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Top investors of Twitter stock

Who bought or sold Twitter this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Jefferies Group 3.7M $164M 153% Sep 2022
KBC Group NV 445k $20M 0% Dec 2022
Eaton Vance Management 335k $15M 0% Sep 2022
Empirical Capital Management 90k $4.0M -51% Sep 2022
Forager Funds Management Pty 74k $3.2M -12% Sep 2022
Sarissa Consulting 52k $2.3M 291% Sep 2022
S. Muoio & Co 41k $1.8M 12% Sep 2022
Keebeck Alpha 31k $1.3M 0% Sep 2022
Diametric Capital 29k $1.3M 139% Sep 2022
RegentAtlantic Capital 24k $1.1M -11% Sep 2022
American Portfolios Advisors 20k $862k 35% Sep 2022

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Strategic Wealth Advisors 19k $821k -42% Sep 2022
Corient Capital Partners 15k $558k 2% Sep 2022
IFP Advisors 12k $449k -28% Dec 2022
Solidarilty Wealth 10k $0 -73% Sep 2022
Westover Capital Advisors 8.3k $362k 0% Sep 2022
55i 8.0k $351k 100% Sep 2022
R.H. Bluestein & Company 7.0k $307k 0% Sep 2022
Wipfli Financial Advisors Llc, 5.8k $253k 100% Sep 2022
Dowling & Yahnke, LLC" 5.4k $236k 100% Sep 2022
Redpoint Investment Management Pty 4.7k $206k -47% Sep 2022
Monolith Advisors 2.0k $88k -84% Sep 2022
Eric H. Strand 1.6k $71k 0% Sep 2022
Covington Capital Management 1.4k $62k 12% Sep 2022
Danda Trouve Investment Management 714.00 $31k 100% Sep 2022
Ronald Blue Trust 670.00 $29k -12% Dec 2022
Surevest 530.00 $23k 0% Sep 2022
Efficient Wealth Management 107.00 $4.0k 0% Dec 2022
Coastal Capital Group 26.00 $1.1k 0% Dec 2022
North Star Investment Management 20.00 $1.1k -95% Dec 2022
Activest Wealth Management 15.00 $658.000500 100% Dec 2022
FourThought Financial 10.00 $0 -95% Sep 2022
Huntington National Bank 1.00 $54.000000 -100% Dec 2022
Geo Capital Gestora de Recursos 0 $0 -100% Dec 2022

Who sold out of Twitter?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Jun 2022 72M $2.7B
BlackRock Jun 2022 51M $1.9B
Pentwater Capital Management Sep 2022 39M $1.7B
State Street Corporation Sep 2022 30M $1.3B
Susquehanna International Sep 2022 23M $1.0B
FMR Sep 2022 18M $806M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 17M $617M
Nomura Holdings Sep 2022 14M $628M
Morgan Stanley Jun 2022 14M $509M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2022 13M $587M
Carl C. Icahn, Individual Sep 2022 13M $549M
D. E. Shaw & Co Sep 2022 9.3M $406M
Walleye Trading Sep 2022 8.5M $372M
Millennium Management Jun 2022 7.8M $291M
Farallon Capital Management Sep 2022 7.8M $340M
Segantii Capital Management Sep 2022 7.7M $339M
ClearBridge Advisors Sep 2022 7.4M $323M
Northern Trust Sep 2022 7.2M $314M
Jane Street Sep 2022 6.8M $299M
UBS Group Sep 2022 6.8M $338M
Taconic Capital Advisors Sep 2022 6.7M $295M
Balyasny Asset Management Sep 2022 5.9M $259M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2022 5.5M $243M
Third Point Sep 2022 5.5M $241M
Bank of New York Mellon Sep 2022 5.1M $0
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2022 5.0M $187M
Bank Of Montreal Sep 2022 4.9M $215M
Antara Capital Sep 2022 4.8M $209M
Legal & General Group Sep 2022 4.6M $200M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Sep 2022 4.3M $190M
Greenlight Capital Sep 2022 4.3M $188M
HAP Trading Sep 2022 4.1M $181M
Jericho Capital Asset Management Sep 2022 4.1M $178M
Amundi Sep 2022 3.8M $194M
Caption Management Sep 2022 3.7M $161M
TOMS Capital Investment Management Sep 2022 3.7M $161M
Hrt Financial Sep 2022 3.6M $159M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Sep 2022 3.6M $159M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Sep 2022 3.6M $156M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Sep 2022 3.5M $155M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jun 2022 3.5M $132M
Fil Sep 2022 3.5M $153M
Bluefin Capital Management Sep 2022 3.4M $149M
Wells Fargo & Company Sep 2022 3.3M $147M
UBS O'Connor Sep 2022 455k $2.7M
TIG Advisors Sep 2022 3.1M $138M
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 3.1M $115M
Swiss National Bank Sep 2022 2.8M $123M
LMR Partners Sep 2022 2.8M $123M
Citigroup Sep 2022 2.7M $119M
Franklin Resources Sep 2022 2.7M $118M
First Trust Advisors Sep 2022 2.5M $110M
Melqart Asset Management Sep 2022 2.4M $106M
Barclays Sep 2022 2.4M $103M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Sep 2022 2.3M $101M
Laurion Capital Management Sep 2022 2.1M $93M
Hsbc Holdings Sep 2022 2.1M $91M
Silver Lake Group Sep 2022 2.1M $92M
Sand Grove Capital Management Sep 2022 2.1M $92M
Tudor Investment Corporation Sep 2022 2.1M $91M
Natixis Sep 2022 2.0M $88M
Squarepoint Ops Sep 2022 2.0M $86M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Sep 2022 1.9M $84M
Adage Capital Partners GP Sep 2022 1.9M $83M
Mason Capital Management Sep 2022 1.9M $82M
PEAK6 Investments Sep 2022 1.9M $82M
OZ Management Sep 2022 1.7M $75M
CalPERS Sep 2022 1.7M $74M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Sep 2022 1.6M $72M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sep 2022 1.5M $69M
Cutler Sep 2022 1.5M $66M
Marshall Wace Sep 2022 1.4M $63M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Sep 2022 1.4M $63M
Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Sep 2022 1.4M $62M
Rhumbline Advisers Sep 2022 1.3M $56M
Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior University Sep 2022 1.2M $53M
