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Top investors of Livent Corp stock

Who bought or sold Livent Corp this quarter?

Fund or Company Name Shares Held Valued At Change in Shares As Of Actions
Capital Fund Management 1.2M $5.0M 283% Mar 2024
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MetLife Investment Advisors 193k $3.5M 103% Dec 2023
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 54k $232k 417% Mar 2024
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Bartlett & Co. 52k $966k -7% Dec 2023
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Spouting Rock Asset Management 51k $908k 20% Dec 2023
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NinePointTwo Capital 20k $355k 100% Dec 2023
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Westport Asset Management 19k $309k 0% Mar 2024
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Allianz Asset Management 16k $280k -99% Dec 2023
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IFP Advisors 7.5k $135k 58% Dec 2023
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Baystate Wealth Management 5.6k $100k 0% Dec 2023
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Cape Investment Advisory 1.0k $19k 100% Dec 2023
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Armstrong Advisory Group 400.00 $7.2k 0% Mar 2024
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Coppell Advisory Solutions 350.00 $6.3k -7% Dec 2023
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Rhumbline Advisers 306.00 $5.1k -100% Mar 2024
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Strategic Investment Solutions 100.00 $1.8k -98% Dec 2023
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American Capital Advisory 50.00 $1.1k 0% Mar 2024
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Who sold out of Livent Corp?

Fund or Company Name Date Sold Shares Held Valued At
BlackRock Sep 2023 28M $522M
Vanguard Group Dec 2023 19M $340M
Wellington Management Company Dec 2023 14M $248M
Millennium Management Dec 2023 11M $200M
Capital Research Global Investors Dec 2023 7.4M $134M
State Street Corporation Dec 2023 6.4M $115M
Ameriprise Financial Sep 2023 5.5M $100M
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co Sep 2023 5.1M $94M
Jane Street Dec 2023 5.0M $90M
Shapiro Capital Management Dec 2023 4.0M $71M
Bank of New York Mellon Dec 2023 3.7M $66M
Dimensional Fund Advisors Dec 2023 3.7M $66M
Geode Capital Management Sep 2023 3.6M $67M
Mirae Asset Global Investments Dec 2023 3.6M $65M
Amundi Dec 2023 3.4M $56M
Bank of America Corporation Dec 2023 2.9M $52M
Morgan Stanley Sep 2023 2.8M $52M
Susquehanna International Sep 2023 2.7M $51M
Principal Financial Group Dec 2023 2.5M $46M
Legal & General Group Dec 2023 2.3M $41M
Bnp Paribas Investment Partners Dec 2023 2.2M $39M
Westwood Holdings Sep 2023 2.0M $37M
Northern Trust Sep 2023 2.0M $37M
Hrt Financial Dec 2023 2.0M $36M
Barclays Dec 2023 1.9M $34M
DnB NOR Asset Management AS Dec 2023 1.8M $32M
American Century Companies Sep 2023 1.8M $33M
Charles Schwab Investment Management Dec 2023 1.7M $30M
Van Eck Associates Corp. Dec 2023 1.5M $26M
Citigroup Dec 2023 1.5M $26M
Leeward Investments, LLC - MA Dec 2023 1.4M $25M
Ing Investment Management Sep 2023 1.4M $26M
Atlantic Trust Sep 2023 1.3M $24M
Lazard Asset Management Dec 2023 1.2M $21M
First Trust Advisors Sep 2023 1.2M $21M
Goldman Sachs Group Dec 2023 1.1M $20M
ClearBridge Advisors Dec 2023 1.1M $19M
CI Investments Dec 2023 983k $18M
Swiss National Bank Dec 2023 878k $16M
SAM Sustainable Asset Management Dec 2023 807k $15M
