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Top investors of Linde stock

Who bought or sold Linde Plc this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Cibc World Markets 383k $146M 1436% Jun 2023
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Mn Services Vermogensbeheer B.V. 235k $90M -8% Jun 2023
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Scopus Asset Management 117k $45M -35% Jun 2023
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Fullerton Fund Management 94k $36M -5% Jun 2023
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Luther King Capital Management Corporation 80k $30M 0% Jun 2023
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Nichols & Pratt Advisers 59k $23M 100% Jun 2023
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Connors Investor Services 37k $14M -18% Jun 2023
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Dearborn Partners 31k $12M -2% Jun 2023
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Noesis Capital Management Corp. 31k $12M -2% Jun 2023
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Fruth Investment Management 29k $11M 0% Jun 2023
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Stanley-Laman 24k $9.1M -1% Jun 2023
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Cohen Klingenstein 13k $5.0M 0% Jun 2023
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Investment House 12k $4.5M 2% Jun 2023
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Cullinan Associates 10k $3.9M -1% Jun 2023
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Westport Asset Management 9.0k $3.4M 0% Jun 2023
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Wahed Invest 7.1k $2.7M 11% Jun 2023
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Penobscot Investment Management Company 7.0k $2.7M 19% Jun 2023
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Mendel Money Management 3.5k $1.3M -8% Jun 2023
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Bartlett & Co. 3.0k $1.2M -24% Jun 2023
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Desjardins Global Asset Management 3.0k $1.1M -80% Jun 2023
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Klk Capital Management 2.8k $1.1M -5% Jun 2023
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Archer Investment Corp 1.4k $539k -17% Jun 2023
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Appleton Partners 1.4k $487k -6% Jun 2023
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Staley Capital Advisers 1.0k $385k 0% Jun 2023
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Wealthquest 900.00 $343k 0% Jun 2023
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Boit C F David 800.00 $305k 0% Jun 2023
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Relative Value Partners 767.00 $292k 0% Jun 2023
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Wendell David Associates 625.00 $238k 0% Jun 2023
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Partners Capital Investment Group 588.00 $224k 100% Jun 2023
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Harvest Fund Management 535.00 $204k 0% Jun 2023
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Montchanin Asset Management 525.00 $200k 100% Jun 2023
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Itau Unibanco Holding 419.00 $160k 100% Jun 2023
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Rock Creek Group 249.00 $95k 9% Jun 2023
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Spire Wealth Management 202.00 $77k 100% Jun 2023
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FinTrust Capital Advisors 186.00 $61k 0% Jun 2023
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Intrepid Capital Management 88.00 $33k 100% Jun 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $350.000000 0% Jun 2023
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Who sold out of Linde?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Morgan Stanley Dec 2022 5.5M $1.8B
Wells Fargo & Company Dec 2022 3.8M $1.2B
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2022 2.2M $721M
Ako Capital Mar 2023 945k $336M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2022 873k $285M
Citigroup Dec 2022 675k $220M
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Mar 2023 412k $146M
Carmignac Gestion Mar 2023 291k $104M
Baader Bank Mar 2023 142k $51M
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership Mar 2023 121k $43M
Brian McDonald Dec 2022 73k $24M
Avalon Advisors Dec 2022 54k $18M
Barclays Mar 2023 34k $12M
Macquarie Group Mar 2023 24k $8.4M
Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership Mar 2023 19k $6.8M
Townsquare Capital Dec 2022 16k $5.2M
Arabesque Asset Management Dec 2022 15k $4.9M
FDx Advisors Mar 2023 11k $3.7M
Essex Mar 2023 9.4k $3.1M
Ascension Asset Management Dec 2022 6.6k $2.2M
Ibex Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 5.6k $1.8M
Pinnacle Wealth Management Dec 2022 5.4k $1.8M
Intrua Financial Dec 2022 4.6k $1.5M
Blueprint Investment Partners Mar 2023 4.2k $1.5M
Thomas Story & Son Mar 2023 3.5k $1.2M
Ronald Blue Trust Mar 2023 3.4k $1.1M
Ferguson Shapiro Mar 2023 3.2k $1.1M
SkyView Investment Advisors Mar 2023 3.2k $1.1M
Fortis Group Advisors Mar 2023 2.9k $1.1M
IFP Advisors Mar 2023 2.5k $416k
Mitchell Mcleod Pugh & Williams Mar 2023 2.3k $821k
Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 2.3k $752k
Laidlaw Wealth Management Mar 2023 2.3k $816k
Agate Pass Investment Management Mar 2023 2.2k $792k
Dividend Growth Advisors Mar 2023 2.1k $669k
Strategic Blueprint Dec 2022 2.0k $656k
U.S. Global Investors Mar 2023 2.0k $711k
D. J. St. Germain Dec 2022 1.9k $630k
Keel Point Mar 2023 1.7k $593k
Security Asset Management Dec 2022 1.2k $406k
Catalyst Financial Partners Mar 2023 1.2k $432k
Cornerstone Planning Group Dec 2022 1.2k $393k
Parsec Financial Management Dec 2022 1.2k $388k
Kolinsky Wealth Management Mar 2023 1.1k $395k
Regatta Capital Group Mar 2023 1.1k $356k
Keystone Financial Group Dec 2022 1.0k $342k
Kula Investments Dec 2022 1.0k $333k
Salient Trust Dec 2022 684.00 $223k
Cutter & CO Brokerage Mar 2023 657.00 $234k
SignalPoint Asset Management Mar 2023 627.00 $223k
Boltwood Capital Management Mar 2023 611.00 $217k
Cedar Brook Financial Partners Mar 2023 599.00 $213k
Talisman Wealth Advisors Mar 2023 592.00 $210k
Toroso Investments Mar 2023 151.00 $53k
Sanctuary Wealth Management Dec 2022 109.00 $36k
Hoese & Co Mar 2023 100.00 $35k
Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist Dec 2022 90.00 $29k
Knott David M Jr Mar 2023 70.00 $25k
Cascade Investment Advisors Mar 2023 65.00 $23k
Tyler-Stone Wealth Management Dec 2022 48.00 $16k
Meeder Asset Management Mar 2023 14.00 $5.0k
Efficient Wealth Management Mar 2023 10.00 $3.0k
Glass Jacobson Investment Advisors Dec 2022 7.00 $2.3k
Castleview Partners Mar 2023 1.00 $355.000000