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Portfolio Holdings for Element Capital Management

Companies in the Element Capital Management portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Olaplex Hldgs 13.6 $31M NEW 1.3M 24.50
Olo Cl A (OLO) 9.8 $22M NEW 744k 30.03
Revolution Healthcar Aq Corp Unit 03/18/20266 (REVHU) 8.6 $20M 2.0M 9.85
Stoneco Com Cl A (STNE) 8.1 $19M NEW 536k 34.72
Vy Global Growth Com Cl A (VYGG) 6.4 $15M -25% 1.5M 9.81
Health Assurn Acquisition Com Cl A (HAAC) 6.4 $15M 1.5M 9.78
Gores Holdings Vii Unit 02/12/2028 (GSEVU) 5.4 $12M 1.3M 9.87
Rexford Industrial Realty Inc reit (REXR) 5.2 $12M NEW 211k 56.75
Nerdy Cl A Com 4.8 $11M NEW 1.1M 9.99
Tpg Pace Solutions Corp Shs Cl A (TPGS) 4.4 $10M 1.0M 10.05
Tpg Pace Beneficial Ii Corp Common Stock (YTPG) 3.4 $7.8M 800k 9.79
Sportradar Group Class A Ord Shs 3.2 $7.4M NEW 328k 22.63
Cme (CME) 2.5 $5.8M 30k 193.37
EQT Corporation (EQT) 2.5 $5.7M NEW 277k 20.46

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Kkr Real Estate Finance Trust (KREF) 2.1 $4.9M NEW 233k 21.10
Overstock (OSTK) 2.1 $4.8M NEW 62k 77.92
Aspen Technology (AZPN) 1.9 $4.4M NEW 36k 122.81
Atai Life Sciences Nv SHS (ATAI) 1.1 $2.6M -49% 173k 14.79
Gores Hldgs Viii Unit 02/01/2028 (GIIXU) 1.1 $2.5M 250k 9.95
Montrose Environmental Group (MEG) 1.1 $2.5M NEW 40k 61.74
Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp Cl A (MGY) 1.0 $2.4M NEW 132k 17.79
Convey Hldg Parent (CNVY) 0.9 $2.1M -32% 253k 8.40
Sofi Technologies (SOFI) 0.9 $2.1M NEW 134k 15.88
Coursera (COUR) 0.8 $1.8M NEW 58k 31.65
Verra Mobility Corp verra mobility corp (VRRM) 0.8 $1.8M NEW 118k 15.07
Pae *w Exp 09/11/202 (PAEWW) 0.3 $728k 800k 0.91
Sentinelone Cl A (S) 0.2 $541k -93% 10k 53.54
Vy Global Growth *w Exp 01/30/203 (VYGG.WS) 0.2 $404k -25% 300k 1.35
A K A Brands Hldg Corp 0.2 $360k NEW 42k 8.55
Telus Intl Cda Sub Vtg Shs (TIXT) 0.1 $328k NEW 9.4k 34.96
Firstmark Horizon Acquisitio *w Exp 09/26/202 (FMAC.WS) 0.1 $318k -8% 252k 1.26
Tpg Pace Ben Fin Corp *w Exp 10/09/202 (TPGY.WS) 0.1 $265k -60% 134k 1.98
Mcafee Corp Com Cl A (MCFE) 0.1 $234k NEW 11k 22.15
Molecular Templates (MTEM) 0.1 $177k NEW 26k 6.70
Nerdy *w Exp 08/16/202 0.1 $176k NEW 84k 2.09
Thorne Healthtech 0.1 $116k NEW 14k 8.61

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