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Portfolio Holdings for Deer Park Road Corp

Companies in the Deer Park Road Corp portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit Put Option (SPY) 64.6 $21B +1786% 47M 451.64
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 Put Option (QQQ) 13.6 $4.5B +487% 12M 362.54
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf Put Option (IWM) 7.5 $2.5B +274% 12M 205.27
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Cons Discr Put Option (XLY) 3.4 $1.1B NEW 6.0M 185.00
Spdr Gold Tr Gold Shs Call Option (GLD) 1.6 $524M +124% 2.9M 180.65
Select Sector Spdr Tr Financial Put Option (XLF) 1.5 $479M +171% 13M 38.32
Ishares Tr 20 Yr Tr Bd Etf Call Option (TLT) 1.0 $320M +506% 2.4M 132.08
Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd Etf Put Option (HYG) 0.7 $230M +211% 2.8M 82.29
Target Corporation Put Option (TGT) 0.6 $212M NEW 1.0M 212.22
American Express Company Put Option (AXP) 0.6 $187M NEW 1.0M 187.00
Ark Etf Tr Innovation Etf Put Option (ARKK) 0.4 $133M NEW 2.0M 66.29
Ishares Silver Tr Ishares Call Option (SLV) 0.4 $124M +10% 5.4M 22.88
Marriott Intl Cl A Put Option (MAR) 0.4 $123M NEW 700k 175.75
Mr Cooper Group Put Option (COOP) 0.3 $114M NEW 2.5M 45.67

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Ishares Tr Jpmorgan Usd Emg Put Option (EMB) 0.3 $98M NEW 1.0M 97.76
Select Sector Spdr Tr Energy Put Option (XLE) 0.3 $96M NEW 1.3M 76.44
Vaneck Etf Trust Gold Miners Etf Call Option (GDX) 0.2 $76M +102% 2.0M 38.35
Spdr Ser Tr S&p Retail Etf Put Option (XRT) 0.2 $76M NEW 1.0M 75.54
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Europe Etf Put Option (VGK) 0.2 $75M NEW 1.2M 62.28
Spdr Ser Tr S&p Regl Bkg Put Option (KRE) 0.2 $69M NEW 1.0M 68.90
Vaneck Etf Trust Junior Gold Mine Call Option (GDXJ) 0.2 $63M +80% 1.3M 46.87
Spdr Index Shs Fds Euro Stoxx 50 Put Option (FEZ) 0.2 $54M NEW 1.3M 41.15
Altisource Portfolio Solns S Reg Shs (ASPS) 0.1 $45M 3.8M 11.83
Ares Capital Corporation Put Option (ARCC) 0.1 $42M NEW 2.0M 20.95
Barrick Gold Corp Call Option (GOLD) 0.1 $41M +43% 1.7M 24.53
American Intl Group Com New Put Option (AIG) 0.1 $38M NEW 600k 62.77
Ishares Msci Germany Etf Put Option (EWG) 0.1 $37M NEW 1.3M 28.39
Big Lots Put Option (BIG) 0.1 $35M NEW 1.0M 34.60
Franco-Nevada Corporation (FNV) 0.1 $32M 200k 159.52
Sprott Physical Silver Tr Tr Unit (PSLV) 0.1 $29M 3.3M 8.77
Nordstrom Put Option (JWN) 0.1 $27M NEW 1.0M 27.11
Pennymac Financial Services Put Option (PFSI) 0.1 $27M NEW 500k 53.20
Agnc Invt Corp Com reit Put Option (AGNC) 0.1 $26M NEW 2.0M 13.10
Starwood Property Trust Put Option (STWD) 0.1 $24M NEW 1.0M 24.17
Ocwen Finl Corp Com New (OCN) 0.1 $21M 864k 23.76
Macy's Put Option (M) 0.1 $20M NEW 800k 24.36
First Majestic Silver Corp (AG) 0.1 $19M +16% 1.4M 13.16
Alamos Gold Com Cl A (AGI) 0.1 $19M +23% 2.2M 8.42
Barclays Bank Ipth Sr B S&p Call Option (VXX) 0.1 $18M NEW 700k 25.70
Kinross Gold Corp (KGC) 0.0 $15M -59% 2.5M 5.88
Novagold Res Com New (NG) 0.0 $13M +37% 1.6M 7.73
Deutsche Bank A G Namen Akt Put Option (DB) 0.0 $13M NEW 1.0M 12.65
Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) 0.0 $11M +90% 843k 13.19
Global X Fds Global X Silver (SIL) 0.0 $11M 300k 36.37
Annaly Capital Management Put Option (NLY) 0.0 $11M NEW 1.5M 7.04
Etf Managers Tr Prime Junir Slvr (SILJ) 0.0 $9.7M 687k 14.08

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