Who owns Financial Select Sector SPDR?

Top Holders and Investors of XLF Stock

Find out what company owns Financial Select Sector SPDR, who bought XLF this quarter, and who sold shares of XLF stock?

Fund or Company Name Number of Shares Valued At As Of
Bank of America Corporation 142.52M $3.69B Sep 2017
Goldman Sachs 54.87M $1.42B Sep 2017
Wells Fargo & Company 51.76M $1.28B Jun 2017
Morgan Stanley 49.95M $1.18B Mar 2017
UBS Group AG 43.14M $1.12B Sep 2017
Credit Suisse AG 39.42M $971.72M Jun 2017
BlackRock 38.40M $993.04M Sep 2017
Citi 28.66M $741.18M Sep 2017
Fmr 22.42M $579.84M Sep 2017
Quantitative Investment Management 20.64M $533.70M Sep 2017
Barclays 18.93M $489.63M Sep 2017
Nokota Management 15.50M $400.83M Sep 2017
Blue Mountain Capital Management 15.49M $400.64M Sep 2017
Moore Capital Management 14.61M $346.58M Mar 2017
BlackRock Advisors 13.89M $323.05M Dec 2016
Jpmorgan Chase & Co 13.37M $329.80M Jun 2017
Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings 13.10M $338.90M Sep 2017
Swan Wealth Advisors 13.05M $335.81M Sep 2017
Capula Management 9.62M $248.73M Sep 2017
Bank of Nova Scotia 9.59M $236.62M Jun 2017
Capital Investment Advisors 9.48M $46.26M Sep 2017
Ameriprise Financial 8.32M $215.04M Sep 2017
Appaloosa 8.10M $209.57M Sep 2017
Parallax Volatility Advisers 7.80M $192.41M Jun 2017
Schroder Investment Management 7.57M $194.82M Sep 2017
LPL Financial 6.78M $175.40M Sep 2017
Pinnacle Advisory 6.27M $162.07M Sep 2017
Citadel Advisors 6.18M $159.78M Sep 2017
Franklin Resources 6.08M $157.31M Sep 2017
Bank Of Montreal /can/ 5.67M $146.65M Sep 2017
Nomura Holdings 5.23M $134.78M Sep 2017
Churchill Management 4.70M $121.46M Sep 2017
Natixis 4.69M $120.68M Sep 2017
Lombard Odier Asset Management 4.46M $115.34M Sep 2017
Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company 4.33M $111.93M Sep 2017
Public Sector Pension Investment Board 4.10M $106.03M Sep 2017
Envestnet Asset Management 4.10M $106.00M Sep 2017
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas 4.06M $105.10M Sep 2017
Anchorage Capital 4.00M $103.44M Sep 2017
Manikay Partners 4.00M $103.44M Sep 2017
Kingdon Capital Management 4.00M $103.44M Sep 2017
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 3.66M $94.62M Sep 2017
Banque Pictet & Cie Sa 3.57M $92.42M Sep 2017
Russell Investments 3.48M $89.92M Sep 2017
Mirae Asset Global Investments 3.38M $87.42M Sep 2017
Pnc Financial Services 3.16M $81.79M Sep 2017
Amerivest Investment Management 3.14M $81.29M Sep 2017
Pictet Asset Management 3.11M $80.51M Sep 2017
RMB Capital Management 3.06M $79.13M Sep 2017
Toronto-Dominion Bank 2.83M $69.89M Jun 2017
SG Americas Securities 2.80M $72.49M Sep 2017
Psagot Investment House 2.75M $71.17M Sep 2017
Hsbc Holdings 2.67M $69.06M Sep 2017
Richard Bernstein Advisors 2.56M $66.29M Sep 2017
Loomis, Sayles and 2.50M $64.69M Sep 2017
AGF Investments 2.49M $61.38M Jun 2017
Graham Capital Management 2.31M $59.80M Sep 2017
State Treasurer State Of Michigan 2.27M $58.64M Sep 2017
Twin Tree Management 2.22M $57.30M Sep 2017
United Capital Financial Advisers 2.13M $55.06M Sep 2017
Northern Trust 2.09M $54.18M Sep 2017
Sunrise Partners Limited Partnership 1.95M $50.35M Sep 2017
First Investors Management Company 1.89M $48.93M Sep 2017
Raymond James & Associates 1.83M $47.23M Sep 2017
Commonwealth Equity Services 1.80M $46.59M Sep 2017
Columbus Hill Capital Management 1.80M $46.55M Sep 2017
National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives 1.80M $46.52M Sep 2017
Tiverton Asset Management 1.76M $45.62M Sep 2017
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors 1.76M $45.48M Sep 2017
Baird Financial 1.69M $43.75M Sep 2017
Millennium Management 1.68M $43.55M Sep 2017
HighTower Advisors 1.67M $43.13M Sep 2017
Banco Santander, S.A. 1.66M $42.65M Sep 2017
Jane Street 1.62M $42.02M Sep 2017
Capital Fund Management S.A. 1.61M $41.67M Sep 2017
Putnam Investments 1.61M $41.58M Sep 2017
Windhaven Investment 1.60M $39.50M Jun 2017
Mizuho Trust & Banking 1.59M $41.12M Sep 2017
Migdal Insurance & Financial Holdings 1.47M $38.42M Sep 2017
Main Management 1.45M $37.54M Sep 2017
Jefferies 1.42M $36.83M Sep 2017
Caxton Associates 1.41M $36.36M Sep 2017
Bessemer 1.40M $36.25M Sep 2017
