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Portfolio Holdings for Kepos Capital

Companies in the Kepos Capital portfolio as of the March 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Landcadia Holdings IV Landcadia Holdings Iv Inc (LCAHU) 1.3 $20M NEW 2.0M 9.90
InterPrivate IV InfraTech Partners Interprivate Iv Infratech (IPVIU) 1.3 $20M NEW 2.0M 9.90
Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Pershing Square Tontine -a (PSTH) 1.2 $19M -4% 780k 24.01
InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp Interprivate Ii Acquisition (IPVA.U) 1.2 $19M NEW 1.9M 9.89
InterPrivate III Financial Partners Interprivate Iii Financial (IPVF.U) 1.1 $17M NEW 1.8M 9.86
Landcadia Holdings III Landcadia Holdings Iii Inc-a (LCY) 1.0 $16M NEW 1.5M 10.01
Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp II Kensington Capital Acquisiti (KCAC.U) 1.0 $15M NEW 1.5M 10.26
G Squared Ascend I G Squared Ascend I Inc (GSQD.U) 0.9 $14M NEW 1.4M 10.00
CF Finance Acquisition Corp III Cf Finance Acquisition Iii (CFACU) 0.8 $13M -19% 1.3M 10.39
Glenfarne Merger Corp Glenfarne Merger Corp (GGMCU) 0.8 $13M NEW 1.3M 9.92
Forest Road Acquisition Corp II Forest Road Acquisition Corp (FRXB.U) 0.8 $13M NEW 1.3M 9.96
B Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp B Riley Principal 150 Merger (BRPMU) 0.8 $12M NEW 1.2M 10.00
Artius Acquisition Artius Acquisition Inc-cl A 0.8 $12M +86% 1.2M 10.10
Golden Arrow Merger Corp Golden Arrow Merger Corp (GAMCU) 0.7 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.95

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Social Leverage Acquisition Corp I Social Leverage Acquisition (SLAC.U) 0.7 $11M NEW 1.2M 9.95
890 5th Avenue Partners 890 5th Avenue Partners Inc (ENFAU) 0.7 $11M NEW 1.2M 9.95
Omnichannel Acquisition Corp Omnichannel Acquisition Corp (OCA.U) 0.7 $11M -31% 1.1M 10.15
Class Acceleration Corp Class Acceleration Corp (CLAS.U) 0.7 $11M NEW 1.1M 9.90
Longview Acquisition Corp II Longview Acquisition Corp Ii (LGV.U) 0.7 $11M NEW 1.1M 10.04
Accelerate Acquisition Corp Accelerate Acquisition Corp (AAQC.U) 0.7 $11M NEW 1.1M 9.93
Thunder Bridge Capital Partners III Thunder Bridge Capital Partn (TBCPU) 0.6 $9.9M NEW 1.0M 9.89
Disruptive Acquisition Corp I Disruptive Acquisition Corp (DISAU) 0.6 $9.9M NEW 1.0M 9.88
Property Solutions Acquisition Corp II Property Solutions Acquisiti (PSAGU) 0.6 $9.8M NEW 1.0M 9.83
Moringa Acquisition Corp Moringa Acquisition Corp (MACAU) 0.6 $9.4M NEW 950k 9.93
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Msci Mexico Etf (EWW) 0.6 $9.4M +402% 215k 43.83
State Street ETF/USA Health Care Select Sector (XLV) 0.6 $9.2M +103% 79k 116.74
RMG Acquisition Corp III Rmg Acquisition Corp Iii (RMGCU) 0.6 $9.2M NEW 925k 9.95
Union Acquisition Corp II Union Acquisition Corp Ii (LATN) 0.6 $9.1M +160% 910k 10.05
Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp Golden Falcon Acquisition Co (GFX.U) 0.6 $9.0M 900k 10.05
Tribe Capital Growth Corp I Tribe Capital Growth Corp I (ATVCU) 0.6 $9.0M NEW 900k 10.05
26 Capital Acquisition Corp 26 Capital Acquisition Corp (ADERU) 0.6 $9.0M NEW 900k 10.04
Ares Acquisition Corp Ares Acquisition Corp (AAC.U) 0.6 $9.0M NEW 900k 10.00
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-B Warburg Pincus Capital Cor B (WPCB.U) 0.6 $9.0M NEW 900k 9.98
MDH Acquisition Corp Mdh Acquisition Corp (MDH.U) 0.6 $8.9M NEW 900k 9.94
Bright Lights Acquisition Corp Bright Lights Acquisition C (BLTSU) 0.6 $8.9M NEW 900k 9.89
State Street ETF/USA Consumer Staples Spdr (XLP) 0.6 $8.7M +15% 128k 68.31
Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp Live Oak Mobility Acquisitio (LOKM.U) 0.6 $8.7M NEW 869k 9.98
Group Nine Acquisition Corp Group Nine Acquisition Corp (GNACU) 0.6 $8.7M NEW 850k 10.19
Athlon Acquisition Corp Athlon Acquisition Corp (SWETU) 0.6 $8.6M NEW 870k 9.89
ScION Tech Growth I Scion Tech Growth I (SCOAU) 0.6 $8.5M -5% 850k 10.05
Tailwind Acquisition Corp Tailwind Acquisition Corp-a (TWND) 0.5 $8.1M +16250% 818k 9.92
Edify Acquisition Corp Edify Acquisition Corp (EACPU) 0.5 $8.1M NEW 815k 9.95
Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp Kadem Sustainable Impact Cor (KSICU) 0.5 $8.0M NEW 809k 9.88
Far Peak Acquisition Corp Far Peak Acquisition Corp (FPAC.U) 0.5 $7.8M -32% 775k 10.10
NewHold Investment Corp Newhold Investment Corp-a (NHIC) 0.5 $7.6M NEW 762k 10.01
Z-Work Acquisition Corp Z-work Acquisition Corp (ZWRKU) 0.5 $7.5M NEW 757k 9.96
Goal Acquisitions Corp Goal Acquisitions Corp (PUCKU) 0.5 $7.5M NEW 751k 10.01
Northern Star Investment Corp IV Northern Star Investment Cor (NSTD.U) 0.5 $7.5M NEW 757k 9.92
EJF Acquisition Corp Ejf Acquisition Corp (EJFAU) 0.5 $7.5M NEW 750k 9.95
