Who owns Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF?

Top Holders and Investors of VEA Stock

Find out what company owns Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF, who bought VEA this quarter, and who sold shares of VEA stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Wells Fargo & Company 101.62M $3.99B Mar 2017
Bank of America Corporation 79.19M $3.11B Mar 2017
Betterment 57.98M $2.28B Mar 2017
The Jones Financial Companies, L.L.L.P. 45.06M $1.77B Mar 2017
Creative Planning 36.50M $1.44B Mar 2017
Milliman Financial Risk Management 26.11M $954.06M Dec 2016
MORGAN STANLEY 25.59M $1.01B Mar 2017
Windhaven Investment 21.54M $846.59M Mar 2017
UBS Group AG 18.85M $740.76M Mar 2017
WEALTHFRONT 18.56M $729.54M Mar 2017
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company 18.54M $728.52M Mar 2017
SCS Capital Management, LLC 17.60M $691.72M Mar 2017
Amerivest Investment Management 16.82M $660.89M Mar 2017
The Vanguard Group,Inc 14.63M $574.76M Mar 2017
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC 12.81M $503.61M Mar 2017
Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. 11.62M $456.49M Mar 2017
M^T Bank Corporation 11.29M $443.69M Mar 2017
SEI INVESTMENTS 10.76M $422.70M Mar 2017
Wafra Investment Advisory Group, Inc. 9.75M $383.16M Mar 2017
Commonwealth Equity Services 9.34M $367.03M Mar 2017
United Services Automobile Association 9.21M $362.11M Mar 2017
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 7.26M $285.24M Mar 2017
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 7.06M $277.46M Mar 2017
P-Solve Investments 6.67M $262.25M Mar 2017
PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES 5.86M $230.45M Mar 2017
Baird Financial 5.73M $225.03M Mar 2017
Bingham Osborn & Scarborough, LLC 5.28M $207.48M Mar 2017
Mirae Asset Global Investments 5.03M $197.58M Mar 2017
Fifth Third Bancorp 4.96M $194.74M Mar 2017
Truepoint, Inc. 4.69M $184.38M Mar 2017
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO 4.59M $180.08M Mar 2017
TIAA CREF TRUST CO FSB/MO 4.51M $177.39M Mar 2017
D.A. Davidson & Co. 4.13M $150.82M Dec 2016
Citigroup Inc. 3.45M $135.47M Mar 2017
Bank of New York Mellon 3.26M $128.04M Mar 2017
Linscomb & Williams, Inc. 3.24M $127.30M Mar 2017
QS Investors, LLC 3.14M $123.39M Mar 2017
STIFEL FINANCIAL 3.09M $121.41M Mar 2017
REGIONS BANK 2.88M $112.99M Mar 2017
ASSETMARK 2.85M $112.02M Mar 2017
Ballentine Partners, LLC 2.50M $98.40M Mar 2017
Miracle Mile Advisors 2.23M $87.73M Mar 2017
Windham Capital Management, LLC 2.17M $85.14M Mar 2017
Regis Management Company, LLC 2.06M $81.11M Mar 2017
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services 2.05M $80.50M Mar 2017
Palladium Partners,LLC dba Palladium Registered Investment Advisors 2.02M $79.39M Mar 2017
Jasper Ridge Partners 1.99M $78.22M Mar 2017
COMMERCE BANK N A/MO 1.97M $77.59M Mar 2017
Raymond James & Associates 1.96M $77.02M Mar 2017
Parametric Portfolio Associates 1.96M $76.87M Mar 2017
Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC 1.92M $75.36M Mar 2017
ALLIANCEBERNSTEIN, L.P. 1.91M $75.12M Mar 2017
IFC Holdings Incorporated/FL dba INVEST Financial Corporation 1.80M $70.94M Mar 2017
Efficient Market Advisors, LLC 1.80M $70.88M Mar 2017
JMG Financial Group, Ltd. 1.80M $70.66M Mar 2017
Acropolis Investment Management 1.74M $68.26M Mar 2017
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 1.73M $67.89M Mar 2017
ALPS Advisors, Inc. 1.72M $62.73M Dec 2016
ARGI Investment Services, LLC 1.62M $63.62M Mar 2017
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC 1.56M $61.29M Mar 2017
Planning Alternatives 1.52M $59.71M Mar 2017
McCutchen 1.49M $58.46M Mar 2017
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 1.47M $57.78M Mar 2017
Hanson McClain Advisors 1.46M $57.34M Mar 2017
Advisor 1.46M $49.11M Mar 2017
SII Investments, Inc 1.37M $53.70M Mar 2017
Sigma Investment Counselors 1.35M $53.06M Mar 2017
COUNTRY TRUST BANK 1.34M $52.82M Mar 2017
NORTHERN TRUST 1.34M $52.70M Mar 2017
HT Partners 1.33M $52.10M Mar 2017
United Capital Financial Advisers 1.31M $51.56M Mar 2017
Emery Howard Portfolio Management 1.30M $51.10M Mar 2017
