Smead Capital Management

Latest statistics and disclosures from Smead Capital Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are CLR, OXY, AMGN, MRK, AXP, and represent 39.33% of Smead Capital Management's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: MAC (+$30M), SPG (+$22M), WBD (+$12M), AMGN, MRK, AXP, NVR, LEN, TGT, DHI.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: , OGN (-$44M), WFG (-$5.3M), CLR, OXY.WS, COP, CVX, CVE.WS, CVE, LBTYK.
  • Sold out of its positions in CVE.WS, CMCSA, OGN, WFG.
  • Smead Capital Management was a net seller of stock by $-4.5M.
  • Smead Capital Management has $3.8B in assets under management (AUM), dropping by -1.64%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001427008

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Portfolio Holdings for Smead Capital Management

Smead Capital Management holds 27 positions in its portfolio as reported in the September 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Continental Resources (CLR) 12.3 $471M 7.1M 66.81
Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) 9.1 $350M 5.7M 61.45
Amgen (AMGN) 6.1 $235M 1.0M 225.40
Merck & Co (MRK) 6.1 $235M 2.7M 86.12
American Express Company (AXP) 5.8 $222M 1.6M 134.91
NVR (NVR) 5.0 $192M 48k 3987.07
Lennar Corp Cl A (LEN) 4.9 $190M 2.5M 74.55
Simon Property (SPG) 4.8 $186M +13% 2.1M 89.75
ConocoPhillips (COP) 4.8 $185M 1.8M 102.34
Target Corporation (TGT) 4.5 $174M 1.2M 148.39
D.R. Horton (DHI) 4.3 $166M 2.5M 67.35
Macerich Company (MAC) 3.7 $144M +26% 18M 7.94
Bank of America Corporation (BAC) 3.7 $144M 4.8M 30.20
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) 3.5 $134M 1.3M 104.50

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Home Depot (HD) 3.0 $116M 421k 275.94
Warner Bros Discovery Com Ser A (WBD) 3.0 $114M +11% 9.9M 11.50
eBay (EBAY) 2.9 $111M 3.0M 36.81
Chevron Corporation (CVX) 2.8 $109M 760k 143.67
Amer (UHAL) 2.5 $96M 189k 509.22
Qualcomm (QCOM) 2.0 $79M 695k 112.98
Credit Acceptance (CACC) 1.9 $74M 169k 438.00
Pfizer (PFE) 1.5 $57M 1.3M 43.76
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B New (BRK.B) 1.2 $46M 173k 267.02
Occidental Pete Corp *w Exp 08/03/202 (OXY.WS) 0.2 $7.6M -17% 192k 39.62
Cenovus Energy (CVE) 0.2 $5.8M -9% 380k 15.36
Frontline Shs New (FRO) 0.1 $3.5M +4% 311k 11.09
Liberty Global SHS CL C (LBTYK) 0.0 $1.3M -31% 77k 16.50

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