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Top investors of Linde stock

Who bought or sold Linde Plc this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Capital World Investors 13M $4.1B 100% Dec 2022
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Capital Research Global Investors 12M $3.9B 100% Dec 2022
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Capital Research and Management Company - Division 3 10M $3.3B 100% Dec 2022
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Geode Capital Management 9.2M $3.0B 1% Dec 2022
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Norges Bank Investment Management 7.4M $2.4B 100% Dec 2022
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Amundi 5.9M $1.9B -8% Dec 2022
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Morgan Stanley 5.5M $1.8B 100% Dec 2022
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Nuveen Asset Management 4.9M $1.6B 14% Dec 2022
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Wells Fargo & Company 3.8M $1.2B 2% Dec 2022
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Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 2.8M $914M -5% Dec 2022
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Legal & General Group 2.8M $903M -7% Dec 2022
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Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 2.4M $771M 2% Dec 2022
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ClearBridge Advisors 2.4M $771M -10% Dec 2022
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Royal Bank of Canada 2.2M $721M 6% Dec 2022
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Alliancebernstein 2.0M $645M -2% Dec 2022
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Stifel Financial 1.8M $574M 3% Dec 2022
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Invesco 1.8M $572M 100% Dec 2022
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Ako Capital 945k $336M 10% Mar 2023
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Bank Of Montreal 873k $285M 22% Dec 2022
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Hsbc Holdings 671k $219M 21% Dec 2022
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BT Investment Management 644k $210M -9% Dec 2022
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Echo Street Capital Management 642k $209M 12% Dec 2022
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Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 574k $187M -23% Dec 2022
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Martin Currie 573k $187M -3% Dec 2022
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Ing Investment Management 550k $179M -5% Dec 2022
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State of Wisconsin Investment Board 505k $165M -4% Dec 2022
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Adage Capital Partners GP 503k $164M -1% Dec 2022
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First Manhattan 492k $158M 2% Dec 2022
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OMERS Administration Corporation 441k $144M 0% Dec 2022
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Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management 412k $146M 9% Mar 2023
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Abeille Asset Management Sa 382k $26M -1% Dec 2022
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Axa 380k $124M -42% Dec 2022
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Harding Loevner 334k $109M -6% Dec 2022
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Carmignac Gestion 291k $104M 100% Mar 2023
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PRIMECAP Management Company 280k $91M 0% Dec 2022
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Mn Services Vermogensbeheer B.V. 256k $91M 4% Mar 2023
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Prudential Financial 235k $77M -60% Dec 2022
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Capital Group Private Client Services 223k $73M 0% Dec 2022
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Tybourne Capital Management 218k $71M 13% Dec 2022
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Walleye Trading 208k $68M 2% Dec 2022
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Scopus Asset Management 179k $64M 64% Mar 2023
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Capital International 175k $57M -18% Dec 2022
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Nissay Asset Management Corp 170k $56M 1% Dec 2022
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Pnc Financial Services 168k $55M 2% Dec 2022
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Parallax Volatility Advisers 149k $49M 63% Dec 2022
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Fullerton Fund Management 149k $48M 34% Dec 2022
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Cambridge Trust Company 145k $47M -1% Dec 2022
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Baader Bank 142k $51M 100% Mar 2023
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State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 137k $45M -4% Dec 2022
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Baird Financial 137k $45M 3% Dec 2022
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Saturna Capital 137k $45M 0% Dec 2022
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Sandhill Capital Partners 132k $43M -2% Dec 2022
