First Citizens Financial Corp

Latest statistics and disclosures from First Citizens Financial Corp's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are EFA, IYW, IYR, LLY, IYH, and represent 27.73% of First Citizens Financial Corp's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: BHK, BRK.B, SO, PM, BIT, IJK, IJJ, EFA, VWO, QQQ.
  • Started 4 new stock positions in SO, BHK, PM, BIT.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: JPST, PULS, IJH, AMZN, , , NVDA, , , JMST.
  • Sold out of its positions in AMZN, CMCSA, COP, IJH, NEE, NVDA, PLD.
  • First Citizens Financial Corp was a net seller of stock by $-2.4M.
  • First Citizens Financial Corp has $113M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -14.83%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001800597

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Portfolio Holdings for First Citizens Financial Corp

First Citizens Financial Corp holds 100 positions in its portfolio as reported in the June 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishare Msci Eafe Fund Exchange Traded Fund (EFA) 7.3 $8.3M 132k 62.49
Ishare Dow Jones Tech Exchange Traded Fund (IYW) 6.1 $6.9M 87k 79.95
Ishares Dj Us Real Estate Exchange Traded Fund (IYR) 5.3 $6.0M 65k 91.99
Eli Lilly & Co Common Stock (LLY) 4.7 $5.3M 16k 324.21
Ishare Dow Jones Healthcare Exchange Traded Fund (IYH) 4.4 $5.0M 19k 268.90
Ishare S&p Midcap 400/value Index Fund Exchange Traded Fund (IJJ) 3.9 $4.4M +3% 47k 94.40
Ishare Dow Jones Financial Sector Exchange Traded Fund (IYF) 3.9 $4.4M 63k 69.98
Ishare S&p Midcap 400/growth Index Fund Exchange Traded Fund (IJK) 3.8 $4.3M +3% 68k 63.72
Etf Vanguard Emerging Markets Exchange Traded Fund (VWO) 3.5 $3.9M 95k 41.65
Ishare Dow Jones Industrial Exchange Traded Fund (IYJ) 3.0 $3.4M 38k 88.13
Ishare Dow Jones Consumer Discretionary Etf Exchange Traded Fund (IYC) 3.0 $3.3M -2% 59k 56.73
Ishare S&p Smallcap 600 Barra Value Ind Exchange Traded Fund (IJS) 2.9 $3.3M -2% 37k 89.04
Ishare S&p Small Cap 600 Growth Index Exchange Traded Fund (IJT) 2.9 $3.3M 31k 105.33
Jp Morgan Exchange Traded Fd Ultra Shrt Exchange Traded Fund (JPST) 2.4 $2.7M -15% 55k 50.08

