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Portfolio Holdings for Kepos Capital

Companies in the Kepos Capital portfolio as of the March 2022 quarterly 13F filing

Kepos Capital has 623 total positions. Only the first 250 positions are shown.

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Activision Blizzard Activision Blizzard Inc (ATVI) 5.3 $70M NEW 878k 80.11
At&t At&t Inc (T) 1.6 $22M +1750% 925k 23.63
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Expanded Tech-softwa (IGV) 1.6 $21M NEW 61k 344.94
Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Pershing Square Tontine -a (PSTH) 1.3 $17M NEW 875k 19.89
NewHold Investment Corp II Newhold Investment Corp Ii (NHICU) 1.3 $17M NEW 1.7M 9.95
G Squared Ascend I G Squared Ascend I Inc-cl A (GSQD) 1.2 $17M 1.7M 9.85
Argus Capital Corp Argus Capital Corp-cl A (ARGU) 1.1 $15M NEW 1.5M 9.98
Avanti Acquisition Corp Avanti Acquisition Corp-a (AVAN) 1.1 $15M +252% 1.5M 9.86
Iron Spark I Iron Spark I Inc-a (ISAA) 1.1 $15M 1.5M 10.02
TKB Critical Technologies 1 Tkb Critical Technologies -a (USCT) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 10.00
Williams Rowland Acquisition Corp Williams Rowland Acquisition (WRAC) 1.0 $14M +180% 1.4M 9.97
Concord Acquisition Corp Concord Acquisition Corp -a (CND) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.95
DP Cap Acquisition Corp I Dp Cap Acquisition Corp-cl A (DPCS) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.95
CIIG Capital Partners II Ciig Capital Partners Ii-a (CIIG) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.92

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Horizon Acquisition Corp II Horizon Acquis Corp Ii -cl A (HZON) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.91
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp III Fortress Value Acquisition-a (FVT) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.85
Constellation Acquisition Corp I Constellation Acquisition-a (CSTA) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.81
Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp I Lazard Growth Acquisition Co (LGAC) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.80
Churchill Capital Corp VII Churchill Capital Corp Vii-a (CVII) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.79
Independence Holdings Corp Independence Hds Corp-cl A (ACQR) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.79
Peridot Acquisition Corp II Peridot Acquisition Corp-a (PDOT) 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.78
Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp Screaming Eagle Acq -class A 1.0 $14M NEW 1.4M 9.73
CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II Cc Neuberger Principal Ii-a (PRPB) 1.0 $13M +882% 1.4M 9.92
VectoIQ Acquisition Corp II Vectoiq Acquisition Co-cl A (VTIQ) 1.0 $13M +207% 1.4M 9.83
Fortress Capital Acquisition Corp Fortress Capital Acquisiti-a (FCAX) 1.0 $13M NEW 1.3M 9.88
RedBall Acquisition Corp Redball Acquisition Corp - A (RBAC) 0.9 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.93
Thunder Bridge Capital Partners III Thunder Bridge Capital Par-a (TBCP) 0.9 $12M +21% 1.2M 9.82
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp Aea-bridges Impact Corp-cl A (IMPX) 0.9 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.90