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TCTC Holdings 128k $42M 0% Dec 2022
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Credit Agricole 125k $41M 13% Dec 2022
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Border to Coast Pensions Partnership 121k $43M 10% Mar 2023
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Bleichroeder 117k $38M -9% Dec 2022
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Capital Group Investment Management Pte 115k $38M 100% Dec 2022
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USS Investment Management 111k $36M -7% Dec 2022
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NLI International 93k $30M -9% Dec 2022
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Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel 93k $30M 70% Dec 2022
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SailingStone Capital Partners 89k $30M -13% Dec 2022
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NZS Capital 84k $27M 643% Dec 2022
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Luther King Capital Management Corporation 80k $28M -1% Mar 2023
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Polar Capital Holdings 76k $25M 0% Dec 2022
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Brian McDonald 73k $24M 0% Dec 2022
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Cornerstone Advisors 66k $22M 0% Dec 2022
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Wallace R. Weitz 59k $19M -21% Dec 2022
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Fjarde Ap-fonden /fourth Swedish National Pension Fund 56k $18M 100% Dec 2022
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Mariner Wealth Advisors 55k $18M 6% Dec 2022
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CI Investments 51k $17M 4% Dec 2022
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Paul Kendrigan 51k $17M 0% Dec 2022
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Capital International 48k $16M 19% Dec 2022
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Azimuth Capital Investment Management 48k $16M -2% Dec 2022
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Silvercrest Asset Management Group 45k $15M 7% Dec 2022
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British Columbia Investment Management Corporation 44k $14M -11% Dec 2022
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Connors Investor Services 44k $14M -11% Dec 2022
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Capital International Sarl 39k $13M 36% Dec 2022
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First Trust Advisors 39k $13M -87% Dec 2022
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CLS Investments 36k $12M -20% Dec 2022
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Comgest Global Investors S.a.s. 36k $12M -26% Dec 2022
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Dynamo Internacional Gestao De Recursos 35k $12M 100% Dec 2022
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Barclays 34k $12M -98% Mar 2023
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Dearborn Partners 32k $11M -5% Mar 2023
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Noesis Capital Management Corp. 32k $11M 0% Mar 2023
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Tudor Investment Corporation 30k $9.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Fruth Investment Management 29k $10M 0% Mar 2023
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Creative Planning 27k $8.8M 42% Dec 2022
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Stone Run Capital 27k $8.6M -1% Dec 2022
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Steward Partners Investment Advisory 26k $8.6M 5% Dec 2022
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Aperture Investors 26k $8.3M -79% Dec 2022
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Hikari Tsushin 26k $8.3M 0% Dec 2022
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Cibc World Markets 25k $8.9M -92% Mar 2023
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De Burlo Group 25k $8.1M 48% Dec 2022
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Stanley-Laman 24k $8.5M -16% Mar 2023
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Macquarie Group 24k $8.4M -95% Mar 2023
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Norinchukin Bank, The 22k $7.3M -1% Dec 2022
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Cambridge Financial Group 22k $7.1M -6% Dec 2022
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SIR Capital Management 20k $6.7M 100% Dec 2022
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Tom Rawlings 20k $6.5M -2% Dec 2022
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Cyrus J. Lawrence 20k $6.5M -1% Dec 2022
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Independent Advisor Alliance 20k $6.4k -2% Dec 2022
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Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership 19k $6.8M -13% Mar 2023
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Allstate Investment Management Company 19k $6.1M 100% Dec 2022
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Unio Capital 18k $5.7M -1% Dec 2022
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Hrt Financial 17k $5.6M 100% Dec 2022