Governors Lane Sep 2022 1.2M $51M
Berry Street Capital Management Sep 2022 1.2M $51M
California State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2022 1.2M $51M
Alpine Associates Management Sep 2022 1.1M $50M
Verition Fund Management Sep 2022 1.1M $49M
Water Island Capital Sep 2022 1.1M $5.1M
National Pension Service Sep 2022 1.1M $47M
Steadfast Capital Management Sep 2022 1.1M $48M
Westchester Capital Management Sep 2022 1.1M $48M
Wolverine Trading Sep 2022 1.0M $45M
Carlson Capital Sep 2022 1.0M $274M
Apollo Management Holdings Sep 2022 1.0M $44M
Bandera Partners Sep 2022 992k $44M
Alliancebernstein Sep 2022 972k $43M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Sep 2022 953k $41M
Cowen And Company Sep 2022 951k $7.6M
Florida State Board of Administration Sep 2022 939k $41M
White Bay PT Sep 2022 930k $41M
Royal Bank of Canada Sep 2022 922k $40M
Maven Securities Sep 2022 901k $40M
Avalon Advisors Sep 2022 868k $38M
Bck Capital Management Sep 2022 868k $38M
Principal Financial Group Sep 2022 848k $37M
Credit Suisse Sep 2022 839k $37M
Davide Leone & Partners Investment Sep 2022 831k $36k
Loews Corporation Sep 2022 825k $36M
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2022 821k $23M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Sep 2022 795k $35M
New York State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2022 787k $35M
Vgi Partners Pty Sep 2022 777k $34M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Jun 2022 756k $28M
Retirement Systems of Alabama Sep 2022 727k $32M
Centiva Capital Sep 2022 713k $31M
Calamos Advisors Sep 2022 708k $31M
Eisler Capital Sep 2022 689k $30M
Ancient Art Sep 2022 663k $29M
Man Group Sep 2022 652k $29M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Sep 2022 612k $27M
Steamboat Capital Partners Sep 2022 600k $26M
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Sep 2022 599k $26M
Great-West Life Assurance Company Sep 2022 587k $26M
Crystal Rock Capital Management Sep 2022 576k $5.6M
Capital Fund Management Sep 2022 575k $25M
Prudential Financial Sep 2022 566k $24M
APG All Pensions Group NV Sep 2022 555k $25M
Aviva Sep 2022 512k $23M
Jet Capital Investors Sep 2022 500k $22M
CNH Partners Sep 2022 498k $22M
Stonegate Investment Group Sep 2022 493k $22M
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 488k $21M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Sep 2022 472k $21M
Murchinson Sep 2022 465k $20M
Mangrove Partners Sep 2022 464k $20M
Raymond James & Associates Sep 2022 439k $19M
Twin Securities Sep 2022 430k $19M
CenterStar Asset Management Sep 2022 419k $21M
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Sep 2022 414k $18M
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings Sep 2022 411k $18M
Neuberger Berman Group Sep 2022 410k $72M
Pictet Asset Management Sa Sep 2022 409k $18M
Allen Investment Management Sep 2022 400k $18M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2022 392k $17M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Sep 2022 386k $17M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Sep 2022 384k $17M
Brookfield Asset Management Sep 2022 383k $17M
Winton Capital Sep 2022 381k $17M
Ohio Pers Sep 2022 378k $17M
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Sep 2022 372k $16M
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Sep 2022 369k $16M
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Sep 2022 367k $16M
Corvex Management Sep 2022 350k $15M
Freemont Management Sep 2022 349k $15M
Gabelli Securities Sep 2022 341k $15M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Sep 2022 320k $14M
Orbis Allan Gray Sep 2022 316k $14M
Sycale Advisors Sep 2022 314k $14M
Scoggin Sep 2022 300k $13M
Tang Capital Management Sep 2022 300k $13M
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Sep 2022 295k $13M
Halcyon Management Partners Sep 2022 282k $12M
Owl Creek Asset Management Sep 2022 280k $12M
Diam Sep 2022 275k $12M
Gateway Investment Advisers Sep 2022 274k $12M
Nikko Asset Management Americas Sep 2022 274k $12M
American International Sep 2022 274k $12M
Stansberry Asset Management Sep 2022 272k $12M
State Treasurer State Of Michigan Sep 2022 272k $12M
TD Asset Management Sep 2022 267k $11M
Platinum Investment Mangement Sep 2022 265k $12M
Bank of Nova Scotia Sep 2022 262k $12M
Royal London Asset Management Sep 2022 261k $12M
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Sep 2022 258k $11M
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Sep 2022 257k $11M
Omni Event Management Sep 2022 253k $11M
Renaissance Technologies Sep 2022 248k $11M
Alpine Partners VI Sep 2022 245k $11M
DRW Holdings Jun 2022 237k $8.9M
Two Seas Capital Sep 2022 236k $10M
Greenwich Wealth Management Sep 2022 232k $10M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 229k $10M
Capital Markets Trading UK Sep 2022 227k $10M
LPL Financial Sep 2022 226k $9.9M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2022 225k $9.9M
XR Securities Sep 2022 223k $9.8M
Victory Capital Management Sep 2022 216k $9.4M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Sep 2022 212k $9.3M
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Sep 2022 211k $9.3M
Robeco Institutional Asset Management B V Sep 2022 211k $9.3M
Standard Life Aberdeen Sep 2022 209k $9.2M
