Who owns SPDR S&P; 500 ETF?

Top Holders and Investors of SPY Stock

Find out what company owns SPDR S&P; 500 ETF, who bought SPY this quarter, and who sold shares of SPY stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Goldman Sachs 182.78M $45.92B Sep 2017
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 130.39M $31.53B Jun 2017
Bank of America Corporation 113.98M $28.64B Sep 2017
Citi 92.06M $23.13B Sep 2017
UBS Group AG 82.02M $20.61B Sep 2017
Parallax Volatility Advisers 69.75M $0 Jun 2017
Barclays 56.61M $14.22B Sep 2017
Wells Fargo & Company 52.84M $12.78B Jun 2017
Citadel Advisors 44.66M $11.22B Sep 2017
BlackRock 43.68M $10.97B Sep 2017
Morgan Stanley 38.12M $8.99B Mar 2017
Credit Suisse AG 30.57M $7.39B Jun 2017
Laurion Capital Management 30.49M $7.66B Sep 2017
OZ Management 24.49M $6.15B Sep 2017
Anchorage Capital 23.35M $5.87B Sep 2017
Nomura Holdings 22.35M $5.58B Sep 2017
BlackRock Advisors 15.60M $3.49B Dec 2016
Walleye Trading 15.29M $3.84B Sep 2017
Allianz Asset Management AG 14.33M $3.60B Sep 2017
Hsbc Holdings 11.68M $2.93B Sep 2017
Northern Trust 10.60M $2.66B Sep 2017
Bridgewater Associates 9.48M $2.38B Sep 2017
MSDC Management 9.24M $2.32B Sep 2017
Twin Tree Management 9.18M $2.31B Sep 2017
TD Asset Management 9.14M $2.30B Sep 2017
Integral Derivatives 9.05M $2.28B Sep 2017
Ameriprise Financial 8.78M $2.21B Sep 2017
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc 8.61M $2.16B Sep 2017
Tudor Investment Corporation 7.46M $1.87B Sep 2017
Castle Hook Partners 7.08M $1.78B Sep 2017
Jefferies 6.67M $1.68B Sep 2017
Farallon Capital Management 6.54M $1.64B Sep 2017
Pnc Financial Services 6.36M $1.60B Sep 2017
Meritage 6.33M $1.59B Sep 2017
Wolverine Trading 5.73M $1.44B Sep 2017
Us Bancorp \de\ 5.61M $1.41B Sep 2017
State Street Corporation 5.54M $1.39B Sep 2017
Fmr 5.48M $1.38B Sep 2017
Babson Capital Management 5.29M $1.33B Sep 2017
Alliancebernstein 5.08M $1.28B Sep 2017
Cwm 4.86M $1.22B Sep 2017
Norinchukin Bank, The 4.53M $1.14B Sep 2017
Route One Investment Company 4.49M $1.13B Sep 2017
National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives 4.36M $1.10B Sep 2017
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership 4.36M $1.10B Sep 2017
Taconic Capital Advisors 4.30M $2.75M Jun 2017
Envestnet Asset Management 4.29M $1.08B Sep 2017
Monarch Alternative Capital 4.28M $1.08B Sep 2017
Scopia Management 4.25M $1.07B Sep 2017
Millennium Management 4.02M $1.01B Sep 2017
BlackRock 3.86M $863.22M Dec 2016
Veritable 3.83M $961.91M Sep 2017
Point72 Asset Management 3.81M $957.09M Sep 2017
Bank Of Montreal /can/ 3.75M $941.62M Sep 2017
First Republic Investment Management 3.67M $923.27M Sep 2017
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 3.66M $920.23M Sep 2017
UBS O'Connor 3.63M $1.39M Sep 2017
Sei Investments 3.27M $822.52M Sep 2017
PointState Capital 3.25M $816.52M Sep 2017
Scopus Asset Management 3.25M $816.50M Sep 2017
Public Sector Pension Investment Board 3.21M $806.08M Sep 2017
Diego Giurleo 3.13M $785.51M Sep 2017
Graham Capital Management 3.05M $766.25M Sep 2017
Tourbillon Capital Partners 3.00M $753.69M Sep 2017
Wolverine Asset Management 2.99M $750.90M Sep 2017
LPL Financial 2.86M $718.56M Sep 2017
Stadion Money Management 2.85M $715.93M Sep 2017
Polar Capital 2.77M $695.28M Sep 2017
SG Americas Securities 2.76M $693.50M Sep 2017
Name : Steadfast Capital Management 2.60M $653.20M Sep 2017
Silver Point Capital 2.57M $645.66M Sep 2017
Luminus Management 2.48M $622.32M Sep 2017
Swan Wealth Advisors 2.38M $595.07M Sep 2017
Stifel Financial 2.35M $591.50M Sep 2017
Wafra Investment Advisory 2.35M $589.96M Sep 2017
Silver Rock Financial 2.20M $552.09M Sep 2017
Parametric Portfolio Associates 2.09M $524.33M Sep 2017
National Pension Service 2.06M $516.27M Sep 2017
Bank of Nova Scotia 2.05M $496.32M Jun 2017
Mizuho Securities USA 2.00M $503.32M Sep 2017
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 2.00M $502.75M Sep 2017
Nokota Management 2.00M $502.46M Sep 2017
Masters Capital Mgmt 2.00M $502.46M Sep 2017
