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Portfolio Holdings for Clearshares

Companies in the Clearshares portfolio as of the June 2021 quarterly 13F filing

Company (Ticker) Portfolio Weight Valued At Change in Shares Share Count Share Price
Vanguard Index Fds Value Etf (VTV) 4.8 $6.2M 45k 137.46
Vanguard Ftse Developed Etf (VEA) 4.8 $6.2M 120k 51.52
Vanguard Intl Equity Index Fds Ftse Emr Mkt Etf (VWO) 4.7 $6.0M 111k 54.31
Vanguard Intl Equity Index Fds Allwrld Ex Us (VEU) 4.7 $6.0M 95k 63.39
Vanguard Index Fds Growth Etf (VUG) 4.5 $5.8M 20k 286.79
Ishares Core Msci Eafe (IEFA) 4.5 $5.7M 77k 74.86
SPDR Tr Portfoli S&p1500 (SPTM) 4.3 $5.5M 104k 52.97
Vanguard Index Fds Total Stk Mkt (VTI) 4.1 $5.3M 24k 222.81
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Dividend Eq (SCHD) 4.1 $5.2M 69k 75.61
Ishares Msci Usa Min Vol (USMV) 4.0 $5.1M 70k 73.60
Ishares S&p500 Etf (IVV) 3.7 $4.8M 11k 429.88
Ishares Core Msci Total (IXUS) 3.7 $4.7M -20% 64k 73.31
Vanguard Index Fds S&p 500 Etf Shs (VOO) 3.5 $4.5M 11k 393.50
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Int-term Corp (VCIT) 3.1 $4.0M 42k 95.07

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Ishares Core Us Aggbd Et (AGG) 2.8 $3.7M -24% 32k 115.32
Ishares Core Total Usd (IUSB) 2.7 $3.5M -25% 66k 53.49
SPDR S&p 500 Etf Tr Tr Unit (SPY) 2.6 $3.3M 7.7k 428.11
Schwab Strategic Tr 1000 Index Etf (SCHK) 2.5 $3.3M 83k 39.39
Ishares Core S&p Scp Etf (IJR) 2.5 $3.2M 28k 113.05
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Intermed Term (BIV) 2.3 $3.0M 33k 89.95
SPDR Tr Portfolio Agrgte (SPAB) 2.3 $2.9M -29% 98k 30.01
Ishares Intrm Gov Cr Etf (GVI) 2.3 $2.9M +77% 25k 115.65
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Total Bnd Mrkt (BND) 2.3 $2.9M -29% 34k 85.89
Vanguard Bd Index Fds Short Trm Bond (BSV) 2.2 $2.8M 35k 82.15
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Aggregate B (SCHZ) 2.2 $2.8M 52k 54.61
Ishares Core S&p Mcp Etf (IJH) 2.1 $2.8M +89% 10k 268.73
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Inter Term Treas (VGIT) 1.9 $2.4M 36k 67.82
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Mortg-back Sec (VMBS) 1.8 $2.4M +123% 44k 53.37
Etf Ser Solutions Ultra Short Maturity Etf (OPER) 1.7 $2.1M 22k 100.14
Vanguard Intl Equity Index Fds Tt Wrld St (VT) 1.5 $2.0M NEW 19k 103.60
SPDR Tr Portfolios&p 500 (SPYV) 1.5 $1.9M NEW 49k 39.54
Vanguard Scottsdale Fds Shrt Trm Corp Bd (VCSH) 1.4 $1.8M 22k 82.72
Schwab Strategic Tr Us Tips Etf (SCHP) 1.0 $1.3M 20k 62.51
Ishares Tr Broad Usd High (USHY) 1.0 $1.2M 30k 41.72
Ishares Pfd And Incm Sec (PFF) 0.9 $1.2M 31k 39.33
First American Fds Inc 0.2 $206k +12058% 206k 1.00

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