Chicago Wealth Management

Latest statistics and disclosures from Chicago Wealth Management's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are SPLV, IWF, XLE, XLF, XLV, and represent 30.65% of Chicago Wealth Management's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: SPLV (+$10M), XLE (+$8.9M), GSG (+$8.4M), SDY (+$7.1M), GDX, AMLP, PALC, IWD, XLP, IWF.
  • Started 8 new stock positions in GSG, GOOG, HD, PALC, XLE, SPYV, SPLV, GDX.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: IEFA (-$16M), SHV (-$12M), IWN (-$5.5M), GDXJ, DVY, ESGD, SPHQ, GSIE, TSLA, CBZ.
  • Sold out of its positions in GSIE, DVY, ESGD.
  • Chicago Wealth Management was a net buyer of stock by $5.8M.
  • Chicago Wealth Management has $149M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 8.59%.
  • Central Index Key (CIK): 0001592178

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Portfolio Holdings for Chicago Wealth Management

Companies in the Chicago Wealth Management portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Invesco Exch Traded Fd Tr Ii S&p500 Low Vol (SPLV) 6.7 $10M NEW 149k 67.09
Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Grw Etf (IWF) 6.2 $9.2M +3% 33k 277.62
Select Sector Spdr Tr Energy (XLE) 6.0 $8.9M NEW 117k 76.44
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Int-finl (XLF) 6.0 $8.9M +3% 232k 38.32
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Healthcare (XLV) 5.8 $8.6M 63k 136.98
Ishares S&p Gsci Commodity- Unit Ben Int (GSG) 5.7 $8.4M NEW 372k 22.65
Alps Etf Tr Alerian Mlp (AMLP) 5.5 $8.2M +30% 215k 38.30
Ishares Tr Rus Mdcp Val Etf (IWS) 5.4 $8.0M -2% 67k 119.63
Ishares Tr Intl Sel Div Etf (IDV) 5.4 $8.0M 252k 31.76
Ishares Tr Rus 1000 Val Etf (IWD) 5.3 $7.9M +6% 48k 165.99
Ishares Tr Ishares Semicdtr (SOXX) 5.2 $7.7M 16k 473.26
Spdr Ser Tr S&p Divid Etf (SDY) 5.1 $7.6M +1273% 59k 128.12
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Cons Stpls (XLP) 4.9 $7.3M +6% 97k 75.89
Select Sector Spdr Tr Sbi Int-inds (XLI) 4.8 $7.2M 70k 102.98

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Vaneck Etf Trust Junior Gold Mine (GDXJ) 3.2 $4.7M -25% 100k 46.87
Vanguard Index Fds Mcap Vl Idxvip (VOE) 2.7 $4.0M 27k 149.68
Ishares Tr Rus 2000 Val Etf (IWN) 2.3 $3.4M -61% 21k 161.41
Apple (AAPL) 1.7 $2.5M 15k 174.60
Vaneck Etf Trust Gold Miners Etf (GDX) 1.6 $2.3M NEW 61k 38.35
Invesco Exchng Traded Fd T S&p500 Eql Wgt (RSP) 0.9 $1.3M 8.2k 157.68
Invesco Exchng Traded Fd T S&p500 Quality (SPHQ) 0.9 $1.3M -20% 26k 49.89
Marriott Intl Cl A (MAR) 0.8 $1.2M 6.8k 175.80
Allstate Corporation (ALL) 0.8 $1.1M 8.2k 138.57
Ishares Tr Russell 2000 Etf (IWM) 0.7 $1.1M -7% 5.4k 205.19
Tesla Motors (TSLA) 0.7 $1.1M -16% 1.0k 1078.00
Cbiz (CBZ) 0.6 $923k -18% 22k 41.95
Ishares Tr Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 0.6 $878k -94% 13k 69.51
Pacer Fds Tr Lunt Lrgcp Multi (PALC) 0.6 $828k NEW 21k 39.44
Ishares Tr Rus Md Cp Gr Etf (IWP) 0.5 $697k +14% 6.9k 100.55
Ishares Tr Rus Mid Cap Etf (IWR) 0.4 $582k +9% 7.5k 78.08
Morgan Stanley Com New (MS) 0.4 $546k 6.2k 87.46
Amazon (AMZN) 0.3 $509k 156.00 3262.82
Cme (CME) 0.3 $491k 2.1k 237.66
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 0.3 $443k -2% 1.4k 308.07
Walgreen Boots Alliance (WBA) 0.3 $382k -12% 8.5k 44.76
Vanguard Index Fds Mid Cap Etf (VO) 0.2 $353k 1.5k 238.03
Discover Financial Services (DFS) 0.2 $344k 3.1k 110.15
First Trust Lrgcp Gwt Alphad Com Shs (FTC) 0.2 $319k 3.0k 106.55
Ishares Tr Short Treas Bd (SHV) 0.2 $284k -97% 2.6k 110.12
Mastercard Incorporated Cl A (MA) 0.2 $268k 749.00 357.81
Nushares Etf Tr Nuveen Esg Midvl (NUMV) 0.2 $256k 7.1k 36.05
Nushares Etf Tr Nuveen Esg Lrgcp (NULG) 0.1 $207k +3% 3.4k 60.81
Spdr Ser Tr Prtflo S&p500 Vl (SPYV) 0.1 $207k NEW 4.9k 41.83
Home Depot (HD) 0.1 $204k NEW 680.00 300.00
Alphabet Cap Stk Cl C (GOOG) 0.1 $201k NEW 72.00 2791.67

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