Who owns Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF?

Top Holders and Investors of VEA Stock

Find out what company owns Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF, who bought VEA this quarter, and who sold shares of VEA stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Bank of America Corporation 115.40M $4.74B Sep 2019
Wells Fargo & Company 109.05M $4.48B Sep 2019
Betterment 72.73M $3.03B Sep 2019
Creative Planning 69.92M $2.87B Sep 2019
Envestnet Asset Management 64.91M $2.67B Sep 2019
Jones Financial Companies, L.L 61.51M $2.53B Sep 2019
Morgan Stanley 33.52M $1.38B Sep 2019
Amerivest Investment Management 32.35M $1.33B Sep 2019
Wealthfront Advisers 31.70M $1.30B Sep 2019
Milliman Financial Risk Management 29.91M $1.23B Sep 2019
Charles Schwab Investment Advisory 28.99M $1.19B Sep 2019
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 27.34M $1.12B Sep 2019
Sei Investments 24.77M $1.02B Sep 2019
UBS Group AG 24.54M $1.00B Mar 2019
Royal Bank of Canada 21.87M $898.29M Sep 2019
Tiaa 18.88M $775.52M Sep 2019
United Services Automobile Association 16.51M $677.88M Sep 2019
Vanguard 15.92M $654.07M Sep 2019
Wafra Investment Advisory 14.22M $584.22M Sep 2019
Goldman Sachs 12.40M $509.58M Sep 2019
Commonwealth Equity Services 12.35M $507.24M Sep 2019
SCS Capital Management 11.84M $486.52M Sep 2019
ValMark Advisers 11.62M $477.36M Sep 2019
WealthNavi 11.02M $452.88M Sep 2019
Citi 10.92M $448.63M Sep 2019
Bank of New York Mellon 10.52M $432.07M Sep 2019
M^T Bank Corporation 10.50M $431.49M Sep 2019
Baird Financial 10.34M $424.79M Sep 2019
Victory Capital Management 10.31M $423.73M Sep 2019
LPL Financial 9.77M $401.48M Sep 2019
Northern Trust 9.16M $344.88M Sep 2019
Pnc Financial Services 8.13M $333.96M Sep 2019
Fifth Third Ban 7.71M $316.90M Sep 2019
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 7.42M $303.24M Sep 2019
Acorns Advisers 6.76M $286.79M Sep 2019
Advisor 5.91M $242.82M Sep 2019
Mirae Asset Global Investments 5.62M $230.81M Sep 2019
Ameriprise Financial 5.29M $217.26M Sep 2019
Truepoint 5.21M $214.00M Sep 2019
Sontag Advisory 5.14M $211.23M Sep 2019
Bingham Osborn & Scarborough 4.93M $202.56M Sep 2019
Stifel Financial 4.89M $200.70M Sep 2019
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services 4.79M $197.62M Sep 2019
Cambridge Associates Llc /ma/ /adv 4.48M $183.91M Sep 2019
Jasper Ridge Partners 4.35M $178.72M Sep 2019
Bridgewater Associates 4.28M $175.72M Sep 2019
First Republic Investment Management 4.28M $175.71M Sep 2019
AdvicePeriod 4.14M $170.05M Sep 2019
Linscomb & Williams 3.83M $157.51M Sep 2019
AQR Capital Management 3.81M $156.37M Sep 2019
Raymond James & Associates 3.75M $154.20M Sep 2019
Morningstar Investment Services 3.66M $150.37M Sep 2019
Fiduciary Trust Company 3.57M $146.45M Sep 2019
D.A. Davidson & Co. 3.23M $132.88M Sep 2019
Regions Bank 3.14M $128.99M Sep 2019
Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blaney 2.93M $120.28M Sep 2019
Bank Of Montreal /can/ 2.93M $119.92M Sep 2019
Assetmark 2.91M $119.42M Sep 2019
Alliancebernstein 2.88M $118.45M Sep 2019
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 2.85M $117.01M Sep 2019
Fmr 2.84M $116.68M Sep 2019
Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. 2.74M $112.74M Sep 2019
Mariner Wealth Advisors 2.74M $112.71M Sep 2019
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 2.71M $110.99M Sep 2019
Huntington National Bank 2.60M $107.01M Sep 2019
Janney Montgomery Scott 2.57M $105.44M Sep 2019
Lincoln National 2.52M $103.38M Sep 2019
Hirtle Callaghan & Co 2.44M $100.07M Sep 2019
UnionBanCal Corporation 2.37M $97.49M Sep 2019
Fisher Investments 2.31M $94.98M Sep 2019
Bank Of Hawaii 2.30M $94.48M Sep 2019
HL Financial Services 2.26M $92.37M Mar 2019
Mutual Of America Capital Management 2.13M $87.67M Sep 2019
Ballentine Partners 2.12M $86.94M Sep 2019