Corner Growth Acquisition Corp Corner Growth Acquisition Co (COOLU) 0.5 $7.4M 734k 10.10
Executive Network Partnering Corp Executive Network Partner-a (ENPC) 0.5 $7.3M NEW 750k 9.72
Peridot Acquisition Corp II Peridot Acquisition Corp Ii (PDOT.U) 0.5 $7.2M NEW 728k 9.94
Tailwind Two Acquisition Corp Tailwind Two Acquisition Cor (TWNT.U) 0.5 $7.2M NEW 731k 9.88
Global Partner Acquisition Corp II Global Partner Acquisition C (GPACU) 0.5 $7.2M NEW 725k 9.90
Independence Holdings Corp Independence Holdings Corp (ACQRU) 0.5 $7.1M NEW 710k 10.00
DPCM Capital Dpcm Capital Inc (XPOA.U) 0.4 $7.0M -54% 679k 10.25
Gores Holdings V Gores Holdings V Inc (GRSVU) 0.4 $6.9M -24% 667k 10.29
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Mbs Etf (MBB) 0.4 $6.8M +22% 63k 108.42
Healthcare Services Acquisition Corp Healthcare Services Acquisit (HCARU) 0.4 $6.8M -15% 675k 10.02
Kismet Acquisition One Corp Kismet Acquisition One Corp (KSMT) 0.4 $6.7M NEW 673k 9.90
Empowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp Empowerment & Inclusion Capi (EPWR.U) 0.4 $6.6M NEW 668k 9.86
Horizon Acquisition Corp II Horizon Acquisition Corp Ii (HZON.U) 0.4 $6.6M -36% 600k 10.95
North Mountain Merger Corp North Mountain Merger Corp (NMMCU) 0.4 $6.5M -27% 617k 10.60
KINS Technology Group Kins Technology Group Inc (KINZU) 0.4 $6.5M -9% 645k 10.11
CF Acquisition Corp IV Cf Acquisition Corp Iv (CFIVU) 0.4 $6.5M -56% 650k 10.03
KKR & Co Kkr Acquisition Holdings I C (KAHC.U) 0.4 $6.5M NEW 650k 10.01
Tech and Energy Transition Corp Tech And Energy Transition (TETCU) 0.4 $6.5M NEW 650k 10.00
FAST Acquisition Corp II Fast Acquisition Corp Ii (FZT.U) 0.4 $6.5M NEW 650k 9.94
Northern Star Investment Corp III Northern Star Investment Iii (NSTC.U) 0.4 $6.4M NEW 640k 9.95
CF Acquisition Corp V Cf Acquisition Corp V (CFFVU) 0.4 $6.3M NEW 630k 9.98
Cartesian Growth Corp Cartesian Growth Corp (GLBLU) 0.4 $6.2M NEW 625k 9.95
Aurora Acquisition Corp Aurora Acquisition Corp (AURCU) 0.4 $6.2M NEW 600k 10.35
Tailwind International Acquisition Corp Tailwind International Acqui (TWNI.U) 0.4 $6.2M NEW 625k 9.89
Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp Seven Oaks Acquisition Corp (SVOKU) 0.4 $6.2M -32% 608k 10.17
Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp Ascendant Digital Acquisitio (ACND.U) 0.4 $6.1M -20% 591k 10.40
CME Group Cme Group Inc (CME) 0.4 $6.1M 30k 204.23
Clarim Acquisition Corp Clarim Acquisition Corp (CLRMU) 0.4 $6.1M NEW 611k 9.95
Reinvent Technology Partners Y Reinvent Technology Partners (RTPYU) 0.4 $6.1M NEW 605k 10.04
Gores Technology Partners II Gores Technology Partners Ii (GTPBU) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 605k 9.98
Austerlitz Acquisition Corp I Austerlitz Acquisition Corp (AUS.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 10.04
Austerlitz Acquisition Corp II Austerlitz Acquisition Corp (ASZ.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 10.03
Atlas Crest Investment Corp II Atlas Crest Investment Corp (ACII.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 10.01
Arctos NorthStar Acquisition Corp Arctos Northstar Acquisition (ANAC.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 9.99
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II Apollo Strategic Growth Capi (APGB.U) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 9.98
Haymaker Acquisition Corp III Haymaker Acquisition Corp (HYACU) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 9.94
Gores Guggenheim Gores Guggenheim Inc (GGPIU) 0.4 $6.0M NEW 600k 9.93
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV Fortress Value Acquisitin Iv (FVIV.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.90
Warrior Technologies Acquisition Warrior Technologies Acquisi (WARR.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.90
Digital Transformation Opportunities Corp Digital Transformation Oppor (DTOCU) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.89
Authentic Equity Acquisition Corp Authentic Equity Acquisition (AEACU) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.89
African Gold Acquisition Corp African Gold Acquisition Cor (AGAC.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.88
Build Acquisition Corp Build Acquisition Corp (BGSX.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.87
VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings III Vpc Impact Acquisition Holdi (VPCC.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.87
GigCapital4 Gigcapital4 Inc (GIGGU) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 599k 9.87
Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp Adit Edtech Acquisition Corp (ADEX.U) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.86
FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp Ftac Hera Acquisition Corp (HERAU) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 592k 9.99
Concord Acquisition Corp Concord Acquisition Corp (CND.U) 0.4 $5.9M -4% 575k 10.25
Zanite Acquisition Corp Zanite Acquisition Corp (ZNTEU) 0.4 $5.9M -47% 550k 10.65
Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corp Jaws Mustang Acquisition Cor (JWSM.U) 0.4 $5.8M NEW 575k 10.15
Northern Star Investment Corp II Northern Star Investment Cor (NSTB.U) 0.4 $5.8M NEW 570k 10.20
Bull Horn Holdings Corp Bull Horn Holdings Corp (BHSEU) 0.4 $5.7M -8% 550k 10.43
Fusion Acquisition Corp II Fusion Acquisition Corp Ii (FSNB.U) 0.4 $5.7M NEW 575k 9.93
Rosecliff Acquisition Corp I Rosecliff Acquisition Corp I (RCLFU) 0.4 $5.7M NEW 575k 9.92
Marlin Technology Corp Marlin Technology Corp (FINMU) 0.4 $5.7M NEW 577k 9.88
Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Babcock & Wilcox Enterpr (BW) 0.4 $5.7M NEW 600k 9.47
Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp Roman Dbdr Tech Acquisition (DBDRU) 0.4 $5.6M -7% 552k 10.20
Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp Isleworth Healthcare Acquisi (ISLE) 0.4 $5.6M NEW 575k 9.69
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III Decarbonization Plus Acquisi (DCRCU) 0.4 $5.6M NEW 559k 9.96
Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp Fortress Capital Acquisition (FCAX.U) 0.4 $5.5M NEW 551k 10.01
Colonnade Acquisition Corp II Colonnade Acquisition Corp I (CLAA.U) 0.4 $5.5M NEW 555k 9.85
Periphas Capital Partnering Corp Periphas Capital Partnering (PCPC.U) 0.4 $5.5M -19% 222k 24.55
CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II Cc Neuberger Principal Holdi (PRPB.U) 0.4 $5.5M -50% 535k 10.19
Thunder Bridge Acquisition II Thunder Bridge Acquisition-a 0.3 $5.4M -31% 520k 10.42
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II Fortress Value Acquisit-cl A 0.3 $5.4M NEW 540k 9.97
FTAC Parnassus Acquisition Corp Ftac Parnassus Acquisition C (FTPAU) 0.3 $5.4M NEW 542k 9.93
CA Healthcare Acquisition Corp Ca Healthcare Acquisition Co (CAHCU) 0.3 $5.3M NEW 540k 9.90
Natural Order Acquisition Corp Natural Order Acquisition Co (NOACU) 0.3 $5.3M -57% 500k 10.52
Flame Acquisition Corp Flame Acquisition Corp (FLME.U) 0.3 $5.2M NEW 525k 9.93
Tailwind Acquisition Corp Tailwind Acquisition Corp (TWND.U) 0.3 $5.2M -37% 500k 10.39
BowX Acquisition Corp Bowx Acquisition Corp (BOWXU) 0.3 $5.2M -25% 420k 12.37
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp II Fortress Value Acquisition C 0.3 $5.2M -27% 495k 10.49
Horizon Acquisition Corp Horizon Acquisition Corp (HZAC.U) 0.3 $5.2M -30% 505k 10.24
Sarissa Capital Acquisition Corp Sarissa Capital Acquisition (SRSAU) 0.3 $5.1M -37% 475k 10.83
Fintech Acquisition Corp V Fintech Acquisition Corp V (FTCVU) 0.3 $5.1M -5% 425k 11.95
Locust Walk Acquisition Corp Locust Walk Acquisition Corp (LWACU) 0.3 $5.1M NEW 505k 10.06
Pivotal Investment Corp III Pivotal Investment Corp Iii (PICC.U) 0.3 $5.1M NEW 507k 10.00
Live Oak Acquisition Corp II Live Oak Acquisition Corp Ii (LOKB.U) 0.3 $5.0M -25% 483k 10.46
Hudson Executive Investment Corp Hudson Executive Invest-cl A 0.3 $5.0M -29% 505k 9.92
Nocturne Acquisition Corp Nocturne Acquisition Corp (MBTCU) 0.3 $5.0M NEW 500k 10.00
GX Acquisition Corp II Gx Acquisition Corp Ii (GXIIU) 0.3 $5.0M NEW 500k 9.99
Executive Network Partnering Corp Executive Network Partnering (ENPC.U) 0.3 $5.0M -16% 500k 9.97
Velocity Acquisition Corp Velocity Acquisition Corp (VELOU) 0.3 $5.0M NEW 503k 9.86
TLG Acquisition One Corp Tlg Acquisition One Corp (TLGA.U) 0.3 $5.0M NEW 500k 9.92
Fintech Evolution Acquisition Group Fintech Evolution Acquisitio (FTEV.U) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 500k 9.87
EQ Health Acquisition Corp Eq Health Acquisition Corp (EQHA.U) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 498k 9.91
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp Virtuoso Acquisition Corp (VOSOU) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 500k 9.86
Newbury Street Acquisition Corp Newbury Street Acquisition C (NBSTU) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 495k 9.89
Ibere Pharmaceuticals Ibere Pharmaceuticals (IBER.U) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 495k 9.86
Monument Circle Acquisition Corp Monument Circle Acquisition (MONCU) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 494k 9.86
Forest Road Acquisition Corp Forest Road Acquisition-cl A 0.3 $4.9M NEW 480k 10.12
FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp Ftac Athena Acquisition Corp (FTAAU) 0.3 $4.9M NEW 485k 10.00
