Affinia Financial Group

Latest statistics and disclosures from Affinia Financial Group's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are SPLG, SPY, MOAT, SHV, SHY, and represent 88.43% of Affinia Financial Group's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: SHV (+$10M), SPLG, MOAT, VNQ, SUSA, DSI, MSFT, HD, BRK.B, GOOGL.
  • Started 1 new stock positions in VNQ.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: QUS (-$19M), SHY (-$10M), SPY, SPTM, PSN, , SPSM, TXN, QQQ, VONE.
  • Sold out of its positions in PSN, SPAB, SPSM.
  • Affinia Financial Group was a net seller of stock by $-19M.
  • Affinia Financial Group has $131M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -15.07%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001802862

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Portfolio Holdings for Affinia Financial Group

Companies in the Affinia Financial Group portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Spdr Portfolio S&p 500 Etf Etf (SPLG) 31.5 $41M 787k 52.28
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Etf (SPY) 30.0 $39M -3% 88k 444.71
Vaneck Morningstar Wide Moat Etf Etf (MOAT) 16.1 $21M 284k 73.90
Ishares Short Treasury Bond Etf Etf (SHV) 7.9 $10M +2789% 94k 110.22
Ishares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond Etf Etf (SHY) 3.0 $3.9M -72% 47k 83.05
Spdr Portfolio S&p 1500 Composite Stock Market Etf Etf (SPTM) 1.9 $2.4M -11% 44k 54.80
Apple Stock (AAPL) 1.3 $1.7M 10k 167.23
Ishares Msci Usa Esg Select Etf Etf (SUSA) 0.9 $1.2M +13% 13k 95.18
Cgi Inc Cl A Sub Vtg Stock (GIB) 0.9 $1.1M 14k 81.71
Ishares Msci Kld 400 Social Etf Etf (DSI) 0.8 $1.1M +14% 13k 84.45
Keycorp Stock (KEY) 0.6 $754k 35k 21.76
Cvs Health Corp Stock (CVS) 0.4 $574k 5.4k 106.59
Spdr Msci Usa Strategicfactors Etf Etf (QUS) 0.4 $561k -97% 4.5k 124.45
Invesco Qqq Trust Etf (QQQ) 0.4 $537k -8% 1.6k 340.95

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Microsoft Corp Stock (MSFT) 0.4 $518k +11% 1.8k 286.50
Alphabet Inc Cap Stk Cl A Stock (GOOGL) 0.4 $504k 197.00 2558.38
Spdr S&p Dividend Etf Etf (SDY) 0.4 $485k 3.7k 132.37
Analog Devices Stock (ADI) 0.4 $463k 2.9k 161.32
Home Depot Stock (HD) 0.3 $390k +2% 1.2k 314.77
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B Stock (BRK.B) 0.3 $375k +2% 1.1k 348.84
Alphabet Inc Cap Stk Cl C Stock (GOOG) 0.3 $351k -4% 137.00 2562.04
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Stock (JPM) 0.2 $294k -3% 2.2k 131.66
New Jersey Res Corp Stock (NJR) 0.2 $275k 5.9k 46.82
Texas Instrs Stock (TXN) 0.2 $257k -16% 1.4k 179.34
Ishares J.p. Morgan Usd Emerging Markets Bond Etf Etf (EMB) 0.2 $254k 2.7k 93.93
Vanguard Russell 1000 Etf Etf (VONE) 0.2 $232k -7% 1.1k 203.51
Union Pac Corp Stock (UNP) 0.2 $216k +3% 873.00 247.42
Procter And Gamble Stock (PG) 0.2 $213k 1.3k 163.97
Vanguard Real Estate Etf Etf (VNQ) 0.2 $207k NEW 1.8k 112.44
Saba Capital Income & Oprnt Fd Shares Cef (BRW) 0.1 $98k 23k 4.32

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