MetLife Investment Advisors Sep 2022 209k $9.1M
Ardmore Road Asset Management Sep 2022 200k $8.8M
S.A.C. Capital Advisors Sep 2022 199k $8.7M
Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management Sep 2022 198k $8.7M
William Blair $ Company Sep 2022 196k $8.6M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Sep 2022 194k $8.5M
CSS Sep 2022 192k $8.4M
Harvest Management Sep 2022 192k $8.4M
Oasis Management Sep 2022 191k $8.4M
Amalgamated Bank Sep 2022 190k $8.3M
New York Life Investment Management Sep 2022 189k $8.3M
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. Sep 2022 185k $8.1M
Capstone Investment Advisors Sep 2022 184k $8.1M
Whitebox Advisors Sep 2022 184k $8.0M
Evergreen Capital Management Sep 2022 183k $8.0M
Arizona State Retirement System Sep 2022 177k $7.7M
PRIMECAP Management Company Sep 2022 161k $7.0M
Boothbay Fund Management Sep 2022 157k $6.9M
Nomura Asset Management Sep 2022 154k $6.8M
Fifth Lane Capital Sep 2022 154k $6.7M
Bridgewater Associates Sep 2022 151k $6.6M
Weiss Multi-strategy Advisers Sep 2022 151k $6.6M
Kepos Capital Sep 2022 150k $6.6M
Menlo Advisors Sep 2022 150k $6.6M
Advisor Group Holdings Sep 2022 148k $6.5M
Philadelphia Financial Management of San Francisco Sep 2022 148k $6.5M
Mizuho Markets Cayman Sep 2022 147k $14k
Gabelli Funds Sep 2022 146k $6.4M
Fis Sep 2022 139k $6.1M
Fjarde Ap-fonden /fourth Swedish National Pension Fund Sep 2022 139k $5.2M
Stifel Financial Sep 2022 139k $6.2M
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Sep 2022 138k $6.1M
Alaska Retirement Management Board Sep 2022 134k $5.9M
Utah Retirement Systems Sep 2022 134k $5.9M
Y-Intercept Sep 2022 131k $5.7M
Moore Capital Management Sep 2022 130k $5.7M
Forsta Ap-fonden Sep 2022 129k $5.7M
Creative Planning Sep 2022 129k $0
Gulf International Bank Sep 2022 128k $5.6M
Ramius Advisors Sep 2022 127k $5.6M
Allianz Asset Management Sep 2022 126k $5.5M
Kamunting Street Capital Management Sep 2022 125k $5.5M
SRS Investment Management Sep 2022 125k $5.5M
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department Sep 2022 125k $5.5M
IFM Investors Pty Sep 2022 120k $5.3M
Angelo, Gordon & Co Sep 2022 120k $5.3M
Commonwealth Equity Services Sep 2022 119k $5.2M
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Sep 2022 119k $5.2M
DnB NOR Asset Management AS Sep 2022 114k $5.0M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Sep 2022 113k $5.0M
ING Groep Sep 2022 112k $4.9M
Addison Capital Sep 2022 111k $4.9M
Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Sep 2022 109k $4.8M
Texas Permanent School Fund Sep 2022 107k $4.7M
Ergoteles Sep 2022 107k $4.7M
MYDA Advisors Sep 2022 106k $4.6M
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International Sep 2022 104k $4.6M
Shay Capital Sep 2022 104k $4.5M
USS Investment Management Sep 2022 103k $4.5M
ProShare Advisors Sep 2022 102k $4.5M
Mutual Of America Capital Management Sep 2022 101k $4.4M
Jones Road Capital Management Sep 2022 100k $4.4M
Joel Isaacson & Co Sep 2022 100k $4.4M
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sep 2022 98k $4.3M
Athos Capital Sep 2022 98k $4.3M
First Republic Investment Management Sep 2022 98k $4.3M
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Sep 2022 97k $4.3M
CIBC Global Asset Management Sep 2022 96k $4.2M
Yousif Capital Management Sep 2022 95k $4.2M
Pnc Financial Services Sep 2022 95k $4.2M
Henderson Group Sep 2022 95k $4.1M
Bank Hapoalim Bm Sep 2022 95k $4.1M
Ovata Capital Management Sep 2022 94k $4.1M
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Sep 2022 93k $4.1M
Fort Baker Capital Management Sep 2022 90k $4.0M
Ieq Capital Sep 2022 89k $3.9M
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2022 86k $3.8M
Kellner Capital Sep 2022 86k $3.8M
Magnetar Financial Sep 2022 84k $3.7M
Daiwa Securities Group Sep 2022 83k $3.6M
Rockefeller Capital Management Sep 2022 82k $3.5M
Gotham Asset Management Sep 2022 82k $3.6M
Vontobel Holding Sep 2022 80k $3.5M
Brian McDonald Sep 2022 80k $4.1M
Nissay Asset Management Corp Sep 2022 79k $3.5M
PanAgora Asset Management Sep 2022 79k $3.4M
Czech National Bank Sep 2022 78k $3.4M
Korea Investment Corporation Sep 2022 78k $3.4M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Sep 2022 78k $3.4M
Wolverine Asset Management Sep 2022 76k $3.3M
Janney Montgomery Scott Sep 2022 76k $3.3M
Pfs Investments Sep 2022 76k $3.3M
Ursa Fund Management Sep 2022 75k $110k
Hampton Road Capital Management Sep 2022 75k $3.3M
Sona Asset Management Sep 2022 75k $3.3M
Price Jennifer C. Sep 2022 75k $3.3M
CMT Capital Markets Trading GmbH Sep 2022 74k $3.2M
Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Company Sep 2022 73k $3.2M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Sep 2022 72k $3.2M
Axel Capital Management Sep 2022 72k $3.2M
CIBC World Markets Sep 2022 68k $3.0M
CI Investments Sep 2022 67k $2.9M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Sep 2022 66k $2.9M
Schroder Investment Management Group Sep 2022 65k $2.9M
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation Sep 2022 64k $2.8M
HighVista Strategies Sep 2022 64k $2.8M
Westpac Banking Corporation Sep 2022 64k $2.8M
Hartford Investment Management Company Sep 2022 64k $2.8M
Russell Investments Sep 2022 63k $2.8M