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp Tpg Pace Beneficial Fin-cl A (TPGY) 0.9 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.93
Ares Acquisition Corp Ares Acquisition Corp-a (AAC) 0.9 $12M NEW 1.2M 9.81
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp I Social Capital Suvretta Ho-a (DNAA) 0.8 $11M 1.1M 9.89
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp III Social Capital Suvretta Ho-a (DNAC) 0.8 $11M 1.1M 9.88
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp II Social Capital Suvretta Ho-a (DNAB) 0.8 $11M 1.1M 9.75
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings Corp IV Social Capital Suvretta Ho-a (DNAD) 0.8 $11M 1.1M 9.74
CC Neuberger Principal Holdings III Cc Neuberger Principal Iii-a (PRPC) 0.8 $10M +2214% 1.0M 9.86
Gores Holdings VIII Gores Holdings Viii Inc-cl A (GIIX) 0.7 $10M NEW 1.0M 9.95
DPCM Capital Dpcm Capital Inc - Class A (XPOA) 0.7 $9.9M +122% 1.0M 9.89
Lionheart Acquisition Corp II Lionheart Acquisition Corp-a (LCAP) 0.7 $9.2M -60% 900k 10.26
MDH Acquisition Corp Mdh Acquisition Corp -cl A (MDH) 0.7 $8.8M 900k 9.77
Churchill Capital Corp VI Churchill Capital Corp Vi-a (CCVI) 0.6 $8.6M NEW 875k 9.82
USHG Acquisition Corp Ushg Acquisition Corp-a (HUGS) 0.6 $8.6M +466% 850k 10.11
dMY Technology Group Inc VI Dmy Technology Group Inc Vi (DMYS) 0.6 $8.1M NEW 816k 9.87
Primavera Capital Acquisition Corp Primavera Capital Acquisit-a (PV) 0.6 $8.0M NEW 816k 9.83
Z-Work Acquisition Corp Z-work Acquisition Corp-a (ZWRK) 0.6 $7.4M 757k 9.79
CME Group Cme Group Inc (CME) 0.5 $7.1M 30k 237.87
C5 Acquisition Corp C5 Acquisition Corp 0.5 $7.1M NEW 700k 10.10
Fast Acquisition Corp Fast Acquisition Corp-cl A (FST) 0.5 $7.1M NEW 700k 10.08
PowerUp Acquisition Corp Powerup Acquisition Corp 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 10.06
Sound Point Acquisition Corp I Sound Point Acquisition Corp 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 10.06
Southport Acquisition Corp Southport Acquisition Corp (PORT.U) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 10.03
ST Energy Transition I St Energy Transition I Ltd (STET.U) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 10.03
Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp IV Kensington Capital Acquisiti 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 10.01
FTAC Emerald Acquisition Corp Ftac Emerald Acquisition Cor (EMLDU) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.99
Onyx Acquisition Co I Onyx Acquisition Co I-cl A (ONYX) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.98
Target Global Acquisition I Corp Target Global Acquisition I (TGAAU) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.97
AltEnergy Acquisition Corp Altenergy Acquisition Corp-a (AEAE) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.95
Trine II Acquisition Corp Trine Ii Acquisition Corp -a (TRAQ) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.95
Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp IV Decarbonization Plus Acqui-a (DCRD) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.94
Concord Acquisition Corp III Concord Acquisition Corp -a (CNDB) 0.5 $7.0M NEW 700k 9.94
Seaport Calibre Materials Acquisition Corp Seaport Calibre Materials Ac (SCMA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.93
Legato Merger Corp II Legato Merger Corp Ii (LGTO) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.92