Credit Suisse Dec 2023 719k $13M
Nordea Investment Management Ab Dec 2023 667k $12M
ALPS Advisors Dec 2023 656k $12M
Citadel Advisors Dec 2023 653k $12M
Jpmorgan Chase & Co Dec 2023 646k $12M
Ruffer Dec 2023 505k $9.1M
Royce & Associates Dec 2023 502k $9.0M
Capital Management Corporation Dec 2023 498k $9.0M
Federated Investors Dec 2023 482k $8.7M
Great-West Life Assurance Company Dec 2023 476k $8.5M
Nuveen Asset Management Sep 2023 472k $8.7M
Alliancebernstein Dec 2023 439k $7.9M
Victory Capital Management Dec 2023 437k $7.9M
Bragg Financial Advisors Sep 2023 430k $7.9M
Envestnet Asset Management Sep 2023 413k $7.6M
Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Snc Dec 2023 410k $7.4M
Segall Bryant & Hamill Dec 2023 364k $6.5M
KBC Group NV Sep 2023 336k $6.2M
Polar Capital Holdings Dec 2023 335k $6.0M
American International Dec 2023 331k $6.0M
Ingalls & Snyder Dec 2023 323k $5.8M
Putnam Investments Sep 2023 322k $5.9M
Maven Securities Dec 2023 322k $5.8M
Commonwealth Equity Services Dec 2023 309k $5.6M
Baird Financial Dec 2023 294k $5.3M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board Dec 2023 275k $4.9M
Peregrine Capital Management Dec 2023 269k $4.8M
Baker Avenue Asset Management Dec 2023 268k $4.8M
Wells Fargo & Company Dec 2023 267k $4.8M
Walleye Trading Dec 2023 265k $4.8M
OMERS Administration Corporation Dec 2023 262k $4.7M
CalPERS Dec 2023 251k $4.5M
LMR Partners Dec 2023 250k $4.5M
New York State Teachers Retirement System Dec 2023 234k $4.2M
Ubs Global Asset Management Americas Dec 2023 232k $4.2M
Invesco Dec 2023 231k $4.1M
Russell Investments Dec 2023 230k $4.1M
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department Sep 2023 230k $4.2M
Sei Investments Sep 2023 230k $4.2M
Retirement Systems of Alabama Dec 2023 225k $4.0M
Public Sector Pension Investment Board Sep 2023 222k $4.1M
Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Dec 2023 221k $4.0M
Walleye Trading Advisors Dec 2023 216k $3.9M
Manufacturers Life Insurance Company Dec 2023 216k $3.9M
FMR Sep 2023 212k $3.9M
Annex Advisory Services, LLC, d/b/a Annex Wealth Management Sep 2023 209k $3.8M
Man Group Dec 2023 209k $3.8M
Prudential Financial Dec 2023 208k $3.7M
Gratus Capital Dec 2023 207k $3.7M
Henderson Group Dec 2023 206k $3.7M
California State Teachers Retirement System Sep 2023 199k $3.7M
Canal Insurance Dec 2023 190k $3.4M
Mutual Of America Capital Management Dec 2023 190k $3.4M
Rockefeller Capital Management Dec 2023 185k $3.3M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D Dec 2023 185k $3.3M
Thornburg Investment Management Dec 2023 181k $3.2M
D. E. Shaw & Co Dec 2023 179k $3.2M
1492 Capital Management Dec 2023 174k $3.1M
Royal Bank of Canada Dec 2023 174k $3.1M
Gts Securities Dec 2023 174k $3.1M
Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund Dec 2023 167k $3.0M
ExodusPoint Capital Management Sep 2023 165k $3.0M
Stephens Sep 2023 165k $3.0M
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Sep 2023 164k $3.0M
Brevan Howard Capital Management Dec 2023 161k $2.9M
Mariner Wealth Advisors Dec 2023 161k $2.9M
Texas Permanent School Fund Dec 2023 155k $2.8M
Assenagon Asset Management Dec 2023 155k $2.8M
Natixis Asset Management Advisors Dec 2023 145k $0
Raymond James & Associates Dec 2023 144k $2.6M
Cubist Systematic Strategies Dec 2023 143k $2.6M
Group One Trading Sep 2023 139k $2.6M
Norges Bank Investment Management Dec 2023 134k $2.4M
Teachers Retirement System Of The State Of Kentucky Dec 2023 130k $2.3M
HighTower Advisors Dec 2023 130k $2.3M
Independent Advisor Alliance Dec 2023 130k $2.3M
