitalStone Financial 881.00 $30k 100% Mar 2023
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One Wealth Advisors 670.00 $22k 100% Dec 2022
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Ronald Blue Trust 508.00 $17k 115% Mar 2023
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Proequities 371.00 $12M -1% Dec 2022
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Covestor 335.00 $11k -1% Dec 2022
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Retirement Group 312.00 $10k 6% Dec 2022
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IFP Advisors 175.00 $4.6k -70% Mar 2023
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Steward Partners Investment Advisory 157.00 $5.0k 0% Dec 2022
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Stonebridge Capital Advisors 110.00 $3.5k 1% Dec 2022
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Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 90.00 $2.9k 76% Dec 2022
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Alaska Permanent Fund Corp 22.00 $999.999000 -60% Dec 2022
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Efficient Wealth Management 16.00 $0 100% Mar 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $32.000000 -100% Mar 2023
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Advisor Group Holdings 0 $0 -100% Mar 2023
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Who sold out of Store Capital Corp reit?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Dec 2022 38M $1.2B
BlackRock Dec 2022 29M $936M
State Street Corporation Dec 2022 14M $455M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2022 13M $414M
Fil Dec 2022 9.0M $289M
Pentwater Capital Management Dec 2022 6.5M $208M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2022 4.5M $144M
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2022 3.4M $109M
Millennium Management Dec 2022 3.3M $106M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Dec 2022 3.3M $106M
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Dec 2022 3.2M $102M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2022 3.1M $100M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2022 2.9M $102M
Massachusetts Financial Services Dec 2022 2.9M $94M
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2022 2.9M $94M
Natixis Dec 2022 2.7M $88M
Vivaldi Asset Management Dec 2022 2.6M $84M
Northern Trust Dec 2022 2.4M $77M
Glazer Capital Dec 2022 2.2M $70M
Principal Financial Group Dec 2022 1.9M $63M
Omni Event Management Dec 2022 1.9M $62M
Sand Grove Capital Management Dec 2022 1.8M $58M
Water Island Capital Dec 2022 1.8M $57M
Alpine Associates Management Dec 2022 1.5M $48M
UBS Group Dec 2022 1.5M $47M
Halcyon Management Partners Dec 2022 1.4M $46M
Ergoteles Dec 2022 1.4M $46M
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2022 1.4M $46M
Renaissance Technologies Dec 2022 1.1M $37M
New York Life Investment Management Dec 2022 1.1M $36M
CalPERS Dec 2022 1.1M $35M
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co Dec 2022 1.0M $32M
Polar Securities Dec 2022 950k $31M
CNH Partners Dec 2022 896k $29M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2022 864k $28M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Dec 2022 850k $27M
Empire Life Investments Dec 2022 837k $27M
Rhumbline Advisers Dec 2022 818k $26M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2022 747k $24M
Hutchinson Capital Management Dec 2022 674k $22M
Credit Suisse Dec 2022 669k $22M
Franklin Resources Dec 2022 660k $21M
LPL Financial Dec 2022 639k $21M
Swiss National Bank Dec 2022 614k $20M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Dec 2022 577k $19M
Marshall Wace Dec 2022 557k $18M
Ameriprise Financial Dec 2022 550k $18M
Raymond James & Associates Dec 2022 549k $18M
Tokio Marine Asset Management Dec 2022 536k $17M