Liberty Media Acquisition Corp Liberty Media Acquisition -a (LMACA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.91
Seaport Global Acquisition II Corp Seaport Global Acquisition-a (SGII) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.91
Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp Beard Energy Transition Ac-a 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.91
Pegasus Digital Mobility Acquisition Corp Pegasus Digital Mobility A-a (PGSS) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.88
KKR & Co Kkr Acquisition Holdings I-a (KAHC) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.83
Landcadia Holdings IV Landcadia Holdings Iv Inc-a (LCA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.82
OPY Acquisition Corp I Opy Acquisition Corp I - A (OHAA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.81
RMG Acquisition Corp III Rmg Acquisition Corp Iii -a (RMGC) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.80
Apollo Strategic Growth Capital II Apollo Strategic Growth-cl A (APGB) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.80
Fortress Value Acquisition Corp IV Fortress Value Acquis Iv-a (FVIV) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.80
MSD Acquisition Corp Msd Acquisition Corp-a (MSDA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.80
CF Acquisition Corp VII Cf Acquisition Corp Vii (CFFSU) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 681k 10.07
Climate Real Impact Solutions II Acquisition Corp Climate Real Impact Soluti-a (CLIM) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.79
Social Leverage Acquisition Corp I Social Leverage Acquisitio-a (SLAC) 0.5 $6.9M +64% 700k 9.79
Gores Holdings VII Gores Holdings Vii Inc-a (GSEV) 0.5 $6.9M -30% 700k 9.79
Rocket Internet Growth Opportunities Corp Rocket Internet Growth Opp-a (RKTA) 0.5 $6.9M NEW 700k 9.79
Austerlitz Acquisition Corp II Austerlitz Acquisition Cor-a (ASZ) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.78
Gores Technology Partners II Gores Technology Prtnr Ii-a (GTPB) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.78
Post Holdings Post Holdings Partnering -a (PSPC) 0.5 $6.8M +55% 700k 9.78
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-B Warburg Pincus Capital I-b (WPCB) 0.5 $6.8M +74% 697k 9.82
Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp Jaws Hurricane Acquisition-a (HCNE) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.77
Accelerate Acquisition Corp Accelerate Acquisition Cor-a (AAQC) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.76
AltC Acquisition Corp Altc Acquisition Corp-cl A (ALCC) 0.5 $6.8M +49% 700k 9.76
TCW Special Purpose Acquisition Corp Tcw Special Purpose Acq-cl A (TSPQ) 0.5 $6.8M +33% 700k 9.75
Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp Live Oak Crestview Climate-a (LOCC) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.70
Concord Acquisition Corp II Concord Acquisition Corp -a (CNDA) 0.5 $6.8M NEW 700k 9.68
Waldencast Acquisition Corp Waldencast Acquisition Cor-a (WALD) 0.5 $6.7M NEW 675k 9.91
BOA Acquisition Corp Boa Acquisition Corp-a (BOAS) 0.5 $6.7M NEW 675k 9.90
Broadscale Acquisition Corp Broadscale Acquisition -cl A (SCLE) 0.5 $6.6M NEW 675k 9.84
Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV Thunder Bridge Capital Par-a (THCP) 0.5 $6.4M -49% 650k 9.88
Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp Cohn Robbins Holdings-cl A (CRHC) 0.5 $6.3M +1701% 635k 9.94
Juniper II Corp Juniper Ii Corp -class A (JUN) 0.5 $6.3M NEW 631k 9.95
Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corp Jaws Mustang Acquisition C-a (JWSM) 0.5 $6.2M NEW 632k 9.81
Adit EdTech Acquisition Corp Adit Edtech Acquisition (ADEX) 0.5 $6.2M NEW 625k 9.88
North Mountain Merger Corp North Mountain Merger Corp-a (NMMC) 0.5 $6.1M NEW 617k 9.89
Zendesk Zendesk Inc (ZEN) 0.5 $6.0M NEW 50k 120.30
Bright Lights Acquisition Corp Bright Lights Acquisiti-cl A (BLTS) 0.4 $5.9M NEW 600k 9.87
Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp III Dragoneer Growth Opp Iii-a (DGNU) 0.4 $5.8M +12% 592k 9.80
KINS Technology Group Kins Technology Group Inc-a (KINZ) 0.4 $5.7M -11% 570k 10.06
Churchill Capital Corp V Churchill Capital Corp V-a (CCV) 0.4 $5.7M +35% 577k 9.83
Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp Live Oak Mobility Acquisit-a (LOKM) 0.4 $5.4M NEW 547k 9.81
Elliott Opportunity II Corp Elliott Opportunity Ii Cor-a (EOCW) 0.4 $5.4M NEW 548k 9.78
Gores Holdings IX Gores Holding Ix Inc 0.4 $5.3M NEW 521k 10.09
Far Peak Acquisition Corp Far Peak Acquisition Corp-a (FPAC) 0.4 $5.2M 525k 9.94
EJF Acquisition Corp Ejf Acquisition Corp-a (EJFA) 0.4 $5.2M 525k 9.89
InterPrivate III Financial Partners Interprivate Iii Financial-a (IPVF) 0.4 $5.2M 525k 9.88
Austerlitz Acquisition Corp I Austerlitz Acquisition Cor-a (AUS) 0.4 $5.2M 525k 9.82
InterPrivate II Acquisition Corp Interprivate Ii Acqu-class A (IPVA) 0.4 $5.1M NEW 525k 9.77
Longview Acquisition Corp II Longview Acquisition Corp -a (LGV) 0.4 $5.1M 525k 9.76
Graf Acquisition Corp IV Graf Acquisition Corp Iv (GFOR) 0.4 $5.1M NEW 525k 9.70
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV Social Capital Hedosoph- A (IPOD) 0.4 $5.0M NEW 500k 9.99
Warburg Pincus Capital Corp I-A Warburg Pincus Capital Cor-a (WPCA) 0.4 $5.0M +82% 506k 9.83
Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp Blue Safari Group Acquisit-a (BSGA) 0.4 $4.9M NEW 485k 10.06
Orion Biotech Opportunities Corp Orion Biotech Opportuniti-a (ORIA) 0.4 $4.9M NEW 500k 9.74
10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp II 10x Capital Venture Acquis-a (VCXA) 0.4 $4.8M NEW 490k 9.83
TortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp III Tortoiseecofin Acquisition-a (TRTL) 0.3 $4.5M +367% 468k 9.72
Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp I Blockchain Coinvestors Acqui (BCSAU) 0.3 $4.5M NEW 441k 10.14
Corner Growth Acquisition Corp 2 Corner Growth Acquisition -a (TRON) 0.3 $4.2M 420k 9.95
Highland Transcend Partners I Corp Highland Transcend Part-cl A (HTPA) 0.3 $4.2M 425k 9.83
Fintech Evolution Acquisition Group Fintech Evolution Acquisit-a (FTEV) 0.3 $4.2M NEW 425k 9.80
Gores Guggenheim Gores Guggenheim Inc -cl A (GGPI) 0.3 $4.2M -63% 365k 11.37
Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition II Corp Power & Digital Infrastructu (XPDBU) 0.3 $4.1M NEW 409k 10.03
Satellogic Satellogic Inc-a 0.3 $4.0M NEW 489k 8.26
Software Acquisition Group Inc III Software Acquisition Group-a (SWAG) 0.3 $4.0M 400k 9.97
Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp Blockchain Moon Acquisition (BMAQ) 0.3 $3.9M NEW 396k 9.87