Intech Investment Management Sep 2022 63k $2.8M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Sep 2022 62k $2.7M
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Sep 2022 62k $2.7M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Sep 2022 59k $2.6M
Oppenheimer & Co Sep 2022 58k $2.5M
HighTower Advisors Sep 2022 58k $2.5M
Rafferty Asset Management Sep 2022 58k $2.5M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Sep 2022 58k $2.5M
Iowa State Bank Sep 2022 57k $2.5M
Marathon Trading Investment Management Sep 2022 56k $2.5M
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Sep 2022 56k $2.5M
Advantus Capital Management Sep 2022 56k $2.5M
Merit Financial Group Sep 2022 56k $2.4M
Ethic Sep 2022 55k $2.4M
Norinchukin Bank, The Sep 2022 55k $2.4M
Assenagon Asset Management Sep 2022 55k $2.4M
Kentucky Retirement Systems Sep 2022 53k $2.3M
SG3 Management Sep 2022 52k $2.3M
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund Sep 2022 51k $2.3M
Luther King Capital Management Corporation Sep 2022 51k $2.2M
Stephens Sep 2022 51k $2.2M
Essex Investment Management Sep 2022 51k $2.2M
Skylands Capital Sep 2022 51k $2.2M
Zenyatta Capital Management Sep 2022 50k $2.2M
Picton Mahoney Asset Management Sep 2022 50k $2.2M
Wexford Capital Sep 2022 50k $2.2M
DLD Asset Management Sep 2022 50k $2.2M
Vazirani Asset Management Sep 2022 50k $2.2M
Optas Sep 2022 49k $2.1M
Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Sep 2022 49k $2.1M
Kestra Advisory Services Sep 2022 49k $2.1M
ProFund Advisors Sep 2022 48k $2.1M
WS Management Sep 2022 48k $2.1M
Tower Research Capital Sep 2022 47k $2.2M
Van Eck Associates Corp. Sep 2022 47k $2.1M
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2022 46k $2.0M
Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 46k $2.0M
Nordea Investment Management Ab Sep 2022 46k $2.0M
Pathstone Family Office Sep 2022 46k $2.0M
Mackenzie Financial Sep 2022 45k $2.0M
Yakira Capital Management Sep 2022 45k $2.0M
American Century Companies Sep 2022 44k $1.9M
Ossiam Sep 2022 44k $1.9M
Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Sep 2022 43k $1.9M
Independent Advisor Alliance Sep 2022 41k $1.8M
Triatomic Management Sep 2022 40k $1.8M
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
Nmerb Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
Crossmark Global Holdings Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
M^T Bank Corporation Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
SkyView Investment Advisors Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
Multi-Financial Securities Sep 2022 39k $1.7M
The Allstate Corporation Sep 2022 38k $1.7M
New York Life Investments Alternatives Sep 2022 38k $1.7M
BTG Pactual Global Asset Management Sep 2022 38k $1.7M
Institute For Wealth Management Sep 2022 38k $1.7M
Toroso Investments Sep 2022 38k $1.6M
Roberta J. Maue Sep 2022 37k $1.6M
Malaga Cove Capital Sep 2022 37k $1.6M
FNY Investment Advisers Sep 2022 37k $1.6M
Mercer Global Advisors Sep 2022 37k $1.6M
Source Financial Advisors Sep 2022 36k $1.6M
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Sep 2022 35k $1.5M
JustInvest Sep 2022 35k $1.5M
Washington Trust Bank Sep 2022 35k $1.5M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Sep 2022 34k $1.5M
Carnegie Capital Asset Management Sep 2022 34k $1.5M
Private Advisor Sep 2022 33k $1.5M
Privium Fund Management Sep 2022 33k $1.4M
Appleton Partners Sep 2022 33k $1.4M
Pacer Advisors Sep 2022 32k $1.4M
Vetamer Capital Management Sep 2022 32k $1.4M
National Asset Management Sep 2022 32k $1.4M
Perpetual Investment Management Sep 2022 32k $1.4M
Ameliora Wealth Management Sep 2022 31k $1.5M
Teilinger Capital Sep 2022 30k $3.9M
Macquarie Group Sep 2022 30k $1.3M
Ceera Investments Sep 2022 30k $1.3M
Financial Network Investment Corporation Sep 2022 30k $1.3M
Parallel Advisors Sep 2022 30k $1.3M
United Services Automobile Association Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
May Louie Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
Wealthfront Advisers Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
TCW Group Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
Clay Northam Wealth Management Sep 2022 29k $1.3M
Advisor Partners Ii Sep 2022 29k $1.2M
Shell Asset Management Company Sep 2022 28k $1.2M
Mirova Sep 2022 28k $1.2M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Sep 2022 28k $1.2M
Covestor Sep 2022 26k $1.2M
Captrust Financial Advisors Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Commerce Bank N A Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Belpointe Asset Management Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Vident Investment Advisory Sep 2022 26k $1.1M
Kb Financial Partners Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Fifth Third Bancorp Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
CTC Capital Management Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Frigate Ventures Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Gifford Fong Associates Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
AXS Investments Sep 2022 25k $1.1M
Everence Capital Management Sep 2022 24k $1.1M
Kentucky Retirement Systems Insurance Trust Fund Sep 2022 24k $1.1M
Cornerstone Advisors Sep 2022 24k $1.1M
Eudaimonia Partners Sep 2022 24k $1.0M
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Sep 2022 23k $1.0M
