Main Management ETF Advisors

Latest statistics and disclosures from Main Management ETF Advisors's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are XLF, XLV, QQQ, XLK, VLUE, and represent 47.46% of Main Management ETF Advisors's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: XLF (+$5.3M), XLV, QQQ, XLK, VLUE, PSCT, IWM, VDE, SCHV, XLY.
  • Main Management ETF Advisors was a net buyer of stock by $46M.
  • Main Management ETF Advisors has $990M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 3.10%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001698607

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Portfolio Holdings for Main Management ETF Advisors

Companies in the Main Management ETF Advisors portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Financial Select Sector SPDR (XLF) 11.8 $117M +4% 3.1M 37.53
Health Care SPDR (XLV) 10.4 $103M +4% 809k 127.30
Invesco Qqq Trust Series 1 (QQQ) 9.4 $93M +4% 259k 357.96
Technology SPDR (XLK) 8.8 $87M +4% 582k 149.32
Ishares Tr msci usavalfct (VLUE) 7.1 $70M +4% 698k 100.70
Invesco Exchng Traded Fd Tr Ii (PSCT) 6.1 $61M +4% 434k 139.65
iShares Russell 2000 Index (IWM) 5.9 $59M +4% 268k 218.75
Vanguard Energy ETF (VDE) 5.7 $56M +4% 758k 73.90
Schwab Strategic Tr cmn (SCHV) 5.6 $56M +4% 822k 67.48
Consumer Discretionary SPDR (XLY) 5.4 $53M +4% 296k 179.45
SPDR S&P Homebuilders (XHB) 4.4 $43M +4% 601k 71.76
iShares Dow Jones US Home Const. (ITB) 4.1 $41M +4% 619k 66.18
Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor Etf semiconductor (SMH) 3.5 $34M +4% 134k 256.27
iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (IBB) 2.7 $27M +4% 166k 161.68

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SPDR S&P Biotech (XBI) 2.1 $21M +4% 166k 125.71
Invesco Solar Etf etf (TAN) 1.0 $10M +10% 127k 79.95
Spdr Ser Tr kensho new eco (KOMP) 0.7 $7.2M +4% 119k 60.90
Ark Etf Tr fintech innova (ARKF) 0.7 $7.0M +4% 141k 49.36
Proshares Trust Pet Care Etf pet care etf (PAWZ) 0.7 $6.7M +4% 86k 77.72
Global X Fds rbtcs artfl in (BOTZ) 0.6 $6.4M +4% 176k 36.57
Global X Fds cloud computng (CLOU) 0.6 $6.3M +4% 215k 29.28
Ark Etf Tr gen rev mltsct (ARKG) 0.6 $6.1M +4% 81k 74.72
Proshares Tr invt int rt hg (ONLN) 0.6 $5.7M +4% 86k 65.64
Vaneck Vectors Etf Tr video gaming (ESPO) 0.5 $5.4M +4% 83k 65.00
Kraneshares Sse Star Market 50 Index Etf (KSTR) 0.4 $4.1M +4% 179k 23.16
Amplify Etf Tr seymour cannbs (CNBS) 0.3 $2.9M +4% 150k 19.28
Grayscale Ethereum Com Unt (ETHE) 0.2 $2.2M +4% 78k 28.41

Past Filings by Main Management ETF Advisors

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