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Baldwin Investment Management 16k $5.1M 5% Dec 2022
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Financial Network Investment Corporation 16k $5.1M 119% Dec 2022
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Gofen & Glossberg 15k $5.0M 0% Dec 2022
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Desjardins Global Asset Management 15k $5.3M 2003% Mar 2023
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Walleye Trading Advisors 15k $4.8M 32% Dec 2022
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Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 15k $4.7M -28% Dec 2022
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FORA Capital 14k $4.7M 100% Dec 2022
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DRW Holdings 14k $4.6M 100% Dec 2022
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Glenmede Trust Company 14k $4.4M 10% Dec 2022
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Cohen Klingenstein 13k $4.6M 0% Mar 2023
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Peapack Gladstone Financial Corp 13k $4.1M 6% Dec 2022
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Vestcor Investment Management Corp 12k $3.9M 0% Dec 2022
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Investment House 12k $4.1M 1% Mar 2023
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FDx Advisors 11k $3.7M 0% Mar 2023
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Wetherby Asset Management 11k $3.5M 17% Dec 2022
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Gamble Jones Investment Counsel 10k $3.4M 0% Dec 2022
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Cullinan Associates 10k $3.6M -14% Mar 2023
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CenterBook Partners 9.9k $3.2M 81% Dec 2022
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Bank of the West 9.6k $3.1M -5% Dec 2022
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Essex 9.4k $3.1M 0% Mar 2023
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Westport Asset Management 9.0k $2.9M -31% Dec 2022
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United Capital Financial Advisers 9.0k $2.9M 13% Dec 2022
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Thomas White International 8.8k $2.9M 11% Dec 2022
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Cresset Asset Management 8.7k $1.7M 59% Dec 2022
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Security National Bank Of So Dak 7.7k $2.5M 0% Dec 2022
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Jackson Wealth Management 7.2k $2.3M -23% Dec 2022
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Perpetual Investment Management 6.8k $2.2M 0% Dec 2022
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Multi-Financial Securities 6.8k $2.2M 114% Dec 2022
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Ascension Asset Management 6.6k $2.2M -3% Dec 2022
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CenterStar Asset Management 6.4k $2.0M -87% Dec 2022
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Wahed Invest 6.4k $2.3M 0% Mar 2023
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O'shaughnessy Asset Management 6.3k $2.1M -2% Dec 2022
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Symmetry Investments 6.1k $2.0M 14% Dec 2022
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Kingsview Wealth Management 6.0k $2.0M 34% Dec 2022
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Penobscot Investment Management Company 5.8k $2.1M 10% Mar 2023
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Quantitative Investment Management 5.6k $1.8M 221% Dec 2022
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Ibex Wealth Advisors 5.6k $1.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec 5.6k $1.8M 0% Dec 2022
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YorkBridge Wealth Partners 5.5k $1.8M -5% Dec 2022
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Coldstream Capital Management 5.5k $1.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Pinnacle Wealth Management 5.4k $1.8M 100% Dec 2022
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Proequities 5.4k $1.8B 100% Dec 2022
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Eqis Capital Management 5.4k $1.8M -5% Dec 2022
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Cinctive Capital Management 5.4k $1.7M 100% Dec 2022
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Williams Jones Wealth Management 5.3k $1.7M 0% Dec 2022
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Chilton Investment 5.3k $1.7M -8% Dec 2022
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Western Wealth Management 5.1k $1.7M -46% Dec 2022
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Verition Fund Management 4.2k $1.4M -83% Dec 2022
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Bartlett & Co. 4.0k $1.4M -98% Mar 2023
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Mendel Money Management 3.8k $1.3M -78% Mar 2023
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IFP Advisors 2.5k $416k -61% Mar 2023
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Cutter & CO Brokerage 657.00 $234k -96% Mar 2023
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Toroso Investments 151.00 $53k -98% Mar 2023
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Huntington National Bank 1.00 $350.000000 -100% Mar 2023