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 1.98M $478.78M Jun 2017
SunTrust Banks 1.97M $495.61M Sep 2017
Korea Investment Corporation 1.94M $487.89M Sep 2017
Polar Securities 1.92M $482.36M Sep 2017
Mivtachim The Workers Social Insurance Fund 1.90M $476.67M Sep 2017
Balyasny Asset Management 1.89M $475.56M Sep 2017
Gladius Capital Management 1.89M $473.82M Sep 2017
Cutler 1.86M $468.12M Sep 2017
White Mountains Advisors 1.80M $453.28M Sep 2017
Bank of New York Mellon 1.79M $433.93M Jun 2017
Raymond James & Associates 1.79M $450.86M Sep 2017
D. E. Shaw & Co 1.74M $437.18M Sep 2017
Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings 1.74M $438.33M Sep 2017
Maplelane Capital 1.74M $435.88M Sep 2017
Two Sigma Investments 1.68M $397.13M Mar 2017
Checchi Capital Advisers 1.62M $406.39M Sep 2017
HighTower Advisors 1.57M $0 Sep 2017
Tide Point Capital Management 1.54M $386.52M Sep 2017
Acertus Capital Management 1.53M $370.56M Jun 2017
JBF Capital 1.52M $382.74M Sep 2017
Warlander Asset Management 1.50M $376.85M Sep 2017
Brant Point Investment Management 1.50M $376.85M Sep 2017
Camber Capital Management 1.50M $376.85M Sep 2017
Knighthead Capital Management 1.50M $376.85M Sep 2017
Marathon Asset Management 1.50M $376.85M Sep 2017
Highline Capital Management 1.49M $374.33M Sep 2017
Jet Capital Investors 1.48M $371.85M Sep 2017
Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blaney 1.45M $350.96M Jun 2017
Nippon Life insurance 1.44M $360.49M Sep 2017
State Treasurer State Of Michigan 1.42M $357.41M Sep 2017
Cisco Systems 1.41M $353.38M Sep 2017
William Blair Investment Management 1.37M $343.91M Sep 2017
Empyrean Capital Partners 1.37M $343.78M Sep 2017
Symmetry Peak Management 1.35M $339.16M Sep 2017
Nantahala Capital Management 1.30M $326.60M Sep 2017
Diamond Capital Management 1.30M $313.43M Jun 2017
Sun Life Financial 1.28M $321.53M Sep 2017
Apollo Management Holdings 1.27M $319.19M Sep 2017
Westchester Capital Management 1.26M $316.55M Sep 2017
Jane Street 1.24M $311.48M Sep 2017
Horizon Investments, LLC/SC 1.22M $292.56M Sep 2017
Bingham Osborn & Scarborough 1.22M $305.28M Sep 2017
Cornerstone Capital Management Holdings 1.19M $298.40M Sep 2017
The Allstate Corporation 1.18M $397.81M Sep 2017
Great-West Life Assurance Company 1.17M $282.32M Jun 2017
Voloridge Investment Management 1.17M $292.71M Sep 2017
Thiel Macro 1.14M $286.40M Sep 2017
Institutional & Family Asset Management 1.14M $285.72M Sep 2017
Creative Planning 1.13M $283.96M Sep 2017
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 1.12M $281.89M Sep 2017
Assetmark 1.10M $277.39M Sep 2017
Capital Fund Management S.A. 1.09M $273.52M Sep 2017
Windhaven Investment 1.08M $261.55M Jun 2017
Greywolf Capital Management 1.05M $263.79M Sep 2017
Old Mission Capital 1.05M $234.39M Dec 2016
Tower Research Capital 1.03M $258.08M Sep 2017
ETRADE Capital Management 1.01M $244.59M Jun 2017
Swiss Re 1.00M $252.03M Sep 2017
Caxton Associates 1000000 $251.23M Sep 2017
Ulysses Management 950000 $223.95M Mar 2017
Fifth Third Ban 922493 $231.76M Sep 2017
Cubist Systematic Strategies 920405 $231.23M Sep 2017
Churchill Management 915635 $230.03M Sep 2017
United States Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund 901344 $217.94M Jun 2017
Hutchin Hill Capital 900000 $226.11M Sep 2017
Commonwealth Equity Services 899408 $225.96M Sep 2017

Who sold SPDR S&P; 500 ETF?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Susquehanna International June 30, 2017 79.46M $19.21B
Royal Bank of Canada Dec. 31, 2016 32.34M $7.23B
Alkeon Capital Management June 30, 2017 6.42M $1.55B
Jana Partners June 30, 2017 4.82M $1.17B
Toronto-Dominion Bank March 31, 2017 4.28M $1.01B
Owl Creek Asset Management June 30, 2017 3.43M $829.37M
Caspian Capital June 30, 2017 3.00M $725.40M
Jabre Capital Partners S.A. June 30, 2017 1.98M $478.76M
Soros Fund Management June 30, 2017 1.97M $477.33M
Prudential Financial June 30, 2017 1.90M $458.62M
Slate Path Capital June 30, 2017 1.75M $423.15M
Natixis June 30, 2017 1.69M $407.57M
Beacon Investment Advisory Services June 30, 2017 1.55M $374.39M