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Dec 2023 130k $2.3M
Ensign Peak Advisors Sep 2023 126k $2.3M
Arizona State Retirement System Dec 2023 124k $2.2M
U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors Dec 2023 122k $2.2M
NISA Investment Advisors Dec 2023 113k $2.0M
Amalgamated Bank Dec 2023 113k $2.0M
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Dec 2023 112k $2.0M
Toroso Investments Dec 2023 109k $2.0M
Wolverine Trading Dec 2023 108k $1.9M
Simplex Trading Dec 2023 107k $1.9M
UBS Group Dec 2023 107k $1.9M
Leibman Financial Services Dec 2023 106k $1.9M
T. Rowe Price Associates Dec 2023 104k $2.0M
Cable Car Capital Dec 2023 100k $1.8M
Krane Funds Advisors Dec 2023 99k $1.8M
LPL Financial Sep 2023 98k $1.8M
ClariVest Asset Management Sep 2023 98k $1.8M
Isthmus Partners Dec 2023 98k $1.8M
Greenland Capital Management Sep 2023 98k $1.8M
Franklin Resources Dec 2023 96k $1.7M
Navellier & Associates Dec 2023 96k $1.7M
Susquehanna International Group Sep 2023 95k $1.7M
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Dec 2023 94k $1.7M
Lee Munder Capital Group Dec 2023 93k $1.7M
Advisor Group Holdings Dec 2023 93k $1.7M
Jade Capital Advisors Dec 2023 90k $1.6M
Macquarie Group Dec 2023 90k $1.6M
Davy Asset Management Dec 2023 89k $1.6M
Brian McDonald Sep 2023 87k $1.6M
Renaissance Group Dec 2023 87k $1.6M
Yousif Capital Management Dec 2023 85k $1.5M
Steward Partners Investment Advisory Dec 2023 83k $1.5M
GAMCO Asset Management Dec 2023 80k $1.4M
ICON Advisers Dec 2023 80k $1.4M
Cutler Dec 2023 78k $171k
Vectors Research Management Dec 2023 78k $1.4M
Essex Investment Management Dec 2023 77k $1.4M
Evergreen Capital Management Dec 2023 75k $1.3M
New York State Common Retirement Fund Dec 2023 72k $1.3M
Balyasny Asset Management Dec 2023 66k $1.2M
Moran Wealth Management Dec 2023 66k $1.2M
Two Sigma Securities Dec 2023 65k $1.2M
S & Co Dec 2023 65k $1.2M
Courier Capital Corp Dec 2023 64k $1.2M
Zurcher Kantonalbank Dec 2023 64k $1.1M
Quaero Capital Dec 2023 63k $1.1M
Paradiem Dec 2023 63k $1.1M
Janney Montgomery Scott Dec 2023 61k $1.1M
Steinberg Asset Management Dec 2023 60k $1.1M
Parallax Volatility Advisers Dec 2023 60k $1.1M
Summit Investment Advisors Dec 2023 58k $1.0M
Bank Of Montreal Dec 2023 58k $1.1M
Harbour Capital Advisors Dec 2023 54k $899k
Landscape Capital Management Dec 2023 53k $948k
Thomas Stevens, CFA" Dec 2023 53k $945k
Kennedy Capital Management Dec 2023 53k $944k
Bartlett & Co. Wealth Management Dec 2023 52k $966k
Florida State Board of Administration Dec 2023 52k $927k
Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund Dec 2023 51k $913k
Louisiana State Employees Retirement System Dec 2023 51k $908k
AQR Capital Management Dec 2023 50k $900k
Laurion Capital Management Dec 2023 50k $899k
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dec 2023 49k $887k
Great Valley Advisor Group Dec 2023 47k $844k
NJ State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Dec 2023 46k $827k
Jennison Associates Dec 2023 45k $811k
Pathstone Holdings Dec 2023 44k $792k
State Treasurer State Of Michigan Dec 2023 43k $773k
Stifel Financial Dec 2023 42k $757k
Alpine Partners VI Dec 2023 41k $734k
Oakworth Capital Dec 2023 39k $702k
TD Asset Management Dec 2023 39k $692k
Gabelli Funds Dec 2023 38k $679k
Oppenheimer & Co Sep 2023 37k $675k
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Dec 2023 36k $645k
Kestra Advisory Services Dec 2023 36k $645k
LRT Capital Management Dec 2023 35k $636k
Stiles Financial Services Dec 2023 35k $625k
PEAK6 Investments Dec 2023 35k $621k