Constellation Acquisition Corp I Constellation Acquisition Co (CSTA.U) 0.3 $4.8M NEW 489k 9.89
TCW Special Purpose Acquisition Corp Tcw Special Purpose Acquisit (TSPQ.U) 0.3 $4.8M NEW 479k 9.95
GCM Grosvenor Gcm Grosvenor Inc - Class A (GCMG) 0.3 $4.8M -47% 400k 11.90
CC Neuberger Principal Holdings III Cc Neuberger Principal Holdi (PRPC.U) 0.3 $4.7M NEW 475k 9.99
CM Life Sciences II Cm Life Sciences Ii Inc (CMIIU) 0.3 $4.7M NEW 370k 12.80
Alkuri Global Acquisition Corp Alkuri Global Acquisition Co (KURIU) 0.3 $4.7M NEW 475k 9.88
Medicus Sciences Acquisition Corp Medicus Sciences Acquisition 0.3 $4.7M NEW 475k 9.85
CF Acquisition Corp VIII Cf Acquisition Corp Viii (CFFEU) 0.3 $4.6M NEW 465k 9.92
Conx Corp Conx Corp (CONXU) 0.3 $4.6M -21% 450k 10.25
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Iboxx Investment Gra (LQD) 0.3 $4.6M 35k 130.06
Starboard Value Acquisition Corp Starboard Value Acquisition (SVACU) 0.3 $4.6M -21% 450k 10.15
7GC & Co Holdings 7gc & Co Holdings Inc (VIIAU) 0.3 $4.6M -8% 448k 10.16
Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp Soaring Eagle Acquisition Co (SRNGU) 0.3 $4.6M NEW 450k 10.12
INSU Acquisition Corp III Insu Acquisition Corp Iii (IIIIU) 0.3 $4.5M 450k 10.10
Twelve Seas Investment Co II Twelve Seas Investment Co Ii (TWLVU) 0.3 $4.5M NEW 460k 9.85
Ajax I Ajax I-cl A (AJAX) 0.3 $4.5M NEW 440k 10.26
PropTech Investment Corp II Proptech Investment Corp Ii (PTICU) 0.3 $4.5M 450k 10.02
Senior Connect Acquisition Corp I Senior Connect Acquisition C (SNRHU) 0.3 $4.5M -9% 450k 10.01
CBRE Acquisition Holdings Cbre Acquisition Holdings In (CBAH.U) 0.3 $4.5M 450k 9.96
GS Acquisition Holdings Corp II Gs Acquisition Holdings-a (GSAH) 0.3 $4.5M -27% 429k 10.43
E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp E.merge Technology Acquisiti (ETACU) 0.3 $4.4M -31% 440k 10.10
Noble Rock Acquisition Corp Noble Rock Acquisition Corp (NRACU) 0.3 $4.3M NEW 440k 9.89
Vintage Capital Management Franchise Group Inc (FRG) 0.3 $4.3M -60% 120k 36.11
Queen's Gambit Growth Capital Queen's Gambit Growth Capita (GMBTU) 0.3 $4.3M NEW 428k 10.09
Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdi (HLAHU) 0.3 $4.3M NEW 433k 9.96
Investindustrial Acquisition Corp Investindustrial Acquisition (IIAC.U) 0.3 $4.3M -29% 425k 10.10
EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp II Edtechx Holdings Acquisition (EDTXU) 0.3 $4.3M -5% 425k 10.00
Powered Brands Powered Brands (POWRU) 0.3 $4.2M NEW 428k 9.92
VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings II Vpc Impact Acquisition Hold (VPCBU) 0.3 $4.2M NEW 430k 9.86
Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp Environmental Impact Acquisi (ENVIU) 0.3 $4.2M NEW 412k 10.10
Sports Ventures Acquisition Corp Sports Ventures Acquisition (AKICU) 0.3 $4.0M NEW 409k 9.88
Churchill Capital Corp VII Churchill Capital Corp Vii (CVII.U) 0.3 $4.0M NEW 405k 9.97
Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp Brookline Capital Acquisitio (BCACU) 0.3 $4.0M NEW 380k 10.61
Silver Spike Acquisition Corp II Silver Spike Acquisition Cor (SPKBU) 0.3 $4.0M NEW 402k 9.95
Churchill Capital Corp II Churchill Capital Corp Ii-a 0.3 $4.0M -61% 400k 10.00
LGL Systems Acquisition Corp Lgl Systems Acquisition-a (DFNS) 0.3 $4.0M +1500% 400k 9.94
Merida Merger Corp I Merida Merger Corp I (MCMJ) 0.3 $4.0M NEW 400k 9.88
Gores Holdings V Gores Holdings V Inc-class A (GRSV) 0.3 $3.9M NEW 390k 9.98
Avanti Acquisition Corp Avanti Acquisition Corp (AVAN.U) 0.3 $3.9M -31% 375k 10.35
Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp Montes Archimedes Acquisitio (MAACU) 0.2 $3.8M -31% 375k 10.20
Big Cypress Acquisition Corp Big Cypress Acquisition Corp (BCYPU) 0.2 $3.8M NEW 377k 10.15
FG New America Acquisition Corp Fg New America Acquisition-a (FGNA) 0.2 $3.8M NEW 375k 10.19
Hudson Executive Investment Corp III Hudson Executiv Inv Corp Iii (HIIIU) 0.2 $3.8M NEW 380k 9.92
Legato Merger Corp Legato Merger Corp (LEGOU) 0.2 $3.8M NEW 372k 10.13
Quantum Corp Quantum Corp (QMCO) 0.2 $3.7M NEW 450k 8.33
Sapphire Holding Sarl Willscot Mobile Mini Holding (WSC) 0.2 $3.7M -10% 135k 27.75
CM Life Sciences Cm Life Sciences Inc-class A (CMLF) 0.2 $3.7M NEW 250k 14.89
View View Inc (VIEW) 0.2 $3.7M NEW 500k 7.40
Ignyte Acquisition Corp Ignyte Acquisition Corp (IGNYU) 0.2 $3.7M NEW 368k 10.02
State Street ETF/USA Financial Select Sector Spdr (XLF) 0.2 $3.6M +97% 106k 34.05
Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corp Sustainable Opportunities-a (SOAC) 0.2 $3.6M -40% 361k 9.93
Growth Capital Acquisition Corp Growth Capital Acquisition C (GCACU) 0.2 $3.6M NEW 361k 9.90
Thayer Ventures Acquisition Corp Thayer Ventures Acquisition (TVACU) 0.2 $3.6M -17% 350k 10.18
