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Latest statistics and disclosures from Cadence Wealth Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

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Portfolio Holdings for Cadence Wealth Management

Companies in the Cadence Wealth Management portfolio as of the March 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Silver TRUST Equity (SLV) 15.3 $17M 747k 22.70
Market Vectors Etf TRUST Equity 13.1 $15M 446k 32.50
Ishares Msci Emrg Mkt Equity (EEM) 12.4 $14M 257k 53.34
Sector Spdr Engy Select Equity (XLE) 11.7 $13M 264k 49.06
Spdr Gold TRUST Equity (GLD) 10.3 $11M 71k 159.97
Market Vectors Etf Equity 6.7 $7.4M 165k 45.01
Vanguard Intl Eqty Index Equity (VEU) 5.7 $6.3M 104k 60.68
Spdr S&P Metals & Mining Equity (XLU) 5.7 $6.3M 157k 39.92
Powershs Db Multi Sector Equity 4.2 $4.6M 272k 16.94
Gabelli Div And Inc Tr Equity (GDV) 2.8 $3.1M 130k 23.96
Royce Value TRUST Equity (RVT) 2.8 $3.1M 171k 18.11
Barclays Ipth Srs B S&P Equity (VXX) 1.9 $2.1M 187k 11.40
Schw US Lcap Val Etf Equity (SCHV) 0.8 $848k 13k 65.31
Ishares Tr Barclays Bond Equity (TLT) 0.6 $695k 5.1k 135.45

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Sector Spdr Tech Select Equity (XLK) 0.6 $652k 4.9k 132.76
Schw Intl Eq Etf Equity (SCHF) 0.6 $649k 17k 37.65
Schw Emg Mkt Eq Etf Equity (SCHE) 0.6 $610k 19k 31.78
Facebook Inc Class A Equity (FB) 0.5 $584k 2.0k 294.80
Eaton Vance Ltd Duration Equity (EVV) 0.5 $566k 45k 12.63
Ishares Nasdaq Bio Equity (IBB) 0.5 $564k 3.7k 150.56
Schw US Brd Mkt Etf Equity (SCHB) 0.4 $431k 4.5k 96.68
Apple Equity (AAPL) 0.4 $427k 3.5k 122.03
C V S Caremark Corp Equity (CVS) 0.3 $346k 4.6k 75.23
Canadian Natural Res Equity (CNQ) 0.3 $299k 9.7k 30.87
Steel Dynamics Equity (STLD) 0.2 $266k 5.2k 50.77
Eversource Energy Equity (ES) 0.2 $263k 3.0k 86.46
Ternium S A Equity (TX) 0.2 $231k 6.0k 38.80
Disney Walt Equity (DIS) 0.2 $230k 1.2k 184.89
Nutrien Equity (NTR) 0.2 $227k 4.2k 53.91
Schw US Lcap Etf Equity (SCHX) 0.2 $204k 2.1k 96.05
Nuveen Inter Dur Qlty Mu Equity (NIQ) 0.1 $160k 11k 14.66
Greengro Technologies Equity (GRNH) 0.0 $1.0k 42k 0.02

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