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Advisor Group Holdings 0 $0 -100% Mar 2023
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Who sold out of Linde?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Dec 2022 47M $15B
BlackRock Dec 2022 32M $10B
State Street Corporation Dec 2022 20M $6.4B
FMR Dec 2022 13M $4.2B
Massachusetts Financial Services Dec 2022 11M $3.6B
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2022 8.1M $2.6B
Wellington Management Company Dec 2022 8.0M $2.6B
DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschafts Bank, Frankfurt am Main Dec 2022 7.7M $2.5B
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2022 6.8M $2.2B
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2022 6.7M $2.2B
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2022 5.7M $1.9B
Winder Investment Pte Dec 2022 5.1M $1658B
Northern Trust Dec 2022 5.0M $1.6B
Franklin Resources Dec 2022 4.5M $1.5B
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2022 3.9M $1.3B
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2022 3.2M $1.0B
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Dec 2022 3.1M $1.0B
Ameriprise Financial Dec 2022 3.0M $974M
Impax Asset Management Group Dec 2022 2.9M $945M
Parnassus Investments Dec 2022 2.9M $931M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2022 2.7M $889M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Dec 2022 2.2M $729M
T. Rowe Price Investment Management Dec 2022 2.1M $699M
UBS Group Dec 2022 2.1M $670M
Swiss National Bank Dec 2022 2.0M $661M
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Dec 2022 1.8M $574M
Allianz Asset Management Dec 2022 1.6M $527M
Credit Suisse Dec 2022 1.4M $448M
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Dec 2022 1.4M $444M
Dodge & Cox Dec 2022 1.4M $443M
William Blair Investment Management Dec 2022 1.3M $431M
Winslow Capital Management Dec 2022 1.3M $428M
Principal Financial Group Dec 2022 1.3M $421M
TD Asset Management Dec 2022 1.3M $416M
American Century Companies Dec 2022 1.3M $415M
Public Investment Fund Dec 2022 1.2M $394M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2022 1.2M $387M
Atlantic Trust Dec 2022 1.1M $368M
Wellcome Trust Limited, as Trustee of the Wellcome Trust Dec 2022 1.1M $365M
CalPERS Dec 2022 1.1M $362M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Dec 2022 1.0M $339M
Fil Dec 2022 949k $310M
Loomis, Sayles and Dec 2022 945k $308M
Fiera Capital Corporation Dec 2022 935k $305M
Rhumbline Advisers Dec 2022 911k $297M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Dec 2022 896k $292M
Susquehanna International Dec 2022 880k $287M
Pictet Asset Management Sa Dec 2022 874k $285M
Russell Investments Dec 2022 867k $283M
Nordea Investment Management Ab Dec 2022 850k $276M
California State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 848k $277M
Holocene Advisors Dec 2022 816k $266M
Diamond Hill Capital Management Dec 2022 754k $246M
Bessemer Dec 2022 714k $233M
Neuberger Berman Group Dec 2022 712k $232M
Citigroup Dec 2022 675k $220M
ProShare Advisors Dec 2022 668k $218M
APG All Pensions Group NV Dec 2022 646k $211M
Polaris Capital Management Dec 2022 644k $210M
First Republic Investment Management Dec 2022 628k $205M
Epoch Investment Partners Dec 2022 597k $195M
Raymond James & Associates Dec 2022 594k $194M
Jennison Associates Dec 2022 581k $190M
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Dec 2022 581k $190M
New York State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2022 570k $186M
Florida State Board of Administration Dec 2022 543k $177M
Standard Life Aberdeen Dec 2022 512k $167M
Korea Investment Corporation Dec 2022 507k $165M
Envestnet Asset Management Dec 2022 491k $160M
Artemis Investment Management Dec 2022 490k $161M
Two Sigma Investments Dec 2022 489k $160M
Locust Wood Capital Advisers Dec 2022 446k $146M
Millennium Management Dec 2022 438k $143M
Allspring Global Investments Holdings Dec 2022 438k $143M
Compagnie Lombard, Odier SCA Dec 2022 435k $142M
Confluence Investment Management Dec 2022 433k $141M
Bank of Nova Scotia Dec 2022 431k $141M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2022 422k $138M
KBC Group NV Dec 2022 407k $110M
Putnam Investments Dec 2022 400k $131M
DSM Capital Partners Dec 2022 384k $125M
WCM Investment Management Dec 2022 378k $123M
Fayez Sarofim & Co Dec 2022 376k $123M
SG Americas Securities Dec 2022 360k $118M
Zurich Insurance Group Ltd/FI Dec 2022 360k $117M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Dec 2022 355k $116M
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Dec 2022 354k $116M
Thompson, Siegel, & Walmsley Dec 2022 354k $116M
Calamos Advisors Dec 2022 351k $114M
Us Bancorp Dec 2022 348k $114M
Aviva Dec 2022 344k $112M
Sei Investments Dec 2022 336k $110M
Montrusco Bolton Investment Dec 2022 325k $103M
Mawer Investment Management Dec 2022 303k $99M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Dec 2022 296k $96M
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Dec 2022 294k $96M
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings Dec 2022 286k $93M
Voloridge Investment Management Dec 2022 284k $93M
AMF Pensionsforsakring AB Dec 2022 273k $89M
William Blair $ Company Dec 2022 257k $84M
James Hambro & Partners Dec 2022 255k $83M
Clark Capital Management Group Dec 2022 246k $80M
Henderson Group Dec 2022 245k $80M
