Efficient Advisors

Latest statistics and disclosures from Efficient Advisors's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are AGG, VBR, BSV, DLS, VB, and represent 43.83% of Efficient Advisors's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: BND (+$19M), BIV (+$17M), VOO (+$8.5M), VTI (+$8.3M), VTV (+$7.9M), VCSH (+$6.2M), BNDX (+$6.2M), VTIP (+$6.2M), VEU, VNQ.
  • Started 12 new stock positions in VWO, BNDX, VGK, VXUS, VEU, VSS, VTIP, VCSH, VEA, VOO. VPL, BND.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: AGG (-$18M), SHY (-$6.0M), BSV (-$5.3M), TILT, DLS, TLTD, IVE, IWC, EFV, IVV.
  • Efficient Advisors was a net buyer of stock by $52M.
  • Efficient Advisors has $655M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 20.32%.

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Portfolio Holdings for Efficient Advisors

Companies in the Efficient Advisors portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Tr Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 13.9 $91M -16% 772k 118.19
Vanguard Index Fds Sm Cp Val Etf (VBR) 9.1 $59M 418k 142.21
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Short Trm Bond (BSV) 8.2 $54M -9% 647k 82.90
Wisdomtree Tr Intl Smcap Div (DLS) 6.4 $42M -8% 619k 68.11
Vanguard Index Fds Small Cp Etf (VB) 6.2 $41M +5% 210k 194.68
Ishares Tr 1 3 Yr Treas Bd (SHY) 5.8 $38M -13% 439k 86.38
Flexshares Tr Mornstar Usmkt (TILT) 4.4 $29M -14% 200k 144.74
Ishares Tr S&p 500 Val Etf (IVE) 4.0 $26M -9% 206k 128.02
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Intermed Term (BIV) 3.2 $21M +382% 228k 92.85
Flexshares Tr M Star Dev Mkt (TLTD) 3.2 $21M -12% 316k 66.00
Ishares Tr Eafe Value Etf (EFV) 3.2 $21M -7% 438k 47.20
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Total Bnd Mrkt (BND) 2.9 $19M NEW 213k 88.19
Ishares Tr Core S&p500 Etf (IVV) 2.6 $17M -7% 45k 375.39
Wisdomtree Tr Emg Mkts Smcap (DGS) 2.2 $14M -7% 299k 47.72

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Ishares Tr Micro-cap Etf (IWC) 2.1 $14M -12% 116k 118.65
Vanguard Index Fds Value Etf (VTV) 1.9 $13M +166% 106k 118.96
Ishares Tr Msci Eafe Etf (EFA) 1.6 $11M -9% 145k 72.96
Vanguard Index Fds Total Stk Mkt (VTI) 1.6 $10M +391% 53k 194.64
Wisdomtree Tr Futre Strat Fd (WTMF) 1.3 $8.6M -3% 232k 37.09
Vanguard Index Fds S&p 500 Etf Shs (VOO) 1.3 $8.5M NEW 25k 343.68
Ishares Tr Eafe Sml Cp Etf (SCZ) 1.1 $7.5M -9% 110k 68.35
Ishares Tr Msci Emg Mkt Etf (EEM) 1.1 $7.2M -9% 140k 51.67
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Shrt Trm Corp Bd (VCSH) 1.0 $6.2M NEW 75k 83.26
Vanguard Charlotte Fds Intl Bd Idx Etf (BNDX) 1.0 $6.2M NEW 106k 58.55
Vanguard Malvern Fds Strm Infproidx (VTIP) 1.0 $6.2M NEW 122k 51.10
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Allwrld Ex Us (VEU) 0.7 $4.8M NEW 83k 58.36
Flexshares Tr Mstar Emkt Fac (TLTE) 0.7 $4.7M -14% 80k 58.16
Vanguard Index Fds Real Estate Etf (VNQ) 0.7 $4.7M +600% 55k 84.94
Ishares Tr Shrt Nat Mun Etf (SUB) 0.6 $4.0M -3% 37k 108.10
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Smcap Etf (VSS) 0.6 $3.8M NEW 31k 121.85
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Pacific Etf (VPL) 0.6 $3.7M NEW 46k 79.60
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Europe Etf (VGK) 0.6 $3.6M NEW 60k 60.24
Vanguard Tax-managed Intl Ftse Dev Mkt Etf (VEA) 0.6 $3.6M NEW 77k 47.22
Spdr Index Shs Fds Dj Glb Rl Es Etf (RWO) 0.5 $3.3M -10% 74k 44.47
Vanguard Star Fds Vg Tl Intl Stk F (VXUS) 0.5 $3.1M NEW 52k 60.15
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Ftse Emr Mkt Etf (VWO) 0.4 $2.6M NEW 52k 50.11
Ishares Tr National Mun Etf (MUB) 0.3 $2.1M -4% 18k 117.19
Ishares Tr Fltg Rate Nt Etf (FLOT) 0.2 $1.6M 32k 50.73
Spdr Index Shs Fds S&p Intl Smlcp (GWX) 0.2 $1.5M -23% 42k 35.41
Ishares Tr Aggres Alloc Etf (AOA) 0.2 $1.4M 21k 64.16
Ishares Tr Msci Usa Min Vol (USMV) 0.2 $1.3M -4% 19k 67.89
Ishares Tr Iboxx Hi Yd Etf (HYG) 0.2 $1.2M -24% 13k 87.31
Ishares Tr Grwt Allocat Etf (AOR) 0.2 $1.1M -2% 22k 52.20
Ishares Tr Rus Top 200 Etf (IWL) 0.2 $1.1M -11% 12k 90.31
Ishares Tr Conser Alloc Etf (AOK) 0.2 $1.0M +6% 27k 38.73
Vanguard Index Fds Large Cap Etf (VV) 0.2 $1.0M -11% 5.7k 175.83
Indexiq Etf Tr Hedge Mlti Etf (QAI) 0.1 $946k -4% 30k 31.93
Spdr Ser Tr Portfli Tips Etf (SPIP) 0.1 $883k -27% 28k 31.17
Ishares Tr Core S&p Ttl Stk (ITOT) 0.1 $817k -17% 9.5k 86.24
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Int-term Corp (VCIT) 0.1 $803k -14% 8.3k 97.17
Ishares Tr Modert Alloc Etf (AOM) 0.1 $780k -3% 18k 43.21
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Reit Etf (SCHH) 0.1 $780k 21k 37.98
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F Glb Ex Us Etf (VNQI) 0.1 $735k 14k 54.28
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 0.1 $690k -9% 10k 69.14
Vanguard Whitehall Fds High Div Yld (VYM) 0.1 $569k -16% 6.2k 91.48
Wisdomtree Tr Us High Dividend (DHS) 0.1 $546k -15% 7.9k 69.34
Spdr Gold Tr Gold Shs (GLD) 0.1 $528k 3.0k 178.20
Ishares Core Msci Emkt (IEMG) 0.1 $433k -10% 7.0k 62.11
Ishares Tr Agency Bond Etf (AGZ) 0.1 $410k -34% 3.4k 119.53
Indexiq Etf Tr Us Rl Est Smcp (ROOF) 0.0 $305k 14k 21.46

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