Continuum Advisory Sep 2022 23k $70k
Us Bancorp Sep 2022 23k $995k
ALPS Advisors Sep 2022 22k $978k
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Sep 2022 22k $974k
Achmea Investment Management B.V. Sep 2022 22k $966k
Havens Advisors Sep 2022 22k $964k
Riverview Capital Advisers Sep 2022 22k $965k
Cetera Investment Advisers Sep 2022 22k $947k
Greylin Investment Management Sep 2022 21k $932k
Massey, Quick & Co Sep 2022 21k $924k
Quantinno Capital Management Sep 2022 21k $906k
Van Hulzen Asset Management Sep 2022 21k $901k
Cim Investment Mangement Sep 2022 20k $887k
Arrow Financial Corp. Sep 2022 20k $878k
Union Square Park Capital Management Sep 2022 20k $877k
Advisory Services Network Sep 2022 20k $860k
Sanders Morris Harris Sep 2022 20k $842k
Philadelphia Trust Company Sep 2022 20k $857k
Credit Agricole Sep 2022 20k $855k
Empirical Finance Sep 2022 18k $799k
Western Wealth Management Sep 2022 18k $801k
D.A. Davidson & Co. Sep 2022 18k $797k
Aristides Capital Sep 2022 18k $789k
Signature Sep 2022 18k $777k
Motley Fool Asset Management Sep 2022 18k $769k
Total Clarity Wealth Management Sep 2022 18k $767k
Segment Wealth Management Sep 2022 17k $753k
Reed Conner & Birdwell Sep 2022 17k $752k
Telemetry Investments Sep 2022 17k $745k
Summit Trail Advisors Sep 2022 17k $745k
Lattice Capital Management Sep 2022 17k $741k
Goss Wealth Management Sep 2022 17k $726k
Arden Trust Sep 2022 16k $712k
Aquila Investment Management Sep 2022 16k $701k
Wealthsource Partners Sep 2022 16k $696k
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Sep 2022 15k $671k
J.w. Cole Advisors Sep 2022 15k $669k
Mml Investors Services Sep 2022 15k $666k
CWM Sep 2022 15k $663k
GAM Holding Sep 2022 15k $659k
Sequoia Financial Advisors Sep 2022 15k $657k
Balentine Sep 2022 15k $656k
Wetherby Asset Management Sep 2022 15k $650k
Yale Capital Corp. Sep 2022 15k $641k
Schechter Investment Advisors Sep 2022 15k $586k
OPSEU Pension Plan Trust Fund Sep 2022 14k $620k
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Sep 2022 14k $622k
Oppenheimer Asset Management Sep 2022 14k $617k
BI Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S Sep 2022 14k $609k
HPM Partners Sep 2022 14k $604k
Veriti Management Sep 2022 14k $604k
Apollon Wealth Management Sep 2022 14k $598k
Caprock Sep 2022 14k $593k
B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co Sep 2022 13k $583k
Syquant Capital Sas Sep 2022 13k $578k
Berkshire Asset Management Sep 2022 13k $573k
Linscomb & Williams Sep 2022 13k $572k
Sei Investments Sep 2022 13k $571k
Metis Global Partners Sep 2022 13k $568k
Lincoln National Sep 2022 13k $566k
Clear Street Sep 2022 13k $566k
Systematic Alpha Investments Sep 2022 13k $552k
Seeyond Sep 2022 13k $550k
Obermeyer Asset Management Sep 2022 13k $549k
JBF Capital Sep 2022 13k $548k
O'shaughnessy Asset Management Sep 2022 13k $546k
Federated Investors Sep 2022 12k $547k
Glenmede Trust Company Sep 2022 12k $541k
Synovus Financial Corp. Sep 2022 12k $539k
Advisory Resource Group Sep 2022 12k $538k
Wedbush Morgan Securities Sep 2022 12k $536k
Greenleaf Trust Sep 2022 12k $535k
Schaper Benz & Wise Investment Counsel Sep 2022 12k $534k
Cohen Klingenstein Sep 2022 12k $532k
Tokio Marine Asset Management Sep 2022 12k $529k
Staley Capital Advisers Sep 2022 12k $526k
Prudential Sep 2022 12k $523k
Northeast Financial Consultants Sep 2022 12k $523k
Bp Wealth Management Sep 2022 12k $519k
Veritable Sep 2022 12k $517k
Mutual Advisors Sep 2022 12k $512k
Kaizen Financial Strategies Sep 2022 12k $512k
Freestone Capital Holdings Sep 2022 12k $511k
GAMCO Asset Management Sep 2022 12k $503k
Spartan Fund Management Sep 2022 11k $501k
Wrapmanager Sep 2022 11k $490k
First Capital Advisors Sep 2022 11k $490k
Spire Wealth Management Sep 2022 11k $488k
Pinpoint Asset Management Sep 2022 11k $487k
CLS Investments Sep 2022 11k $477k
Transatlantique Private Wealth Sep 2022 11k $477k
Clear Harbor Asset Management Sep 2022 11k $471k
Yorktown Management & Research Company Sep 2022 11k $469k
Belvedere Trading Sep 2022 11k $564k
Keybank National Association Sep 2022 11k $464k
Integrated Wealth Concepts Sep 2022 11k $463k
Thompson, Siegel, & Walmsley Sep 2022 11k $463k
Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors Sep 2022 11k $460k
Lake Street Advisors Group Sep 2022 10k $458k
International Assets Investment Management Sep 2022 10k $457k
Cullen Frost Bankers Sep 2022 10k $456k
Cibc World Markets Sep 2022 10k $447k
Equitec Proprietary Markets Sep 2022 10k $448k
Straight Path Wealth Management Sep 2022 10k $447k
Buckingham Asset Management Sep 2022 10k $440k
Cannon Global Investment Management Sep 2022 10k $438k
Westwood Holdings Sep 2022 10k $438k
Meteora Capital Sep 2022 10k $438k
Cresset Asset Management Sep 2022 9.8k $428k
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Sep 2022 9.7k $427k
Kovack Advisors Sep 2022 9.7k $425k
SC&H Financial Advisors Sep 2022 9.6k $421k
Cyrill Wipfli Sep 2022 9.5k $419k
We Are One Seven Sep 2022 9.5k $439k
Wayne Hummer Investments Sep 2022 9.4k $413k
Clarius Sep 2022 9.4k $413k
Greenhouse Wealth Management Sep 2022 9.4k $411k
First City Capital Management Sep 2022 9.3k $407k
AE Wealth Management Sep 2022 9.3k $407k
Intercontinental Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 9.3k $406k
