Who owns Jacobs Engineering?

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Top investors of Jacobs Engineering stock

Who bought or sold Jacobs Engineering this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of
Cacti Asset Management 625k $75M 0% Dec 2022
Armstrong Henry H Associates 18k $2.1M 0% Dec 2022
New England Research & Management 17k $2.1M 306% Dec 2022
Cibc World Markets 15k $1.8M 675% Dec 2022
Acropolis Investment Management 2.9k $351k 0% Dec 2022
Redpoint Investment Management Pty 2.7k $290k 0% Sep 2022
Corient Capital Partners 2.4k $304k 0% Sep 2022
Huntington National Bank 1.00 $128.000000 0% Dec 2022

Who sold out of Jacobs Engineering?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
Vanguard Group Jun 2022 14M $1.8B
BlackRock Jun 2022 7.9M $1.0B
Bank of America Corporation Jun 2022 1.3M $163M
Morgan Stanley Jun 2022 873k $145M
AGF Investments Jun 2022 637k $81M
Goldman Sachs Group Jun 2022 589k $75M
R.H. Bluestein & Company Jun 2022 292k $37M
Citadel Advisors Jun 2022 183k $23M
Millennium Management Jun 2022 149k $19M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Jun 2022 127k $16M
Btr Capital Management Jun 2022 111k $14M
Eaton Vance Management Jun 2022 103k $13M
Carmel Capital Management Sep 2022 51k $5.6M
Covington Capital Management Jun 2022 38k $4.8M
Hudson Bay Capital Management Jun 2022 34k $4.3M
Westover Capital Advisors Jun 2022 18k $2.2M
Ashfield Capital Partners Jun 2022 16k $2.0M
RegentAtlantic Capital Jun 2022 9.5k $1.2M
Barden Capital Management Sep 2022 4.2k $456k
Boltwood Capital Management Sep 2022 4.1k $439k
Itau Unibanco Holding Sep 2022 3.4k $374k
IMPACTfolio Sep 2022 3.1k $335k
Altus Wealth Group Sep 2022 2.8k $371k
American Portfolios Advisors Jun 2022 2.8k $353k
IFP Advisors Sep 2022 2.5k $171k
MBM Wealth Consultants Sep 2022 2.1k $237k
Ronald Blue Trust Sep 2022 1.3k $173k
Harbour Investments Sep 2022 894.00 $114k
Atlanta Capital Jun 2022 626.00 $80k
Washington Trust Company Sep 2022 475.00 $59k
Beacon Capital Management Sep 2022 424.00 $54k
Neo Ivy Capital Management Jun 2022 422.00 $53k
Capital Advisors Sep 2022 10.00 $1.0k