Soar Technology Acquisition Corp Soar Technology Acquisitio-a (FLYA) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.13
Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI Social Capital Hedosoph Vi-a (IPOF) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.10
Counter Press Acquisition Corp Counter Press Acquisition Co 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.08
10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp III 10x Capital Venture Acquisit 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.07
FG Merger Corp Fg Merger Corp 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.05
Iconic Sports Acquisition Corp Iconic Sports Acq Corp-a (ICNC) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 10.00
Chain Bridge I Chain Bridge I-a (CBRG) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.94
RCF Acquisition Corp Rcf Acquisition Corp-a (RCFA) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.94
Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp V Kensington Capital Acq-a (KCGI) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.93
Rigel Resource Acquisition Corp Rigel Resource Acquisit-cl A (RRAC) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.93
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp II Arclight Clean Transition -a (ACTD) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.92
DocGo Docgo Inc (DCGO) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 375k 9.25
SportsMap Tech Acquisition Corp Sportsmap Tech Acquisition C (SMAP) 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.89
Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp Crypto 1 Acquisition Cor-cla 0.3 $3.5M NEW 350k 9.89
Rice Acquisition Corp II Rice Acquisition Corp Ii -a (RONI) 0.3 $3.5M -28% 350k 9.86
Atlas Crest Investment Corp II Atlas Crest Investment Cor-a (ACII) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 350k 9.82
Tribe Capital Growth Corp I Tribe Capital Growth Corp-a (ATVC) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 350k 9.78
Jaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corp Jaws Juggernaut Acquisitio-a (JUGG) 0.3 $3.4M -13% 350k 9.75
B Riley Financial B Riley Principal 250 Merg-a (BRIV) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 350k 9.75
Conyers Park III Acquisition Corp Conyers Park Iii Acquisiti-a (CPAA) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 350k 9.75
SILVERspac Silverspac Inc-cl A (SLVR) 0.3 $3.4M NEW 350k 9.65
Momentive Global Momentive Global Inc (MNTV) 0.2 $3.3M NEW 200k 16.26
CF Acquisition Corp VI Cf Acquisition Corp Vi-cls A (CFVI) 0.2 $2.9M NEW 246k 11.87
Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II Virgin Group Acquisition C-a (VGII) 0.2 $2.8M 283k 9.86
Nielsen Holdings Nielsen Holdings Plc (NLSN) 0.2 $2.7M NEW 100k 27.24
BioVie Biovie Inc (BIVI) 0.2 $2.7M -9% 565k 4.72
Clene Clene Inc (CLNN) 0.2 $2.6M 650k 3.94
Oaktree Acquisition Corp II Oaktree Acq Corp Ii - Cl A (OACB) 0.2 $2.5M NEW 250k 9.95
Origin Materials Origin Materials Inc (ORGN) 0.2 $2.2M 328k 6.58
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Iboxx Investment Gra (LQD) 0.2 $2.2M -50% 18k 120.96
Ebix Ebix Inc (EBIX) 0.1 $2.0M NEW 60k 33.15
Gores Technology Partners Gores Technology Partners-a (GTPA) 0.1 $2.0M NEW 200k 9.80
Usio Usio Inc (USIO) 0.1 $1.8M +9% 500k 3.58
NextPlay Technologies Nextplay Technologies Inc (NXTP) 0.1 $1.7M NEW 3.2M 0.55