Retirement Systems of Alabama Dec 2022 527k $17M
Diam Dec 2022 448k $14M
Calamos Advisors Dec 2022 444k $14M
Great-West Life Assurance Company Dec 2022 432k $14M
Henderson Group Dec 2022 429k $14M
American International Dec 2022 414k $13M
Brown Trout Management Dec 2022 409k $13M
DLD Asset Management Dec 2022 400k $13M
Springbok Capital Management Dec 2022 387k $12M
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Dec 2022 376k $12M
Randolph Company Dec 2022 348k $11M
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Dec 2022 346k $11M
Barclays Dec 2022 343k $11M
California State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 341k $11M
Citigroup Dec 2022 338k $11M
Royal London Asset Management Dec 2022 329k $11M
New York State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 326k $10M
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments Dec 2022 316k $10M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Dec 2022 299k $9.6M
Kellner Capital Dec 2022 279k $8.9M
Yakira Capital Management Dec 2022 269k $8.6M
Nomura Asset Management Dec 2022 269k $8.6M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Dec 2022 263k $8.4M
Florida State Board of Administration Dec 2022 243k $7.8M
Adage Capital Partners GP Sep 2022 240k $7.5M
GoodHaven Capital Management Dec 2022 231k $7.4M
Macquarie Group Dec 2022 231k $7.4M
River Road Asset Management Dec 2022 224k $7.2M
Envestnet Asset Management Dec 2022 222k $7.1M
Susquehanna International Dec 2022 222k $7.1M
Mutual Of America Capital Management Dec 2022 218k $7.0M
Frigate Ventures Dec 2022 200k $6.4M
Ramius Advisors Dec 2022 198k $6.3B
NISA Investment Advisors Dec 2022 194k $6.2M
Amalgamated Bank Dec 2022 191k $6.1M
Ing Clarion Real Estate Securities Sep 2022 182k $5.7M
Texas Permanent School Fund Dec 2022 179k $5.7M
Alaska Retirement Management Board Dec 2022 166k $5.3M
GWM Asset Management Dec 2022 165k $5.3M
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board Dec 2022 162k $5.2M
J. V. Bruni And Company Dec 2022 159k $5.1M
K2 Principal Fund Dec 2022 158k $5.1M
JCP Investment Management Dec 2022 157k $5.0M
Wellington Management Company Dec 2022 157k $5.0M
Royal Fund Management Dec 2022 155k $5.0M
Centiva Capital Dec 2022 151k $4.8M
Yousif Capital Management Dec 2022 145k $4.6M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Dec 2022 143k $4.6M
Davis Selected Advisers Dec 2022 142k $4.5M
EHP Funds Dec 2022 140k $4.5M
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Dec 2022 136k $4.4M
Voloridge Investment Management Dec 2022 131k $4.2M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Dec 2022 125k $4.0M
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Dec 2022 121k $3.9M
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dec 2022 120k $3.8M
M^T Bank Corporation Dec 2022 119k $2.6M
Pictet Asset Management Sa Dec 2022 118k $3.8M
American Century Companies Dec 2022 117k $3.7M
Crystalline Management Dec 2022 115k $3.7M
Dynamic Technology Lab Private Dec 2022 113k $3.6M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Dec 2022 110k $3.5M
Inlet Private Wealth Dec 2022 110k $3.5M
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2022 108k $3.5M
Agf Management Dec 2022 107k $3.4M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2022 103k $3.3M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Dec 2022 102k $3.3M
Brookfield Asset Management Dec 2022 100k $3.2M
Nomura Holdings Dec 2022 100k $3.2M
FORA Capital Sep 2022 97k $3.0M
Winton Capital Dec 2022 91k $2.9M
ING Groep Dec 2022 90k $2.9M
Algert Coldiron Investors Dec 2022 89k $2.9M
Cibc World Markets Dec 2022 86k $2.8M
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2022 84k $2.7M
Mml Investors Services Dec 2022 82k $2.6M
PEAK6 Investments Dec 2022 81k $2.6M