Keystone Financial Group Sep 2022 9.2k $405k
WCG Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 9.0k $393k
Cigna Investments Inc /new Sep 2022 8.9k $390k
qPULA Trading Management Sep 2022 8.9k $388k
Trust Asset Management Sep 2022 8.8k $387k
Vantage Consulting Group Sep 2022 8.6k $378k
Syntax Advisors Sep 2022 8.6k $378k
Truvestments Capital Sep 2022 8.5k $374k
United Capital Financial Advisers Sep 2022 8.5k $373k
Cardiff Park Advisors Sep 2022 8.5k $373k
Claro Advisors Sep 2022 8.5k $316k
Avestar Capital Sep 2022 8.5k $371k
Two Sigma Advisers Sep 2022 8.4k $368k
Windward Capital Management Company Sep 2022 8.4k $368k
S.A. Mason Sep 2022 8.4k $366k
BBK Capital Partners Sep 2022 8.3k $370k
Summit Investment Advisors Sep 2022 8.3k $362k
Foundations Investment Advisors Sep 2022 8.2k $362k
Viewpoint Capital Management Sep 2022 8.2k $357k
Ellevest Sep 2022 8.1k $353k
Stratos Wealth Partners Sep 2022 7.8k $342k
Axa Sep 2022 7.8k $339k
Meeder Asset Management Sep 2022 7.7k $337k
RMR Wealth Builders Sep 2022 7.6k $334k
Lgl Partners Sep 2022 7.5k $328k
Bessemer Sep 2022 7.3k $321k
Moors & Cabot Sep 2022 7.2k $317k
Sigma Planning Sep 2022 7.2k $314k
Investment Partners Sep 2022 7.1k $313k
Baird Financial Sep 2022 7.1k $313k
Platform Technology Partners Sep 2022 7.0k $308k
Harvest Fund Management Sep 2022 7.0k $307k
Symmetry Partner Sep 2022 6.9k $305k
Geneos Wealth Management Sep 2022 6.9k $302k
Acadian Asset Management Sep 2022 6.9k $299k
Whittier Trust Sep 2022 6.8k $298k
Cribstone Capital Management Sep 2022 6.8k $297k
Tennessee Valley Asset Management Partners Sep 2022 6.8k $296k
Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Sep 2022 6.8k $296k
ODonnell Financial Services Sep 2022 6.7k $295k
Davenport & Co Sep 2022 6.7k $295k
Scotia Capital Sep 2022 6.7k $295k
Eqis Capital Management Sep 2022 6.7k $294k
Snowden Capital Advisors Sep 2022 6.7k $292k
Quadrant Capital Sep 2022 6.7k $292k
Moody National Bank Trust Division Sep 2022 6.7k $292k
MAI Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 6.6k $291k
Douglass Winthrop Advisors Sep 2022 6.6k $289k
Raymond James Trust Sep 2022 6.6k $289k
BigSur Wealth Management Sep 2022 6.5k $285k
Chevoit Value Management Sep 2022 6.5k $285k
Garner Asset Management Corp Sep 2022 6.5k $284k
NewEdge Wealth Sep 2022 6.5k $284k
SG Americas Securities Sep 2022 6.5k $283k
Fund Management at Engine No. 1 Sep 2022 6.5k $283k
Siemens Fonds Invest GmbH Sep 2022 6.4k $282k
State of Wyoming Sep 2022 6.4k $282k
HB Wealth Management Sep 2022 6.4k $282k
Lombard Odier Asset Management Sep 2022 6.4k $278k
Sawtooth Asset Management Sep 2022 6.3k $275k
Atlantic Trust Sep 2022 6.2k $272k
Crescent Grove Advisors Sep 2022 6.2k $272k
H D Vest Advisory Services Sep 2022 6.2k $270k
Coldstream Capital Management Jun 2022 6.1k $228k
Pennsylvania Capital Management Sep 2022 6.1k $267k
IFG Advisory Sep 2022 6.1k $265k
Axxcess Wealth Management Sep 2022 6.1k $265k
Dalton Investments Sep 2022 6.0k $263k
Prospera Financial Services Sep 2022 6.0k $262k
Nicholas Hoffman & Company Sep 2022 6.0k $262k
Checchi Capital Advisers Sep 2022 5.9k $260k
Ballentine Partners Sep 2022 5.9k $258k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 5.8k $255k
Icon Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 5.8k $254k
Peninsula Wealth Sep 2022 5.8k $253k
FDx Advisors Sep 2022 5.7k $251k
Conning Sep 2022 5.7k $248k
Arkadios Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 5.7k $248k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Sep 2022 5.6k $245k
Sterling Investment Advisors Sep 2022 5.5k $243k
PenderFund Capital Management Sep 2022 5.5k $334k
Welch & Forbes Sep 2022 5.5k $241k
Wedmont Private Capital Sep 2022 5.5k $241k
Magnus Financial Group Sep 2022 5.5k $239k
Zeke Capital Advisors Sep 2022 5.4k $238k
TSFG Sep 2022 5.4k $239k
Everhart Financial Group Sep 2022 5.4k $238k
Excalibur Management Corporation Sep 2022 5.4k $235k
Gladstone Institutional Advisory Sep 2022 5.3k $233k
David Allen Sep 2022 5.3k $233k
Brighton Jones Sep 2022 5.3k $231k
Connectus Wealth Sep 2022 5.2k $230k
Arete Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 5.2k $230k
A.R. Schmeidler & Co Sep 2022 5.2k $228k
Forum Financial Management Sep 2022 5.2k $228k
Sentry Investment Management Sep 2022 5.2k $227k
Kestra Private Wealth Services Sep 2022 5.2k $227k
Valeo Financial Advisors Sep 2022 5.1k $225k
Regions Bank Sep 2022 5.1k $226k
Zullo Investment Group Sep 2022 5.1k $224k
Equitable Holdings Sep 2022 5.0k $221k
CCM Partners Sep 2022 5.0k $220k
Meyer Handelman Sep 2022 5.0k $219k
Astoria Portfolio Advisors Sep 2022 5.0k $219k
Warberg Asset Management Sep 2022 5.0k $219k
Dymon Asia Capital Sep 2022 5.0k $219k
Level Four Advisory Services Sep 2022 5.0k $217k
Successful Portfolios Sep 2022 4.9k $216k
Leavell Investment Management Sep 2022 4.8k $210k
Putnam Fl Investment Management Sep 2022 4.8k $209k
Vanguard Capital Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 4.8k $209k
Ingalls & Snyder Sep 2022 4.7k $206k
Dfpg Investments Sep 2022 4.7k $234k
Cowa Sep 2022 4.7k $204k
WP Advisors Sep 2022 4.6k $203k
Mather Group Sep 2022 4.6k $203k
Prime Capital Investment Advisors Sep 2022 4.6k $203k
Ridgewood Investments Sep 2022 4.6k $203k
Baker Tilly Financial Sep 2022 4.6k $202k