Handelsbanken Fonder AB Dec 2023 34k $602k
Pnc Financial Services Dec 2023 33k $590k
Integrated Wealth Concepts Sep 2023 33k $600k
ProShare Advisors Sep 2023 32k $587k
180 Wealth Advisors Dec 2023 32k $573k
Cresset Asset Management Dec 2023 32k $566k
Freemont Management Dec 2023 30k $538k
Edgestream Partners Dec 2023 28k $501k
Nomura Holdings Dec 2023 28k $495k
Springbok Capital Management Sep 2023 27k $503k
Us Bancorp Dec 2023 27k $484k
Advisors Asset Management Dec 2023 27k $479k
Fis Dec 2023 26k $470k
Strengthening Families & Communities Dec 2023 25k $451k
Tilt Investment Management Holdings, PBC Sep 2023 25k $461k
First Pacific Financial Dec 2023 23k $417k
Addison Capital Dec 2023 23k $416k
Captrust Financial Advisors Dec 2023 23k $415k
CI Private Wealth Dec 2023 23k $406k
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise Dec 2023 23k $405k
Evercore Wealth Management Sep 2023 23k $414k
Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services Dec 2023 22k $401k
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Dec 2023 21k $397k
Branch Banking & Trust Company Dec 2023 21k $381k
Private Advisor Dec 2023 21k $371k
Canton Hathaway Dec 2023 20k $360k
Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust of NJ Dec 2023 20k $360k
Financial Network Investment Corporation Sep 2023 20k $366k
Alaska Retirement Management Board Dec 2023 19k $348k
Guggenheim Capital, LLC Managers Dec 2023 19k $346k
Benjamin Edwards Dec 2023 19k $342k
CTC Alternative Strategies Dec 2023 18k $330k
Glenmede Trust Company Sep 2023 18k $332k
Waratah Capital Advisors Dec 2023 17k $307k
Cim Investment Mangement Dec 2023 17k $307k
American Trust Investment Advisors Dec 2023 17k $302k
Kepos Capital Dec 2023 16k $291k
Bayesian Capital Management Dec 2023 16k $291k
Creative Planning Dec 2023 16k $291k
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Dec 2023 16k $282k
Sheets Smith Wealth Management Dec 2023 15k $96k
Advantus Capital Management Dec 2023 15k $273k
Vestcor Investment Management Corp Dec 2023 15k $271k
Red Spruce Capital Dec 2023 15k $262k
Crossmark Global Holdings Sep 2023 14k $256k
Prime Capital Investment Advisors Dec 2023 14k $253k
William Blair $ Company Dec 2023 14k $247k
United Services Automobile Association Dec 2023 14k $246k
GSA Capital Partners Dec 2023 13k $241k
Vident Advisory Dec 2023 13k $239k
Perigon Wealth Management Dec 2023 13k $238k
JB Capital Dec 2023 13k $232k
Townsquare Capital Dec 2023 12k $215k
Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services Dec 2023 12k $219k
Truvestments Capital Dec 2023 12k $210k
Mackenzie Financial Dec 2023 12k $206k
Bridgefront Capital Dec 2023 11k $204k
Signature Dec 2023 11k $198k
XTX Topco Sep 2023 11k $200k
Fortitude Advisory Group Dec 2023 11k $195k
Oxinas Partners Wealth Management Dec 2023 11k $190k
Hsbc Holdings Dec 2023 10k $184k
Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management Dec 2023 10k $183k
ProFund Advisors Sep 2023 10k $187k
Seeds Investor Dec 2023 10k $182k
Putnam Fl Investment Management Dec 2023 10k $180k
Boomfish Wealth Group Dec 2023 10k $180k
Cowen And Company Dec 2023 10k $180k
Public Employees' Retirement Association of Colorado Sep 2023 9.9k $285k
SG Americas Securities Dec 2023 9.7k $174k
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company Sep 2023 8.6k $158k
Orion Capital Management Dec 2023 7.5k $135k
Bessemer Dec 2023 6.5k $116k
CWM Dec 2023 5.7k $102k
Quadrant Capital Dec 2023 5.6k $102k
Assetmark Dec 2023 5.5k $100k
Liberty One Investment Management Dec 2023 5.4k $97k
Covestor Dec 2023 4.9k $87k