Palladium Partners,LLC dba Palladium Registered Investment Advisors 2.10M $90.87M Sep 2019
Bank of Nova Scotia 2.00M $82.16M Sep 2019
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 1.90M $78.19M Sep 2019
Atlantic Trust 1.90M $78.14M Sep 2019
Keybank National Association/oh 1.90M $77.99M Sep 2019
First Mercantile Trust Company 1.85M $76.14M Sep 2019
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 1.83M $75.12M Sep 2019
Acropolis Investment Management 1.83M $74.97M Sep 2019
Mycio Wealth Partners 1.81M $74.54M Sep 2019
AE Wealth Management 1.77M $72.66M Sep 2019
DT Investment Partners 1.77M $72.65M Sep 2019
Farmers & Merchants Investment 1.77M $72.55M Sep 2019
Bronfman E.l. Rothschild 1.76M $72.48M Sep 2019
Sawtooth Asset Management 1.76M $72.45M Sep 2019
Lake Street Advisors 1.76M $70.20M Sep 2019
Sigma Investment Counselors 1.75M $71.79M Sep 2019
ARGI Investment Services 1.74M $71.29M Sep 2019
QS Investors 1.71M $70.15M Sep 2019
Regis Management Company 1.67M $68.60M Sep 2019
McCutchen 1.66M $68.25M Sep 2019
Commerce Bank N A/mo 1.65M $67.82M Sep 2019
Miracle Mile Advisors 1.64M $67.18M Sep 2019
Ally Financial 1.61M $66.14M Sep 2019
AT Ban 1.60M $65.40M Mar 2019
Planning Alternatives 1.56M $64.09M Sep 2019
Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Adviser 1.56M $63.98M Sep 2019
Opus Investment Management 1.47M $60.55M Sep 2019
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 1.45M $60.54M Jun 2019
R. M. Davis 1.40M $57.44M Sep 2019
Country Trust Bank 1.38M $56.59M Sep 2019
United Capital Financial Advisers 1.37M $56.44M Sep 2019
Emery Howard Portfolio Management 1.34M $55.25M Sep 2019
Cliffwater 1.31M $53.99M Sep 2019
Signature Estate and Investment Advisors 1.30M $53.58M Sep 2019
Johnson Investment Counsel 1.29M $53.13M Sep 2019
Fusion Family Wealth 1.28M $52.44M Sep 2019
PagnatoKarp Partners 1.26M $51.80M Sep 2019
Vision Capital Management 1.23M $50.46M Sep 2019
FCG Advisors 1.21M $49.62M Sep 2019
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company 1.21M $49.50M Sep 2019
Litman Gregory Asset Management 1.20M $49.50M Sep 2019
Genovese Burford & Brothers Wealth & Retirement Plan Management 1.20M $49.36M Sep 2019
HighTower Advisors 1.20M $49.26M Sep 2019
Badgley Phelps Investment Managers 1.20M $49.13M Sep 2019
ALPS Advisors 1.19M $48.95M Sep 2019
Branch Banking & Trust Company 1.16M $47.76M Sep 2019
William Blair $ Company 1.16M $47.53M Sep 2019
Summit Investment Advisors 1.14M $46.66M Sep 2019
Natixis Asset Management Advisors 1.14M $46.58M Sep 2019
HT Partners 1.13M $46.27M Sep 2019
Umb Bank N A/mo 1.12M $46.13M Sep 2019
Colony 1.12M $46.04M Sep 2019
Freestone Capital Holdings 1.08M $44.47M Sep 2019
Ally Invest Advisors 1.06M $43.74M Sep 2019
Ellevest 1.06M $43.55M Sep 2019
Proffitt & Goodson 1.05M $43.25M Sep 2019
Warren Averett Asset Management 1.05M $43.01M Sep 2019
SunTrust Banks 1.04M $42.95M Sep 2019
Stadion Money Management 994004 $40.83M Sep 2019
Alera Investment Advisors 980416 $40.28M Sep 2019
Us Bancorp \de\ 964937 $39.64M Sep 2019
Sepio Capital 950064 $39.03M Sep 2019
Jordan Park 946760 $38.89M Sep 2019
Global Financial Private Capital 943971 $38.78M Sep 2019
Raymond James Trust 939512 $38.60M Sep 2019
Whittier Trust 936133 $38.45M Sep 2019
Bb&t Securities 902046 $37.07M Sep 2019
Arbor Investment Advisors 878288 $36.08M Sep 2019
Brian McDonald 878175 $37.02M Sep 2019
Peninsula Wealth 877965 $36.06M Sep 2019
Comprehensive Portfolio Management 859995 $35.33M Sep 2019
Park Avenue Securities 854358 $35.10M Sep 2019
Matrix Trust 839951 $34.51M Sep 2019
Fiera Capital Corporation 839218 $34.48M Sep 2019
Altium Wealth Management 828285 $34.03M Sep 2019
Simmons Bank 816726 $33.55M Sep 2019

Who sold Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
DeGreen Capital Management June 30, 2019 7.56M $31.51M
Hsbc Holdings March 31, 2019 2.95M $120.93M
Windham Capital Management March 31, 2019 2.15M $87.88M