PMV Consumer Acquisition Corp Pmv Consumer Acquisition Cor (PMVC.U) 0.2 $3.5M 350k 10.11
Tuscan Holdings Corp II Tuscan Holdings Corp Ii (THCA) 0.2 $3.5M 350k 10.09
Genesis Park Acquisition Corp Genesis Park Acquisition Cor (GNPK.U) 0.2 $3.5M -32% 305k 11.50
Intrusion Intrusion Inc (INTZ) 0.2 $3.5M -50% 150k 23.37
CHP Merger Corp Chp Merger Corp-class A (CHPM) 0.2 $3.5M 350k 9.91
Ascendant Digital Acquisition Corp Ascendant Digital Acquisit-a (ACND) 0.2 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.90
NextGen Acquisition Corp II Nextgen Acquisition Corp Ii (NGCAU) 0.2 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.90
Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp Burgundy Technology Acquisit (BTAQU) 0.2 $3.4M -46% 316k 10.89
Gores Holdings VII Gores Holdings Vii Inc (GSEVU) 0.2 $3.4M NEW 344k 9.96
Landsea Homes Corp Landsea Homes Corp (LSEA) 0.2 $3.4M NEW 355k 9.56
NightDragon Acquisition Corp Nightdragon Acquisition Corp (NDACU) 0.2 $3.3M NEW 327k 10.20
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III Fortress Value Acquisition (FVT.U) 0.2 $3.3M NEW 329k 10.02
Forest Road Acquisition Corp Forest Road Acquisition Corp 0.2 $3.3M -75% 300k 10.98
USHG Acquisition Corp Ushg Acquisition Corp (HUGS.U) 0.2 $3.3M NEW 325k 10.05
Gores Holdings VIII Gores Holdings Viii Inc (GIIXU) 0.2 $3.3M NEW 325k 10.00
Malacca Straits Acquisition Malacca Straits Acquisi-cl A (MLAC) 0.2 $3.2M NEW 325k 9.87
Gan Gan Ltd (GAN) 0.2 $3.2M -18% 175k 18.20
Good Works Acquisition Corp Good Works Acquisition Corp (GWAC) 0.2 $3.1M -4% 288k 10.83
Danimer Scientific Danimer Scientific Inc (DNMR) 0.2 $3.1M +157% 82k 37.75
Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp Jaws Spitfire Acquisition-a (SPFR) 0.2 $3.1M NEW 298k 10.25
TWC Tech Holdings II Corp Twc Tech Holdings Ii Corp (TWCTU) 0.2 $3.0M -48% 300k 10.11
D8 Holdings Corp D8 Holdings Corp-a (DEH) 0.2 $3.0M +7% 301k 9.94
HIG Acquisition Corp Hig Acquisition Corp-class A (HIGA) 0.2 $3.0M NEW 300k 9.94
Forum Merger IV Corp Forum Merger Iv Corp (FMIVU) 0.2 $3.0M NEW 300k 9.90
DFP Healthcare Acquisitions Corp Dfp Healthcare Acquisit-cl A (DFPH) 0.2 $3.0M -28% 298k 9.96
Bite Acquisition Corp Bite Acquisition Corp (BITE.U) 0.2 $3.0M NEW 300k 9.87
Usio Usio Inc (USIO) 0.2 $2.9M 457k 6.42
Qell Acquisition Corp Qell Acquisition Corp (QELLU) 0.2 $2.9M -47% 271k 10.75
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Iboxx High Yld Corp (HYG) 0.2 $2.9M -7% 33k 87.17
Jack Creek Investment Corp Jack Creek Investment Corp (JCICU) 0.2 $2.9M NEW 289k 9.91
ScION Tech Growth II Scion Tech Growth Ii (SCOBU) 0.2 $2.8M NEW 285k 9.96
VectoIQ Acquisition Corp II Vectoiq Acquisition Corp Ii (VTIQU) 0.2 $2.8M NEW 279k 10.13
Novus Capital Corp II Novus Capital Corp Ii (NXU.U) 0.2 $2.8M NEW 280k 10.00
Supernova Partners Acquisition Supernova Partners Acquisi-a (SPNV) 0.2 $2.8M NEW 276k 10.11
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-A Warburg Pincus Capital Corp (WPCA.U) 0.2 $2.8M NEW 277k 10.08
PTK Acquisition Corp Ptk Acquisition Corp (PTK.U) 0.2 $2.7M -35% 263k 10.36
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp II Decarbonization Plus Acquisi (DCRNU) 0.2 $2.7M NEW 269k 10.06
Gores Technology Partners Gores Technology Partners In (GTPAU) 0.2 $2.7M NEW 266k 10.01
ClearPoint Neuro Clearpoint Neuro Inc (CLPT) 0.2 $2.6M NEW 125k 21.14
Biotech Acquisition Biotech Acquisition Co (BIOTU) 0.2 $2.6M NEW 264k 9.89
Kernel Group Holdings Kernel Group Holdings Inc (KRNLU) 0.2 $2.6M NEW 260k 9.98
COVA Acquisition Corp Cova Acquisition Corp (COVAU) 0.2 $2.6M NEW 260k 9.95
Clene Clene Inc (CLNN) 0.2 $2.6M -24% 200k 12.78
Oaktree Acquisition Corp II Oaktree Acquisition Corp Ii (OACB.U) 0.2 $2.6M -46% 250k 10.20
GX Acquisition Corp Gx Acquisition Corp - Cl A (GXGX) 0.2 $2.5M 250k 10.08
Lead Edge Growth Opportunities Lead Edge Growth Opportuniti (LEGAU) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 250k 9.97
Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II Virgin Group Acquisition Cor (VGII.U) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 250k 9.93
Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Corp Jaws Spitfire Acquisition Co (SPFR.U) 0.2 $2.4M -4% 225k 10.65
Yellowstone Acquisition Yellowstone Acquisition Co (YSACU) 0.2 $2.4M -15% 232k 10.30
Spring Valley Acquisition Corp Spring Valley Acquisition (SVSVU) 0.2 $2.4M -82% 222k 10.75
Motive Capital Corp Motive Capital Corp (MOTV.U) 0.2 $2.4M -32% 238k 10.05
Climate Real Impact Solutions II Acquisition Corp Climate Real Impact Solution (CLIM.U) 0.2 $2.4M NEW 235k 10.00
North Atlantic Acquisition Corp North Atlantic Acquisition C (NAACU) 0.1 $2.3M NEW 230k 9.95