Ausdal Financial Partners Sep 2022 4.6k $202k
Reuter James Wealth Management Sep 2022 4.6k $201k
Horizon Investments Sep 2022 4.6k $201k
Onyx Bridge Wealth Group Sep 2022 4.3k $212k
Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. Sep 2022 4.1k $181k
Evoke Wealth Sep 2022 4.0k $177k
Exchange Traded Concepts Sep 2022 4.0k $173k
Penserra Capital Management Sep 2022 3.7k $160k
City Holding Sep 2022 3.4k $151k
Thomas White International Sep 2022 3.4k $149k
Private Trust Co Na Sep 2022 3.3k $144k
AllSquare Wealth Management Sep 2022 3.0k $132k
SpiderRock Advisors Sep 2022 3.0k $141k
Hartland & Co Sep 2022 2.8k $122k
Advent Capital Management Sep 2022 2.8k $121k
TCI Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 2.8k $121k
Sage Mountain Advisors Sep 2022 2.7k $119k
Westside Investment Management Sep 2022 2.6k $113k
Lindbrook Capital Sep 2022 2.5k $112k
Washington Trust Advisors Sep 2022 2.5k $113k
Alta Advisers Sep 2022 2.4k $105k
Harbour Investments Sep 2022 2.4k $89k
Salem Investment Counselors Sep 2022 2.3k $101k
Cambridge Trust Company Sep 2022 2.3k $101k
Desjardins Global Asset Management Sep 2022 2.2k $95k
Hanson McClain Advisors Sep 2022 2.1k $93k
Atlanta Capital Jun 2022 2.1k $79k
Rosenberg Matthew Hamilton Sep 2022 2.0k $90k
Cedar Wealth Management Sep 2022 2.0k $88k
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Sep 2022 2.0k $86k
Trustcore Financial Services Sep 2022 1.9k $85k
Proequities Sep 2022 1.9k $82k
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Sep 2022 1.8k $80k
M&g Investment Management Sep 2022 1.8k $79k
CoreFirst Bank & Trust Sep 2022 1.8k $77k
Castle Wealth Management Sep 2022 1.8k $78k
PineBridge Investments Sep 2022 1.8k $77k
City State Bank Sep 2022 1.8k $77k
Estabrook Capital Management Sep 2022 1.8k $77k
Mach-1 Financial Group Sep 2022 1.7k $74k
Massmutual Trust Sep 2022 1.7k $74k
Money Concepts Capital Corp Sep 2022 1.6k $70k
Hm Payson & Co Sep 2022 1.6k $69k
Advisors Asset Management Sep 2022 1.5k $68k
Harbor Investment Advisory Sep 2022 1.5k $65k
Quent Capital Sep 2022 1.5k $64k
Wolff Wiese Magana Sep 2022 1.4k $58k
Tortoise Investment Management Sep 2022 1.4k $61k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Sep 2022 1.4k $59k
HighMark Wealth Management Sep 2022 1.4k $59k
A. Montag and Associates Sep 2022 1.3k $59k
Central Trust & Investment Sep 2022 1.3k $55k
Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators Sep 2022 1.2k $54k
Hudock Moyer Wealth Resources Sep 2022 1.2k $52k
JNBA Financial Advisors Sep 2022 1.2k $53k
GHP Investment Advisors Sep 2022 1.2k $51k
Lowe fs Sep 2022 1.1k $48k
Laurel Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 1.1k $48k
Umb Bank N A Sep 2022 1.1k $47k
Glassman Wealth Services Sep 2022 1.1k $46k
Guardian Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 1.1k $46k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Sep 2022 1.0k $44k
Compagnie Lombard, Odier SCA Sep 2022 1.0k $44k
Institutional & Family Asset Management Sep 2022 999.00 $44k
Gradient Investments Sep 2022 940.00 $41k
Pin Oak Investment Advisors Sep 2022 931.00 $41k
Prestige Wealth Management Group Sep 2022 917.00 $40k
High Net Worth Advisory Group Sep 2022 910.00 $40k
ZB Sep 2022 876.00 $38k
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich Sep 2022 841.00 $37k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 824.00 $45k
Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo Sep 2022 814.00 $36k
Livforsakringsaktiebolaget Skandia Sep 2022 800.00 $35k
Kistler-Tiffany Advsiors Sep 2022 795.00 $35k
FTB Advisors Sep 2022 786.00 $31k
MV Capital Management Sep 2022 778.00 $34k
Heritage Wealth Management Sep 2022 761.00 $33k
Financial Management Professionals Sep 2022 746.00 $33k
Aspire Private Capital Sep 2022 700.00 $31k
Atwood & Palmer Sep 2022 640.00 $28k
Newton One Investments Sep 2022 640.00 $28k
Ancora Advisors Sep 2022 639.00 $28k
Smithfield Trust Company Sep 2022 625.00 $28k
SRS Capital Advisors Sep 2022 600.00 $26k
Tompkins Financial Corp Sep 2022 587.00 $26k
AdvisorNet Financial Sep 2022 577.00 $25k
Riverview Trust Sep 2022 571.00 $25k
Sound Income Strategies Sep 2022 553.00 $24k
Focused Wealth Management Sep 2022 539.00 $24k
Beacon Capital Management Sep 2022 527.00 $21k
First Manhattan Sep 2022 516.00 $22k
Manchester Capital Management Sep 2022 509.00 $22k
Accel Wealth Management Sep 2022 500.00 $26k
Tevis Investment Management Sep 2022 500.00 $22k
Wagner Wealth Management Sep 2022 500.00 $22k
SOA Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 487.00 $21k
Elequin Capital Sep 2022 473.00 $21k
Strengthening Families & Communities Sep 2022 463.00 $20k
Tradition Wealth Management Sep 2022 461.00 $20k
Creative Financial Designs Sep 2022 459.00 $20k
Asset Dedication Sep 2022 454.00 $20k
Oxler Private Wealth Sep 2022 450.00 $20k
Seldon Capital Sep 2022 429.00 $19k
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Sep 2022 413.00 $18k
Peoples Financial Services Sep 2022 400.00 $18k
Ariel Capital Advisors Sep 2022 400.00 $18k
HHM Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 399.00 $17k
Crewe Advisors Sep 2022 399.00 $17k
Earnest Partners Sep 2022 387.00 $17k
Blue Bell Private Wealth Management Sep 2022 385.00 $17k
Oliver Lagore Vanvalin Investment Group Sep 2022 385.00 $17k
Pacifica Partners Sep 2022 375.00 $14k