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 1.27M $50.09M Mar 2017
Brian McDonald 1.27M $51.20M Mar 2017
The Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. 1.23M $48.37M Mar 2017
BANK OF HAWAII 1.21M $47.40M Mar 2017
LINCOLN NATIONAL 1.18M $46.18M Mar 2017
FCG Advisors 1.17M $45.98M Mar 2017
Summit Investment Advisors, Inc. 1.13M $44.50M Mar 2017
Keel Point 1.13M $44.45M Mar 2017
Parkwood 1.08M $42.39M Mar 2017
Ariel Investments, LLC 1.05M $41.26M Mar 2017
HM PAYSON & CO 1.03M $40.46M Mar 2017
Investment Centers of America 1.02M $40.24M Mar 2017
Badgley Phelps Investment Managers 1.01M $39.55M Mar 2017
HL Financial Services, LLC 986805 $38.78M Mar 2017
Farmers & Merchants Investment, Inc. 969115 $38.09M Mar 2017
Global Financial Private Capital 955245 $37.54M Mar 2017
Omnia Family Wealth 945267 $37.15M Mar 2017
Genovese Burford & Brothers Wealth & Retirement Plan Management 934577 $36.73M Mar 2017
Reliance Trust Co of Delaware 923129 $36.28M Mar 2017
Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management 920355 $36.17M Mar 2017
Fusion Family Wealth 918196 $36.09M Mar 2017
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 899867 $35.36M Mar 2017
UnionBanCal Corporation 899116 $35.34M Mar 2017
Simmons Bank 883474 $34.72M Mar 2017
AT Bancorp 881976 $34.66M Mar 2017
Sawtooth Asset Management 867309 $34.09M Mar 2017
IndexIQ Advisors LLC 862159 $33.88M Mar 2017
Proffitt & Goodson, Inc. 828375 $32.56M Mar 2017
Heritage Trust 814729 $32.01M Mar 2017
DT Investment Partners 799444 $31.42M Mar 2017
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 798000 $31.36M Mar 2017
The Milestone Group 788051 $30.97M Mar 2017
LVW Advisors 771323 $30.31M Mar 2017
Grimes & Company 769364 $30.24M Mar 2017
R. M. Davis, Inc. 766722 $30.13M Mar 2017
AE Wealth Management 765106 $30.07M Mar 2017
Fiera Capital Corporation 764038 $30.03M Mar 2017
Freestone Capital Holdings 758585 $29.81M Mar 2017
Brown Advisory Holdings Incorporated 752690 $29.58M Mar 2017
Fiduciary Wealth Partners 744516 $29.26M Mar 2017
JNBA Financial Advisors 740971 $29.12M Mar 2017
Aspiriant, LLC 735805 $28.92M Mar 2017
Signature Estate and Investment Advisors 731308 $28.74M Mar 2017
JJJ Advisors 718764 $28.25M Mar 2017
CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES LLC /MA/ /ADV 714085 $28.06M Mar 2017
McNamara Financial Services 709272 $27.87M Mar 2017
BRANCH BANKING & TRUST COMPANY 708558 $27.85M Mar 2017
William Blair $ Company, L.L.C. 702823 $27.05M Mar 2017
BRONFMAN E.L. ROTHSCHILD 699164 $27.48M Mar 2017
National Planning Corporation 675429 $26.50M Mar 2017
Carlson Capital Management 650860 $25.58M Mar 2017
BlackRock 638338 $23.32M Dec 2016
UMB BANK N A/MO 630650 $24.78M Mar 2017
MERIDIAN MANAGEMENT CO 621388 $24.42M Mar 2017
Wealth Architects 620879 $24.40M Mar 2017
Pure Financial Advisors 613911 $24.13M Mar 2017
Cambiar Investors LLC 593947 $23.34M Mar 2017
Wellesley Investment Partners 561445 $22.06M Mar 2017
Bainco International Investors 560784 $22.04M Mar 2017
Veritable, LP 558460 $21.95M Mar 2017
MCF Advisors 556480 $21.87M Mar 2017
CAPROCK 549246 $21.59M Mar 2017
Duff & Phelps Investment Management 546375 $21.47M Mar 2017
Litman Gregory Asset Management 538775 $21.17M Mar 2017
Arbor Investment Advisors 534047 $20.99M Mar 2017
WAYNE HUMMER INVESTMENTS 522758 $20.54M Mar 2017
OLD MISSION CAPITAL 521618 $20.50M Mar 2017
Sageworth Trust Company 520227 $20.44M Mar 2017
Wallington Asset Management, LLC 515399 $20.26M Mar 2017
Alesco Advisors LLC 501178 $19.70M Mar 2017
SunTrust Banks, Inc. 497731 $19.56M Mar 2017

Who sold Vanguard Europe Pacific ETF?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Royal Bank of Canada Dec. 31, 2016 9.83M $359.12M
SPINNAKER TRUST Dec. 31, 2016 2.08M $76.12M
JANE STREET Dec. 31, 2016 1.78M $65.03M
First Republic Investment Management, Inc Dec. 31, 2016 1.68M $61.29M
DUBUQUE BANK & TRUST Dec. 31, 2016 1.22M $44.50M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors, L.P. Dec. 31, 2016 1.10M $40.29M
Thornburg Investment Management, Inc. Dec. 31, 2016 956650 $34.96M
D. J. St. Germain Co., Inc. Dec. 31, 2016 930898 $34.02M