Motion Acquisition Corp Motion Acquisition Corp-cl A (MOTN) 0.1 $2.3M NEW 230k 9.85
Hudson Executive Investment Corp II Hudson Executive Investment (HCIIU) 0.1 $2.2M NEW 229k 9.81
ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp Ecp Environmental Growth Opp (ENNVU) 0.1 $2.2M NEW 222k 10.08
Foresight Acquisition Corp Foresight Acquisition Corp (FOREU) 0.1 $2.2M NEW 223k 9.91
Spartan Acquisition Corp III Spartan Acquisition Corp Iii (SPAQ.U) 0.1 $2.1M NEW 214k 10.03
Churchill Capital Corp V Churchill Capital Corp V (CCV.U) 0.1 $2.1M -31% 204k 10.20
Epiphany Technology Acquisition Corp Epiphany Technology Acquisit (EPHYU) 0.1 $2.1M NEW 208k 10.03
NewHold Investment Corp Newhold Investment Corp (NHICU) 0.1 $2.0M -25% 188k 10.88
Pine Technology Acquisition Corp Pine Technology Acquisition (PTOCU) 0.1 $2.0M NEW 203k 9.92
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp II Arclight Clean Transition Ii (ACTDU) 0.1 $2.0M NEW 200k 10.00
BGC Partners Bgc Partners Inc-cl A (BGCP) 0.1 $1.9M 400k 4.83
Roth Ch Acquisition III Roth Ch Acquisition Iii Co (ROCRU) 0.1 $1.9M NEW 192k 10.00
Pontem Corp Pontem Corp (PNTM.U) 0.1 $1.9M NEW 194k 9.90
Thoma Bravo Advantage Thoma Bravo Advantage-cl A 0.1 $1.8M NEW 170k 10.45
European Biotech Acquisition Corp European Biotech Acquisition (EBACU) 0.1 $1.8M NEW 175k 10.06
Waldencast Acquisition Corp Waldencast Acquisition Corp (WALDU) 0.1 $1.7M NEW 175k 9.99
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II Northern Genesis Acquisition (NGAB) 0.1 $1.7M NEW 169k 9.92
Smith Micro Software Smith Micro Software Inc (SMSI) 0.1 $1.7M NEW 300k 5.51
Conx Corp Conx Corp-class A Shares (CONX) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 150k 9.97
CF Acquisition Corp VI Cf Acquisition Corp Vi (CFVIU) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 150k 9.92
Supernova Partners Acquisition Co II Supernova Partners Acquisiti (SNII.U) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 145k 10.04
Nebula Caravel Acquisition Corp Nebula Caravel Acquisition (NEBCU) 0.1 $1.4M -45% 137k 10.18
ITHAX Acquisition Corp Ithax Acquisition Corp (ITHXU) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 135k 10.02
Gores Metropoulos II Gores Metropoulos Ii Inc (GMIIU) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 134k 10.10
Landcadia Holdings III Landcadia Holdings Iii Inc (LCYAU) 0.1 $1.3M 125k 10.50
Highcape Capital Acquisition Corp Highcape Capital Acquisition 0.1 $1.3M -67% 100k 12.92
OneSpaWorld Holdings Onespaworld Holdings Ltd (OSW) 0.1 $1.3M +300% 120k 10.65
Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp Rodgers Silicon Valley Acqui (RSVAU) 0.1 $1.3M -90% 84k 14.86
TZP Strategies Acquisition Corp Tzp Strategies Acquisition (TZPSU) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 122k 9.96
Multiplan Corp Multiplan Corp (MPLN) 0.1 $1.1M 200k 5.55
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV Social Capital Hedosoph- A (IPOD) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 100k 10.96
Clene Clene Inc -cw25 (CLNNW) 0.1 $1.1M +170% 887k 1.19
Sandbridge Acquisition Corp Sandbridge Acquisition Corp (SBG.U) 0.1 $1.0M -71% 100k 10.35
Empower Empower Ltd (EMPW.U) 0.1 $1.0M 100k 10.35
Edoc Acquisition Corp Doc Acquisition Corp-rights (ADOCR) 0.1 $1.0M 2.6M 0.39
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp III Northern Genesis Acquisition (NGC.U) 0.1 $998k NEW 100k 9.98
AF Acquisition Corp Af Acquisition Corp (AFAQU) 0.1 $987k NEW 100k 9.87
Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp III Dragoneer Growth Opp Iii-a (DGNU) 0.1 $895k NEW 89k 10.11
Creatd Creatd Inc (CRTD) 0.1 $860k 200k 4.30
Fast Acquisition Corp Fast Acquisition Corp (FST.U) 0.1 $840k -92% 60k 14.07
GigCapital2 Gigcapital2 Inc - Rights 0.1 $839k 2.5M 0.33
DD3 Acquisition Corp II Dd3 Acquisition Corp Ii (DDMXU) 0.1 $824k -65% 80k 10.26
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp II Northern Genesis Acquisition (NGAB.U) 0.1 $821k NEW 80k 10.24
Arko Corp Arko Corp -cw25 (ARKOW) 0.1 $820k 400k 2.05
Salarius Pharmaceuticals Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc (SLRX) 0.1 $811k +338% 548k 1.48
EOG Resources Eog Resources Inc (EOG) 0.1 $790k 11k 72.52
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital Apollo Strategic Growth Capi (APSG.U) 0.0 $773k -42% 75k 10.31
Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp Ventoux Ccm Acq -cw25 (VTAQW) 0.0 $770k NEW 1.8M 0.44
Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp Foley Trasimene Acq-class A 0.0 $755k -86% 75k 10.05
Poema Global Holdings Corp Poema Global Holdings Corp (PPGHU) 0.0 $740k NEW 74k 10.02
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp Atlantic Coastal Acquisition (ACAHU) 0.0 $733k NEW 74k 9.85
