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Portfolio Holdings for TOMS Capital Investment Management

Companies in the TOMS Capital Investment Management portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Tr Tr Unit Put Option (SPY) 28.4 $494M +15% 1.2M 429.14
AECOM Technology Corporation (ACM) 11.2 $194M NEW 3.1M 63.15
Healthcare Tr Amer Cl A New (HTA) 10.3 $179M NEW 6.0M 29.66
Dell Technologies CL C (DELL) 7.7 $135M +109% 1.3M 104.04
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Call Option (PPC) 6.7 $116M NEW 4.0M 29.08
First Ctzns BancShares Inc N Cl A (FCNCA) 6.0 $105M +29% 124k 843.17
Xerox Holdings Corp Com New Call Option (XRX) 3.5 $61M +78% 3.0M 20.17
Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC) 3.1 $54M NEW 870k 61.81
Amazon (AMZN) 2.6 $45M -40% 14k 3285.03
Taiwan Semiconductor MFG Sponsored Ads Put Option (TSM) 2.6 $45M NEW 400k 111.65
Tronox Holdings SHS Call Option (TROX) 2.1 $37M NEW 1.5M 24.65
Lexington Realty Trust (LXP) 2.1 $37M NEW 2.9M 12.75
Five9 (FIVN) 1.7 $29M NEW 184k 159.74
Turtle Beach Corp Com New Call Option (HEAR) 1.6 $28M NEW 1.0M 27.82

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Jaws Mustang Acquisition Cor Unit 99/99/9999 (JWSM.U) 1.4 $24M +15% 2.4M 10.04
RedBall Acquisition Corp Com Cl A (RBAC) 0.9 $15M 1.5M 9.84
Logistics Innovtn Technlgs C Unit 06/10/2026 (LITTU) 0.8 $13M 1.4M 9.90
Velo3d Common Stock 0.7 $13M NEW 1.5M 8.37
RedBall Acquisition Corp *w Exp 08/17/202 (RBAC.WS) 0.7 $12M 1.2M 9.84
Firstmark Horizon Acquisitio Cl A Com (FMAC) 0.7 $12M +15% 1.2M 9.80
Disruptive Acquisition Corp Unit 03/06/2026 (DISAU) 0.6 $11M 1.1M 9.92
Post Holdings Partnering Cor Unit 99/99/9999 (PSPC.U) 0.6 $11M +15% 1.0M 10.11
Jaws Juggernaut Acquisitn Unit 06/17/2026 (JUGGU) 0.6 $10M +11% 1.0M 10.13
Blue Whale Acquisition Corp Unit 07/30/2026 0.6 $10M NEW 1.0M 10.10
BOWX Acquisition Corp Cl A Call Option (BOWX) 0.6 $10M NEW 1.0M 10.00
Jaws Hurricane Acquisitn Cor Unit 06/08/2026 (HCNEU) 0.6 $10M 1.0M 9.99
Somalogic Class A Com 0.4 $6.2M NEW 500k 12.39
Liberty Media Acquisition Unit 01/22/2026 (LMACU) 0.4 $6.2M +15% 600k 10.33
USHG Acquisition Corp Unit 99/99/9999 (HUGS.U) 0.3 $5.9M +15% 593k 9.96
Vo Com Cl A 0.2 $4.3M NEW 500k 8.65
Firstmark Horizon Acquisitio *w Exp 09/26/202 (FMAC.WS) 0.2 $4.3M +15% 434k 9.80
Berkshire Grey Com Cl A (BGRY) 0.2 $3.5M NEW 500k 7.03
Somalogic *w Exp 03/01/202 0.1 $2.0M NEW 160k 12.39

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