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Top investors of Alpha Capital Acquisition stock

Who bought or sold ALPHA CAPITAL ACQUISITION CO this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Empyrean Capital Partners 1.2M $12M 0% Jun 2021
Sharp Capital Gestora de Recursos 1.1M $12M 0% Jun 2021
Aristeia Capital 900k $9.1M 0% Jun 2021
Sage Rock Capital Management 601k $6.1M 0% Jun 2021
Millennium Management 540k $5.5M -23% Jun 2021
Citadel Advisors 425k $4.3M 0% Jun 2021
Magnetar Financial 369k $3.7M 1% Jun 2021
Periscope Capital 323k $3.3M 62% Jun 2021
Glazer Capital 316k $3.2M 31% Jun 2021
Silver Rock Financial 259k $2.6M 29% Jun 2021
Jane Street 160k $1.6M 7% Jun 2021

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Castle Hook Partners 150k $1.5M 0% Jun 2021
Bracebridge Capital 133k $1.3M 100% Jun 2021
Susquehanna International 110k $1.1M 0% Jun 2021
D. E. Shaw & Co 99k $999k 98% Jun 2021
Hrt Financial 75k $757k 0% Jun 2021
Walleye Trading Advisors 72k $727k 0% Jun 2021
Angelo, Gordon & Co 70k $707k 0% Jun 2021
Omni Partners US 54k $523k 100% Jun 2021
Omni Partners 49k $489k 100% Mar 2021
Walleye Trading 48k $485k 0% Jun 2021
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors 47k $477k -51% Jun 2021
Caas Capital Management 40k $399k -21% Jun 2021
Wolverine Asset Management 30k $302k 54% Jun 2021
Henderson Group 29k $295k 46% Jun 2021
Ergoteles 21k $212k 0% Jun 2021
Hound Partners 20k $201k 0% Jun 2021
Landscape Capital Management 19k $195k 0% Jun 2021
Gabelli Securities 18k $177k 0% Jun 2021
Gabelli Funds 18k $177k 0% Jun 2021
FNY Investment Advisers 16k $161k 0% Jun 2021
Royal Bank of Canada 14k $137k 0% Jun 2021
Citigroup 11k $109k 100% Mar 2021
Calamos Advisors 10k $101k 0% Jun 2021
Bel Air Investment Advisors 10k $101k 0% Jun 2021
Harbor Advisors 10k $101k 0% Jun 2021
Cohanzick Management 9.7k $94k 100% Jun 2021
Context Capital Management 2.9k $29k 0% Jun 2021
UBS Group 1.5k $15k -8% Jun 2021
Bank of America Corporation 395.00 $4.0k -100% Jun 2021
OZ Management 2.00 $0 -100% Jun 2021
DuPont Capital Management Corporation 2.00 $0 -100% Jun 2021

Who sold out of Alpha Capital Acquisition?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Arena Capital Advisors, LLC- CA Mar 2021 1.2M $13M
Oribel Capital Management Mar 2021 720k $7.2M
Radcliffe Capital Management Mar 2021 632k $6.3M
North Peak Capital Management Mar 2021 629k $6.3M
Nomura Holdings Mar 2021 612k $6.1M
Ghisallo Capital Management Mar 2021 550k $5.5M
Moore Capital Management Mar 2021 500k $5.0M
BlueCrest Capital Management Mar 2021 500k $5.0M
Sycale Advisors Mar 2021 500k $5.0M
Linden Advisors Mar 2021 325k $3.2M
Kingstown Capital Management Mar 2021 300k $3.0M
Verition Fund Management Mar 2021 215k $2.1M
Fir Tree Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
P. Schoenfeld Asset Management Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
UBS O'Connor Mar 2021 200k $2.0M
Syquant Capital Sas Mar 2021 182k $1.8M
Boothbay Fund Management Mar 2021 161k $1.6M
Brookfield Asset Management Mar 2021 150k $1.5M
Mangrove Partners Mar 2021 150k $1.5M
Balyasny Asset Management Mar 2021 125k $1.2M
LMR Partners Mar 2021 125k $1.2M
Saba Capital Management Mar 2021 113k $1.1M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Mar 2021 100k $995k
Polar Securities Mar 2021 100k $999k
Alyeska Investment Group Mar 2021 100k $999k
Squarepoint Ops Mar 2021 100k $999k
Spring Creek Capital Mar 2021 100k $999k
Centiva Capital Mar 2021 99k $989k
Luxor Capital Group Mar 2021 80k $793k
Farallon Capital Management Mar 2021 80k $792k
Advisory Research Mar 2021 74k $739k
PEAK6 Investments Mar 2021 70k $700k
Hartree Partners Mar 2021 70k $699k
MMCAP International Inc. SPC Mar 2021 70k $699k
Woodline Partners Mar 2021 50k $501k
Taconic Capital Advisors Mar 2021 50k $498k
Tenor Capital Management Mar 2021 50k $500k
Castle Creek Arbitrage Mar 2021 50k $499k
CNH Partners Mar 2021 50k $498k
Weiss Asset Management LP[1 Mar 2021 50k $497k
King Street Capital Management Mar 2021 50k $500k
CVI Holdings Mar 2021 50k $498k
HBK Investments Mar 2021 34k $335k
Shaolin Capital Management Mar 2021 30k $303k
Capstone Investment Advisors Mar 2021 20k $200k
OMERS Administration Corporation Mar 2021 20k $199k
Bloom Tree Partners Mar 2021 20k $199k
DeepCurrents Investment Group Mar 2021 10k $100k
Ancora Advisors Mar 2021 5.1k $51k
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Mar 2021 3.5k $35k