Virpax Pharmaceuticals Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc (VRPX) 0.1 $1.7M 750k 2.22
B Riley Financial B Riley Principal 150 Merg-a (BRPM) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 150k 9.92
SVF Investment Corp Svf Investment Corp-cl A (SVFA) 0.1 $1.5M NEW 150k 9.80
Thoma Bravo Anaplan Inc (PLAN) 0.1 $1.4M NEW 21k 65.03
American Water Works American Water Works Co Inc (AWK) 0.1 $1.4M +14% 8.2k 165.57
Landsea Homes Corp Landsea Homes Corp (LSEA) 0.1 $1.3M -50% 157k 8.55
Destination XL Group Destination Xl Group Inc (DXLG) 0.1 $1.3M -53% 271k 4.88
Cartesian Growth Corp Cartesian Growth Corp-a (GLBL) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 125k 9.87
Vulcan Materials Vulcan Materials Co (VMC) 0.1 $1.2M +20% 6.7k 183.68
Mirion Technologies Mirion Technologies Inc (MIR) 0.1 $1.2M NEW 150k 8.07
Glenfarne Merger Corp Glenfarne Merger Corp (GGMCU) 0.1 $1.1M -73% 109k 10.28
Disruptive Acquisition Corp I Disruptive Acquisition Corp (DISAU) 0.1 $1.1M 109k 9.91
Kadem Sustainable Impact Corp Kadem Sustainable Impact Cor (KSICU) 0.1 $1.1M 109k 9.84
Stran & Co Stran & Co Inc (STRN) 0.1 $1.1M NEW 600k 1.75
Inhibikase Therapeutics Inhibikase Therapeutics Inc (IKT) 0.1 $1.0M 700k 1.48
Conx Corp Conx Corp-class A Shares (CONX) 0.1 $985k -80% 100k 9.85
Khosla Ventures Acquisition Khosla Ventures Acquisition (KVSA) 0.1 $978k -80% 100k 9.78
AFC Gamma Afc Gamma Inc (AFCG) 0.1 $956k NEW 50k 19.12
Edoc Acquisition Corp Doc Acquisition Corp-rights (ADOCR) 0.1 $947k 2.6M 0.37
N-able N-able Inc (NABL) 0.1 $910k 100k 9.10
Roper Technologies Roper Technologies Inc (ROP) 0.1 $876k -6% 1.9k 472.49
BiomX Biomx Inc (PHGE) 0.1 $870k 451k 1.93
Ecolab Ecolab Inc (ECL) 0.1 $861k +71% 4.9k 176.51
Xylem Xylem Inc (XYL) 0.1 $795k +97% 9.3k 85.22
TransCode Therapeutics Transcode Therapeutics Inc (RNAZ) 0.1 $792k -8% 275k 2.88 Inc (LTRY) 0.1 $785k NEW 250k 3.14
NextNav Nextnav Inc -cw27 (NNAVW) 0.1 $760k NEW 400k 1.90
Harbor Custom Development Harbor Custom Dev Inc (HCDIP) 0.1 $756k NEW 50k 15.12
Entergy Corp Entergy Corp (ETR) 0.1 $737k +9% 6.3k 116.69
iShares ETFs/USA Ishares Iboxx High Yld Corp (HYG) 0.1 $732k -49% 8.9k 82.25
Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp Atlantic Coastal Acquisition (ACAHU) 0.1 $730k 74k 9.81
ironSource Ironsource Ltd-a (IS) 0.1 $720k +11% 150k 4.80
Colonnade Acquisition Corp II Colonnade Acquisition Corp I (CLAA.U) 0.1 $709k -86% 72k 9.87
IDEX Corp Idex Corp (IEX) 0.1 $675k +81% 3.5k 191.65
Kingswood Acquisition Corp Kingswood Acquisition Corp-a (KWAC) 0.0 $664k NEW 65k 10.21
Edison International Edison International (EIX) 0.0 $658k +126% 9.4k 70.10
Kiromic BioPharma Kiromic Biopharma Inc (KRBP) 0.0 $655k 767k 0.85
Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp Live Oak Mobility Acquisitio (LOKM.U) 0.0 $654k -88% 66k 9.89
Dominion Energy Dominion Energy Inc (D) 0.0 $652k +225% 7.7k 85.00
FirstEnergy Corp Firstenergy Corp (FE) 0.0 $646k -16% 14k 45.84
Rice Acquisition Corp II Rice Acquisition Corp Ii (RONI.U) 0.0 $642k 64k 10.00
Ads-Tec Energy Ads-tec Energy Plc (ADSE) 0.0 $632k NEW 73k 8.62
NextEra Energy Nextera Energy Inc (NEE) 0.0 $630k -3% 7.4k 84.71
Exelon Corp Exelon Corp (EXC) 0.0 $629k +164% 13k 47.59
Pinnacle West Capital Corp Pinnacle West Capital (PNW) 0.0 $615k -5% 7.9k 78.07
Duke Energy Corp Duke Energy Corp (DUK) 0.0 $615k +360% 5.5k 111.64
