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Portfolio Holdings for Portfolio Solutions

Companies in the Portfolio Solutions portfolio as of the September 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Etf Etf (VTI) 48.1 $388M -3% 1.7M 222.06
Ishares S&p Small-cap 600 Value Index Etf Etf (IJS) 15.9 $128M -3% 1.3M 100.67
Vanguard Ftse Pacific Index Etf Etf (VPL) 8.9 $72M 889k 81.04
Vanguard Ftse Europe Index Etf Etf (VGK) 8.5 $68M 1.0M 65.61
Vanguard Real Estate Index Etf Etf (VNQ) 5.6 $45M -2% 441k 101.78
Ishares S&p Nat Amt-free Mun Etf (MUB) 3.2 $26M -14% 222k 116.17
Ishares Core Msci Europe Etf Etf (IEUR) 1.4 $11M -7% 195k 56.06
Schwab International Small-cap Equity Etf Etf (SCHC) 1.1 $9.2M -5% 223k 41.52
Schwab U.s. Broad Market Etf Etf (SCHB) 1.0 $8.0M -3% 77k 103.86
Schwab Emerging Markets Equity Etf Etf (SCHE) 0.9 $7.3M -3% 238k 30.48
Ishares California Muni Bond Etf Etf (CMF) 0.9 $7.0M 113k 62.07
Schwab U.s. Small-cap Etf Etf (SCHA) 0.8 $6.3M -10% 63k 100.10
Ishares Core Msci Pacific Etf Etf (IPAC) 0.8 $6.1M -5% 92k 66.96
Schwab Us Aggregate Bond Etf Etf (SCHZ) 0.7 $5.5M +2% 101k 54.26

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Invesco Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond Etf Etf (PHB) 0.3 $2.6M 131k 19.48
Schwab International Equity Etf Etf (SCHF) 0.2 $1.5M -6% 38k 38.71
Vanguard Total Bond Index Etf Etf (BND) 0.2 $1.4M +25% 17k 85.48
Schwab U.s. Tips Etf Etf (SCHP) 0.2 $1.3M 20k 62.56
Ishares S&p 100 Etf Etf (OEF) 0.1 $1.1M 5.5k 197.44
Spdr Tr Unit Ser 1 Etf (SPY) 0.1 $966k 2.3k 428.95
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Del Cl B Stock (BRK.B) 0.1 $880k 3.2k 272.95
Ishares Dow Jones U.s. Etf Etf (IYY) 0.1 $863k 8.0k 107.88
Ishares Msci All Country Asia Ex Japan Index Fund Etf (AAXJ) 0.1 $776k 9.1k 84.88
Raytheon Tech Corp Stock (RTX) 0.1 $731k 8.5k 85.95
Jpmorgan Betabuilders Europe Etf Etf (BBEU) 0.1 $720k 13k 57.10
Vanguard Total International Bond Etf Etf (BNDX) 0.1 $650k +115% 11k 56.95
Amazon Stock (AMZN) 0.1 $568k 173.00 3283.24
Vanguard Intermediate-term B Etf (BIV) 0.1 $556k 6.2k 89.40
Schwab U.s. Large-cap Value Etf Etf (SCHV) 0.1 $547k 8.1k 67.51
Apple Stock (AAPL) 0.1 $414k -25% 2.9k 141.54
Vanguard Ftse All-world Ex-us Small-cap Index Fund Etf (VSS) 0.0 $338k 2.5k 133.54
Ishares Russell 3000 Etf Etf (IWV) 0.0 $330k 1.3k 255.22
Dimensional U.s. Equity Etf Etf (DFUS) 0.0 $318k -6% 6.8k 47.10
Schwab U.s. Reit Etf Etf (SCHH) 0.0 $306k -2% 6.7k 45.69
Schwab U.s. Large-cap Growth Etf Etf (SCHG) 0.0 $301k 2.0k 148.28
Ishares Msci Emerging Markets Ex China Etf Etf (EMXC) 0.0 $299k NEW 4.9k 60.67
Ishares Tr Msci Eafe Fd Msci Eafe Index Fu Etf (EFA) 0.0 $285k 3.7k 78.08
Ishares Core S&p Total U.s. Stock Market Etf Etf (ITOT) 0.0 $252k 2.6k 98.36
Vanguard Emerging Market Etf (VWO) 0.0 $239k +2% 4.8k 49.92
Ishares Short-term National Muni Bond Etf Etf (SUB) 0.0 $221k NEW 2.1k 107.54
Spdr Nuveen Bloomberg Municipal Bond Etf Etf (TFI) 0.0 $220k -10% 4.3k 51.56
Chevron Corp Stock (CVX) 0.0 $207k -4% 2.0k 101.22

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