Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee

Latest statistics and disclosures from Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee's latest quarterly 13F-HR filing:

  • Top 5 stock holdings are IVV, IVE, IJS, MSFT, IWS, and represent 64.44% of Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee's stock portfolio.
  • Added to shares of these 10 stocks: IVV (+$6.5M), IJS, DIS, ZBH, XLK, OTIS, CVS, ABBV, KO, MMM.
  • Started 3 new stock positions in DIS, ZBH, XLK.
  • Reduced shares in these 10 stocks: IVE (-$6.9M), IWS, MSFT, T, SCHF, WBA, NSC, EL, STIP, PEP.
  • Sold out of its positions in SCHF.
  • Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee was a net buyer of stock by $633k.
  • Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee has $252M in assets under management (AUM), dropping by 11.04%.

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Portfolio Holdings for Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee

Companies in the Home Federal Bank Of Tennessee portfolio as of the December 2020 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Ishares Common Stock (IVV) 34.3 $87M +8% 230k 375.39
Ishares Common Stock (IVE) 23.7 $60M -10% 468k 128.02
Ishares Common Stock (IJS) 3.1 $7.8M +92% 96k 81.31
Microsoft Corp Common Stock (MSFT) 1.8 $4.5M -11% 20k 222.44
Ishares Common Stock (IWS) 1.6 $4.0M -27% 41k 96.96
Apple Common Stock (AAPL) 1.5 $3.8M 28k 132.71
Honeywell Intl Common Stock (HON) 1.5 $3.7M 18k 212.71
Procter & Gamble Common Stock (PG) 1.4 $3.6M 26k 139.13
Eli Lilly Common Stock (LLY) 1.4 $3.5M 21k 168.85
Home Depot Common Stock (HD) 1.4 $3.5M 13k 265.63
Analog Devices Common Stock (ADI) 1.2 $3.0M 20k 147.71
Johnson & Johnson Common Stock (JNJ) 1.2 $3.0M 19k 157.40
Duke Energy Corp Common Stock (DUK) 1.2 $3.0M 33k 91.57
Raytheon Technologies Corp Common Stock (RTX) 1.1 $2.8M 40k 71.51

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Pepsico Common Stock (PEP) 1.0 $2.6M -2% 18k 148.31
Verizon Communications Common Stock (VZ) 1.0 $2.5M 43k 58.75
Estee Lauder Companies-cl A Common Stock (EL) 1.0 $2.5M -5% 9.4k 266.22
Jp Morgan Chase Common Stock (JPM) 1.0 $2.5M 19k 127.07
Norfolk Southern Corp Common Stock (NSC) 0.9 $2.4M -6% 9.9k 237.60
Ishares Mutual Funds - (STIP) 0.9 $2.2M -3% 22k 104.44
Abbott Labs Common Stock (ABT) 0.9 $2.2M 20k 109.49
Waste Management Common Stock (WM) 0.9 $2.2M 18k 117.96
Automatic Data Processing Common Stock (ADP) 0.9 $2.2M 12k 176.20
Abbvie Common Stock (ABBV) 0.8 $2.0M 19k 107.16
3m Company Common Stock (MMM) 0.8 $2.0M 11k 174.80
Enbridge Foreign Stock (ENB) 0.8 $2.0M 61k 32.00
SPDR Common Stock (SPY) 0.8 $1.9M 5.1k 373.84
Kimberly Clark Corp Common Stock (KMB) 0.7 $1.8M 13k 134.79
Coca Cola Common Stock (KO) 0.6 $1.6M 30k 54.85
International Paper Common Stock (IP) 0.6 $1.4M 29k 49.70
Chevron Corp Common Stock (CVX) 0.6 $1.4M 17k 84.49
Weyerhaeuser Common Stock (WY) 0.5 $1.4M 40k 33.54
Att Common Stock (T) 0.5 $1.3M -16% 46k 28.77
Merck & Co Common Stock (MRK) 0.5 $1.3M 16k 81.81
Baxter International Common Stock (BAX) 0.5 $1.3M 16k 80.22
Intel Corp Common Stock (INTC) 0.5 $1.3M 25k 49.82
Pfizer Common Stock (PFE) 0.5 $1.2M 32k 36.81
Walmart Common Stock (WMT) 0.4 $1.1M 7.7k 144.11
Ibm Corp Common Stock (IBM) 0.4 $1.1M 8.6k 125.83
Dow Common Stock (DOW) 0.4 $1.0M 18k 55.52
Regions Financial Corp Common Stock (RF) 0.4 $942k 58k 16.12
Dupont De Nemours Common Stock (DD) 0.4 $889k 13k 71.09
Southern Company Common Stock (SO) 0.3 $872k 14k 61.45
CVS Common Stock (CVS) 0.3 $846k +6% 12k 68.26
Vulcan Materials Common Stock (VMC) 0.3 $841k 5.7k 148.35
Exxon Mobil Corp Common Stock (XOM) 0.3 $732k -2% 18k 41.23
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl Common Stock (BRK.A) 0.3 $696k 2.00 348000.00
Schwab Common Stock (SCHD) 0.3 $660k 10k 64.17
Conocophillips Common Stock (COP) 0.2 $630k 16k 39.99
Enterprise Product Partners Common Stock (EPD) 0.2 $591k 30k 19.60
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cl Common Stock (BRK.B) 0.2 $573k 2.5k 231.84
Otis Worldwide Corporation Common Stock (OTIS) 0.2 $440k +22% 6.5k 67.53
Altria Group Common Stock (MO) 0.2 $420k 10k 41.01
Carrier Global Corporation Common Stock (CARR) 0.2 $418k 11k 37.68
Eaton Foreign Stock (ETN) 0.1 $338k 2.8k 120.03
Truist Financial Corp Common Stock (TFC) 0.1 $329k 6.9k 47.95
Conagra Brands Common Stock (CAG) 0.1 $326k -2% 9.0k 36.31
Ppg Industries Common Stock (PPG) 0.1 $320k 2.2k 144.14
Yum! Brands Common Stock (YUM) 0.1 $294k 2.7k 110.00
Caterpillar Common Stock (CAT) 0.1 $291k 1.6k 181.88
Walgreens Boots Alliance Common Stock (WBA) 0.1 $291k -39% 7.3k 39.88
Pnc Financial Services Group Common Stock (PNC) 0.1 $283k 1.9k 148.95
Mcdonalds Corp Common Stock (MCD) 0.1 $277k 1.3k 214.56
General Electric Common Stock (GE) 0.1 $266k -3% 25k 10.77
Walt Disney Common Stock (DIS) 0.1 $258k NEW 1.4k 181.05
Linde Foreign Stock (LIN) 0.1 $232k 880.00 263.64
Zimmer Common Stock (ZBH) 0.1 $213k NEW 1.4k 153.52
Select Sector Spdr Common Stock (XLK) 0.1 $213k NEW 1.6k 130.28
Escrow Cusip Alpha Natural Res Common Stock 0.0 $35k 40k 0.88
Escrow Cusip Gen Motors Common Stock 0.0 $15k 20k 0.75
Provectus Common Stock (PVCT) 0.0 $6.0k 100k 0.06

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