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Portfolio Holdings for EisnerAmper Wealth Management Corporate Benefits

EisnerAmper Wealth Management Corporate Benefits holds 52 positions in its portfolio as reported in the December 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares S&p 500 Growth Etf Etf (IVW) 11.7 $23M +3% 390k 58.50
Vanguard Ftse Developed Markets Etf Etf (VEA) 8.0 $16M 371k 41.97
SPDR S&P Dividend ETF Etf (SDY) 6.8 $13M 107k 125.11
Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Smallcap Dividend Fund Etf (DGS) 6.6 $13M 296k 43.99
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Etf Etf (VYM) 6.3 $12M 115k 108.21
Wisdomtree U.s. Smallcap Dividend Fund Etf (DES) 6.2 $12M 426k 28.44
Wisdomtree Us Quality Dividend Growth Fund Etf (DGRW) 5.5 $11M -2% 179k 60.36
Wisdomtree Floating Rate Treasury Fund Etf (USFR) 5.3 $10M +3% 207k 50.27
Vanguard Short-term Bond Etf Etf (BSV) 3.2 $6.3M 83k 75.28
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Etf Etf (VIG) 3.1 $6.1M +5% 40k 151.85
Spdr Bloomberg High Yield Bond Etf Etf (JNK) 3.0 $5.8M -5% 65k 90.01
Ishares 0-3 Month Treasury Bond Etf Etf (SGOV) 2.7 $5.3M +32% 53k 100.14
Wisdomtree U.s. Midcap Dividend Fund Etf (DON) 2.5 $4.9M 120k 41.14
Vaneck Short Muni Etf Etf (SMB) 2.4 $4.8M -8% 282k 16.88

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Invesco Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Etf Etf (PCY) 2.0 $3.9M -7% 211k 18.67
Vanguard Intermediate-term Bond Etf Etf (BIV) 1.8 $3.5M 48k 74.32
Vanguard Small-cap Growth Etf Etf (VBK) 1.7 $3.4M +4% 17k 200.55
Ishares Morningstar Small Cap Value Etf Etf (ISCV) 1.6 $3.1M 60k 52.06
Ishares Russell 1000 Growth Etf Etf (IWF) 1.5 $2.9M 14k 214.23
Spdr S&p 600 Small Cap Growth Etf Etf (SLYG) 1.5 $2.9M 40k 72.23
Ishares Russell Mid-cap Growth Etf Etf (IWP) 1.4 $2.7M 32k 83.61
Ishares Core S&p 500 Etf Etf (IVV) 1.4 $2.7M -9% 7.0k 384.21
Ishares National Muni Bond Etf Etf (MUB) 1.3 $2.5M -16% 24k 105.54
Invesco S&p Midcap 400 Pure Growth Etf Etf (RFG) 1.1 $2.2M 12k 179.09
Ishares 0-5 Year Tips Bond Etf Etf (STIP) 1.0 $1.9M -33% 19k 96.94
Invesco Dynamic Large Cap Value Etf Etf (PWV) 0.9 $1.8M 38k 47.06
Ishares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Etf Etf (IEF) 0.9 $1.8M -37% 18k 95.80
Jpmorgan Ultra-short Income Etf Etf (JPST) 0.8 $1.5M +358% 30k 50.12
Spdr Portfolio Emerging Markets Etf Etf (SPEM) 0.7 $1.4M NEW 43k 32.97
Spdr Gold Minishares Trust Etf (GLDM) 0.7 $1.3M +2% 37k 36.19
Ishares U.s. Treasury Bond Etf Etf (GOVT) 0.6 $1.2M NEW 53k 22.72
Flexshares Iboxx 3 Year Target Duration Tips Index Fund Etf (TDTT) 0.6 $1.2M NEW 51k 23.52
Pimco Enhanced Short Maturity Active Etf Etf (MINT) 0.6 $1.2M -12% 12k 98.67
Invesco Preferred Etf Etf (PGX) 0.5 $991k NEW 89k 11.18
Goldman Sachs Access Treasury 0-1 Year Etf Etf (GBIL) 0.5 $910k -2% 9.1k 99.68
Ishares Msci Eafe Etf Etf (EFA) 0.4 $810k 12k 65.65
Spdr Portfolio S&p 500 Value Etf Etf (SPYV) 0.4 $764k NEW 20k 38.90
Vanguard Total Stock Market Etf Etf (VTI) 0.3 $593k NEW 3.1k 191.29
Ark Innovation Etf Etf (ARKK) 0.3 $559k NEW 18k 31.24
Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 Etf Etf (PDBC) 0.2 $470k NEW 32k 14.79
Ishares Tips Bond Etf Etf (TIP) 0.2 $438k 4.1k 106.41
Lsi Inds Inc Ohio Etf (LYTS) 0.2 $422k NEW 35k 12.23
Ishares Russell Mid-cap Value Etf Etf (IWS) 0.2 $411k 3.9k 105.38
Ishares Core U.s. Aggregate Bond Etf Etf (AGG) 0.2 $395k -4% 4.1k 97.05
Spdr S&p 500 Etf Trust Etf (SPY) 0.2 $343k -8% 896.00 382.81
Vanguard Small Cap Value Etf Etf (VBR) 0.2 $334k 2.1k 158.97
Schwab Us Dividend Equity Etf Etf (SCHD) 0.2 $333k NEW 4.4k 75.42
Wisdomtree International Hedged Quality Dividend Growth Fund Etf (IHDG) 0.1 $281k 7.9k 35.61
Ishares Iboxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond Etf Etf (HYG) 0.1 $260k 3.5k 73.57
Invesco Qqq Trust Etf (QQQ) 0.1 $239k NEW 898.00 266.15
Ishares Msci Emerging Markets Etf Etf (EEM) 0.1 $228k -4% 6.0k 37.95
Schwab U.s. Large-cap Growth Etf Etf (SCHG) 0.1 $207k NEW 3.7k 55.54

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