Thornburg Investment Management Dec 2022 242k $79M
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Dec 2022 232k $76M
Fifth Third Bancorp Dec 2022 229k $75M
PanAgora Asset Management Dec 2022 228k $74M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Dec 2022 222k $73M
Rockefeller Capital Management Dec 2022 220k $72M
United Super Pty Ltd in its capacity as Trustee for the Construction & Building Unions Superannuation Fund Dec 2022 219k $71M
Ensign Peak Advisors Dec 2022 218k $71M
Ardevora Asset Management Dec 2022 216k $71M
Treasurer of the State of North Carolina Dec 2022 216k $70M
HighTower Advisors Dec 2022 216k $70M
Two Sigma Advisers Dec 2022 208k $68M
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Dec 2022 208k $68M
Robeco Institutional Asset Management B V Dec 2022 205k $67M
Diam Dec 2022 204k $67M
CI Private Wealth Dec 2022 203k $66M
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas Dec 2022 189k $62M
Susquehanna Fundamental Investments Dec 2022 182k $60M
R. M. Davis Dec 2022 181k $59M
M&g Investment Management Dec 2022 180k $59M
Mar Vista Investment Partners Dec 2022 178k $58M
Nomura Asset Management Dec 2022 177k $58M
CIBC Global Asset Management Dec 2022 174k $57M
Lazard Asset Management Dec 2022 174k $57M
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Dec 2022 168k $55M
PEAK6 Investments Dec 2022 166k $54M
Royal London Asset Management Dec 2022 161k $53M
Retirement Systems of Alabama Dec 2022 158k $52M
Rathbones Brothers Dec 2022 158k $52M
Hikari Power Dec 2022 157k $51M
Port Capital Dec 2022 157k $51M
Man Group Dec 2022 154k $50M
Schroder Investment Management Group Dec 2022 152k $50M
American International Dec 2022 150k $49M
Banque Pictet & Cie Sa Dec 2022 149k $49M
NISA Investment Advisors Dec 2022 138k $45M
Jennifer Ranahan Dec 2022 136k $45M
Arizona State Retirement System Dec 2022 136k $44M
LPL Financial Dec 2022 135k $44M
State Treasurer State Of Michigan Dec 2022 134k $44M
Vontobel Holding Dec 2022 133k $43M
Amalgamated Bank Dec 2022 131k $43M
Eisler Capital Sep 2022 130k $36M
Jupiter Asset Management Dec 2022 129k $42M
Employees Retirement System of Texas Dec 2022 127k $41M
Forsta Ap-fonden Dec 2022 121k $39M
Janney Montgomery Scott Dec 2022 118k $39M
Umb Bank N A Dec 2022 118k $39M
Grandfield & Dodd Dec 2022 116k $38M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Dec 2022 112k $36M
Marathon Asset Mgmt Dec 2022 111k $36M
Branch Banking & Trust Company Dec 2022 110k $36M
Jane Street Dec 2022 109k $36M
Vigilant Capital Management Dec 2022 102k $33M
Wolverine Trading Dec 2022 102k $33M
Peter F. Mathieson Dec 2022 101k $33M
Yousif Capital Management Dec 2022 101k $33M
Country Trust Bank Dec 2022 99k $32M
Markel Corporation Dec 2022 98k $32M
Capstone Investment Advisors Dec 2022 98k $32M
Davidson Kempner Capital Management Dec 2022 96k $32M
Whittier Trust Dec 2022 95k $31M
Squarepoint Ops Dec 2022 94k $31M
Westwood Management Corporation Dec 2022 91k $30M
Ossiam Dec 2022 90k $29M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Dec 2022 90k $29M
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated Dec 2022 90k $29M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Dec 2022 89k $29M
Utah Retirement Systems Dec 2022 88k $29M
Norris Perne & French Dec 2022 88k $29M
Gulf International Bank Dec 2022 87k $29M
Factory Mutual Insurance Company Dec 2022 86k $28M
Federated Investors Dec 2022 85k $28M
Worldquant Millennium Quantitative Strategies Dec 2022 84k $27M
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dec 2022 84k $27M
Welch & Forbes Dec 2022 83k $27M
AQR Capital Management Dec 2022 83k $27M
Windward Capital Management Company Dec 2022 83k $27M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2022 81k $26M
Trillium Asset Management Corporation Dec 2022 80k $26M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Dec 2022 79k $26M
Wafra Investment Advisory Group Dec 2022 78k $26M
New York Life Investment Management Dec 2022 78k $25M
Commonwealth Equity Services Dec 2022 77k $25M
Cumberland Partners Dec 2022 76k $25M
Fis Dec 2022 75k $24M
Intech Investment Management Dec 2022 74k $24M
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership Dec 2022 74k $24M
Alaska Retirement Management Board Dec 2022 72k $23M
Mutual Of America Capital Management Dec 2022 71k $23M
Stock Yards Trust Company Dec 2022 71k $23M
Texas Permanent School Fund Dec 2022 70k $23M
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management Sep 2022 70k $19M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Dec 2022 70k $23M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Dec 2022 67k $22M
Wallington Asset Management Dec 2022 65k $21M
First National Trust Company Dec 2022 65k $21M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Dec 2022 65k $21M
Front Barnett Associates Dec 2022 64k $21M
Franklin Street Advisors Dec 2022 64k $21M
Petroleum & Resources Corporation Dec 2022 62k $20M
Rockland Trust Dec 2022 62k $20M
Marshall Wace Dec 2022 62k $20M
Nichols & Pratt Advisers Dec 2022 60k $20M
Moody Lynn & Co/ Dec 2022 60k $20M
Schaper Benz & Wise Investment Counsel Dec 2022 60k $19M
Taurus Asset Management Dec 2022 59k $19M
M^T Bank Corporation Dec 2022 59k $2.0M
TCW Group Dec 2022 59k $19M
Community Trust & Investment Dec 2022 58k $19M
Westpac Banking Corporation Dec 2022 58k $19M
Czech National Bank Dec 2022 58k $19M
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Dec 2022 58k $19M