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Dec 2022 80k $2.6M
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund Dec 2022 78k $2.5M
Cutler Dec 2022 75k $2.2M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Dec 2022 72k $2.3M
Daiwa Securities Group Dec 2022 72k $2.3M
Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Dec 2022 72k $2.3M
Arizona State Retirement System Dec 2022 72k $2.3M
Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Dec 2022 71k $2.3M
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Dec 2022 69k $2.2M
Summit Investment Advisors Dec 2022 68k $2.2M
State Treasurer State Of Michigan Dec 2022 68k $2.2M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Dec 2022 67k $2.1M
Lynwood Capital Management Dec 2022 65k $2.1M
Keebeck Alpha Sep 2022 63k $2.0M
Walleye Trading Advisors Sep 2022 61k $1.9M
Victory Capital Management Dec 2022 61k $1.9M
Prairiewood Capital Dec 2022 61k $1.9M
Pensioenfonds DSM Nederland. Dec 2022 60k $1.9M
Diametric Capital Dec 2022 60k $1.9M
Stratos Wealth Partners Dec 2022 59k $1.9M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Dec 2022 58k $1.9M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Dec 2022 57k $1.8M
Vident Investment Advisory Dec 2022 56k $1.8M
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Dec 2022 54k $1.7M
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Dec 2022 54k $1.7M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2022 53k $1.7M
Russell Investments Dec 2022 52k $1.7M
JustInvest Dec 2022 51k $1.6M
Pacer Advisors Dec 2022 51k $1.6M
ProShare Advisors Dec 2022 50k $1.6M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Dec 2022 50k $1.6M
AQR Capital Management Dec 2022 50k $1.6M
Foster & Motley Dec 2022 50k $1.6M
NFC Investments Dec 2022 47k $1.5M
Standard Life Aberdeen Dec 2022 46k $1.5M
Gotham Asset Management Dec 2022 45k $1.4M
Utah Retirement Systems Dec 2022 45k $1.4M
Quantinno Capital Management Dec 2022 43k $1.4M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Dec 2022 43k $1.4M
First Republic Investment Management Dec 2022 42k $1.3M
Waycross Investment Management Dec 2022 42k $1.3M
Wolverine Trading Dec 2022 42k $1.3M
CornerCap Investment Counsel Dec 2022 41k $1.3M
SG Americas Securities Dec 2022 40k $1.3M
Federated Investors Dec 2022 40k $1.3M
Nmerb Dec 2022 40k $1.3M
Jane Street Dec 2022 37k $1.2M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Dec 2022 37k $1.2M
Hikari Power Dec 2022 37k $1.2M
Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Company Dec 2022 36k $1.2M
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Dec 2022 36k $1.2M
Fis Dec 2022 35k $1.1M
Neuberger Berman Group Dec 2022 34k $1.1M
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Dec 2022 33k $1.0M
Capula Management Dec 2022 31k $1.0M
Pettee Investors Dec 2022 31k $981k
Colonial Asset Management Dec 2022 29k $934k
Dearborn Partners Dec 2022 29k $929k
Toronto-Dominion Bank Dec 2022 29k $926k
Private Advisor Dec 2022 29k $927.304800
Hudson Bay Capital Management Dec 2022 29k $912k
FMR Dec 2022 27k $863k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Dec 2022 27k $857k
Van Eck Associates Corp. Dec 2022 27k $850k
Pensionfund Sabic Dec 2022 27k $850k
United Services Automobile Association Dec 2022 26k $835k
Invst Dec 2022 26k $820k
Alpine Partners VI Sep 2022 25k $783k
XTX Topco Dec 2022 25k $796k
Advantus Capital Management Dec 2022 24k $783k
Anchor Capital Advisors Dec 2022 24k $777k
AE Wealth Management Dec 2022 24k $765k
Commonwealth Equity Services Dec 2022 24k $765k
William Blair $ Company Dec 2022 24k $765k
Vontobel Holding Dec 2022 23k $737k
Point72 Middle East FZE Dec 2022 23k $733k
Crossmark Global Holdings Dec 2022 23k $727k
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Dec 2022 22k $720k
Regal Investment Advisors Dec 2022 22k $719k