Union Acquisition Corp II Union Acquisition Cor -cw25 (LATNW) 0.0 $680k -42% 1.0M 0.68
Kingswood Acquisition Corp Kingswood Acquisition Corp (KWAC.U) 0.0 $670k -80% 65k 10.30
JP Morgan ETNs/USA Jpmorgan Alerian Mlp Index (AMJ) 0.0 $602k +7% 36k 16.60
American Eagle Outfitters American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) 0.0 $585k NEW 20k 29.25
Pine Island Acquisition Corp Pine Island Acquisition Corp (PIPP.U) 0.0 $543k -91% 53k 10.31
Edoc Acquisition Corp Edoc Acquisition Cl A -cw27 (ADOCW) 0.0 $509k 1.5M 0.35
Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp Revolution Acceleration Ac-a (RAAC) 0.0 $507k NEW 50k 10.14
Burgundy Technology Acquisition Corp Burgundy Technology Acquis-a (BTAQ) 0.0 $495k +100% 50k 9.90
Roth Ch Acquisition III Roth Ch Acquisition Iii Co (ROCR) 0.0 $495k NEW 50k 9.90
CHF Solutions Chf Solutions Inc 0.0 $495k +2163% 84k 5.91
Viveon Health Acquisition Corp Viveon Health Acq -cw27 (VHAQ.WS) 0.0 $478k NEW 1.3M 0.38
Leman Cardiovascular Hancock Jaffe Laboratories I (HJLI) 0.0 $476k NEW 71k 6.66
Mason Industrial Technology Mason Industrial Technology (MIT.U) 0.0 $469k NEW 47k 9.94
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Hannon Armstrong Sustainable (HASI) 0.0 $459k 8.2k 56.11
Invesco ETFs/USA Invesco Emerging Markets Sov (PCY) 0.0 $458k +26% 17k 26.78
Helius Medical Technologies Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT) 0.0 $455k NEW 25k 17.98
CHP Merger Corp Chp Merger Corp -cw24 (CHPMW) 0.0 $450k -4% 563k 0.80
Fusion Acquisition Corp Fusion Acquisition Corp-a (FUSE) 0.0 $448k -25% 45k 9.96
Occidental Petroleum Corp Occidental Petroleum Corp (OXY) 0.0 $437k 16k 26.63
Galileo Acquisition Corp Galileo Acquisition Corp (GLEO.WS) 0.0 $404k -6% 735k 0.55
Windtree Therapeutics Windtree Therapeutics Inc (WINT) 0.0 $404k +83% 165k 2.45
Creatd Jerrick Media Holdings -cw25 (CRTDW) 0.0 $392k 200k 1.96
American Water Works American Water Works Co Inc (AWK) 0.0 $386k 2.6k 149.90
Multiplan Corp Multiplan Corp-cw25 (MPLN.WS) 0.0 $385k 400k 0.96
Vulcan Materials Vulcan Materials Co (VMC) 0.0 $378k 2.2k 168.90
Fortistar Sustainable Solutions Corp Fortistar Sustainable Soluti (FSSIU) 0.0 $367k NEW 37k 9.92
Spring Valley Acquisition Corp Spring Valley Acquis-class A (SV) 0.0 $364k NEW 36k 10.10
CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp Citic Capital Acquisition-a (CCAC) 0.0 $363k NEW 36k 10.00
Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II Carney Technology Acquisitio (CTAQU) 0.0 $357k -91% 35k 10.07
ESM Acquisition Corp Esm Acquisition Corp (ESM.U) 0.0 $357k NEW 36k 9.94
Natural Order Acquisition Corp Natural Order Acquisition Co (NOAC) 0.0 $355k NEW 36k 9.78
Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp Ventoux Ccm Acquisition-rgt (VTAQR) 0.0 $352k NEW 1.8M 0.20
Churchill Capital Corp VI Churchill Capital Corp Vi (CCVI.U) 0.0 $352k NEW 35k 10.06
Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp Cohn Robbins Holdings-cl A (CRHC) 0.0 $347k NEW 35k 9.84
Peridot Acquisition Corp Peridot Acquisition Corp -a (PDAC) 0.0 $345k 32k 10.65
Better World Acquisition Corp Better World Acquisition Cor (BWACU) 0.0 $340k 31k 10.83
European Sustainable Growth Acquisition Corp European Sustainable Growth (EUSGU) 0.0 $338k NEW 34k 9.97
Merida Merger Corp I Merida Merger Corp I -cw26 (MCMJW) 0.0 $327k -24% 282k 1.16
Artelo Biosciences Artelo Biosciences Inc (ARTL) 0.0 $326k -20% 200k 1.63
Covanta Holding Corp Covanta Holding Corp (CVA) 0.0 $324k 23k 13.84
ION Acquisition Corp 2 Ion Acquisition Corp 2 Ltd (IACB.U) 0.0 $320k NEW 32k 10.16
Star Peak Corp II Star Peak Corp Ii (STPC.U) 0.0 $319k NEW 31k 10.46
Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp Bluescape Opportunities Acq (BOAC.U) 0.0 $316k -93% 30k 10.68
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp Aea-bridges Impact Corp (IMPX.U) 0.0 $313k -76% 31k 10.26
Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp Breeze Holdings Acq- Rights (BREZR) 0.0 $313k 1.2M 0.27
Rice Acquisition Corp Rice Acquisition Corp (RICE.U) 0.0 $311k -92% 29k 10.84
ACON S2 Acquisition Corp Acon S2 Acquisition Corp (STWOU) 0.0 $309k -76% 31k 9.94
Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition (IVAN.U) 0.0 $304k NEW 29k 10.39
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV Social Capital Hedosophia Ho (IPOD.U) 0.0 $299k -87% 26k 11.55
Xylem Xylem Inc (XYL) 0.0 $290k 2.8k 105.34
NextGen Acquisition Corp Nextgen Acquisition Corp-cla (NGAC) 0.0 $289k NEW 29k 9.92
Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies Inc (A) 0.0 $283k 2.2k 127.02
Spartan Acquisition Corp II Spartan Acquisition Corp Ii (SPRQ.U) 0.0 $272k -97% 24k 11.38
Ecolab Ecolab Inc (ECL) 0.0 $269k 1.3k 214.00
