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Portfolio Holdings for MTC Wealth Management

Companies in the MTC Wealth Management portfolio as of the March 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Tr Ishs 1-5yr Invs (IGSB) 18.0 $43M 778k 54.68
Ishares Tr 1 3 Yr Treas Bd (SHY) 13.3 $31M 363k 86.25
Vanguard Index Fds Value Etf (VTV) 13.2 $31M 237k 131.46
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit (SPY) 12.4 $29M 74k 396.33
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 8.2 $19M 268k 72.05
Ishares Tr Core S&p Mcp Etf (IJH) 7.8 $18M 71k 260.28
Ishares Tr Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 7.7 $18M 160k 113.83
Ishares Core Msci Emkt (IEMG) 6.5 $15M 239k 64.36
Ishares Tr Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 4.9 $12M 107k 108.53
Spdr Ser Tr Portfolio Short (SPSB) 3.2 $7.6M 241k 31.31
Pimco Etf Tr 1-5 Us Tip Idx (STPZ) 1.9 $4.5M 82k 54.84
Vanguard Index Fds Sml Cp Grw Etf (VBK) 1.4 $3.3M 12k 274.65
Vanguard Index Fds Growth Etf (VUG) 1.4 $3.3M 13k 257.02
Franklin Conservative Allocation Cl A 0.0 $86k 593.00 145.03

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