Xcel Energy Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) 0.0 $611k -25% 8.5k 72.21
Arbutus Biopharma Corp Arbutus Biopharma Corp (ABUS) 0.0 $596k NEW 200k 2.98
UpHealth Uphealth Inc (UPH) 0.0 $590k -71% 500k 1.18
DuPont de Nemours Dupont De Nemours Inc (DD) 0.0 $585k -6% 8.0k 73.52
Stronghold Digital Mining Stronghold Digital Mining-a (SDIG) 0.0 $585k NEW 100k 5.85
Agilent Technologies Agilent Technologies Inc (A) 0.0 $585k +20% 4.4k 132.32
CleanTech Acquisition Corp Cleantech Acquisition Co-rts (CLAQR) 0.0 $571k +5% 2.3M 0.25
Energy Vault Holdings Energy Vault Holdings Inc 0.0 $569k NEW 36k 15.89
GreenLight Biosciences Holdings PBC Greenlight Biosciences Holdi 0.0 $568k NEW 59k 9.63
Valmont Industries Valmont Industries (VMI) 0.0 $563k +70% 2.4k 238.76
Vivakor Vivakor Inc 0.0 $558k NEW 253k 2.21
Tesla Tesla Inc (TSLA) 0.0 $528k -25% 490.00 1077.55
EVgo Evgo Inc (EVGO) 0.0 $527k 41k 12.85
EzFill Holdings Ezfill Holdings Inc (EZFL) 0.0 $525k 500k 1.05
Public Service Enterprise Group Public Service Enterprise Gp (PEG) 0.0 $524k NEW 7.5k 70.03
Sempra Energy Sempra Energy (SRE) 0.0 $506k +46% 3.0k 168.11
International Media Acquisition Corp International Media Ac -cw28 (IMAQW) 0.0 $495k -4% 2.8M 0.18
RMG Acquisition Corp III Rmg Acquisition Corp Iii (RMGCU) 0.0 $491k -91% 50k 9.90
Trimble Trimble Inc (TRMB) 0.0 $489k +26% 6.8k 72.17
4d pharma 4d Pharma Plc-adr (LBPS) 0.0 $483k -22% 100k 4.83
PetVivo Holdings Petvivo Holdings Inc (PETV) 0.0 $479k -27% 235k 2.04
Peridot Acquisition Corp II Peridot Acquisition Corp Ii (PDOT.U) 0.0 $469k -89% 48k 9.81
Mason Industrial Technology Mason Industrial Technology (MIT.U) 0.0 $466k 47k 9.87
Solid Power Solid Power Inc (SLDP) 0.0 $451k NEW 52k 8.67
OMNIQ Corp Omniq Corp (OMQS) 0.0 $441k -83% 66k 6.74
Archaea Energy Archaea Energy Inc (LFG) 0.0 $432k 20k 21.93
Johnson Controls International Johnson Controls Internation (JCI) 0.0 $426k +10% 6.5k 65.57
Algoma Steel Group Algoma Steel Group Inc (ASTL) 0.0 $425k NEW 38k 11.24
Renovacor Renovacor Inc (RCOR) 0.0 $424k 100k 4.24
Jerash Holdings US Jerash Holdings Us Inc (JRSH) 0.0 $415k -52% 65k 6.42
Valens Semiconductor Valens Semiconductor -cw26 (VLN.WS) 0.0 $413k 700k 0.59
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Atlantica Sustainable Infras (AY) 0.0 $407k +107% 12k 35.08
Altus Power Altus Power Inc - Cw27 (AMPS.WS) 0.0 $405k NEW 250k 1.62
Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp Ventoux Ccm Acq -cw25 (VTAQW) 0.0 $403k 1.8M 0.23
Albemarle Corp Albemarle Corp (ALB) 0.0 $400k +22% 1.8k 221.12
Pegasus Digital Mobility Acquisition Corp Pegasus Digital Mobili -cw22 (PGSS.WS) 0.0 $396k NEW 791k 0.50
Constellation Acquisition Corp I Constellation Acquisition Co (CSTA.U) 0.0 $394k -90% 40k 9.85
Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Hannon Armstrong Sustainable (HASI) 0.0 $388k 8.2k 47.43
Wallbox NV Wallbox Nv (WBX) 0.0 $383k NEW 30k 12.77
Spring Valley Acquisition Corp Spring Valley Acquis-class A (SV) 0.0 $377k -70% 36k 10.46
International Media Acquisition Corp International Media Acq-rts (IMAQR) 0.0 $377k -3% 3.5M 0.11
NextNav Nextnav Inc (NN) 0.0 $375k NEW 50k 7.50
Clearway Energy Group Clearway Energy Inc-c (CWEN) 0.0 $374k NEW 10k 36.56
Lindsay Corp Lindsay Corp (LNN) 0.0 $374k +40% 2.4k 157.21

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