Manning & Napier Group Dec 2022 57k $19M
Chilton Capital Management Dec 2022 57k $19M
HPM Partners Dec 2022 55k $19M
Avalon Advisors Dec 2022 54k $18M
NorthCrest Asset Manangement Dec 2022 52k $17M
Babson Capital Management Dec 2022 52k $17M
Van Cleef Asset Management Dec 2022 51k $17M
Fulton Breakefield Broenniman d/b/a FBB Capital Partners Dec 2022 51k $17M
First Foundation Advisors Dec 2022 50k $16M
Keybank National Association Dec 2022 50k $16M
Carolinas Wealth Consulting Dec 2022 49k $202k
Northstar Asset Management Dec 2022 49k $16M
Zevin Asset Management Dec 2022 49k $16M
Smith, Salley & Associates Dec 2022 47k $15M
Adams Express Company Dec 2022 47k $15M
Premier Fund Managers Dec 2022 47k $15M
Pictet & Cie Dec 2022 46k $15M
W. H. Reaves & Co Dec 2022 45k $15M
Madison Asset Management Dec 2022 44k $15M
Edmond De Rothschild Holding Dec 2022 43k $14M
Freemont Management Dec 2022 43k $14B
Captrust Financial Advisors Dec 2022 43k $14M
Assenagon Asset Management Dec 2022 43k $14M
Wealthfront Advisers Dec 2022 42k $14M
Acadian Asset Management Dec 2022 42k $14M
Advantus Capital Management Dec 2022 41k $14M
Synovus Financial Corp. Dec 2022 41k $14M
Busey Trust Company Dec 2022 41k $13M
Gateway Investment Advisers Dec 2022 40k $13M
Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers Dec 2022 40k $13M
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2022 40k $13M
Bridgewater Associates Sep 2022 40k $11M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2022 39k $13M
Aptus Capital Advisors Dec 2022 39k $13M
Kentucky Retirement Systems Dec 2022 39k $13M
Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Company Dec 2022 39k $13M
Maryland State Retirement & Pension System Dec 2022 39k $13M
Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Dec 2022 39k $13M
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund Dec 2022 38k $13M
Farmers & Merchants Investment Dec 2022 38k $12M
Hartford Investment Management Company Dec 2022 38k $12M
Whittier Trust Co. of Nevada Dec 2022 37k $12M
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Dec 2022 37k $12M
Annex Advisory Services, LLC, d/b/a Annex Wealth Management Dec 2022 37k $12M
Daiwa Securities Group Dec 2022 37k $12M
Crossmark Global Holdings Dec 2022 37k $12M
Oppenheimer Asset Management Dec 2022 36k $12M
Pallas Capital Advisors Dec 2022 36k $12M
HITE Hedge Asset Management Dec 2022 36k $12M
Camden National Bank Dec 2022 35k $12M
Stonegate Investment Group Dec 2022 35k $12M
Calamos Wealth Management Dec 2022 35k $12M
Baker Avenue Asset Management Dec 2022 35k $12M
Jones Financial Companies, L.L Dec 2022 34k $11M
Victory Capital Management Dec 2022 34k $11M
Heritage Investors Management Corp. Dec 2022 33k $11M
CBOE Vest Financial Dec 2022 33k $11M
Citizens Financial Group Dec 2022 33k $11M
LGT Group Foundation Dec 2022 32k $11M
Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Dec 2022 32k $10M
SAL Trading Dec 2022 32k $10M
Janney Capital Management Dec 2022 31k $10M
Rafferty Asset Management Dec 2022 31k $10M
Pfs Investments Dec 2022 31k $10M
Beese Fulmer Investment Management Dec 2022 31k $10M
Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Dec 2022 31k $9.9M
Kornitzer Capital Management Dec 2022 30k $9.8M
Rovida Advisors Dec 2022 30k $9.8M
Bank Of Oklahoma National Association / Dec 2022 30k $9.7M
EagleClaw Capital Managment Dec 2022 29k $9.4M
McCollum Christoferson Group Dec 2022 29k $9.3M
S & Co Dec 2022 28k $9.3M
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Dec 2022 28k $9.3M
Shelter Mutual Insurance Company Dec 2022 28k $9.2M
Sky Investment Group Dec 2022 28k $9.2M
Nomura Holdings Dec 2022 27k $8.9M
Fiduciary Trust Company Dec 2022 27k $8.6M
Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Company Dec 2022 26k $8.5M
Van Eck Associates Corp. Dec 2022 26k $8.4M
Pittenger & Anderson Dec 2022 26k $8.4M
Colony Group Dec 2022 25k $8.3M
D.A. Davidson & Co. Dec 2022 25k $8.3M
ING Groep Dec 2022 25k $8.2M
Brookfield Asset Management Dec 2022 25k $8.2M
Everence Capital Management Dec 2022 25k $8.1M
Great Lakes Retirement Dec 2022 25k $8.1M
NewEdge Wealth Dec 2022 25k $8.1M
Leucadia National Corporation Dec 2022 24k $0
Achmea Investment Management B.V. Dec 2022 24k $7.3M
Sit Investment Associates Dec 2022 24k $7.7M
Nmerb Dec 2022 24k $7.7M
AE Wealth Management Dec 2022 24k $7.7M
Marietta Wealth Management Dec 2022 24k $7.7M
Adviser Investments Dec 2022 24k $7.8M
Point72 Middle East FZE Dec 2022 23k $7.6M
Bailard Dec 2022 23k $7.5M
S.E.E.D. Planning Group Dec 2022 23k $7.4M
Goss Wealth Management Dec 2022 23k $2.5M
Atria Investments Dec 2022 22k $7.3M
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Dec 2022 22k $7.3M
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company Dec 2022 22k $7.1M
JustInvest Dec 2022 22k $7.1M
Albar Capital Sep 2022 22k $5.8M
Oppenheimer & Co Dec 2022 22k $7.1M
Mattern Capital Management Dec 2022 21k $7.0M
Heirloom Wealth Management Dec 2022 21k $7.0M
Mml Investors Services Dec 2022 21k $6.9M
Richard Bernstein Advisors Dec 2022 21k $6.8M
Logan Capital Management Dec 2022 21k $6.7M
First National Bank Of Omaha Dec 2022 20k $6.7M
Shikiar Asset Management Sep 2022 20k $5.5M
Patrick Mauro Investment Advisor Dec 2022 20k $6.6M
Marshall & Sullivan Dec 2022 20k $6.6M
Pathstone Family Office Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
