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Portfolio Holdings for Crestmont Private Wealth

Companies in the Crestmont Private Wealth portfolio as of the December 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf Etf (IVV) 38.4 $41M 85k 476.99
Vanguard S&p 500 Etf Etf (VOO) 27.3 $29M 66k 436.57
Ishares S&p Midcap Fund Etf (IJH) 7.1 $7.5M 27k 283.09
Jpmorgan Ultra-short Income Etf Etf (JPST) 6.9 $7.3M 145k 50.48
Ishares S&p Small-cap Fund Etf (IJR) 5.3 $5.6M 49k 114.51
Ishares Core Msci Eafe Etf Etf (IEFA) 4.2 $4.4M 60k 74.64
Ishares U.s. Treasury Bond Etf Etf (GOVT) 3.4 $3.6M 134k 26.68
Ishares Core Msci Emerging Markets Etf Etf (IEMG) 3.2 $3.4M 57k 59.87
Vaneck Junior Gold Miners Etf Etf (GDXJ) 0.5 $548k 13k 41.91
Spdr S&p Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Etf Etf (XOP) 0.4 $410k 4.3k 95.84
Marathon Oil Corp Stock (MRO) 0.3 $283k 17k 16.43
Murphy Oil Corp Stock (MUR) 0.3 $280k 11k 26.12
Spdr Gold Shares Etf (GLD) 0.3 $277k 1.6k 170.99
Devon Energy Corp Stock (DVN) 0.2 $253k 5.7k 44.08

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Continental Res Stock (CLR) 0.2 $252k 5.6k 44.85
Coterra Energy Stock (CTRA) 0.2 $240k 13k 19.00
Ishares Msci Global Gold Miners Etf Etf (RING) 0.2 $199k 7.4k 27.02
Pioneer Nat Res Stock (PXD) 0.2 $195k 1.1k 182.24
Eog Res Stock (EOG) 0.2 $186k 2.1k 88.91
Ishares Global Reit Etf Etf (REET) 0.2 $160k 5.2k 30.67
Suncor Energy Stock (SU) 0.1 $143k 5.7k 24.97
Exxon Mobil Corp Stock (XOM) 0.1 $127k 2.1k 61.32
Ishares 1-5 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond Etf Etf (IGSB) 0.1 $116k 2.2k 53.73
Ishares Core 1-5 Year Usd Bond Etf Etf (ISTB) 0.1 $105k 2.1k 50.55
Newmont Corp Stock (NEM) 0.1 $71k 1.2k 61.69
Ishares Msci Usa Min Vol Factor Etf Etf (USMV) 0.1 $62k 769.00 80.62
Diamondback Energy Stock (FANG) 0.1 $56k 517.00 108.32
Occidental Pete Corp Stock (OXY) 0.1 $54k 1.9k 28.74
Range Res Corp Stock (RRC) 0.1 $53k 3.0k 17.68
Vaneck Agribusiness Etf Etf (MOO) 0.0 $48k 499.00 96.19
Hecla Mng Stock (HL) 0.0 $48k 9.3k 5.18
Ishares Tips Bond Etf Etf (TIP) 0.0 $47k 366.00 128.42
Ishares 0-5 Year Tips Bond Etf Etf (STIP) 0.0 $41k 391.00 104.86
Ishares 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond Etf Etf (SHYG) 0.0 $30k 652.00 46.01
Vanguard Mid-cap Index Fund Etf (VO) 0.0 $27k 106.00 254.72
Ishares Msci Eafe Min Vol Factor Etf Etf (EFAV) 0.0 $23k 302.00 76.16
Mcewen Mng Stock (MUX) 0.0 $20k 22k 0.91
Republic Svcs Stock (RSG) 0.0 $16k 118.00 135.59
Fidelity Natl Information Svcs Stock (FIS) 0.0 $8.0k 70.00 114.29
Ford Mtr Co Del Stock (F) 0.0 $1.0k 69.00 14.49
Conocophillips Stock (COP) 0.0 $0 1.00 0.00

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