Solstein Capital Sep 2022 369.00 $16k
JJJ Advisors Sep 2022 366.00 $18k
Center for Financial Planning Sep 2022 360.00 $16k
Pinnacle Financial Partners Sep 2022 360.00 $16k
Hazlett, Burt & Watson Sep 2022 350.00 $16k
Blume Capital Management Sep 2022 350.00 $15k
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main Sep 2022 334.00 $15k
Retirement Group Sep 2022 328.00 $14k
Carolinas Wealth Consulting Sep 2022 325.00 $14k
Sandy Spring Bank Sep 2022 307.00 $14k
Bartlett & Co. Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
Clearview Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
Islay Capital Management Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
Gables Capital Management Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
BDO Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
Lawrence Kelly & Associates, Incorporated Sep 2022 300.00 $13k
CNB Bank Sep 2022 298.00 $13k
First PREMIER Bank Sep 2022 294.00 $13k
Lazard Asset Management Sep 2022 294.00 $12k
Tyler-Stone Wealth Management Sep 2022 285.00 $12k
Bell Investment Advisors Sep 2022 277.00 $12k
PSI Advisors Sep 2022 250.00 $11k
Castleview Partners Sep 2022 243.00 $11k
Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist Sep 2022 240.00 $10k
Itau Unibanco Holding Sep 2022 226.00 $10k
AlphaMark Advisors Sep 2022 220.00 $10k
Coston, McIsaac & Partners Sep 2022 214.00 $9.0k
Carmichael Hill & Associates Sep 2022 213.00 $9.0k
Core Alternative Capital Sep 2022 205.00 $9.0k
Mine & Arao Wealth Creation & Management Sep 2022 200.00 $9.0k
Professional Financial Advisors Sep 2022 200.00 $9.0k
Centerpoint Advisors Sep 2022 170.00 $7.0k
JFS Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 151.00 $7.0k
Hartford Financial Management Sep 2022 150.00 $7.0k
Addison Advisors Sep 2022 150.00 $7.0k
Migdal Insurance & Financial Holdings Sep 2022 145.00 $6.0k
Winch Advisory Services Sep 2022 137.00 $6.0k
Capital Advisors Sep 2022 134.00 $6.0k
Johnson Midwest Financial Sep 2022 130.00 $6.0k
Syverson Strege & Co Sep 2022 125.00 $5.0k
Capital Analysts Sep 2022 125.00 $5.0k
EdgeRock Capital Sep 2022 118.00 $5.0k
Johnson Financial Group Sep 2022 115.00 $5.0k
Lisa Snider Sep 2022 110.00 $5.0k
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Sep 2022 108.00 $5.0k
Bangor Savings Bank Sep 2022 106.00 $5.0k
Eagle Bay Advisors Sep 2022 106.00 $5.0k
Trust Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Byrne Asset Management Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Proffitt & Goodson Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Emerald Advisers Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
RWM Asset Management Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Hoey Investments Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Ellis Investment Partners Sep 2022 100.00 $4.0k
Global Retirement Partners Sep 2022 94.00 $5.0k
BerganKDV Wealth Management Sep 2022 89.00 $4.0k
Mizuho Securities Sep 2022 89.00 $4.0k
Bogart Wealth Sep 2022 87.00 $4.0k
CVA Family Office Sep 2022 85.00 $4.0k
St. Johns Investment Management Company Sep 2022 81.00 $4.0k
Sargent Bickham Lagudis Sep 2022 80.00 $4.0k
Front Row Advisors Sep 2022 76.00 $3.0k
Bellevue Asset Management Sep 2022 75.00 $3.0k
Community Bank Sep 2022 66.00 $3.0k
CarsonAllaria Wealth Management Sep 2022 65.00 $3.0k
Adirondack Retirement Specialists Sep 2022 60.00 $3.0k
Hexagon Capital Partners Sep 2022 56.00 $2.0k
Nelson, Van Denburg & Campbell Wealth Management Sep 2022 56.00 $2.0k
Lee Financial Sep 2022 54.00 $0
ARK Investment Management Sep 2022 53.00 $2.0k
DT Investment Partners Sep 2022 52.00 $2.0k
Valley National Advisers Sep 2022 51.00 $3.0k
Pittenger & Anderson Sep 2022 51.00 $2.0k
Rise Advisors Sep 2022 50.00 $2.0k
Highlander Capital Management Sep 2022 50.00 $2.0k
FinTrust Capital Advisors Sep 2022 49.00 $3.0k
Red Cedar Capital Sep 2022 45.00 $2.0k
Key FInancial Sep 2022 45.00 $2.0k
MCF Advisors Sep 2022 45.00 $2.0k
Bellwether Advisors Sep 2022 43.00 $999.999400
Pflug Koory Sep 2022 42.00 $2.0k
Kozak & Associates Sep 2022 42.00 $2.0k
Private Ocean Sep 2022 40.00 $1.0k
Moneta Group Investment Advisors Sep 2022 34.00 $238k
TFC Financial Management Sep 2022 30.00 $999.999000
PrairieView Partners Sep 2022 30.00 $999.999000
Bay Harbor Wealth Management Sep 2022 30.00 $999.999000
American National Bank Sep 2022 28.00 $1.0k
ClariVest Asset Management Sep 2022 27.00 $999.999000
SJS Investment Consulting Sep 2022 25.00 $1.1k
Stonebridge Capital Advisors Sep 2022 25.00 $1.0k
Rocky Mountain Advisers Sep 2022 20.00 $1.0k
Disciplined Investments Sep 2022 19.00 $1.0k
Tradewinds Capital Management Sep 2022 15.00 $1.0k
IFS Advisors Sep 2022 15.00 $0
Axiom Investment Management Sep 2022 15.00 $1.0k
Heritage Wealth Advisors Sep 2022 14.00 $1.0k
West Branch Capital Sep 2022 12.00 $999.999600
Beaird Harris Wealth Management Sep 2022 12.00 $999.999600
Schubert & Co Sep 2022 11.00 $0
Worth Asset Management Sep 2022 10.00 $0
Optimum Investment Advisors Sep 2022 10.00 $0
Raleigh Capital Management Sep 2022 10.00 $0
Sugarloaf Wealth Management Sep 2022 8.00 $1.0k
WestEnd Advisors Sep 2022 8.00 $0
Archer Investment Corp Sep 2022 5.00 $219.000000
Global Trust Asset Management Sep 2022 3.00 $0
Selective Wealth Management Sep 2022 2.00 $0
Soros Fund Management Sep 2022 1.00 $0