PenderFund Capital Management Dec 2022 22k $966k
Capital Square Dec 2022 22k $688k
HighTower Advisors Dec 2022 21k $672k
Simplex Trading Dec 2022 20k $655k
First National Trust Company Dec 2022 20k $641k
Hunter Perkins Capital Management Dec 2022 20k $641k
Bck Capital Management Dec 2022 20k $641k
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Dec 2022 20k $640k
Janney Montgomery Scott Dec 2022 20k $630k
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company Dec 2022 19k $613k
RB Capital Management Dec 2022 18k $588k
Commerce Bank N A Dec 2022 18k $581k
HPM Partners Dec 2022 18k $580k
Tower Research Capital Dec 2022 17k $530k
Dynamic Advisors Solutions Dec 2022 17k $530k
Thoroughbred Financial Services Dec 2022 16k $523k
Yorktown Management & Research Company Dec 2022 16k $523k
Virtu Financial Dec 2022 16k $504k
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Dec 2022 15k $495k
Us Bancorp Dec 2022 15k $494k
FNY Investment Advisers Dec 2022 15k $480k
SYSTM Wealth Solutions Dec 2022 15k $477k
Jeppson Wealth Management Dec 2022 15k $474k
Colonial Trust Co / SC Dec 2022 15k $473k
Edmp Dec 2022 15k $468k
Sei Investments Dec 2022 15k $468k
Group One Trading Sep 2022 15k $454k
Greylin Investment Management Dec 2022 14k $445k
Virtus ETF Advisers Dec 2022 13k $431k
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Dec 2022 13k $430k
Lazard Asset Management Dec 2022 13k $427k
Advisory Services Network Dec 2022 13k $424k
Atlantic Trust Dec 2022 13k $420k
Moody National Bank Trust Division Dec 2022 13k $416k
Advisors Asset Management Dec 2022 13k $412k
ProFund Advisors Dec 2022 13k $411k
Marathon Capital Management Dec 2022 13k $407k
Industrial Alliance Investment Management Dec 2022 13k $404k
CCM Partners Dec 2022 13k $399k
Ameritas Advisory Services Dec 2022 12k $390k
Sit Investment Associates Dec 2022 12k $385k
Snowden Capital Advisors Dec 2022 12k $385k
Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services Dec 2022 12k $382k
DoubleLine ETF Adviser Dec 2022 12k $376k
Lincoln National Dec 2022 11k $363k
Rockefeller Capital Management Dec 2022 11k $0
Mirae Asset Global Investments Dec 2022 11k $347k
Park Avenue Securities Dec 2022 11k $336k
HAP Trading Dec 2022 10k $5.0k
Bank of Nova Scotia Dec 2022 10k $329k
Atria Wealth Solutions Dec 2022 10k $326k
Hudson Valley Investment Advisors Dec 2022 10k $325k
Blackston Financial Advisory Group Dec 2022 10k $321k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Dec 2022 10k $321k
Hanna Zanoni Dec 2022 10k $319k
Cetera Investment Advisers Dec 2022 9.9k $318k
Centaurus Financial Dec 2022 9.6k $307k
Pathstone Family Office Dec 2022 9.4k $300k
Mackenzie Financial Dec 2022 9.2k $296k
Wedbush Morgan Securities Dec 2022 9.1k $293k
FourThought Financial Partners Dec 2022 9.1k $290k
Geneos Wealth Management Dec 2022 8.9k $284k
Signature Dec 2022 8.8k $281k
Veritable Dec 2022 8.7k $278k
Moors & Cabot Dec 2022 8.6k $276k
Stratos Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 8.5k $273k
Quadrant Capital Dec 2022 8.2k $262k
Raymond James Trust Dec 2022 8.1k $259k
BT Investment Management Sep 2022 8.0k $252k
Mercer Global Advisors Dec 2022 8.0k $257k
CIBC Global Asset Management Dec 2022 7.7k $248k
Smh Capital Advisors Dec 2022 7.6k $243k
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Dec 2022 7.5k $242k
Inspire Advisors Dec 2022 7.4k $238k
First Hawaiian Bank Dec 2022 7.3k $234k
Sargent Investment Group Dec 2022 7.0k $224k
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Dec 2022 6.7k $215k
Townsquare Capital Dec 2022 6.7k $214k
Integrated Advisors Network Dec 2022 6.5k $208k
JTC Employer Solutions Trustee Dec 2022 6.0k $192k
Cubist Systematic Strategies Dec 2022 5.6k $180k
Central Trust & Investment Dec 2022 5.4k $174k
SRS Capital Advisors Dec 2022 4.9k $158k