OTR - Nominee Name for The State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio Dec 2023 4.5k $80k
Hanson McClain Advisors Dec 2023 4.1k $73k
Principal Securities Dec 2023 3.9k $70k
Tower Research Capital Sep 2023 3.7k $68k
Quest Partners Dec 2023 3.7k $67k
Colonial Asset Management Dec 2023 3.5k $63k
Exchange Traded Concepts Dec 2023 3.4k $61k
Newbridge Financial Services Group Dec 2023 3.3k $59k
Advisory Services Network Dec 2023 3.2k $58k
Archer Investment Corp Dec 2023 3.2k $58k
LM Advisors Dec 2023 3.0k $54k
Nbc Securities Dec 2023 2.9k $52k
Goss Wealth Management Sep 2023 2.8k $52k
Voisard Asset Management Group Dec 2023 2.5k $45k
Harbour Investments Sep 2023 2.3k $43k
Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist Dec 2023 2.1k $37k
Baldwin Brothers Dec 2023 2.0k $36k
MCF Advisors Dec 2023 2.0k $36k
Proequities Dec 2023 1.8k $33M
Fifth Third Bancorp Dec 2023 1.8k $33k
C.M. Bidwell & Associates Sep 2023 1.5k $28k
Millburn Ridgefield Dec 2023 1.5k $27k
CVA Family Office Dec 2023 1.4k $25k
Washington Trust Company Dec 2023 1.4k $25k
Jones Financial Companies, L.L Dec 2023 1.4k $25k
USCF Advisers Dec 2023 1.3k $23k
Credit Agricole Sep 2023 1.3k $23k
Catalyst Capital Advisors Sep 2023 1.2k $21k
Winch Advisory Services Dec 2023 1.1k $20k
Quantbot Technologies Sep 2023 1.0k $19k
Huntington National Bank Dec 2023 983.00 $18k
Aspire Private Capital Dec 2023 950.00 $17k
Islay Capital Management Dec 2023 825.00 $15k
National Bank Of Canada /fi/ Dec 2023 800.00 $14k
EverSource Wealth Advisors Dec 2023 670.00 $12k
Investors Research Corp Dec 2023 654.00 $12k
Ohio Pers Dec 2023 626.00 $11k
Wolverine Asset Management Dec 2023 600.00 $11k
Sawyer & Company Dec 2023 575.00 $10k
Aspect Partners Dec 2023 572.00 $10k
Colonial Trust Co / SC Dec 2023 561.00 $10k
Wetzel Investment Advisors Dec 2023 534.00 $10k
Ronald Blue Trust Dec 2023 518.00 $10k
City Holding Dec 2023 501.00 $9.0k
GPS Wealth Strategies Group Dec 2023 501.00 $9.0k
Sound Income Strategies Dec 2023 500.00 $9.0k
Marcia E. Wade Dec 2023 481.00 $8.6k
Massmutual Trust Dec 2023 475.00 $8.5k
Farmers & Merchants Investment Dec 2023 441.00 $7.9k
Princeton Global Asset Management Dec 2023 395.00 $7.1k
Central Trust & Investment Dec 2023 363.00 $6.5k
Tyler-Stone Wealth Management Dec 2023 350.00 $6.3k
Annis Gardner Whiting Capital Advisors Dec 2023 300.00 $5.4k
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Dec 2023 294.00 $4.9k
Capital Advisors Dec 2023 260.00 $5.0k
Parallel Advisors Dec 2023 254.00 $4.6k
Private Wealth Management Group Dec 2023 241.00 $4.3k
Independence Bank of Kentucky Dec 2023 233.00 $4.2k
Rosenberg Matthew Hamilton Dec 2023 230.00 $4.1k
Citizens National Bank Trust Department Dec 2023 205.00 $3.7k
M&r Capital Management Dec 2023 200.00 $3.6k
Toth Financial Advisory Corporation Dec 2023 200.00 $3.6k
North Star Investment Management Dec 2023 199.00 $3.6k
Farther Finance Advisors Dec 2023 184.00 $3.3k
Creative Financial Designs Dec 2023 150.00 $2.7k
PSI Advisors Dec 2023 150.00 $2.7k
Cypress Capital Management Dec 2023 150.00 $2.7k
Private Trust Co Na Dec 2023 140.00 $2.5k
Albion Financial Group Dec 2023 117.00 $2.1k
Versant Capital Management Dec 2023 113.00 $2.0k
First Personal Financial Services Dec 2023 110.00 $2.0k
Gradient Investments Dec 2023 105.00 $1.9k
D. J. St. Germain Dec 2023 93.00 $1.7k
First Manhattan Sep 2023 93.00 $1.7k
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Dec 2023 90.00 $1.6k
Elequin Capital Dec 2023 90.00 $1.6k
Bell Investment Advisors Dec 2023 80.00 $1.4k
Focused Wealth Management Dec 2023 74.00 $1.3k