Laurion Capital Management 1.40M $36.20M Sep 2017
Us Bancorp \de\ 1.38M $35.75M Sep 2017
Spinnaker Trust 1.35M $34.87M Sep 2017
Mendon Capital Advisors 1.34M $34.76M Sep 2017
Aviance Capital Management 1.34M $34.61M Sep 2017
Annex Advisory Services, LLC, d/b/a Annex Wealth Management 1.33M $34.47M Sep 2017
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc 1.31M $33.91M Sep 2017
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services 1.31M $33.86M Sep 2017
Coordinating Investment Fiduciary of Raytheon Company Employee 1.31M $33.77M Sep 2017
IndexIQ Advisors 1.28M $33.02M Sep 2017
First Republic Investment Management 1.26M $32.59M Sep 2017
Gruss Asset Management 1.25M $32.33M Sep 2017
Old National Trust Company 1.24M $32.02M Sep 2017
SunTrust Banks 1.23M $31.84M Sep 2017
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board 1.20M $31.03M Sep 2017
Wellington Management Company 1.16M $30.02M Sep 2017
Signature Financial Management 1.09M $28.12M Sep 2017
Private Advisor 1.01M $26.58M Sep 2017
Kranot Hishtalmut Le Morim Ve Gananot Havera Menahelet 1.01M $26.04M Sep 2017
Mml Investors Services 1.01M $24.82M Jun 2017
Balyasny Asset Management 1.00M $25.92M Sep 2017
Jabre Capital Partners S.A. 1000000 $25.86M Sep 2017
Hillswick Asset Management 977756 $25.28M Sep 2017
Element Capital Management 907127 $23.46M Sep 2017
Stifel Financial 906947 $23.58M Sep 2017
Pictet Bank & Trust 893886 $23.12M Sep 2017
Wolverine Trading 893317 $23.10M Sep 2017
Money Matters Financial 881111 $22.79M Sep 2017
William Blair Investment Management 879200 $22.74M Sep 2017
Stevens Capital Management 838500 $21.68M Sep 2017
Estate Counselors 833660 $21.56M Sep 2017
Balter Liquid Alternatives 831039 $831039 Sep 2017
Css Llc/il 801773 $20.73M Sep 2017
TIFF Advisory Services 793740 $20.53M Sep 2017
First Business Financial Services 787450 $20.36M Sep 2017
Pictet & Cie 775234 $20.05M Sep 2017
Braver Wealth Management 756441 $17.59M Dec 2016
Arrow Investment Advisors 752423 $19.46M Sep 2017
Albion Financial Group /ut 749634 $19.39M Sep 2017
Eastern Bank 720188 $18.62M Sep 2017
Prisma Capital Partners 694059 $17.95M Sep 2017
FDx Advisors 683880 $17.69M Sep 2017
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors 683464 $17.67M Sep 2017
Great-West Life Assurance Company 679697 $16.77M Jun 2017
Two Sigma Securities 677152 $16.07M Mar 2017
Aspiriant 652605 $16.88M Sep 2017
ALPS Advisors 650375 $16.82M Sep 2017
Cutler 644929 $16.68M Sep 2017
RiverFront Investment 624688 $16.15M Sep 2017
Astor Investment Management 609418 $15.76M Sep 2017
Van Eck Associates 601060 $15.54M Sep 2017
Swarthmore 599925 $15.51M Sep 2017
Loeb Partners Corporation 589250 $15.24M Sep 2017
Janet M. Hewlett 586825 $15.18M Sep 2017
Metlife Securities 572696 $13.30M Dec 2016
BlueCrest Capital Management 570256 $14.75M Sep 2017
Financial Architects 567161 $14.67M Sep 2017
Sun Life Financial 563591 $14.57M Sep 2017
J.Safra Asset Management 560884 $13.04M Dec 2016
Lazard Asset Management 544665 $14.09M Sep 2017
Bank Hapoalim Bm 543658 $14.06M Sep 2017
Fifth Third Ban 543229 $14.05M Sep 2017
Financial Partners Capital Management 539985 $13.32M Jun 2017
CLS Investments 536287 $13.87M Sep 2017
Steinberg Global Asset Management 532100 $13.76M Sep 2017
KCM Investment Advisors 530829 $13.73M Sep 2017
Advisor 520793 $12.85M Jun 2017

Who sold Financial Select Sector SPDR?

Fund Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Susquehanna International June 30, 2017 42.58M $1.05B
Glen Point Capital June 30, 2017 12.60M $310.84M
Royal Bank of Canada Dec. 31, 2016 11.16M $259.59M
Discovery Capital Management March 31, 2017 8.77M $208.11M
NWI Management June 30, 2017 4.45M $109.78M
Tide Point Capital Management June 30, 2017 4.20M $103.67M
Provida Pension Fund Administrator June 30, 2017 1.94M $47.76M
OZ Management June 30, 2017 1.90M $46.91M
Diamond Capital Management March 31, 2017 1.58M $37.43M
HAP Trading June 30, 2017 1.38M $138270
K2 Principal Fund June 30, 2017 1.36M $33.55M
Hanlon Investment Management June 30, 2017 1.28M $31.60M
Graticule Asia Macro Advisors June 30, 2017 1.24M $30.47M
Everett Capital Advisors UK June 30, 2017 1.20M $29.60M
Prudential Financial June 30, 2017 1.15M $28.26M