Reliant Investment Management Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
Kestra Advisory Services Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
Bright Rock Capital Management Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
Teamwork Financial Advisors Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
CIBC World Markets Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
American Trust Dec 2022 20k $6.5M
Kovitz Investment Group Partners Dec 2022 20k $6.4M
Regions Bank Dec 2022 20k $6.4M
Mckinley Capital Management Dec 2022 20k $6.4M
Headinvest Dec 2022 20k $6.4M
Winslow Asset Management Dec 2022 19k $6.3M
PGGM Vermogensbeheer B.V. Dec 2022 19k $6.3M
Advisors Asset Management Dec 2022 19k $6.2M
HoyleCohen Dec 2022 19k $6.1M
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, Zurich Dec 2022 19k $6.1M
Courier Capital Corp Dec 2022 19k $6.1M
The Allstate Corporation Dec 2022 19k $6.1M
Commerce Bank N A Dec 2022 19k $6.0M
Pearl River Capital Dec 2022 18k $6.0M
Wesbanco Trust And Investments Dec 2022 18k $6.0M
Ramsay, Stattman, Vela & Price Dec 2022 18k $5.9M
United Services Automobile Association Dec 2022 18k $5.8M
Kentucky Retirement Systems Insurance Trust Fund Dec 2022 18k $5.8M
Aviance Capital Partners Dec 2022 18k $5.8M
Btim Dec 2022 18k $5.8M
Venture Visionary Partners Dec 2022 17k $5.7M
Washington Trust Bank Dec 2022 17k $5.6M
Boston Research and Management Dec 2022 17k $5.6M
Mot Dec 2022 17k $5.6M
First Merchants Bank, National Association Dec 2022 17k $5.6M
Chartwell Investment Partners Dec 2022 17k $5.5M
Ayrshire Capital Management Dec 2022 17k $5.5M
Mercer Global Advisors Dec 2022 17k $5.4M
Fulcrum Capital Dec 2022 17k $5.4M
Evoke Wealth Dec 2022 17k $5.4M
KCM Investment Advisors Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Providence Capital Advisors Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Riverbrige Partners Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Advisor Partners Ii Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Ieq Capital Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
Assetmark Dec 2022 16k $5.3M
QVR Sep 2022 16k $4.3M
Townsquare Capital Dec 2022 16k $5.2M
Cyndeo Wealth Partners Dec 2022 16k $5.2M
Park National Corp Dec 2022 16k $5.2M
Legacy Private Trust Dec 2022 15k $5.0M
Industrial Alliance Investment Management Dec 2022 15k $5.0M
UBS O'Connor Dec 2022 15k $5.0M
Vestor Capital Corp Dec 2022 15k $5.0M
Arabesque Asset Management Dec 2022 15k $4.9M
Private Advisor Dec 2022 15k $1.4M
Tokio Marine Asset Management Dec 2022 15k $4.9M
FineMark National Bank & Trust Dec 2022 15k $4.8M
Lombard Odier Asset Management Dec 2022 15k $4.8M
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Dec 2022 15k $4.8M
M. Kraus & Co Dec 2022 15k $4.7M
Parcion Private Wealth Dec 2022 14k $4.7M
Granite Investment Partners Dec 2022 14k $4.6M
Ipswich Investment Management Dec 2022 14k $4.6M
Lincoln Capital Dec 2022 14k $4.6M
Nikko Asset Management Americas Dec 2022 14k $4.6M
ProFund Advisors Dec 2022 14k $4.5M
Clough Capital Partners Dec 2022 14k $4.5M
Neville Rodie & Shaw Dec 2022 14k $4.5M
McKinley Carter Wealth Services Dec 2022 14k $4.5M
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Dec 2022 14k $4.5M
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Dec 2022 14k $4.4M
Beacon Pointe Advisors Dec 2022 14k $4.4M
Veritable Dec 2022 14k $4.4M
Advisory Services Network Dec 2022 14k $4.4M
Metis Global Partners Dec 2022 13k $4.4M
Chesley, Taft & Associates Dec 2022 13k $4.4M
Park Avenue Securities Dec 2022 13k $4.4M
Horizon Investments Dec 2022 13k $4.3M
Agf Management Dec 2022 13k $4.3M
BFSG Dec 2022 13k $4.3M
Kestra Private Wealth Services Dec 2022 13k $4.2M
Somerset Trust Dec 2022 13k $4.3M
South Dakota Investment Council Dec 2022 13k $4.2M
Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company Dec 2022 13k $4.1M
Stephens Dec 2022 13k $4.1M
Cetera Investment Advisers Dec 2022 13k $4.1M
Putnam Fl Investment Management Dec 2022 13k $4.1M
First National Bank of Mount Dora Dec 2022 12k $4.1M
Lido Advisors Dec 2022 12k $4.0M
Morse Asset Management Dec 2022 12k $4.0M
Princeton Global Asset Management Dec 2022 12k $4.0M
Stokes Capital Advisors Dec 2022 12k $4.0M
Quaero Capital Dec 2022 12k $3.9M
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company Dec 2022 12k $3.9M
Tower Bridge Advisors Dec 2022 12k $3.9M
Spinnaker Trust Dec 2022 12k $3.9M
Quantinno Capital Management Dec 2022 12k $3.9M
H D Vest Advisory Services Dec 2022 12k $3.8M
Miracle Mile Advisors Dec 2022 12k $3.8M
Capula Management Dec 2022 12k $3.8M
Jackson Square Capital Dec 2022 12k $3.8M
NJ State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Dec 2022 12k $3.8M
YHB Investment Advisors Dec 2022 11k $3.7M
XR Securities Dec 2022 11k $3.7M
Bridges Investment Management Dec 2022 11k $3.7M
Vestmark Advisory Solutions Dec 2022 11k $3.7M
Wintrust Financial Corporation Dec 2022 11k $3.7M
Cutler Dec 2022 11k $3.5M
Balentine Dec 2022 11k $3.5M
Roberts Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 11k $3.4M
Tocqueville Asset Management Dec 2022 11k $3.5M
Cypress Asset Management Dec 2022 11k $3.4M
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Dec 2022 10k $3.4M
Americana Partners Dec 2022 10k $3.3M
James Investment Research Dec 2022 10k $3.3M
Raymond James Trust Dec 2022 10k $3.3M
Johnson Investment Counsel Dec 2022 9.9k $3.2M
Baker Tilly Financial Dec 2022 9.9k $3.2M
Thoroughbred Financial Services Dec 2022 9.8k $3.2M
