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Portfolio Holdings for Aspire Capital Advisors

Companies in the Aspire Capital Advisors portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Wisdomtree Tr Us Qtly Div Grt (DGRW) 19.2 $20M NEW 317k 63.67
Ishares Tr Rus Tp200 Gr Etf (IWY) 14.1 $15M +47% 93k 158.87
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 12.5 $13M +419% 43k 308.32
J P Morgan Exchange-traded F Ultra Shrt Inc (JPST) 6.2 $6.6M +14% 131k 50.27
Flexshares Tr Qlt Div Def Idx (QDEF) 5.5 $5.8M 103k 56.51
First Tr Exchange-traded Risng Divd Achiv (RDVY) 5.3 $5.5M NEW 113k 49.00
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit (SPY) 5.1 $5.4M NEW 12k 451.66
Ark Etf Tr Autnmus Technlgy (ARKQ) 4.1 $4.4M NEW 64k 67.66
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Brd Mkt Etf (SCHB) 3.1 $3.3M NEW 62k 53.39
American Centy Etf Tr Us Sml Cp Valu (AVUV) 2.7 $2.9M NEW 36k 79.86
Amazon (AMZN) 2.2 $2.4M +27% 722.00 3260.39
Apple (AAPL) 1.9 $2.0M +98% 12k 174.63
Starbucks Corporation (SBUX) 1.9 $2.0M NEW 22k 90.99
Ishares Tr Core S&p500 Etf (IVV) 1.7 $1.8M +503% 3.9k 453.63

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B New (BRK.B) 1.2 $1.3M NEW 3.6k 352.78
Boeing Company (BA) 1.1 $1.2M NEW 6.2k 191.44
Vanguard Index Fds Total Stk Mkt (VTI) 1.0 $1.0M NEW 4.6k 227.76
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Mid-cap Etf (SCHM) 0.9 $985k NEW 13k 75.83
Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST) 0.9 $980k NEW 1.7k 576.13
Vanguard Tax-managed Intl Ftse Dev Mkt Etf (VEA) 0.9 $933k NEW 19k 48.01
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Sml Cap Etf (SCHA) 0.8 $806k NEW 17k 47.35
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 0.7 $738k NEW 685.00 1077.37
Jacobs Engineering (J) 0.7 $704k NEW 5.1k 137.82
Deere & Company (DE) 0.6 $632k 1.5k 415.79
Chevron Corporation (CVX) 0.5 $546k NEW 3.4k 162.69
Expedia Group Com New (EXPE) 0.5 $524k NEW 2.7k 195.60
Paccar (PCAR) 0.5 $490k NEW 5.6k 88.10
NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) 0.4 $453k NEW 1.7k 272.73
Ishares Tr Select Divid Etf (DVY) 0.4 $407k NEW 3.2k 127.99
United Parcel Service CL B (UPS) 0.4 $395k NEW 1.8k 214.67
Amgen (AMGN) 0.4 $392k NEW 1.6k 241.83
Ishares Tr Eafe Grwth Etf (EFG) 0.4 $372k NEW 3.9k 96.25
Schwab Strategic Tr Emrg Mkteq Etf (SCHE) 0.4 $369k NEW 13k 27.80
Intel Corporation (INTC) 0.3 $357k NEW 7.2k 49.51
Heritage Financial Corporation (HFWA) 0.3 $286k NEW 11k 25.10
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl A (GOOGL) 0.3 $281k NEW 101.00 2782.18
Pepsi (PEP) 0.3 $275k NEW 1.6k 167.38
Consolidated Water Ord (CWCO) 0.3 $264k NEW 24k 11.06
Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) 0.2 $241k NEW 2.9k 82.56
Invesco Qqq Tr Unit Ser 1 (QQQ) 0.2 $212k NEW 584.00 363.01

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