Viveon Health Acquisition Corp Viveon Health Acquisit-rts (VHAQ.R) 0.0 $261k NEW 1.4M 0.18
Roper Technologies Roper Technologies Inc (ROP) 0.0 $260k 645.00 403.10
Trimble Trimble Inc (TRMB) 0.0 $254k 3.3k 77.94
Galileo Acquisition Corp Galileo Acquisition Corp (GLEO) 0.0 $252k 25k 9.99
Tesla Tesla Inc (TSLA) 0.0 $250k 375.00 666.67
Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp Power & Digital Infrastructu (XPDIU) 0.0 $249k NEW 25k 10.04
Tortoise Acquisition Corp II Tortoise Acquisition Corp Ii (SNPR.U) 0.0 $242k -96% 21k 11.80
FirstEnergy Corp Firstenergy Corp (FE) 0.0 $240k 6.9k 34.68
Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corp Climate Change Crisis Real 0.0 $235k -83% 15k 15.67
Ballard Power Systems Ballard Power Systems Inc (BLDP) 0.0 $227k 9.1k 24.92
Fluidigm Corp Fluidigm Corp (FLDM) 0.0 $226k 50k 4.52
Johnson Controls International Johnson Controls Internation (JCI) 0.0 $224k 3.8k 59.67
Evaxion Biotech A/S Evaxion Biotech A/s (EVAX) 0.0 $219k NEW 37k 5.90
Sempra Energy Sempra Energy (SRE) 0.0 $214k 1.6k 132.84
Fintech Acquisition Corp V Fintech Acquisition Corp V-a (FTCV) 0.0 $213k NEW 19k 11.22
IDEX Corp Idex Corp (IEX) 0.0 $207k 991.00 208.88
Exelon Corp Exelon Corp (EXC) 0.0 $205k 4.7k 43.65
DIRTT Environmental Solutions Dirtt Environmental Solution (DRTT) 0.0 $204k 65k 3.14
Sustainable Development Acquisition I Corp Sustainable Development Acqu (SDACU) 0.0 $197k NEW 20k 9.95
Pinnacle West Capital Corp Pinnacle West Capital (PNW) 0.0 $195k 2.4k 81.22
Good Works Acquisition Corp Good Works Acquisitio -cw25 (GWACW) 0.0 $194k -34% 100k 1.94
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp Decarbonization Plus Acquisi (DCRBU) 0.0 $193k -94% 18k 10.60
Valmont Industries Valmont Industries (VMI) 0.0 $193k 810.00 238.27
Entergy Corp Entergy Corp (ETR) 0.0 $191k 1.9k 99.63
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp Arclight Clean Transition Co 0.0 $187k -97% 9.4k 19.89
Tuscan Holdings Corp Tuscan Holdings Corp (THCB) 0.0 $184k -35% 15k 12.28
Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) 0.0 $183k 2.7k 66.69
B Riley Financial Eos Energy Enterprises Inc (EOSE) 0.0 $182k -48% 9.2k 19.70
RGC Resources Rgc Resources Inc (RGCO) 0.0 $160k 7.2k 22.16
Albemarle Corp Albemarle Corp (ALB) 0.0 $160k 1.1k 146.52
Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec Azure Power Global Ltd (AZRE) 0.0 $159k 5.9k 27.11
Lindsay Corp Lindsay Corp (LNN) 0.0 $159k 956.00 166.32
Executive Network Partnering Corp Executive Network Part -cw28 (ENPC.WS) 0.0 $158k NEW 188k 0.84
Alberton Acquisition Corp Alberton Acquisition Corp (ALAC) 0.0 $141k NEW 13k 10.90
Verb Technology Verb Technology Co Inc (VERB) 0.0 $140k -64% 100k 1.40
Churchill Capital Corp IV Churchill Capital Corp Iv-a (CCIV) 0.0 $138k NEW 6.0k 23.12
Isleworth Healthcare Acquisition Corp Isleworth Healthcare -cw27 (ISLEW) 0.0 $134k NEW 288k 0.47
Sunnova Energy International Sunnova Energy International (NOVA) 0.0 $133k 3.3k 40.72
Star Peak Energy Transition Corp Star Peak Energy Transition 0.0 $128k -72% 3.9k 32.82
Ormat Technologies Ormat Technologies Inc (ORA) 0.0 $126k 1.6k 78.70
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Atlantica Sustainable Infras (AY) 0.0 $125k 3.4k 36.76
Brookfield Renewable Partners Brookfield Renewable Cor-a (BEPC) 0.0 $124k 2.7k 46.69
Middlesex Water Middlesex Water Co (MSEX) 0.0 $122k 1.5k 79.17
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp Tpg Pace Beneficial Finance (TPGY.U) 0.0 $112k -90% 5.3k 21.13
Evergy Evergy Inc (EVRG) 0.0 $112k 1.9k 59.57
Ouster Ouster Inc (OUST) 0.0 $111k NEW 13k 8.53
Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp Benessere Capital Acqui-rgt (BENER) 0.0 $107k NEW 327k 0.33
Livent Corp Livent Corp (LTHM) 0.0 $107k 6.2k 17.31
Renewable Energy Group Renewable Energy Group Inc (REGI) 0.0 $90k 1.4k 66.27
Fortis Inc/Canada Fortis Inc (FTS) 0.0 $88k 2.0k 44.33
Dune Acquisition Corp Dune Acquisition Corp (DUNEU) 0.0 $81k -98% 8.0k 10.08
Exxon Mobil Corp Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) 0.0 $76k 1.4k 55.76
LGL Systems Acquisition Corp Lgl Systems Acquisiti -cw26 (DFNS.WS) 0.0 $71k -25% 56k 1.26
Chevron Corp Chevron Corp (CVX) 0.0 $69k 655.00 105.34
Kubient Kubient Inc (KBNT) 0.0 $63k -31% 8.6k 7.32
Nikola Corp Nikola Corp (NKLA) 0.0 $53k 3.8k 14.00
Horizon Acquisition Corp Horizon Acquisition Cor-cl A (HZAC) 0.0 $44k NEW 4.4k 9.92
Artius Acquisition Artius Acquisition Inc -cw26 0.0 $39k 23k 1.70
Kubient Kubient Inc-cw25 (KBNTW) 0.0 $38k 13k 3.04
QuantumScape Corp Quantumscape Corp (QS) 0.0 $38k NEW 841.00 45.18
Broadmark Realty Capital Broadmark Realty Capit-cw24 (BRMK.WS) 0.0 $38k -95% 166k 0.23