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Ishare U.s. Consumer Staples Etf Exchange Traded Fund (IYK) 2.2 $2.5M -2% 13k 194.96
Apple Common Stock (AAPL) 1.9 $2.1M 15k 136.75
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Index Exchange Traded Fund (VTI) 1.5 $1.7M 9.2k 188.60
Ishare Dow Jones Energy Exchange Traded Fund (IYE) 1.5 $1.7M 45k 38.11
Ishare Dow Jones Basic Materials Exchange Traded Fund (IYM) 1.4 $1.6M 14k 117.73
Microsoft Corp Common Stock (MSFT) 1.3 $1.5M 5.8k 256.76
Ishare Dow Jones Utilities Exchange Traded Fund (IDU) 1.3 $1.4M 17k 85.60
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl B Common Stock (BRK.B) 1.3 $1.4M +17% 5.3k 273.04
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe Exchange Traded Fund (IEFA) 1.3 $1.4M 24k 58.83
Johnson & Johnson Common Stock (JNJ) 1.2 $1.3M 7.5k 177.51
Ishare Dow Jones Select Div Index Fund Exchange Traded Fund (DVY) 1.1 $1.2M -3% 10k 117.66
Home Depot Common Stock (HD) 0.9 $980k 3.6k 274.28
Ishares Edge Msci Usa Quality Factor Etf Exchange Traded Fund (QUAL) 0.8 $898k 8.0k 111.75
Ishare Dow Jones Telecom Exchange Traded Fund (IYZ) 0.8 $877k 35k 25.13
Vanguard Index Fds S&p 500 Etf Exchange Traded Fund (VOO) 0.7 $848k -7% 2.4k 346.97
Ishares Tr Min Vol Usa Etf Exchange Traded Fund (USMV) 0.7 $840k -8% 12k 70.22
Jp Morgan Ultra Short Muni Inc Etf Exchange Traded Fund (JMST) 0.7 $788k -18% 16k 50.68
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Common Stock (JPM) 0.7 $777k 6.9k 112.66
Winnebago Industries Common Common Stock (WGO) 0.6 $731k 15k 48.57
Us Bancorp Del Common Stock (USB) 0.6 $709k 15k 45.99
Abbvie Common Stock (ABBV) 0.6 $690k +7% 4.5k 153.16
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 Exchange Traded Fund (QQQ) 0.6 $690k +8% 2.5k 280.26
Mcdonalds Corp Common Stock (MCD) 0.6 $689k 2.8k 246.78
Pfizer Common Stock (PFE) 0.6 $636k 12k 52.44
Pgim Ultra Short Etf Bond Exchange Traded Fund (PULS) 0.6 $627k -43% 13k 49.09
Ishares Msci Usa Value Factor Etf Exchange Traded Fund (VLUE) 0.5 $621k -20% 6.9k 90.51
Bank Of America Corp Common Stock (BAC) 0.5 $513k 17k 31.15
Vanguard Tax Managed Intl Exchange Traded Fund (VEA) 0.4 $504k 12k 40.84
Amgen Common Stock (AMGN) 0.4 $503k -2% 2.1k 243.35
Steel Dynamics Common Stock (STLD) 0.4 $496k 7.5k 66.15
Deere & Co Common Stock (DE) 0.4 $490k 1.6k 299.33
Danaher Corporation Common Stock (DHR) 0.4 $488k 1.9k 253.64
Alphabet Inc Class A Common Stock (GOOGL) 0.4 $482k +3% 221.00 2180.00
Cisco Systems Common Stock (CSCO) 0.4 $477k -2% 11k 42.60
Ishares Msci Usa Momentum Factor Etf Exchange Traded Fund (MTUM) 0.4 $452k -10% 3.3k 136.51
Ishares Msci Usa Small-cap Multifactor Etf Exchange Traded Fund (SMLF) 0.4 $443k -19% 9.4k 46.90
Caterpillar Common Stock (CAT) 0.4 $439k 2.5k 178.89
Target Corp Common Stock (TGT) 0.4 $438k 3.1k 141.29
Union Pacific Corp Common Stock (UNP) 0.4 $424k 2.0k 213.17
Duke Energy Hldg Common Stock (DUK) 0.4 $418k 3.9k 107.26
Procter & Gamble Common Stock (PG) 0.4 $409k 2.8k 143.71
Ishares Msci Value Index Fund Eafe Etf Exchange Traded Fund (EFV) 0.3 $390k -11% 9.0k 43.42
Ishare Dow Jones Intl Select Div Idx Exchange Traded Fund (IDV) 0.3 $387k 14k 27.19
Ishares Msci Eafe Growth Index Fund Etf Exchange Traded Fund (EFG) 0.3 $381k -10% 4.7k 80.57
Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index Exchange Traded Fund (VXUS) 0.3 $377k 7.3k 51.59
Cummins Common Stock (CMI) 0.3 $368k -2% 1.9k 193.68
Medtronic Common Stock (MDT) 0.3 $364k 4.1k 89.66
Merck & Co Common Stock (MRK) 0.3 $361k 4.0k 91.05
Coca Cola Common Stock (KO) 0.3 $359k 5.7k 62.93
Wal Mart Stores Common Stock (WMT) 0.3 $337k -3% 2.8k 121.70
Bristol Myers Squibb Common Stock (BMY) 0.3 $323k +3% 4.2k 76.94
Intel Corp Common Stock (INTC) 0.3 $321k 8.6k 37.36
Morgan Stanley Common Stock (MS) 0.3 $320k 4.2k 76.05
Wells Fargo & Co Common Stock (WFC) 0.3 $315k 8.0k 39.14
Honeywell Intl Common Stock (HON) 0.3 $304k 1.7k 174.01
Aflac Common Stock (AFL) 0.3 $302k 5.5k 55.41
Goldman Sachs Group Common Stock (GS) 0.3 $301k 1.0k 297.43
Disney Common Stock (DIS) 0.3 $298k -24% 3.2k 94.33
Costco Wholesale Corp Common Stock (COST) 0.3 $296k 617.00 479.74
Pepsico Common Stock (PEP) 0.3 $292k 1.8k 166.38
Visa Common Stock (V) 0.3 $288k 1.5k 196.59
United Health Group Common Stock (UNH) 0.2 $280k 545.00 513.76
Alliant Corp Common Stock (LNT) 0.2 $277k 4.7k 58.60
Verizon Comm Common Stock (VZ) 0.2 $276k -26% 5.4k 50.68
Kimberly Clark Corp Common Stock (KMB) 0.2 $267k -6% 2.0k 134.98
Ishare Dow Jones U.s. Total Market Index Exchange Traded Fund (IYY) 0.2 $265k 2.9k 92.37
Chevron Corporation Common Stock (CVX) 0.2 $263k 1.8k 144.51
Lowes Companies Common Stock (LOW) 0.2 $262k 1.5k 174.67
Raytheon Technologies Corp Ord Common Stock (RTX) 0.2 $259k -5% 2.7k 96.14
Altria Group Common Stock (MO) 0.2 $255k -4% 6.1k 41.85
Hershey Foods Corp Common Stock (HSY) 0.2 $254k 1.2k 215.44
Ishares Edge Msci Mltfct Emmkts Etf Exchange Traded Fund (EMGF) 0.2 $239k -13% 5.6k 43.00
Spdr Dow Jones Indl Avrg Etf Ut Ser 1 Exchange Traded Fund (DIA) 0.2 $239k 775.00 308.39
Oracle Corp Common Stock (ORCL) 0.2 $238k -10% 3.4k 70.00
Blackrock Core Bond Trust Fixed Income ETF (BHK) 0.2 $227k NEW 20k 11.31
Ishares Tr Core High Dv Etf Exchange Traded Fund (HDV) 0.2 $224k -8% 2.2k 100.58
Citigroup Common Stock (C) 0.2 $222k 4.8k 46.03
Keycorp Common Stock (KEY) 0.2 $220k 13k 17.25
Ishare Barclays Tips Bond Exchange Traded Fund (TIP) 0.2 $212k 1.9k 114.16
Southern Common Stock (SO) 0.2 $204k NEW 2.9k 71.40
Astrazeneca Int'l Common Stock (AZN) 0.2 $203k 3.1k 66.02
Ishare-s&p 500 Value Index Fund Exchange Traded Fund (IVE) 0.2 $202k -3% 1.5k 137.51
Abbott Labs Common Stock (ABT) 0.2 $201k 1.8k 108.88
Phillip Morris Intl Common Stock (PM) 0.2 $201k NEW 2.0k 98.53
Blackrock Multi-Sector Income Trust Fixed Income ETF (BIT) 0.2 $192k NEW 14k 14.23
NYMOX PHARMACEUTICAL CORP ORD SHS Corp Common Stock (NYMX) 0.0 $15k 35k 0.43

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