Quantbot Technologies Dec 2022 9.8k $3.2M
Naples Global Advisors Dec 2022 9.7k $3.2M
Davenport & Co Dec 2022 9.7k $3.2M
Timber Creek Capital Management Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Trust Co Of Vermont Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Atria Wealth Solutions Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Simmons Bank Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Seaward Management Limited Partnership Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Freestone Capital Holdings Dec 2022 9.6k $3.1M
Bleakley Financial Group Dec 2022 9.5k $3.1M
Spire Wealth Management Dec 2022 9.5k $3.1M
Integrated Wealth Concepts Dec 2022 9.4k $3.1M
River Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 9.3k $3.0M
SAM Sustainable Asset Management Dec 2022 9.3k $3.0M
Greenleaf Trust Dec 2022 9.2k $3.0M
Tower Research Capital Dec 2022 9.2k $3.0M
AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust Dec 2022 9.1k $3.0M
Red Spruce Capital Dec 2022 9.1k $3.0M
Wellington Shields Capital Management Dec 2022 8.9k $2.9M
NBT Bank Dec 2022 8.8k $2.9M
Rothschild Investment Corp Dec 2022 8.6k $2.8M
Members Capital Advisors Dec 2022 8.6k $2.8M
Addenda Capital Dec 2022 8.6k $2.8M
Arden Trust Dec 2022 8.6k $2.8M
Beck Mack & Oliver Dec 2022 8.5k $2.8M
Kempen Capital Management Dec 2022 8.5k $2.8M
Twin Capital Management Dec 2022 8.5k $2.8M
Veriti Management Dec 2022 8.4k $2.8M
Bradley, Foster & Sargent Dec 2022 8.2k $2.7M
Bahl & Gaynor Dec 2022 8.2k $2.7M
Central Trust & Investment Dec 2022 8.2k $2.7M
Boston Financial Mangement Dec 2022 8.2k $2.7M
Stone Point Wealth Dec 2022 8.1k $2.6M
Royal Bank of Scotland Group Dec 2022 8.0k $2.6M
Arnhold Dec 2022 8.0k $2.6M
Prime Capital Investment Advisors Dec 2022 8.0k $2.6M
Cullen Frost Bankers Dec 2022 8.0k $2.6M
Meeder Advisory Services Dec 2022 7.7k $2.5M
Boyd Watterson Asset Management Dec 2022 7.7k $2.5M
Mitchell & Pahl Private Wealth Dec 2022 7.7k $2.5M
Connable Office Dec 2022 7.6k $2.5M
We Are One Seven Dec 2022 7.5k $2.4M
Caxton Associates Dec 2022 7.5k $2.5M
CFS Investment Advisory Services Dec 2022 7.5k $2.4M
Centiva Capital Dec 2022 7.5k $2.4M
Exeter Financial Dec 2022 7.4k $2.4M
National Asset Management Dec 2022 7.2k $2.3M
Signature Dec 2022 7.1k $2.3M
Blue Zone Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 7.1k $2.3M
Legacy Wealth Asset Management Dec 2022 7.1k $2.3M
Roberts Glore & Co Dec 2022 7.1k $2.3M
Telemus Capital Dec 2022 7.0k $2.2M
Phraction Management Dec 2022 7.0k $2.3M
Snowden Capital Advisors Dec 2022 7.0k $2.3M
Legacy Financial Strategies Dec 2022 6.9k $2.3M
First Eagle Investment Management Dec 2022 6.9k $2.2M
Qtron Investments Dec 2022 6.8k $2.2M
Vident Investment Advisory Dec 2022 6.8k $2.2M
Stratos Wealth Partners Dec 2022 6.8k $2.2M
Cordatus Wealth Management Dec 2022 6.8k $2.2M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Dec 2022 6.8k $2.2M
Sawtooth Asset Management Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
HB Wealth Management Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
Patten Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
DuPont Capital Management Corporation Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
BSW Wealth Partners Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
Dean Investment Associates Dec 2022 6.7k $2.2M
Diversified Trust Company Dec 2022 6.6k $2.2M
Petredis Investment Advisors Dec 2022 6.6k $2.2M
ICW Investment Advisors Dec 2022 6.6k $2.1M
Scotia Capital Dec 2022 6.6k $2.1M
AdvisorNet Financial Dec 2022 6.6k $2.1M
Plimoth Trust Dec 2022 6.6k $2.1M
Mason Capital Partners Dec 2022 6.6k $2.1M
Heartland Advisors Dec 2022 6.5k $2.1M
CWM Dec 2022 6.5k $2.1M
Nations Financial Group Dec 2022 6.5k $2.1M
Merit Financial Group Dec 2022 6.4k $2.1M
LGT Fund Management Dec 2022 6.4k $2.1M
Atlas Private Wealth Management Dec 2022 6.4k $2.1M
Summit Investment Advisors Dec 2022 6.3k $2.1M
Rice Partnership Dec 2022 6.3k $2.1M
United Asset Strategies Dec 2022 6.3k $2.1M
Triangle Securities Wealth Management Dec 2022 6.2k $2.0M
Keystone Investors Pte Dec 2022 6.1k $2.0M
Cigna Investments Inc /new Dec 2022 6.1k $2.0M
Two Sigma Securities Dec 2022 6.1k $2.0M
Copperwynd Financial Dec 2022 6.1k $2.0M
Penserra Capital Management Dec 2022 5.9k $1.9M
Buckley Wealth Management Dec 2022 5.9k $1.9M
Iowa State Bank Dec 2022 5.9k $1.9M
Gotham Asset Management Dec 2022 5.8k $1.9M
Y-Intercept Dec 2022 5.8k $1.9M
Lantz Financial Dec 2022 5.8k $1.9M
Stratos Wealth Advisors Dec 2022 5.8k $1.9M
Buckingham Asset Management Dec 2022 5.8k $1.9M
Prospera Financial Services Dec 2022 5.7k $1.9M
Manchester Financial Dec 2022 5.6k $1.8M
Mattern Wealth Management Dec 2022 5.6k $1.8M
Brown Miller Wealth Management Dec 2022 5.6k $1.8M
Highland Capital Management Dec 2022 5.5k $1.8M
Capital Asset Advisory Services Dec 2022 5.5k $1.8M
Fund Management at Engine No. 1 Dec 2022 5.4k $1.8M
Birch Hill Investment Advisors Dec 2022 5.4k $1.8M
WoodTrust Financial Corp Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M
VELA Investment Management Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M
Lee Financial Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M
Douglass Winthrop Advisors Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M
Smithfield Trust Company Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M
Hartline Investment Corporation Dec 2022 5.3k $1.7M