Hexagon Capital Partners Dec 2022 4.8k $154k
EWG Elevate Dec 2022 4.0k $127k
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Dec 2022 3.8k $121k
Albion Financial Group Dec 2022 3.7k $120k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Dec 2022 3.7k $119k
Fifth Third Bancorp Dec 2022 3.6k $114k
Ossiam Dec 2022 3.3k $105k
Spire Wealth Management Dec 2022 3.1k $101k
Spirit Of America Management Corp Dec 2022 3.0k $96k
Cullen Frost Bankers Dec 2022 2.4k $77k
Accel Wealth Management Dec 2022 2.4k $76k
Parallel Advisors Dec 2022 2.4k $75k
David W. Seeley Dec 2022 2.2k $72k
Ellevest Dec 2022 1.9k $60k
Phocas Financial Dec 2022 1.8k $58k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Dec 2022 1.8k $57k
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Dec 2022 1.8k $57k
North Star Investment Management Dec 2022 1.5k $48k
TCI Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 1.5k $47k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 1.4k $46k
Private Trust Co Na Dec 2022 1.3k $42k
CVA Family Office Dec 2022 1.3k $41k
Compass Wealth Management Dec 2022 1.2k $39k
CWM Dec 2022 1.1k $36k
White Bay PT Dec 2022 1.1k $35k
Baker Avenue Asset Management Dec 2022 1.1k $34k
Money Concepts Capital Corp Dec 2022 1.1k $34k
Zullo Investment Group Dec 2022 1.0k $33k
Heritage Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 850.00 $27k
Harbour Investments Dec 2022 809.00 $26k
Smithfield Trust Company Dec 2022 800.00 $26k
True Wealth Design Dec 2022 799.00 $26k
Hanson McClain Advisors Dec 2022 792.00 $25k
JJJ Advisors Dec 2022 792.00 $25k
Evermay Wealth Management Dec 2022 700.00 $22k
HHM Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 687.00 $22k
AdvisorNet Financial Dec 2022 652.00 $21k
Global Retirement Partners Dec 2022 652.00 $21k
Coppell Advisory Solutions Corp. Dec 2022 650.00 $21k
Bessemer Dec 2022 650.00 $21k
Coppell Advisory Solutions Dec 2022 650.00 $21k
Equitec Proprietary Markets Dec 2022 600.00 $0
Raleigh Capital Management Dec 2022 600.00 $19k
BerganKDV Wealth Management Dec 2022 574.00 $18k
Lindbrook Capital Dec 2022 573.00 $18k
Wolff Wiese Magana Dec 2022 562.00 $18k
Creative Financial Designs Dec 2022 550.00 $18k
SCBT Financial Corporation Dec 2022 520.00 $17k
Hoey Investments Dec 2022 500.00 $16k
American National Bank Dec 2022 496.00 $16k
Armstrong Advisory Group Dec 2022 477.00 $15k
Bogart Wealth Dec 2022 460.00 $15k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Dec 2022 443.00 $14k
Goss Wealth Management Dec 2022 402.00 $12k
Byrne Asset Management Dec 2022 400.00 $13k
Bell Investment Advisors Dec 2022 343.00 $11k
Twin Lakes Capital Management Dec 2022 314.00 $10k
BDO Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 300.00 $9.6k
Larson Financial Group Dec 2022 300.00 $9.6k
Highlander Capital Management Sep 2022 300.00 $9.0k
Earnest Partners Dec 2022 268.00 $8.6k
Lowe fs Dec 2022 225.00 $7.2k
M&r Capital Management Dec 2022 222.00 $7.1k
AllSquare Wealth Management Dec 2022 200.00 $6.4k
Hollencrest Securities Dec 2022 194.00 $6.2k
Massmutual Trust Dec 2022 151.00 $5.0k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Dec 2022 142.00 $4.6k
Pin Oak Investment Advisors Dec 2022 139.00 $4.0k
Aspire Private Capital Dec 2022 125.00 $4.0k
Kistler-Tiffany Advsiors Dec 2022 124.00 $4.0k
PSI Advisors Dec 2022 105.00 $3.4k
Rise Advisors Dec 2022 97.00 $3.1k
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Dec 2022 78.00 $2.5k
Quent Capital Dec 2022 56.00 $1.8k
Prestige Wealth Management Group Dec 2022 45.00 $1.4k
Capital Advisors Dec 2022 28.00 $1.0k
Concord Wealth Partners Dec 2022 27.00 $866.000700
Financial Management Professionals Dec 2022 20.00 $1.0k
Accurate Wealth Management Dec 2022 9.00 $288.999900
Lee Financial Dec 2022 9.00 $288.999900
Glassman Wealth Services Dec 2022 6.00 $192.000000